Malfoy, Scorpius
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Malfoy, Scorpius

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Malfoy, Scorpius Empty Malfoy, Scorpius

Post by Scorpius H Malfoy Tue Nov 05, 2013 1:58 am



    FULL NAME: Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy

    NICKNAME: Scorp

    AGE: 20 (Almost 21, born November 13th)

    ALLEGIANCE: Am I allowed to say complicated? He has an almost casual relationship with the Death Eaters, not always attending meetings but always willing to support the cause. So I suppose one could call him a Death Eater. He's also a Rebel-to-be.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin

    CLASSES: Graduated

    WAND: Elm, veela hair core, 12 inches, with "a bit of bend"

    PLAY BY: Alexander Johansson


    HAIR COLOUR: Blonde

    EYE COLOUR: Grey

    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Taller than average

    BODY BUILD: Lean

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Scorpius is "practically the spitting image of a young Draco." He has his father's white-blonde hair and grey eyes. Like Draco, Scorpius has a rather angular face, and inherited the high cheekbones of his mother. He usually wears clothing on the darker end of the spectrum, and will never be seen in a hat. Scorpius will wear white on occasion when he feels like a laugh, due to being informed constantly that the color makes him look positively angelic. When thinking about it, the wizard has nothing but the most perfect of posture, but when at home much prefers the commoners slouch.


    Effortlessly cunning
    Observant (when he bothers)
    Good control over emotions

    Large ego
    Physical activity
    Can be lazy

    Watching Quidditch
    Using spells for things other than their intended purpose
    Casual flings

    People with high-pitched voices
    Being known as "Draco's son"

    GOAL: To accomplish something big. Something that he wanted to do. Something that will ensure that he is known for something other than his last name and deja vu-inducing looks. Exactly what he's going to accomplish? Scorpius has no clue. But it'll come to him, he's sure of it. And until then, he might as well live as he pleases.  

    - Scrunching up his nose when something displeases or irritates him.
    - Putting his feet up whenever possible

    BOGGART: Being nothing, having nothing, mattering to no-one.

    PATRONUS: Sitting in the Slytherin Common Room at age fourteen. Copying off Albus's Ancient Runes essay while they shared a teasing banter. He'd just got back from a make-out session with the most desired girl in the school. A few housemates were fighting for his attention. He felt invincible, and content.

    DEMENTOR: The only time he ever met Grandfather Lucius.

    VERITASERUM: Sometimes he hates his father, and he hates his last name. (But Scorpius knows he's a Malfoy through and through, so what does that say about himself?)


    PERSONALITY: Scorpius likes to be social and enjoys human interaction, only he finds a good majority of people annoying as hell. Due to this, he spends a decent amount of time alone, to the point where someone who didn't know him might even peg him as an introvert. He has defiantly inherited the Malfoy charm, but only ever pulls it out for wooing the ladies. He's very good at keeping his face blank of emotion, but his voice will often give him away in times of high emotion. He has an oversized ego, but knows when to keep his mouth shut. Usually.


    FATHER: Draco Malfoy
    (My headcanon has Draco away in a mansion somewhere, please correct me if he's dead or something.)

    MOTHER: Astoria Malfoy (nee Greengrass)

    SIBLING/S: Younger sisters Isadora Gemini Malfoy and Francesca Narcissa Malfoy.

    OTHER: Are Lucius and Narcissa still alive?

    BLOOD STATUS:  Pureblood
    I'm going to but his thoughts on blood purity here, since I'm not sure where else to throw them. While Scorpius doesn't think that muggleborns are worthless or need to die, he does consider pureblood superior. This is because Scorpius is convinced that certain magical talents that are passed down through family lines are becoming rarer as the pureblood population declines. Basically, a muggleborn could be Minister for all he cared, but as soon as they procreate with a pureblood, they've crossed the line.

    RACE: Human, Wizard

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    None, currently

    - A nice flat in Wizarding London


    Early Years:
    Scorpius was born on a frigid November afternoon to two purebloods whom were delighted to have a son as their first born child. Scorpius, like his father and grandfather before him, was groomed to be the perfect Malfoy from the moment he opened his eyes. Technically raised by nursemaids and house elves, Scorpius only really ever saw his parents at meals and for lessons.

    The boy's lessons had started at age three with the basics. His tutor taught him to read, write, and speak like someone of his upbringing should. The next year, etiquette was added to his curriculum, but this class was taught by his mother. This remained unchanged until his eighth birthday, when yet another class was added. This one was taught by his father, and was the History of the Malfoy family. Scorpius never dared to verbalize it, but this was by far his least favorite subject.      

    Scorpius had an odd relationship with his two younger sisters. They cared for each other, most certainly, but it was rather difficult for them to relate. Gender and age put a gap between them that was hard for the children to bridge. But, by the time Scorpius was ten, the three children had finally gotten into a habit that solved this problem. Every day, an hour before dinner, they would meet either outside in the gardens or in the most casual parlor. No words would be exchanged, each child doing their own little thing; reading, braiding hair, playing with a new toy. To the outside observer they appeared to be completely ignoring the fact that there were others in the room. But the Malfoy children understood what it meant. It was their way of showing unconditional care and support, despite all their differences.  

    Hogwarts Years:
    Scorpius's years at Hogwarts went basically as expected. He was respected, popular, adored, and had some of the best marks in his year. Scorpius made Slytherin Prefect in his 5th year, and still swears to this day that he was in the running for Head Boy. He was every bit the "Slytherin Prince" that his father had been, and loved every minute of it.

    There was only one part of his Hogwarts years that no one had predicted. Albus Potter. From the moment the two boys met, there had been a connection between them. Whether that connection was hate or love, is still unknown, but it was a strong connection all the same. Albus was the only person Scorpius ever shared his liquorish with, and the only person he ever got mad enough with to resort to fists. Albus was the only one whom could see behind Scorpius's charming façade, while Scoprius understood Albus like no other.

    Their relationship was an unpredictable one, the boys sharing laughs one moment and hexes the next. Like a true Slytherin, Scoprius exploited Albus for all he was worth, have no qualms against blackmailing Albus into doing all of his History of Magic homework after uncovering a particularly dirty secret. They were there for each other though, and Scorpius probably would have called his less popular friend his platonic soul mate if he'd believed in such things. Albus was Scorpius's best friend and truest enemy all rolled into one dark-haired Slytherin package. Or at least, he was. A few months before the end of their seventh year at school The Incident happened. They haven't spoken since.        

    Scorpius spent the year after he graduated school trying to figure out what he was going to do with his life. He'd always thought it he would figure it out eventually, or that he'd ask Albus and the other wizard would roll his eyes and shove the perfect pamphlet into his hands. He hadn't figured it out yet though, and Albus wasn't around to help him anymore. So, he spent a year traveling. Or more like, he spent eleven months sulking in his family's seaside villa in France, drinking a little too much and spending each night with a different girl.

    The day before the one-year anniversary of his Graduation, it finally came it him. He was sharp, intelligent, and very good at arguing his point; why the hell wasn't he already a lawyer? He applied that same day. The next few years treated him well, he had money, seldom lost a case, and had procured ownership of one of his favorite places in Hogsmead from when he'd been a student. He was happy enough.

    (When I was trying to figure out what job I wanted to give Scorpius, I couldn't help but notice that Honeydukes and the Hogshead are both currently without ownership. Buying ownership of one of them seemed like a very Scorpius thing to do, so if that's alright it would please me greatly. I'd also like him as a lawyer in the Ministry, as I noticed you only have one. Thanks.)


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Kitty

    RP EXPERIENCE: Been on PA for a while.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Urm...

    MAIN CHARACTER: Vivianna Varnes

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: PLOTTING! He'll be useful for DE plotting, and Rebel plotting, and Ministry plotting, and EVEN MORE PLOTTING!


Scorpius H Malfoy
Scorpius H Malfoy
Slytherin Graduate
Slytherin Graduate

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Malfoy, Scorpius Empty Re: Malfoy, Scorpius

Post by Khaat Lupin Thu Nov 07, 2013 4:17 am

I don't honestly recall if Lucius is still alive in the PA world. The last I knew, Narcissa was, but I don't remember where she went off to. At any rate, both of them would be elderly now, and I'm doubting that Scorpius has much contact with them, but the sounds of him.

It'll be interesting to see what he thinks of the fact that Malfoy Manor is now D'Eath Manor, etc. , although I don't see Lorcan being bothered by a Malfoy being back in town.

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Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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