Jefferson,Benjamin Calum
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Jefferson,Benjamin Calum

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Jefferson,Benjamin Calum Empty Jefferson,Benjamin Calum

Post by Ben Jefferson Mon Nov 04, 2013 8:56 pm

Jefferson,Benjamin Calum Tumblr_m7zg945MTF1rtzlzf

Benjamin Calum Jefferson




    FULL NAME: Benjamin Calum Jefferson

    NICKNAMES: Ben,Cal,Jeff

    AGE: 18

    ALLEGIANCE: Order of the Phoenix

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw


    WAND: Holly, Hippogriff Talon,113/4 + springy

    PLAY BY: Steven R. McQueen



    EYE COLOUR:Hazel


    BODY BUILD: Muscular

    GENERAL APPEARANCE:Ben has dark brown hair and brown eyes.He works out daily which is why he has a good physical condition.He has two tattoos on his right arm; the higher one is a dragonfly and the lower one is a bird.


    S:Charms,DADA,Reasearching,Doing things fast,Doesn't need to put much effort into

    things for them to go well,Drawing.
    W:Transfiguration,Divination,Way too Compassionate,Making handcraft,Talking in front

    of a big crowd,Blunt.

    D:Long waiting lines,Feeling Impotent,When something Backfires,Losing Items,Being tricked.

    To have a kid (when he gets older)
    To become a healer
    HABITS & QUIRKS:Fidgets when bored,Taps his feet for no reason.

    BOGGART: Being trapped in a small space.

    PATRONUS: The first time he did a spell or when he got his first pet.

    DEMENTOR: When his brother trapped him in the basement when they were young.

    VERITASERUM: He actually likes his brother and would save his life even if he acts like he hates him.He just acts like that so that he doesn't seem weak.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: He sees himself with his brother as a family again and young kid by his side and a woman.(No defined face for either the kid or the woman)

    PERSONALITY: Ben cares about people and their well being.Sometimes he can be too compassionate and some people take advantage of this, which is something that really bothers him.Life comes easy to Ben, he always got good grades without trying and he was good at Quidditch.



    FATHER:Tanner Terrance Jefferson

    MOTHER:Heather Hilary Jefferson(neé Kidwell)

    SIBLING/S:Jared Jesse Jefferson

    OTHER: Isaac Cameron Jefferson | Uncle

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Upper-Middle Class

    PET/S: Toto - Dog




    Early Years: Ben was the second son of Heather and Tanner.He was born when his older brother was 1 year old.While growing up he was tormented by his older brother because Jared was jealous.He had been jealous of his brothers ability to draw and write from a young age and that he seemed to be proportionately more intelligent.When Ben was 9 years old he went to the basement to look for something.When he had found it Jared had locked the door and turned off the lights, which were located right outside of the door.Jared didn't let him out until their parents were home and he threatened to do it again if he told.Since that moment Ben hated his brother but he secretly cared about him.

    Hogwarts Years:
    1st Year
    Ben was sorted as a Ravenclaw.He was confused by this because most of his other housemates loved to read and to learn but he didn't really like those things.Later on that year he understood why he started loving the books about magic and he loved to learn spells.He specially liked charms not only because since the start he was great at it but because he thought it was the most entertaining class.

    2nd Year
    Since Ben had learned many spells on his own and with his class he had planned to get revenge on his brother.When they got back to school he sneaked in into the Slytherin common room at night and jinxed him with the jelly-legs jinx while he slept and then he went back to his common room.The next day he woke up and waited outside the Slytherin common room to see his brother being carried by a classmate because he couldn't walk.

    3rd Year
    This year was the year that Ben got his first broom and again his brother was jealous because he had gotten a better broom than him.Jared tried to knock Ben of the broom but he was the one who ended up falling off of it but Ben was faster and caught his brother before he hit the ground showing he still cared about him.

    4th Year
    His fourth year was the most social one because he started hanging out more with his friends and using the free time he had to socialize instead of using it to read.This happened because he started feuding with his brother again and Jared told Ben he didn't have any friends and Ben being Ben had to prove his brother wrong.Sometimes their fighting brought good things but mostly bad things.

    5th Year
    Ben joined the Quidditch team on his fifth year and Jared did the same because he wanted to be better than his little brother.Ben trained every day but Jared didn't because he said he had natural talent and he didn't need to train.The first game Ben had against Jared, the Ravenclaw team won because Jared wasn't a good keeper but Ben was a great chaser.Ben got really good grades on his owls he got all of the owls unlike his brother who got 4 owls less than him.

    6th year
    Ben had started saving money since his first year and he had at 46 galleons 107 sickles and 53 knotts.His brother again was jealous that his brother was smart enough to save his allowance during the years.Jared tried to sneak into the Ravenclaw common room ans steal Ben's money but he was stuck at the door since he wasn't clever enough to decipher the riddle.When Ben saw his brother he immediately knew what he was trying to do because he had bragged about his money to his brother so while he was guessing the answer to the riddle Ben jinxed him with the toe biter jinx.

    7th Year
    Ben's seventh year was the best one since he didn't have his brother bothering him or trying to mess with him.He passed his N.E.W.Ts with flying colors and his parents were very proud of him and Jared had moved out of the house because he didn't want to hear his parents tell him his brother was better.

    When Ben became 18 his parents helped him pay for an apartment near the Leaky Cauldron.He has been practicing to become a healer.He has wanted to be one since he was young because he liked helping people and he also wanted to be like his parents.Since he graduated he has been very distant from Jared but he still hopes that he is doing fine wherever he is.




RP EXPERIENCE: I've a few characters here.


MAIN CHARACTER: Logan,Lucca,William,Quentin

PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I wanted a graduate and I didn't want Steven/Jeremy's face to go to waste

Ben Jefferson
Ben Jefferson

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Jefferson,Benjamin Calum Empty Re: Jefferson,Benjamin Calum

Post by Khaat Lupin Thu Nov 07, 2013 12:29 am

ok. he looks good to me.

sorted and accepted to grads!
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