FRANK, Arren Petra
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FRANK, Arren Petra

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FRANK, Arren Petra Empty FRANK, Arren Petra

Post by Alice Rousseau Tue Oct 29, 2013 1:12 pm

FRANK, Arren Petra Tumblr_inline_ml1tzc2iae1qz4rgp



    FULL NAME: Arren Petra Frank

    - Arren: variant of Aaron - ‘mountain of strength’
    - Petra: feminine of Peter - ‘rock’
    - Frank: variant of Frances - ‘French’ or ‘blunt’

    AGE, BIRTHDAY, SIGNS: Twenty-Seven | August 22nd 1999

    Sun Sign
  • Leo
    Element: Fire
    Quality: Fixed
    Ruling House: Fifth
    Ruling Planets: The Sun

    Chinese Zodiac
  • The Rabbit
    Fixed Season: Spring
    Fixed Direction: East
    Fixed Element: Wood
    Associated Sun Sign: Pisces

    Mayan Sign
  • The Dog
    Aztec Name: Itzcuinti / Dog
    Mayan Name: Oc
    Direction: North
    Qualities: Loyal, Helpful

    SPECIES: Human.

    BLOOD TYPE: Half-Blood

    HOGWARTS HOUSE & YEAR: Ravenclaw Graduate

    OCCUPATION: Musical Historian at the Department of Mysteries, British Ministry of Magic, London, UK.


    Core Classes
  • Astronomy - Acceptable
  • Charms - Exceeds Expectations
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts - Exceeds Expectations
  • Herbology - Outstanding
  • History of Magic - Outstanding
  • Potions - Outstanding
  • Transfiguration - Exceeds Expectations

  • Study of Ancient Runes - Acceptable
  • Arithmancy - Acceptable
  • Care of Magical Creatures - Acceptable

    Extra-Curricular Subjects
  • Ancient Studies
  • Art
  • Earth Magic
  • Muggle Art
  • Muggle Music
  • Music
  • Hogwarts Orchestra

    ALLEGIANCES: Neutral

  • The Frank Family
  • The Eaves Family
  • The Norwood Family

  • The British Ministry of Magic
  • The Department of Mysteries

  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Ravenclaw House
  • Ravenclaw House Quidditch Team

  • The Wimbourne Wasps
  • The England International Quidditch Team
  • The Quidditch Federation
  • The Firebolt Racing Broom Company

  • Northampton Town FC
  • The England International Football Team
  • The Football Association

  • The Quibbler
  • Playwizard

    WAND & WAND TRAITS: Kaya inlaid with Magnolia and Holly, Doxy Wing core with Crup Tails, 14 inches, Whippy.



    Arren’s facial shape is quite angular and refined, slid into seemingly especially created lines which create a square-ness of feature, buttoning together at her chin which is somewhat larger than the rest of her features. She is pale but certainly not deathly-so. She prefers, ironically, to be out in the sunshine but the demands of her job means that unless she’s out in the field, to enjoy such things is a rarity - plus, English weather certainly doesn’t help. Her facial features are quite high on her face, giving the illusion of a small forehead which her dark, trimmed eyebrows rise upon to create a myriad of expressions. Below them, her eyes shine a dark grey that reflects every emotion that flits through her. They’re small, almost calculating in side and are framed by a few sparse licks of eyelashes. She has a long, thin nose that’s an adorable little button on the end, much to her dismay, and it sweeps down to thin, pink lips which forever look as though they’ve just been kissed. Her hair, no one has words for. It’s a mix of just-been-through-a-bush-backwards and I’ve-just-had-sex. No one’s entirely sure which one it is but lately she’s gotten to be a little bit more careful with it, style it a little bit more carefully so it deliberately looks like that and is, therefore, that little bit sexier. Of course, no one would say why this change as happened but everyone knows.


    Arren is a tall, erect young woman with long, lean limbs and narrow shoulders which give her a thin, oblique frame. Said shoulders bear a deceptive broadness, however, which is accentuated with the wearing of heavy jackets and blazers. Her neck is long, almost swan like, and sweeps down in a creamy tone to a small chest, her breasts something to negligible and that’s exactly the way she likes it. Her ribcage is ever so slightly visible, making her a prime target for Molly Weasley’s cooking should she ever come across the matriarch. Her stomach is flat, ideal in the minds of models or the fashion conscious but it’s not something Arren pays much attention to; her skinniness attributed to her forgetfulness when it comes to eating, a direct symptom of workaholism. She has long pianist fingers which are always adorned with rings that she had picked up here and there, the same penchant appearing on her toes. She is especially fond of jewellery above all other fashion ideals and it is her only feminine quirk, you could be at liberty to say. Arren has a handful of tattoos, also. She has a bow and arrow on her upper arm and the poem Desiderata spanning the length of skin from just under her arm to the curve of her hips. The others are for her lovers to find and those were no doubt acquired through enjoyable but forgotten nights out, the poem being the only one she can consciously remember sitting through and getting. However, as with all things, Arren doesn’t regret them.

    PLAY BY: Katherine Moennig


    001. Ambitious
    002. Argumentative
    003. Charismatic
    004. Compassionate
    005. Creative
    006. Cynical
    007. Dramatic
    008. Emotionally Immature
    009. Enigmatic
    010. Fiery
    011. Forward-Thinking
    012. Fussy
    013. Gambler
    014. Generous
    015. Good-Humoured
    016. Hedonistic
    017. Inspiring
    018. Intelligent
    019. Laid-Back
    020. Loyal
    021. Mischievous
    022. Natural Leader
    023. Organised
    024. Outdoorsy
    025. Outgoing
    026. Overzealous
    027. Protective
    028. Proud
    029. Reckless
    030. Resourceful
    031. Romantic
    032. Ruthless
    033. Self-Assured
    034. Sentimental
    035. Spend-Thrift
    036. Team Player
    037. Territorial
    038. Vindictive
    039. Warm
    040. Welcoming
    041. Workaholic

    001. Art
    002. Galleries
    003. Museums
    004. Music
    005. Cats
    006. Dancing
    007. Romance
    008. Football
    009. Wine
    010. Old Movies
    011. Quidditch
    012. Poems
    013. Travel
    014. Information
    015. Work
    016. Parties
    017. Photography
    018. Cheese
    019. Italian Food
    020. Weddings

    001. Confrontation
    002. Early mornings
    003. Discrimination
    004. Dresses
    005. High heels
    006. Dog-eared books
    007. Drama
    008. Sad songs
    009. Hospitals
    010. Holidays
    011. Winter
    012. Death
    013. Tequila
    014. Gin
    015. Hot dogs
    016. Jack Russells
    017. Driving
    018. London
    019. The Tube
    020. Cigars

    001. Settle
    002. Marry
    003. Have a family
    004. Become a professional musician
    005. Paint more
    006. Be stronger
    007. Stop half-living at Irene’s
    008. Figure everything out
    009. Buy a proper home
    010. Get a German Shepherd.

    001. Twenty a day
    002. Has pockets full of mints
    003. Never takes a one-night-stand home with her
    004. Always pays the bill
    005. Sleeps naked
    006. Never has a full fridge of food
    007. Constantly in need of a haircut
    008. Smirky-smirkiness
    009. Hums constantly
    010. Never takes credit for anything she’s behind

    AMORTENTIA: Dusty pianos, Music sheets, Acrylic paint, Red wine

    BOGGART: Small spaces, being restrained, having no freedom.

    PATRONUS: Holding her baby sister for the first time before everyone else, even their mother.

    DEMENTOR: Finding out about the deaths of their parents.

    VERITASERUM: Sometimes she’d rather live as a Muggle.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Find out her purpose in life.


    Arren is a hot-head but you’ll forgive her for it because she is quite possibly the most loyal, trustworthy friend you could ever make. She has once been compared to a St. Bernard - effortlessly and wholeheartedly loyal she will protect the person or people she loves until her last dying breath and while she would never be ‘emasculated’ into admitting it, everyone who knows her is aware of its truth. She is as childish as she is mature and while she can be organised she can be forgetful, dramatic and something of a spend-thrift, forgetting her head and her need to be resourceful and forward-thinking. This is what makes her playful, fun and humorous where otherwise she could be considered too serious. She’s a workaholic; however, to add to her massive list of addictions in life and while she’s laid-back she can have the tendency to be a little bit uptight - something which is counteracted by her hedonistic penchant. She’s territorial, possessive and intelligently vindictive with a cynical streak that quenches her insatiable compassion. She tends to be fussy over silly things, worrying about others before herself, and as a result tends to be reckless and overzealous in her desire to protect. She’s also a sentimental, slightly over-emotional creature but, largely, is a good person. She has her cruel sides and certainly doesn’t forgive people who have wronged her very easily but it isn’t something that makes her a bad person. She does, however, have a little bit of a haunted edge to her. Only time will tell if the mask will unravel and betray he or whether it’ll remain steadfast and she will remain strong.


    FATHER: David Frank | b. 1974 | Half-Blood | Artist | Neutral

    MOTHER: Elizabeth Frank née Eaves | b. 1974 | Half-Blood | Artist | Neutral

    SIBLING: Tibby Frank | b. 2010 | Half-Blood | Artist | Neutral


    Mark Frank | b.1942 | Muggle | Investment Banker | Conservative
    Tina Frank | b. 1944 | Half-Blood | Secretary | Neutral/Liberal Democrat

    Henry Eaves | b. 1949 | Half-Blood | Daily Prophet Photographer | Neutral
    Shelly Eaves | b. 1950 | Muggle-Born | Primary School Teacher | Neutral

    NATIONALITY: English.

    BIRTHPLACE: Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

    HOME TOWN: Northampton, England, UK.

    CURRENT RESIDENCE: Dundee, Scotland, UK.

    FINANCIAL STATUS: Financially stable currently.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Lower Class.


    Early Years:

    Arren Petra Frank was born on the fringes of society to a couple who had been shunned from Wizarding society in the wake of the Second Wizarding War. The two struggling artists with a penchant for the dramatic and the outrageous had never imagined themselves interested in parenthood and the birth of their first daughter changed very little on that front. Arren joined their lives covered in paint and giggly as she pressed her little hands into her father’s sculptures, something he never noticed until they went on show and a busy-body asked him what the purpose was of having his daughter’s handprints pressed into the backside of whoever he’d sculpted. Naturally, once Elizabeth and David had gotten to grips with that, Arren was put in her own corner of the studio with paints and canvas of her own. While she wasn’t naturally gifted, she still managed to create little paintings of her own here and there in between stuffing the brushes into her mouth. Truly, it was a miracle she survived her early years with the amount of paint she ingested. Her parents laughed, however, saying that Arren was made of paint - their chubby, bubbly, acrylic girl.

    Their flat in Glasgow was one that Arren grew to love but stability of work made them move south to Northampton in England. That was the city that Arren would eventually come to call home and while even then they didn’t wholly settle, she grew up roaming the backstreets of Northampton and, thus, it became her hometown. She attended her first school there, wobbling hurriedly on unsteady feet in effort to keep up with the other children. She recited perfectly all of her shapes, what numbers she could recall and learnt quickly how to construct the sloping ridges of letters on a page which showed her the beauty and complex simplicity of writing. During this time, her father began to impart on her the knowledge of making music. They had always lived in a musical household much to the chagrin of their neighbours and David most certainly felt it was time his little one learnt, even if it was only theoretically, the guitar far too big for her small frame. So while he taught her to read letters, he also taught her to read music and Arren lapped up the knowledge in between her father’s instruction on how to properly paint and draw.

    The Franks lived as Muggles for most of Arren’s young life, their wands left up on a high shelf and not turned to - their disuse exemplified when Arren, asked by one of her friends to explain what they were, said that they were just sticks, nothing important. It was after that even that David and Elizabeth were forced to explain to their daughter exactly what it was that they were as best they could. At first, the eight year old Arren laughed in their faces and it wasn’t until David took his wand off of the shelf, handing his wife hers, and cast a spell that Arren was more able to believe - regardless of how ridiculous it all seemed. No, it was real, and from there on, Arren found herself immersed in Wizarding culture, her studies increasing ten-fold in order for her to get a grasp on the other half of her life - and thus, also, her own magic began to appear.

    The inevitable occurred in the August of her tenth year: Arren received her Hogwarts letter which detailed all of the books she needed to purchase, the robes she needed and the pewter cauldron, standard size, which she would require for Potions. This marked the first time that David and Elizabeth returned to the Wizarding World and Arren’s first true and real experience of it - with a trip to Diagon Alley which exemplified her parents’ paranoia which she had been informed about but had not quite carefully grasped. There wasn’t actually a place in the Wizarding World for them. No one had forgotten the way her parents had ran away from Voldemort during the war and the pair had to embarrassedly hurry Arren out of Flourish and Blotts when the irritable manager refused to serve them. Her books and other things were largely purchased in Knockturn Alley with many of the Pureblood students to be who were, while not as hostile, still standoffish towards their family.

    Hogwarts Years:

    Hogwarts was half a blessing, half a nightmare but despite herself Arren couldn’t help but enjoy the adventure. At first, and for the majority of her first year there, it was a difficulty as she tried to grapple with learning magic, making friends and understanding the world she’d been thrust into. She was sorted into Ravenclaw house, a small blessing in disguise as the learned nature of the house certainly made her work harder during her O.W.Ls and N.E.W.Ts in order to protect that reputation later on. There she made friends with the group of girls she shared a room with - notably Irene Rutherford who is her best friend to this day. Her first year was relatively unimportant and largely quite the bore in terms of events. It certainly would’ve been something Harry Potter would’ve craved during his years at the school and while there wasn’t any interaction with evil Professors, Arren certainly got involved with the artier side of Hogwarts life, joining the clubs in her first year which would see her through to her last.

    The summer of Arren’s first year marked the start of the year in which her sister was born. Throughout her first year, Arren had received letter after letter from her parents but once Tibby was born, those letters came less and less at a time when Arren wanted to and began to be a little bit more independent so where otherwise she could have become resentful for the inattention, she flourished and thrived on the gentle reminders every once in a while that she did actually have parents. Her second year saw her throw herself into her studies full swing, goofing off here and there to make Irene lighten up a smidgen. She only really ‘discovered’ her sister, if you will, in the summer after her birth, after her second year, when Tibby was already half-grown and Arren was young enough and cool enough to make for the perfect playmate. The differences in age made it a difficult process at the beginning, though. However, with time the girls would come together quite well as the age gap lessened with age.

    Third year was when the fun began and Arren discovered her Boggart. It was a class like no other with a teacher who was as batty as he was brilliant. While the others feared mummies and spiders and snakes, ironically a Slytherin feared the snake, Arren’s was a box which dived around her, closing in and swallowing her up. Her fear was arresting, terrifying and beyond all other things, murder, death of loved ones, death of herself - she feared tight spaces. She feared being closed up, reigned in and controlled. She needed to be free and this need is what makes her a truly fantastic flyer. It was during this year when she coveted that skill and joined the Ravenclaw Quidditch team as an understudy to the seventh year Chaser. She didn’t get to play any games initially but right at the end of the year she had to come on as a substitute when the seventh year got hit by a Bludger, marking her entrance to the team by scoring the points that one the game for their side regardless of the Gryffindors getting the Snitch.
    Fourth year saw the parties begin. Northampton wasn’t exactly brimming with magical folk but London was and Arren had always been quite friendly with the older years which, in the summer of her third year, truly began to benefit her and Irene. They travelled to London on the train having coaxed Arren’s father into covering for them if Irene’s mother phoned, assuring her that her daughter was safe, well-fed and could stay the night. The girls, however, went to a party with one of Arren’s Quidditch buddies and it was under the gentle guidance of the elder years that she first tried Gin and, after spilling her guts up towards the end of the night after eating a particularly odd smelling kebab, it marked, also, the last time she drank it.

    The parties continued into the school year and as the Hogwarts students began to glean exactly which vices they wanted to take up - drinking, smoking, the odd use of high-inducing potions - Arren found she was accepted into this fold and became the wingman of many of her Quidditch buddies, helping them chase the girls in her year. However, in the midst of the drink and the cigarettes she got a taste for, Arren discovered that she wanted to undermine her friends, get the girl instead of them. After sitting through one too many dismal attempts at chatting a soppy Hufflepuff up, Arren decided to ‘go for it’, so to speak, and while she doesn’t remember it exactly she can recall ‘snogging Tessy Rickard’s socks off.’ That was her first kiss. Not wholly memorable but it certainly provokes some memory.

    Fifth year was O.W.L year and came at a really idiotic time, too. Arren chased girls with her Quidditch buddies when she should have been studying with Irene. She blew off studying to go to parties and while, occasionally, Irene came too it was a rare thing and Arren would often fall asleep with her teammates outside the Ravenclaw tower, all too drunk to answer the riddle. Her life on the Quidditch pitch thrived, however, and she became first string Chaser without challenge, scoring the majority of the points that the team got that year outside of catching the Snitch. When she received her O.W.L marks that summer she’d passed all but a handful of her subjects with the majority of her grades being ‘Acceptable’ - her fail grades decisive ‘Trolls.’

    Sixth year was sort of an ‘I told you so’ affair. The parties stopped and Arren’s idea of fun was climbing the bookshelves and hiding up there from the librarian who had already caught her and kicked her out of the library eight times. In a way, Irene got her best friend back and the Quidditch largely stopped with Arren no longer feeling all too interested in the sport, knowing she’d never make it at the big time so, somehow, she’d have to get her grades together and do well on her N.E.W.T tests. She got a job in Hogsmeade during this time and that summer moved out of her home in Northampton, determined to take on the world of her own accord. She ended up on Irene’s couch after a month - too stubborn to go home but lacking the money to buy a place. Thus, a life-long habit of sleeping on Irene’s couch had begun.

    Seventh year was the final success. In between studying, their Head of House was constantly sending the girls off to job interviews or helping them out with applying to universities specialising in whatever it was they truly enjoyed at Hogwarts. Arren was offered a place at Dundee’s university where she intended on studying Ancient Magical History joint with Magical Music. Music had always been her quiet passion but it wasn’t something she was going to give up at the expense of getting a ‘real’ job and her Head of House sent her in the direction of the Department of Mysteries, the head of which entered her into a formal agreement which said, at its most basic, they would foot the bill for her degree as long as she went and worked for them. It wasn’t a hard choice to make, of course, but first she had to get the right results in order to qualify - and guess what? She did.


    University opened up the roads she’d always wanted to drive down - not to mention a driving licence. Arren, after saving up everything she’d earned over her last year at Hogwarts, bought an old Ford Fiesta and drove all the way up to her new university town and found a home with a couple of other wizards with a Quidditch scholarship. From there she fell into life at Dundee-U and while fresher’s week was fun she quickly fell out of her love affair with it and returned to the studying mantra she’d developed during her latter two years at Hogwarts. University was most definitely her cup of tea and even took up art as a working testament to her parents and what they did; often sending pieces back to them in Northampton which were greatly received. She wrote avidly to her sister who was still only six or seven by that time and during Christmas even deigned to go and visit them before, as per usual, going to Irene’s house.

    Arren graduated four years later in 2020 with her degree all sorted a year’s work experience under her belt. From there she went straight to the Ministry of Magic and was taken into the Department of Mysteries, working as a Music Historian, using her joint degree to explore the manner in which music was used in magic to seal buildings and objects. It was a job that saw her travel around the world and becoming something of a tomb raider. She could have quite easily spent the rest of her life roaming around and she knew this. However, it was also the point in time when she began to seriously wonder the validity of doing so. For, she was in love with one of the younger technicians on her team who was desperately trying to prove herself, her relation to the department head hanging over her - she was his niece and everyone believed she had no definite talent. Arren believed in her though and their affair was something she wanted to last.

    It didn’t though. Does it ever?

    That September, she was greeted with the news that her parents had been killed in a car crash returning home having dropped Tibby off at King’s Cross Station. The fourteen year old Tibby was far too young to make it on her own and so Arren returned home, staying with Irene and her husband Rufus for a while before making her way into Scotland to buy a home just outside of Dundee. It was a flat, essentially, with three bedrooms so more than enough from for Tibby to live there and even bring a friend if she wanted. Arren took time off, desperate to make things right for her little sister and forgot during that time to deal with her own grief which has been largely bottled and forgotten about since the event.

    The following August, once Tibby was home doing her ‘teenager-thing’, Arren returned to work and found her old lover had gone - something she came to terms with quite quickly. Work allowed for a certain rhythm to be returned to and thus, Arren lulled herself into a false sense of security - that she was actually alright. Instead she found herself entering into odd, unstable relationships and spending most nights out and turning up uninvited on Irene’s doorstep as ever, having forgotten her own house key. During this time she began to inhabit the spare room which they all came to know as Arren’s and, often, in an effort not to bother them, she’d shimmy in through the window and appear in the kitchen the next morning making omelettes. Course, they couldn’t help but love her for it.

    Things have gotten better lately. Tibby has settled somewhat, though Arren suspects it to all be a ruse, and so she has too. She’s home more when Tibby is instead of deserting the house and has created something of a rather arty environment for them both in a subtle tribute to their parents - something Arren recognises is probably unhealthy but can’t bring herself to care about. It’s getting better, this she recognises, and she wants it to continue - as much for her own sanity as for Tibby’s.



    RP EXPERIENCE: Five years!

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Affiliates from another site.

    MAIN CHARACTER: Elijah Krum

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I'm being an idiot, naturally. :3

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FRANK, Arren Petra Empty Re: FRANK, Arren Petra

Post by Khaat Lupin Tue Oct 29, 2013 7:31 pm

she looks good to me!

accepted and sorted into grads!

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FRANK, Arren Petra Empty Re: FRANK, Arren Petra

Post by Alice Rousseau Tue Oct 29, 2013 8:19 pm

Thank you very much!
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