BRENNAN, Aedan Cearul
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BRENNAN, Aedan Cearul

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BRENNAN, Aedan Cearul Empty BRENNAN, Aedan Cearul

Post by Freyja Podmore Fri Sep 20, 2013 10:13 pm




    FULL NAME: Aedan Cearul Brennan


    AGE: Twenty-One

    ALLEGIANCE: Death Eaters

  • The Brennan Family
  • The Wilde Family
  • The Anderson Family
  • The Nott Family
  • The Ivanov Family
  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Slytherin Quidditch Team
  • Falmouth Falcons
  • British National Quidditch Team

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ex-Slytherin


    WAND: Black wood, 11 3/4 inch, Basalisk scale core, flexible


    HAIR COLOUR: Brown

    EYE COLOUR: Brown


    BODY BUILD: Athletic/Muscular

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Aedan Cearul Brennan has a strong athletic, muscular build. During his time in Hogwarts he played Quidditch on the Slytherin team and that helped him gain muscle and become the way he is now. When he first started though, he was a scrawny boy who could barely even play.

    Aedan is also rather tall, and has brown eyes along with brown hair that he likes to keep a little bit long. The color of his eyes are lighter than that of his hair, but with the color of his hair they seem to stand out more than you'd think. Aedan also tends to keep a thin beard on this face that he thinks makes him look "bummy" while others think he looks good with it.

    PLAY BY: Tyler Hoechlin


    001. Charasmatic
    002. Sly
    003. Cunning
    004. Intimidating
    005. Persuasive
    006. Intelligent
    007. Social
    008. Tenacious
    009. Outgoing
    010. Traditional

    011. Stubborn
    012. Hotheaded
    013. Jealous
    014. Liar
    015. Cautious
    016. Sarcastic
    017. Rebellious
    018. Impatient
    019. Disorganized
    020. Lazy

    001. Winter
    002. Herbology
    003. Coffee
    004. Dogs
    005. Quidditch
    006. Death Eaters
    007. Dark Arts
    008. Archery
    009. Music
    010. Blondes

    011. Cats
    012. Divination
    013. Tea
    014. Aurors
    015. Order Members
    016. Dancing
    017. Acting
    018. Seafood
    019. Being told off
    020. Azkaban

    001. To have a good family
    002. To find a way to help get rid of the marriage law

    001. Runs his hands through his hair a lot
    002. Clicks his tongue
    003. Stares off into space
    004. Purses lips when nervous
    005. Looks up when nervous or uncomforable

    BOGGART: To lose control of his life - which is sort of becoming a reality

    PATRONUS: The day he found out Jackie was pregnant

    DEMENTOR: The night Mary was supposed to be born and both Jackie and Mary died

    VERITASERUM: He witnessed their deaths, but couldn't do anything to help them

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To be with Mary and Jackie

    PERSONALITY: Aedan is a rather mature guy who likes to keep things traditional. Though he is only a Halfblood, he grew up with a Pureblood family and their habits rubbed off on him. Aedan can also be a rather dark person, being a manipulating and intimidating person. He doesn't really try to be though, he just seems that way and he uses it to his advantage. He seems to be a cold person toward strangers sometimes after the death of his girlfriend and daughter, but he can be a fun person to be around if you get to know him.

    All through his life, Aedan has been a rebellious person and he always disliked being told what to do. He always wanted to make his own choices and be independent, even though it hardly ever worked out for him. Sometimes it was because he wasn't allowed to do what he wanted (which wasn't often) and other times it was because he felt odd with some decisions he wanted to make.


    FATHER: Alexander Mason O'Connell | Biological father | Halfblood
    Theodore Flynn Brennan | Adpotive father |

    MOTHER: Wendy Lillian O'Connell [nee McIntyre] | Biological mother | Muggle
    Rebecca Allison Brennan [nee Wilde] | Adoptive mother |

    SIBLING/S: Amanda Rebecca Brennan | Twelve | Second Year | Slytherin | Dark Follower
    Cecelia Jamie Brennan | Ten

    OTHER: Jaqueline Maddie Addams | Would be twenty | Durmstrang Graduate | Deceased | Mother of Maryann | Pureblood
    Maryann Allison Brennan | would be two | Daughter | Halfblood

    BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood | He considers himself Pureblood since he's lived with a Pureblood family since he was around eight.

    RACE: Human


    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    Husky named Danger



    Early Years: Aedan Cearul Brennan was born to Alexander and Wendy O'Connell and was known by the name of Aedan Cearul O'Connell until the age of eight when he was considered to have gone missing. In reality the boy had grown tired of the family he had, a low class family that could barely afford anything. Aedan wanted something more, something better. He wasn't sure how he would find it, but he knew that if he remained with his family, he would never find it. So he left, and soon a high class Pureblood family took him in. They treated him kindly, as the couple, Theodore and Rebecca, had no children when they found him and he quickly became a part of their family.

    The adopted him and the boy became known as Aedan Cearul Brennan. Not long after he was adopted, about a year later, Rebecca became pregnant with his sister Amanda. The girl was born healthy and though he loved her from the moment she was born, Aedan felt a bit threatened by the girl. He thought he would be slowly forgotten and put in 'second place' for the affections of their parents. But that wasn't the case as Aedan was still their only male heir.

    Two years after Amanda's birth, Rebecca became pregnant once again. Aedan felt the same threat as he had with Amanda once again with the news of this pregnancy since he didn't know it the child would be a girl or a boy. After Cecelia was born though, the threat disappeared and he was once again secure as he was still the only male heir. After Cecelia's birth, they seemed to be satisfied with their three children, even though one wasn't biologically theirs and their family remained that way with only three children.

    The three children grew up surrounded by other Pureblood families, some of which Aedan felt uncomfortable around. The change from poor to rich was a rather large jump and it took him a little while to fit in with the rest of them, not that any of them knew that he wasn't a Pureblood like they were. From his ninth birthday on, Aedan was allowed almost free reign to do as he pleased, and he became social with almost all the kids his age. But he was rather close to a girl named Mira Anderson.

    Hogwarts Years: At the age of eleven, like other children he grew up with, Aedan received a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As soon as the letter arrived, Aedan began to pack his things without a second thought about anything. All he could think about was how the castle looked and how his first year would go. On the first day of school, when he arrived at King's Cross Station, he felt a little bit odd without many friends with him, especially without Mira who still had two years to go before she got her letter. He made friends rather quickly after being sorted into Slytherin, though.

    With his personality being intimidating and manipulative, it came as a bit of a shock to some people when they learned that he liked Herbology. Not only that, but that he was actually quite gifted in the subject. Divination, however, was definitely his worst subject and he didn't understand how he even passed it sometimes. When Mira and everyone else were finally old enough to go to Hogwarts, a very childish excitement grew within Aedan and that year he rode with them to the castle. He was pleased, maybe too pleased, with Mira's being sorted into Slytherin like he was and he got to showing her what she needed to know after the Sorting Ceremony.

    As the years went on, during his last year at Hogwarts, A Bulgarian boy named Elijah Krum went to Hogwarts and Aedan befriended the boy to make Mira happy as she seemed to like him a lot. He didn't bond much with him, nor did he interact that much but it made Mira happy so he did it. After that, Aedan also met and became friends with Robin Ivanov, which in turn meant he also met Avery Bishop later on.

    Adulthood: After his graduation from Hogwarts, Aedan felt somewhat lonely. There was no castle to go back to, nor any friends really. They were all still in Hogwarts, pretty much and he wouldn't be able to see them often. At first, he was a bit lost without anyone. But soon after he found a girl who he really liked and after a few dates as friends the two of them started dating. Jaqueline got pregnant with Aedan's child after a year of the two of them being together and Aedan was the happiest person in the world it seemed. Thinking that he was going to have a family, Aedan knew he had to get a job to support them so he worked on getting a job. He changed jobs quickly though, as he could never find one that he was really happy with, until he became a Herbologist. He was able to continue with his favorite subject.

    The happiness didn't last long for them though. After the nine months of her pregnancy, Jackie went into labor but there were complications with their daughter's birth. The baby girl who was meant to be named Maryann was a stillborn and Jackie didn't make it through her daughter's birth. The two girls who were so important to Aedan were gone from his life, just like that.

    After the loss of his girlfriend and daughter, Aedan didn't know what to do with his life. But he heard of an opening in Hogwarts for a Herbology Professor a little while later, and he applied for it. It was a good way to get back to the castle. The place that had seen him grow up and been his home for so many years before he finally graduated. After almost four years of being away from the castle, he wanted to go back.


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Kimmy

    RP EXPERIENCE: None. At all.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I fell through a hole and couldn't get out.

    MAIN CHARACTER: Hitipooooo

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Plotting with Em and everyone else. Plus a Herbology professor if no one takes it. And Tyler. The beauty is just unmatched.


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BRENNAN, Aedan Cearul Empty Re: BRENNAN, Aedan Cearul

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat Sep 21, 2013 7:48 pm

great app, hitame!

accepted and sorted to grads!

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