Barone, Lucca Lucio Bartolome Santiago Salvatore
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Barone, Lucca Lucio Bartolome Santiago Salvatore

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Barone, Lucca Lucio Bartolome Santiago Salvatore  Empty Barone, Lucca Lucio Bartolome Santiago Salvatore

Post by Lucca Barone Mon Sep 09, 2013 3:34 am

Barone, Lucca Lucio Bartolome Santiago Salvatore  Sam-Way-for-Asos-MaleModelSceneNet-011

Lucca Lucio Bartolome Santiago Salvatore Barone


    FULL NAME: Lucca Lucio Bartolome Salvatore Barone

    NICKNAMES: Lucca

    AGE: 16


    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor


    WAND: Sycamore, Chimera scale, 13" + Rigid

    PLAY BY: Sam Way



    EYE COLOUR:Brown


    BODY BUILD: Muscular.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: He wears muggle clothing everywhere except school during classes.He changes to muggle clothes as soon as he gets to the common room.He always felt like dressing nicely isn't important but anyways he never liked wizarding clothing.His parents let him dress as he wants because they are very accepting.His hair matches his eyes but he wished they were blue because he liked the way it would look.


    S: Looks,Physical Condition,Quidditch and Soccer,Taking care of kids(nephew), Courageous,Thinks before he acts(sometimes),Languages(Spanish,Italian,English)

    W: Waaaaay too modest to be a good thing, Self-deprecating, Easily Frustrated, Mischievous,Playing instruments, Fast talker.

    L:Sports, Training, Video Games,Movies, Muggle Clothing, Music.
    D:Wizard Clothing, Homework, Stupid rules, His brother in law, <---People who are Mean to kids, Extremely sweet things.

    To save his nephew from the horrible father he has.
    To move back to Italy or Spain
    To have a kid with the love of his life

    HABITS & QUIRKS: Likes arguing, Hates to be wanted only by his looks.

    BOGGART: Drowning

    PATRONUS: Playing Peek-a-Boo with Julio

    DEMENTOR: Seeing Julio cry because his father yelled at him for no reason.He feels so connected with the kid but he can't do anything to take him away of that arse he has or a dad.

    VERITASERUM: None yet.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Seeing his kids and his nephew playing like he played with Julio.

    PERSONALITY: He is always protecting those who can't protect themselves.He was taught by his parents how to be independent and self-sufficient.He is normally very polite and always tries to behave his best but at times he can be very mischeivous.He pulls pranks a lot but he has mastered the art of pranking so he almost never gets caught.He is very close to his family except his brother in law.He just doesn't like him and he knows he isn't a good father.He makes jokes about himself or doesn't accept compliments.


    Name | Age | Blood Status | Place of birth

    FATHER:Leonardo Carlo Arturo Lorenzo Barone | 58 | Pureblood | Italy

    MOTHER:Carla Luciana Valeria Elena Barone (nee Ascaso-Abadia) | 57 |Muggleborn | Spain

    SIBLING/S:Jimena Emilia Luciana Bianca Garcia (nee Barone)| 34 | Half-blood | Spain

    OTHER: Julio Dante Franco Garcia | Nephew | 4 | Half-blood | Spain

    Julian Armando Garcia | Brother in Law | 37 | Half-Blood | Spain

    Cristina Angela Renata Barone | Cousin | 21 | Pureblood | Italy

    BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood

    RACE: only members who have been regularly active for one month are able to create non-human characters

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy
    PET/S:Hegehog named Mac(no,not after apple products)



    Early Years: Lucca Lucio Bartolome Santiago Salvatore Barone was born in Genova, Italy.He was the second child of Leonardo and Carla Barone.His long name is due to the family tradition of giving their offspring long names.He was named after both his grandfathers.

    He grew up watching quidditch and soccer.Even though he was born in Italy he always preferred the Spanish soccer team.He got trained by his uncle and his father how to play quidditch and soccer.

    He was taught how to do thing himself since he was little.Lucca's family moved to London when he was three.Lucca was sent to a muggle school just because his parents believed he should learn english and they weren't very good at it so he learned proper english without an italian or spanish accent which was weird since he was great at spanish and italian for his age  so his parents expected a bit of accent.He also learned everything else taught in that school.He made very good friends there and he had some thing like a gang.They were the group of class clowns and pranksters.

    He mastered this art by practicing on his sister and at one point she couldn't prove he was pranking her.This stopped when she got married and moved away with this guy Julian who was a total arse.Lucca hated him the moment he met him.

    When his Hogwarts letter arrived he got so exited and happy as if he didn't know he was a wizard.He had known this since he started playing quidditch but now he got the chance to go to the best wizarding school in the world as his father has told him.

    Hogwarts Years:
    First Year: Lucca's first year started to amaze him.He wondered why the ceiling was so strange and how did food just appear before his eyes? He didn't care from where it came from  as long as it tasted good.

    Lucca loved all of the classes and some of them he liked more than others but he didn't dislike any of them.This didn't feel like school except for homework that was made it feel like school.He had always hated homework because he thought home was for relaxing not working.

    Second Year:
    Lucca missed the train for his second year because his nephew was being born and he didn't want to wait to see him.He unfortunately was Julian's son.He had his blonde hair.His sister was so happy and he asked if he could baby sit him someday and Julian said no way.This increased the hate Lucca felt towards Julian.

    In his second year he met Jamie Griggory a Ravenclaw of the same age.The two went to the woods to just hang out since there seemed to be more privacy than in the common room.Before they both got brooms they would take the school's broomsticks and fly at night.They were in many classes together so they always sat together.One day a Slytherin was teasing Jamie because she and Lucca always sat together.Luca went to punch him and he knocked out his left front tooth.Lucca's trust wasn't easily acquired but she had it in the palm of her hand and she didn't let it go.

    Third year:
    In his third year Lucca became the seeker for the Gryffindor house.He was fast and had very good eyesight so he could see the snitch better than the opponent.His love of quidditch always made him feel like he had to win all the matches so this was a advantage and a disadvantage since it helped him win but when he lost he felt he disappointed himself and his team.Other things were pretty normal.

    He met one of Jamie's friend Logan and they also became friends.They went out together in the summer seeing as they lived near each other.They spent most of the days together.One day Logan told Lucca and Jamie that he was being transferred to Durmstrang against his will.

    Fourth Year:
    In his fourth year He and Jamie couldn't count with Logan since he was at Durmstrang since his father had sent him there.This year was lonelier than ever since they didn't have the jokester.Logan made jokes, Lucca pulled pranks, and Jamie played guitar and she would sing.They were very happy when they were together but this year was not as fun as the third one.

    After the Christmas vacation Lucca had to be the shoulder for Jamie to cry on since her mother had died right in front of her eyes.This was normally Logan's job but he just didn't like seeing her friend like this and not helping her.

    Fifth Year:
    Lucca basically was stressed in his fifth year he wanted to get at least an E in all of his subjects.So he spent most of the time trying to get every bit of the subject.He wanted to impress his parents and make them proud.He kind of had to compete against his perfect sister whohad chosen the worst person to be married to according to him.

    He got what he wanted at least an E in everything.He got six E's and four O's.He was pretty happy with the results and so where his parents.

    Adulthood: Not yet


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Monica

    RP EXPERIENCE: couple characters here

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I'm kind of moving in here

    MAIN CHARACTER: Logan Lander William Crosby This guy

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I wanted to create a Italian and Spanish character and decided to do one that was both and I got inspired and indecisive about the name.


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Lucca Barone
Lucca Barone
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Barone, Lucca Lucio Bartolome Santiago Salvatore  Empty Re: Barone, Lucca Lucio Bartolome Santiago Salvatore

Post by Lucca Barone Mon Sep 09, 2013 10:58 pm

Done.Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Lucca Barone
Lucca Barone
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Barone, Lucca Lucio Bartolome Santiago Salvatore  Empty Re: Barone, Lucca Lucio Bartolome Santiago Salvatore

Post by Khaat Lupin Mon Sep 09, 2013 11:32 pm

I like him. I also like that you spent time to develop his Hogwarts year instead of making that whole experience one paragraph. Nicely done.

Alright accepted and sorted into Gryffindor.
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Khaat Lupin
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Barone, Lucca Lucio Bartolome Santiago Salvatore  Empty Re: Barone, Lucca Lucio Bartolome Santiago Salvatore

Post by Lucca Barone Mon Sep 09, 2013 11:34 pm

Thanks Gus gave me the Idea to include one of my other characters and his.So I decided to make it more specific.
Lucca Barone
Lucca Barone
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Sixth Year Gryffindor

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