IVANOV, Sonia Eleni Heloise
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IVANOV, Sonia Eleni Heloise Li9olo10

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IVANOV, Sonia Eleni Heloise

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IVANOV, Sonia Eleni Heloise Empty IVANOV, Sonia Eleni Heloise

Post by Nathaniel Montgomery Sat Aug 17, 2013 3:52 am

IVANOV, Sonia Eleni Heloise Tumblr_inline_mpxrzmd2lK1qz4rgp IVANOV, Sonia Eleni Heloise Tumblr_inline_mpxrtnrDCl1qz4rgp



    FULL NAME: Sonia Eleni Heloise Ivanov

    NICKNAMES: None widely used, only on an individual basis.

    AGE: Sixteen

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral
    Slytherin House
    Hogwarts School
    The Ivanov Family
    The Nott Family
    The Macnair Family
    The Goyle Family
    The Rookwood Family
    The Krum Family (occasionally)
    Russian Ministry of Magic
    British Ministry of Magic
    Russian National Quidditch Team
    Falmouth Falcons Quidditch Team
    Slytherin Quidditch Team

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin, Ravenclaw (I’ve written history as if she’s in Slytherin because as an NPC, that is where I’ve always had her sorted. If she needs to be moved let me know and I can make the necessary edits.)

    CLASSES: DADA and Potions.

    WAND: Cherry, Mermaid Scale core, 9”, Rigid

    PLAY BY: Crystal Reed


    HAIR COLOUR: Dark Brown

    EYE COLOUR: Brown


    BODY BUILD: Slender and athletic.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: To some, Sonia is an extremely attractive girl. She has dark brown hair that falls just below her shoulders and waves and curls in a pleasing way. When not in full sunlight or after just having taken a bath it looks almost black, which is how Sonia likes it best. The soft curls frame her striking cheekbones and wide cheeks. She has full lips which she will paint a blood red when she dresses up. This is a strong contrast on Sonia’s pale white skin that refuses to tan even in the peak of summer. She has few freckles or blemishes and is blessed with rarely getting pimples on her face or elsewhere. Sonia is an average height and is neither noted for her tallness or shortness.

    All in all, she would blend with a crowd if it weren’t for the way she carried herself. The confidence that she wears is intoxicating and makes her all the more lovely. You notice Sonia when she enters the room. As for clothes, Sonia keeps things simple and classy. She wears mostly neutrals, greens, blacks, accented with various leathers. While at school her primary attire is her Hogwarts robes accompanied by a Slytherin scarf or cap to show her colors. Sonia looks lovely in dresses but rarely wears them because of their lack of maneuverability. She can be occasionally caught in a ball gown when the occasion calls for it.

    Sonia has a tattoo of the Ivanov family crest on the left side of her ribcage (under the armpit). Her parents do not know about it’s existence and she easily hides it unless in her underwear or a bikini. She has no other distinctive scars or marks. Any scratches from teeth or claws that she has acquired from Charlie have been erased by potions and spells.


    001. Independent
    002. Thick-Skinned
    003. Adventurous
    004. Tough
    005. Loyal
    006. Animated
    007. Impulsive
    008. Flexible
    009. Strong-willed
    010. Determined
    011. Observant
    012. Quarrelsome
    013. Relaxed
    014. Forgiving
    015. Decisive
    016. Stubborn
    017. Fearless
    018. Disorganized
    019. Curious
    020. Violent

  • Strong Areas of Magic: Jinxes,  Curses, and Theoretical Studies (ie History or Runes)
  • Decent Areas of Magic: Potions, Herbology, and Care of Magical Creatures (due to tutoring from Charlie and Baird)
  • Weak Area of Magic: Charms, Transfiguration, and Dueling

    001. The Outdoors
    002. Sunrise
    003. The Falmouth Falcons
    004. Emeralds
    005. Gold (especially the glint of the snitch in the sunlight)
    006. Her Bow
    007. Slytherin Common Room
    008. Picnics
    009. Fresh Apples
    010. Autumn

    001. Exams
    002. Thick-headedness
    003. Muggle Cars
    004. Vinegar
    005. Charms
    006. High Heels
    007. Male Egos
    008. Weakness
    009. Crybabies
    010. Sleeping In

    001. Graduate Hogwarts with all passing marks.
    002. Find a job she is passionate about.
    003. Have a family.
    004. Explore the world.
    005. Pet a dragon.
    006. Kill a XXXXX classified beast (werewolves excluded – obviously).
    007. Manage to satisfy both her mother and father.

    001. Walks almost silently, even through the woods.
    002. Gets twitchy when she doesn’t have a knife, bow, or any other weapon on her or nearby.
    003. Prefers bare feet over shoes (but will wear boots if she must).
    004. Takes excessive notes in classes – she needs to go over them a second time in the evening if she wants to really soak in the lesson.
    005. Prints in all caps (for casual things) or in cursive (for essays and assignments)

    BOGGART: Among her friends, Sonia likes to claim she is fearless. But to be such a person would be impossible. While no one demon riddles her nightmares, many things do terrify her. Concerning her friends she worries about Charlie losing control and Baird leaving her. With her family she is scared of them being hurt emotionally or physically. But more than anything else Sonia is afraid of her own weakness and that she would not be strong enough to protect those she loves.

    PATRONUS: Sonia’s finest memory was from when she was six or seven and she managed to trap her first rabbit when out in the woods with her father. Ruslan was the proudest she had ever seen him and they returned to the main house like heroes who had just won a war. They relayed their daring tale to Orli and that night they had the best rabbit soup anyone had ever tasted. Sonia has never produced a patronus but if she did it would appear in the form of a loon.

    DEMENTOR: Sonia’s worst memory is the panic she felt when trying on the Sorting Hat and the knowledge that she is not good enough for Durmstrang.

    001. She has a tattoo (a secret from her parents)
    002. She really has no idea if she loves Bear or not.
    003. Her cousin Caspian is in love with her best friend (a secret from Charlie)
    004. She couldn’t get into Durmstrang.
    005. She isn’t fearless.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: More than anything, Sonia desires to feel invincible. She hates her own weakness and strives to abolish it by being the best she can be. If she looked in the mirror she would see herself looking confident and strong, bow on her back, knife in her hand. To an outsider she would look very much like she does now but to Sonia she would see a confidence that sometimes she only pretends to possess.

    PERSONALITY: They say that a person’s personality is effected by both their genetic nature and the type of nurture they received. Sonia has been primarily molded by the latter. She spends her time doing activities that may be traditionally considered more masculine, including going on hunts with the men, playing Quidditch, and having target practice. She is quick on her feet and adapts to whatever situation is presented to her seamlessly. Sonia is a tough girl and has no problem standing up for herself when necessary. She’s got a thick skin when it comes to bullies and petty gossip – little will get to her unless she already feels guilty about something.

    Sonia has been taught to be a lady by her mother. She is well versed in traditional etiquette and is expected to use her manors at the dinner table. While Sonia knows how she should act she often chooses to disregard it as more of a guideline than an actual rule. She remains completely incapable of subtlety. Sonia does not actively seek the attention of others but often grabs it anyway with her loud laugh and big presence. She is charismatic and somewhat of a social chameleon – people of all groups get along with her. Of these people Sonia has slowly become more and more accepting of all species, houses, and social classes. While she is still sometimes occasionally prejudice, she is actively working to be less so.

    Sonia is extremely independent. She likes to do things for herself and prove her own strength (especially in the physical sense). Nothing drives her crazier than a boy trying to take over and lift something heavy for her. She can beat most of them at arm wrestling anyway and won’t play down her strengths in order to make them feel manly. Sonia also has a strong will. She’s open minded about many things but once she enters an argument she will continue fighting until she has won – regardless if she realizes she is wrong half way through.  

    While Sonia’s grades are not necessarily good enough to show her intelligence, her curiosity and enjoyment of learning are certainly Ravenclaw qualities. She soaks up information like a sponge and in her younger years you rarely found her without a book. Sonia can be a bit forgetful about things that she doesn’t actively try to remember. In order to pass a class she needs to pay full attention and put in 100% effort or everything will go over her head completely.

    Sonia is extremely impulsive and is known for a distinct lack of planning before she jumps into situations. She can be explosive and angry when sufficiently provoked. Despite the feminine air her gender provides her, Sonia doesn’t mind confrontation and has gotten in trouble several times for fighting (both physical and verbal). The most dramatic of which happened between her and her now best friend, Charlie Dyllan (see history). On that note, Sonia also has a weakness for adrenaline and if you offer her a chance to jump off a building or do something equally pointless she will probably take you up on it.

    Sonia was born with a good soul, transformed into a bad person, and now seems to be returning to a more beautiful person. She’s constantly growing and changing but likes to hide any vulnerability under a layer of toughness. Sonia is just another teenage soul trying to figure out her place in the world.


    FATHER: Ruslan Ivanov | Forty-Four | Born Moscow, Russia | Coach of Russian Nation Quidditch Team | Former Seeker/Captain of Moscow Murders

    MOTHER: Orli Ivanov (nee Bennett) | Forty-One | Born Montreal, Quebec | Head of Department of Magical Games and Sports (French Minsitry of Magic)

    SIBLING/S: None.

    Peter Ivanov | Grandfather
    Celine Ivanov | Grandmother
    Aleski Ivanov | Uncle
    Eudora Ivanov (nee Flint) | Aunt
    Dashiell Ivanov | Cousin
    Deus Ivanov | Cousin
    Robin Ivanov | Second Cousin
    Jamie Prophet | Distant Cousin
    Baird McLaggen | In a relationship with
    Charlotte Dyllan | Best Friend

    BLOOD STATUS:  Pureblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy, but less so than other branches of her family.  

    PET/S: None

    001. A Crossbow
    002. Magical Arrows
    003. A terrifyingly expensive ball gown.
    004. An assortment of knives.
    005. An ever-blooming orchid – a present from Charlie.


    Early Years: The pregnancy of Orli was considered a blessing from the heavens by all branches of the Ivanov family. The last born child was Robin and that had been over four years ago, making everyone nervous that the brief burst of fertility within the family had worn off. Ultrasounds came back and confirmed what both parents had been silently praying for – that their baby was a boy. Ruslan’s love for Orli was only intensified when he learned his wife was carrying a son. A son that promised to continue the family name and fulfill Ruslan’s long-known duty. The happy couple decorated the nursery in a soft blue, picked out baby names, and bragged of their good fortune to anyone who would listen. Then, late on December 24th, the unimaginable was revealed. Their baby boy was a girl.

    The mood in the Ivanov house was an odd mix after that, delight at the beauty of new life, mixed with the undeniable air of disappointment. The couple had to backtrack and pick a new name, finally settling on Sonia Eleni Heloise Ivanov. They bought new baby clothes but never bothered repainting the nursery, agreeing that blue was just as suitable for a female as a male. Sonia was a healthy baby, very plump but active, and already with a head of brown hair so dark it almost looked black. To Orli’s delight, Ruslan took to the little girl immediately and he wrapped himself around her finger. The three became a tight-knit family unit, untroubled by the repercussions coming from the rest of the family.

    As Sonia grew her parents became increasingly different in how they raised their daughter. Orli altered her plans from pre-birth and now daydreamed about entering Sonia into fashionable society when she got older. Her thoughts shifted from having a boy that would carry on the family name to having a girl that she would get to pick out wedding dresses with. These thoughts were enough to fully satisfy the mother and she set about teaching her daughter everything she thought she could possibly need to know. They spent hours together, laying outside on blankets as Orli read Sonia everything from fairy tales to history books.

    Ruslan has a more difficult time adjusting to his unexpected daughter. He loved her unconditionally but he treated Sonia as he would have if she was a son. By the time she was five he took her on hunting and camping trips with the other men, teaching her about the wildlife and how to aim a bow. The most clear similarity between Orli and Ruslan’s parenting style was they were both eager to show Sonia everything they could. The little girl soaked up all the knowledge they offered her, constantly amazed by the vastness of her world.

    Sonia was also exposed to Quidditch from both of her parent’s professions. Her mother held a high-ranking position in the Russian Ministry’s sports department and her father played for the Moscow team. She was not natural or comfortable in the air but she loved the game and was determined to be able to play it herself when she got older. Every weekend the family traveled around Russia, England, Ireland, or France, watching matches as Orli oversaw the events and Ruslan played. Sonia became somewhat of a mascot for her father’s team, showing up to every game wearing full colors, face painted and all. There was no where she loved more than being in the center of the shouting crowd.

    Sonia had very little disagreement in her early childhood and therefore had very little reason to show signs of early magic. She would occasionally undo her mother’s hair styling, trip a particularly vocal supporter of an opposing team, or make a taken away toy reappear, but nothing too dramatic. Orli included magical history and knowledge in her readings so although she didn’t appear to possess too much magic herself, she knew it very well in theory. When Sonia received her Hogwarts letter the summer she was ten both Orli and Ruslan claimed they knew that would be the case all along, but secretly they were relieved. She had not been magically strong enough to be accepted to Durmstrang but Hogwarts had faith in her.

    Hogwarts Years:
    First Year: It was only after she traveled to Diagon Ally to purchase school supplies did Sonia realize what a small world she had been living in. While her family did travel it was almost always to Quidditch events, which provided a limited pool of people to interact with. Most adult wizards she knew were either famous, wealthy, or in positions of power. Her family steered clear of the average-Joe fan, not wanting to have their daughter interact with the wrong people. As for children her age she knew almost no one outside of who her father had deemed acceptable.

    When Sonia arrived at the train she was, for the first time, outside of Ruslan’s bubble of protection and truly got to discover every type of person that the wizarding world had to offer. But a lifetime of subtlety implanted prejudice could not be erased right away. Sonia avoided anyone who mentioned they hoped to be placed in Gryffindor or Hufflepuff or was even slightly weird. Out of all the etiquette she had been taught by her mother, polite silence was something Sonia had never mastered. On the first train ride in she got in a fight with a muggleborn girl named Charlotte Dyllan, their polar opposite families terrifying Sonia.

    The sorting ceremony was somewhat traumatic for the young girl. Her entire family had come from Durmstrang (besides her mother who had been educated in Salem) and as far as she was aware, she was the first Ivanov to ever try the sorting hat on. Though the details may have been scrambled over time, the event went something like this:

    ”Oh. Hmm.. You’ve got quite a mind on you, girl. And you certainly have the curiosity that would separate you from your peers. Yes, you’ll do very well in RAV- No, wait. What’s that? Oh that’s interesting. I don’t often see such a strong desire to prove yourself. If I put you with the others there’s as much of a chance of you sinking as swimming. But is it worth the chance to be great?” “I’m not scared of drowning.” ”No, you’re not. Very well, let’s put you in SLYTHERIN

    The brunette arrived at the Slytherin table with pats on the back and ‘congratulations’, everyone making sure to assure her that she had been placed with the best of the best. In her first few weeks at Hogwarts Sonia met (and became friends with) people from all houses, many of whom seemed confused that someone who seemed so nice could come from the Snake Den.  For all of the flack that the other houses gave Slytherin, Sonia couldn’t have been happier with where she had been placed. The house was tight-knit and although they sometimes prayed on others they always made sure to look out for their own.

    But, despite the Sorting Hat’s warning, Sonia did swim. Her Ravenclaw attributes served her well in classes and she never had a problem with staying up late to get extra studying in. This natural tendency combined with the learned ambition that came with being in Slytherin house turned her weak magical abilities in a complete 360. Slytherin did other things for her too. Sonia had once been quite a mild-mannered and pleasant girl but being with her housemates brought out a side of competition and aggressiveness that her family had never seen before. The buried Ivanov arrogance was also brought to the surface as she continually proved to herself (and anyone else who was watching) that she could accomplish anything she set her mind to.

    Surrounded by like-minded people, Sonia gradually transformed more and more into the stereotypical Pureblood, vain and proud, overcome with admiration for herself and her own abilities.

    Second Year: Even with a summer away from Hogwarts, Sonia returned to school with her new Slytherin attitude fully intact. In their time apart she had lost most of her friends that came from different houses while simultaneously building a small clique of Slytherins that she would spend time with. She recognized that at times they weren’t the nicest to others but this rarely disturbed her – having people to appreciate and respect her gave a sense of inclusion that she had never felt anywhere else. Every day that passed she became more of a Slytherin than the day she was sorted.

    Second year also brought her into a new realm of academics. It took more effort for Sonia to preform spells than her peers but if she stuck with it long enough she was able to prefect them. There was always a direct correlation between effort and results for her – nothing came naturally and she didn’t expect it to. For the most part, school came first before free time activities. Her Slytherin gang was tolerant of these Ravenclaw behaviors only because of her proficiency in hexes and jinxes, in which was quickly outperformed the rest of them.

    In this year Sonia also become an avid supporter of the Slytherin Quidditch Team. It was this that brought her long-term rivalry with Charlie Dyllan to it’s extreme. Whenever there was a Slytherin-Hufflepuff game on the horizon the two girls groups of friends waged a full out war on each other. A nose-enlarging jinx, hair dying incident, and fist fight later both were given several weeks worth of detentions which (to their dismay) forced them to miss the first match of the Hogwarts Quidditch Cup. Her parents passed off the episode as “just some good, old fashioned support for her team” and she was never punished by them.

    Third Year: With third year came elective classes and for the first time Sonia had to consider what she really enjoyed. She tried out a wide variety of subject from Divination to Ancient Runes (the former of which she hated, the latter of which she loved). Theory and textbook based classes were the easiest for her but she found the most thrill in those that required some amount of physicality.

    The most eventful of these was Care of Magical Creatures, which she had every morning with the Hufflepuffs. One day, the Professor brought in thestrals to show the class and Sonia was feeling especially grumpy after pulling an all-nighter the night before. She got too close and Snaggletooth was offended, taking it upon himself to attack her with all of his thestral might. In the panic of the moment Charlie Dyllan was the only one who had enough of a head on her to calm the beast down enough to rescue the bloody Sonia.

    When Sonia awoke in the hospital wing that night she was surrounded by many of her housemates. They greeted her with chocolates and feel-good potions that they had smuggled in to the castle. As the night got later the crowd quickly disappeared back to the dorms and Sonia was left alone with her thoughts. Almost an hour after everyone else had gone to bed someone else arrived to visit. Charlie hadn’t been able to sleep until she at least saw that Sonia was going to live. The girls were able to talk civilly and as the hours dragged on (neither being the slightest bit sleepy) the years of hatred disappeared. It took one night for them to tolerate each other.

    Sonia had to be grateful for what Charlie had done for her. She might have been a mudblood, werewolf, Hufflepuff, and come from a freak family but she had saved her life. The two kept running into each other by coincidence and their conversations became habit. It only took Sonia a couple weeks to realize that she actually liked the Dyllan girl. The building friendship slowly broke down all of Sonia’s prejudices that had helped her get along with the other Slytherins. It was impossible for her to hate mudbloods when her close friend was muggle-born.

    As Sonia was integrated in with Charlie’s friends she became increasingly distant from her Slytherin friends. There was a different sort of brotherhood amoung the Gryffindors/Hufflepuffs than the Slytherins but she was still able to appreciate it. The closer she got to this new group (that would come to be known as the Spectacular Seven in the future) the harder it was for her to listen to the ramblings of her housemates. Everything she had ever said about them was wrong. The traits she had learned from Slytherin were still there, just faded to make way for her more agreeable qualities. It took a surprisingly short time for Sonia to call Charlie her best friend.

    This summer the family moved from Russia to France because Orli had been offered a position in the French Minsitry. Sonia couldn’t be too upset with the change because suddenly she was closer to all of her schoolmates and was able to visit them on breaks with less work and worry. Over the summer Sonia and Ruslan explored their new land, breaking it in with many hunts and drawing many maps. Over the years Sonia had become skilled with her bow and knives and was able to cleanly kill almost anything that strayed across their property. Ruslan was so delighted when she caught a unicorn (without injuring it) that he gave her a present of a magical bow and arrows.

    Forth Year: It was in this year that Sonia really began to discover herself. She lessoned her focus on schoolwork and rediscovered her love of Quidditch. So many of her new friends were obsessed that she felt it was easy to let her obsession show too. The house teams rivalry sometimes proved problematic (her Slytherin support refused to budge) but they always dealt with it. By this time her father had retired from playing and now worked as a coach for the Russian national team. Posters of his new team joined those for the Murderers and Falcons on her dorm walls.

    Other notable experiences in this year include:
    001. Charlie and Sonia attempted to sample every kind of candy that Honeydukes stocked that year.
    002. Sonia had her first kiss.
    003. Sonia attended her first ball (and attempted to enter society).
    004. Sonia tried out for the Slytherin Quidditch team (for more of a joke than anything) but managed to make a substitute position. She even played in one game during a particularly bad cold outbreak.

    It was also around this time that Sonia’s body really began to transform from a girl to a woman. It became increasingly difficult for Ruslan to deny the feminity of his daughter, despite her toughness. For the second time he had to accept that fact that his little girl was just as boy loving, dress wearing, and toenail painting as the next. Orli also became vocal about her wishes for the young lady. Her mother was determined to make a debutante out of the reluctant Sonia. Whenever she returned home, the brunette spent disproportional amounts of time with her father, relying on his protection from makeovers. Although she knew how to use both, Sonia chose the bow over the high heels.

    Fifth Year: The greatest change from forth year to fifth was meeting Baird Mclaggen. They were assigned seats next to each other, ripping Sonia away from her spot next to Charlie. The two didn’t immediately bond but as the weeks passed the sparks intensified. To Sonia’s surprise he invited her to the ball that was happening that year. Shortly after that night they began dating.
    When they were together things could either be really good or really bad. They were similar in many ways – including their strong will and fierce independence, which often resulted in loud rows in public places. But Sonia genuinely cared for him in a way she had never felt about another boy and was always relieved when one or the other backed down so they could be happy together once again. Her relationship with Bear solidified her mother’s suspicions – Sonia would never accept an arranged marriage, or even a suggestion of who to be with. She was of her own mind, especially in areas of romance, and wouldn’t listen to anyone who told her differently.

    Fifth year also brought O.W.L.S. For a girl who had gotten into a magical school by a hair, she was surprisingly calm about the weight that the exams would carry for her future. Over the years her magical strength had grown leaps and bounds, making her as strong as or even greater than her peers. She had been a late bloomer but her O.W.L. grades proved how powerful she had become. Even though she was nowhere close to top of the class, she was a fully capable witch.

    Ancient Runes: O
    Astronomy: E
    Care of Magical Creatures: A
    Charms: A
    Defense Against the Dark Arts: A
    Divination: A
    Herbology: E
    History of Magic: O
    Potions: E
    Transfiguration: A


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Emily

    RP EXPERIENCE: An embarrassing amount.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I was born here.

    MAIN CHARACTER: UM. This makes me pick favorites. But I guess my main is.. Gisele Delacour? I don’t know.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I need a Slytherin to round out my students. Also, Crystal Reed. Look at her.


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Wonderful! Accepted and sorted into Slytherin!

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