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LEVSKI, Ana Li9olo10

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Post by Zara Halworth Thu Aug 15, 2013 4:59 pm

LEVSKI, Ana Sandra+-Bullock-wallpaper-04



    FULL NAME: Ana Milena Levski (Nee Kouneva)

    NICKNAMES:  Just Ana. Her husband calls her Mila. Unless someone comes up with something else.

    AGE: 44

    ALLEGIANCE: She refuses to state a side. (essentially, she's neutral, but thinks playing it off like she's too good to answer makes her stronger)

    Levski family
    Kouneva family
    Keiran Hayes (Her husband's friend from their Professional Quidditch days)
    Krum family (Viktor Krum was the seeker in the 1994 World Cup)
    Zograf family (Keeper for the 1994 Cup)
    Other families from the Bulgarian team during Pavel's years there.


    The Ministry of Magic (England)
    The Potion Makers Federation
    The Department of Mysteries
    The Daily Prophet
    Durmstrang (In the books, both boys and girls are said to come for the Tournament.)

    Bulgarian National Quidditch Team
    The Quidditch Federation

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Durmstrang Graduate


    WAND: Acacia Wood, Thestral Tail-hair, 12 inches, Rigid. Bent handle, no design on the exterior.

    Wand Traits:

    Acacia Wood - “A very unusual wand wood, which I have found creates tricky wands that often refuse to produce magic for any but their owner, and also withhold their best effects from all but those most gifted. This sensitivity renders them difficult to place, and I keep only a small stock for those witches or wizards of sufficient subtlety, for acacia is not suited to what is commonly known as 'bangs-and-smells' magic. When well-matched, an acacia wand matches any for power, though it is often underrated due to the peculiarity of its temperament.”

    Thestral Tail-hair – Used in wands such as the Elder Wand, it is regarded as unstable, but has been successfully utilised.

    12 Inches – Right about in the middle of the average wand length; shows no strange physical traits, not lack of ability.

    Rigid – Ana is very set in her beliefs now that she has decided upon them and is highly unlikely to be swayed.


    OCCUPATION: Unspeakable – in the Time and Magic departments.

    PLAY BY: Sandra Bullock


    HAIR COLOUR: Brown

    EYE COLOUR: Brown


    BODY BUILD: Slim, but not twiggy


    FACE: Ana has a fairly sculpted face, a nearly square chin and a rounded nose. Ana's has a cleft chin. Her forehead may seem a bit large, but if she lets her hair stay loose, it doesn't appear that way. Her ears are proportional, and she has attached earlobes. Ana's smiles are rare, often closed-mouthed, and small. Only those who are her very closest of friends will see a real smile from her. It's not that she's negative. She's just serious and determined.

    HAIR: Ana most always has her hair tied back or pulled back, mostly because her hair is extremely curly and she doesn't want it in her face. It's a dark brown color, but sometimes she changes it to be more of a light brown, almost chocolate color. She doesn't both to try and straighten it, so she would rather just put it up in some kind of ponytail or up-do.

    BODY: Ana is of average height, but often wears heels to make herself both stand up straighter and appear taller. Ana is slim, but not overly thin.

    EYES: She has dark brown eyes that some people say can see right through you. If she's in a hurry, she can fix someone with a stern look and they will often move out of her way. Her eyebrows are thin and tailored, such that when she lifts an eyebrow at someone, it's easy to read her expression. Ana has long, dark eyelashes. She will never wear eyeshadow, but always has on liner and mascara. Her eyes do the most talking when it comes to body language.

    APPAREL: When Ana was younger, she used to prefer very casual outfits and doing nothing with her hair. As she's gotten older, Ana rarely leaves her house without ensuring she looks fit both for her job and that she looks good. Part of her job, she believes, is appearing to know even more than she knows.



    1. Pushing herself
    2. Seriousness
    3. Covers emotions easily
    4. Public speaking/presenting herself well to others
    5. Extremely Loyal (once loyalty is earned)
    6. Not Gullible
    7. Intelligent
    8. Strong-willed
    9. Tolerant
    10.  Mature
    11.  Confidence
    12.  Practical

    [+/-] Stubbornness
    [+/-] Passionate/Driven
    [+/-] Blunt
    [+/-] Doesn't want to lie

    1. Heights
    2. Flying
    3. Understanding the emotions of others
    4. Paying attention to things that don't interest her
    5. Callous
    6. Messianic Complex
    7. Loneliness Complex
    8. Finicky
    9. Perfectionist
    10.  Withdrawn


    1. Watching Quidditch
    2. Her family – her parents get more attention than her husband and children
    3. Large vocabulary words
    4. Going out to drink – never the night before work (well, at least not extensively)
    5. Reading
    6. Wizard's Chess – she's wonderful with strategy
    7. Isolation
    8. Foreign countries
    9. New Inventions and discoveries
    10.  Believing she has purpose

    1. People who stand in her way
    2. Pureblood supremacists
    3. Lying/Liars
    4. Meddlesome people
    5. Being short – hence her almost always wearing heels
    6. Immaturity
    7. Snow
    8. Feeling Betrayed
    9. Feeling Guilty
    10.  Being woken early

    1. Improve the lot in life for Half-bloods (Or, at least for her children)
    2. Rise in the ranks at her job
    3. Become well known for discoveries in the Department of Mysteries

    1. Not paying attention to her children when they were younger
    2. Allowing herself to start burying her emotions

    1. Quotes books and people when she doesn't want to have to come up with an answer.
    2. Reads the Daily Prophet every morning before work/on the way to work. As an ex-Auror, she wants to keep up with current events.

    BOGGART: Ana is worried that the Death Eaters will fully take over one day, and that the Ministry and the rest of the Wizarding World won't be ready.

    PATRONUS: There are a few. See History.

    DEMENTOR: The first time she was taken down a notch for her parents not being purebloods.

    VERITASERUM: She wants to be a bigger part of her family, but she's not sure if they would accept her after she had been such an absentee mother their whole childhood. She's not even sure if her husband has been faithful. She isn't interested in asking him, though, because she isn't sure she wants to know.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Ana wants to be known for helping the underdogs. To have recognition for helping people like herself who were pushed around when they were young.


    Regarding Ana's Wand:

    The wood of her wand, Acacia wood, is extremely rarely used, because it's practically temperamental. It only works for its true master, and really only works for those strong enough to handle it. While Ana isn't exceedingly powerful as a witch – which isn't to say that she's weak, for she definitely isn't – she knows how to handle the wand much like she knows how to handle the people around her. As her wand would only work for its true master, Ana only works for herself, really. While she is not the Head of a Ministry Department or the like, she cares the most about her own goals over anything else.

    Thestral Tail-hair, though deemed powerful (likely in part due to it being the core of the Elder Wand), is unstable at best, and takes a truly powerful person to control it. Ana is much like this definition. There are few people she will “bow” to, or assist. But once they've gained her loyalty, they will have it forever. Also, much like the wand is unstable, she has a bit of a temper. She can probably keep a hold on it if she wants to, around certain people – like her husband and children – though she doesn't always realize she's acted negatively until it's too late. (She probably should be concerned about if her children are affected by this, but she's so focused on her own goals and her job that she hasn't noticed)

    Her wand is nearly inflexible, much like Ana. She's stubborn to a fault – it's probably what one would call her “fatal flaw”. Give her a good enough reason and she'll change her mind, but she would never admit openly to having changed it for that reason. She would more likely say she decided upon the change on her own. She essentially likes to think she's in charge.


    Ana does have redeeming qualities, even though they're not at the forefront of her personality, nor are they easy to discover. Once someone is close enough to Ana, she really does care about them. Her loyalty goes beyond just being on the side of whomever can help her. It's more to do with who would help her in return for her looking out for them.

    She truly loves her husband and children, but her problem is that she's not very good at expressing that emotion. Thus, she just hides any softer qualities about herself from anyone who could use them to their own advantage. This doesn't really apply to her family, but speaking the words needed to explain that she cares about them is nearly impossible for her.

    Beliefs: Ana sides with whomever agrees with her that Purebloods aren't the mightiest, not the most impressive wizards. Growing up a Half-Blood, she was treated poorly by those who had pure family bloodlines, and quickly became tired of it. Even at Durmstrang she was treated differently. Ana was hardly admitted, after all, because Durmstrang doesn't accept Muggleborns – how could she be sure they would accept HalfBloods? She was lucky to get in and knows it.

    Ana has two fairly obvious complexes. The first, the Messianic complex relates to her feeling that she must accomplish a great mission in her life, and that she must find some way to prove herself to those around her. It started once she lost her first grandparents, and realized that they left her life and she didn't know what their biggest achievements were. Ana doesn't want her life to end without being known for something or for making someone's life better. She is so focused on this that her Loneliness complex comes to light. She purposefully pushes people to the back of her mind to focus on what she thinks needs to be done. This is why people think she doesn't care about anyone.

    Ana is:
    -A Ministry Employee
    -Fairly cold towards others
    -Confident, but not to an extreme
    -Skeptical – she has to do research into things before she can believe it.

    Ana is Not:
    -Overly social
    -Actually selfish – she just distances herself from others and it makes her appear that way

    Ana does:
    -Actually enjoy giving presentations
    -Write often
    -Have a strong sense of morals
    -Question most everything

    Ana does Not:
    -Like apologizing. She will if she thinks it will help her down the road.
    -Have any siblings
    -Want anymore children
    -Appreciate sarcasm

    Ana will:
    -Open up to those who she has decided to be loyal to
    -Work out when she needs to clear her mind

    Ana will Not:
    -Admit how she's feeling without good reason
    -Nose her way into other peoples' business

    Ana can:
    -Admit defeat, at least to herself
    -Seem indifferent
    -Get caught up in her work and to go at it for hours on end

    Ana can Not:
    -Make friends easily
    -Believe everything she is told
    -Get over the idea that she needs to be important to someone

    Ana was:
    -A kind-hearted girl as a child
    -In love with running when she was younger
    -An excellent Auror

    Ana was Not:
    -Aware of the social classes among wizards until attending Durmstrang
    -Clumsy as a child
    -Happy with being an Auror – she wanted to do research to change someone's life, rather than being in the field

    Ana has:
    -A husband
    -Two children
    -A job she loves
    -Always been stubborn

    Ana has Not:
    -Ever had a pet of her own. She wasn't sure she would be able to take care of it well enough.
    -Played Quidditch
    -Ever been theatrical

    Ana always:
    -Appears solemn
    -Remains tactful
    -Speaks in the British accent she picked up from her mum

    Ana prefers:
    -Spending time alone
    -Completing jobs on her own
    -Being in a leadership role

    Ana fears:
    -Being Useless
    -Being Fired

    Favorite color: Burgundy
    Favorite food: Schnitzel
    Favorite place: Rural Scotland
    Favorite person: Her mum
    Favorite hobby: Writing

    Sayings Ana believes:
    1. We all fall for jerks first. They're spontaneous and exciting. But then all they are is a jerk who wants a life for himself, without someone to hold them back.
    2. We can all have a list of preferred traits for our future person, but we rarely end up with the people we expect.
    3. Take things with a grain of salt.
    4. Anyone who built an empire or changed the world sat in the seat of confusion or unemployment. It's because they sat where they were that they became determined to do something better.
    5. The items in a home make up a life.
    6. No-one deserves to be a parenthesis.
    7. The slower we move the faster we die. Make no mistake, moving is living. Some animals were meant to carry each other to live symbiotically over a lifetime. Star crossed lovers, monogamous swans. We are not swans. We are sharks.


    FATHER: Simeon (pronounced Sim-ee-on) Levski
    Age: 72
    Job: Ex-Potioneer

    MOTHER: Shiane (pronounced Shy-Anne) Levski (Nee Mercer)
    Age: 69
    Job: Ex-Writer for the Daily Prophet

    SIBLING/S: None

    Husband: Ana is married to Pavel Levski, who was the Bulgarian National Team's Chaser at the 1994 World Cup.
    Pavel's Age in 2026: 49

    Two children, one thirteen, the other twelve.
    The eleven-year-old is a boy, and a third year Gryffindor.
    The twelve-year-old girl isa hufflepuff Second Year.

    Grandparents are dead except for one on her mum's side, her Grandmum Julie Mercer. She's very ill, and likely going to die soon.

    BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Upper-Middle Class

    PET/S: None. Her children have Owls, but they're not technically hers.

    -Home in Rural England
    -A library in said home with the books she's collected since she could read


    Early Years: Ana was born Ana Milena Levski, the only child of Simeon and Shiane, two half-bloods. Simeon was often down in the basement of their house, working on new potions. Shiane, when she wasn't writing for the paper, was teaching Ana everything she could. Over the years before attending Durmstrang,  Ana found her love of learning as well as her acceptance of spending time alone.

    When she was six, the grandparents on her dad's side died in a fire. She hardly knew them. This spurred her decision that she had to make her life worthwhile. To make someone remember her. She doesn't want to go out of the world having failed to accomplish anything. Ana knew there had to be a reason for her being but just needed to find it.

    After that, Ana began asking her mum to teach her more about anything and everything, Muggle world or Wizarding world, she didn't care. She just wanted to find that one thing she needed to do and loved enough to dive into forever.  

    Best Memory: The only birthday she spent with her entire family on both sides. While they didn't usually get along, they tried harder for Ana, knowing she was quiet and her party wouldn't be filled with lots of children her age.
    Worst Memory: Falling off of her broom at age 8. Simeon was trying to teach her to play Quidditch, but didn't realize she would be afraid of heights. She didn't either, actually. Until she looked at the small pond behind their home and was suddenly sure she would fall into it. She didn't, because her father caught her, but she was darn close.

    Durmstrang Years: Her first year at Durmstrang went well, as her mum had taught her quite a lot before Ana started school. She continued to excel in the classes she enjoyed, and in those classes she disliked, she spent the least amount of time she could without losing the highest possible grade. Essentially, Ana learned to be very efficient.

    First Love: In her school years, she didn't truly fall for anyone. Her first and most true of loves, even now, is books. Even as a child she believed this.
    Biggest Enemy: A girl a year ahead of Ana was called the “Pureblood Princess”. It was incredibly accurate, and Ana couldn't stand her. The feelings were mutual.
    Closest Friend: A boy of similar blood status as Ana, who was also in her year, quickly felt the same way she did about the situation of purebloods not necessarily being more important or better. When she moved to England, they lost touch.
    Best Memory: Deciding to move to England to pursue a career at the Ministry
    Worst Memory: In her final weeks of her first year at Durmstrang, Ana beat one of her classmates in an exam. Furious, the boy ranted about how he was a Pureblood and it made him better. That she shouldn't have been able to beat him. It made her nearly as angry as the boy had been.

    Adulthood: Being at Durmstrang for schooling taught her that she didn't want to remain in the part of Europe where the pureblood values were excessively prominent. She decided she wanted to move to England where she could be free to be herself. Before moving, however, she met the Buglarian Quidditch player, Pavel, who took quite a long time to convince her to marry him. He was also a Half-Blood, so it was easy for her to relate to him. While he shared many of her beliefs, he was never so strong in them as she. When he toured with his team, she lived in a flat on her own in England, just south of London.

    While Pavel played Quidditch, Ana went to University for five years before enrolling in the Auror Department at the ministry. During her University years she did odd jobs part time, and full-time during the summers. Her favorite of these was working for a friend of her father who was, like her dad, a Potioneer. Her perfectionist nature made creating accurate potions no trouble at all.

    She enjoyed helping others, but constantly wondered what more she could do with her life if she went into research. For ten years, she kept herself busy with the Aurors. Finally, however, she was determined to go into the Department of Mysteries. By this time, Pavel had quit professional Quidditch due to an injury leaving him out for a season. He apparently decided that he had had a good run and was done.

    For the past twelve years, Ana rose in the ranks as an Unspeakable. Starting in the Time department, she was finally allowed to also start working in the Magic department. She loves the idea of knowing things few people are permitted to learn about, as well as putting effort into learning new things.

    Best Memory: Transferring to the Department of Mysteries
    Worst Memory: When Pavel was injured. She was suddenly terrified that she hadn't been paying attention and was going to lose him. Even so, she later went back into her own little shell.


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Addie

    RP EXPERIENCE: Oh, just a little while.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I fell in and couldn't escape. The walls should be lowered, eventually.

    MAIN CHARACTER: Audriana
    -Addie, Tris, Dex, Carth, Keiran

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: She was too fun not to make. Let's be honest.


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LEVSKI, Ana Empty Re: LEVSKI, Ana

Post by Anabelle Mulciber Thu Aug 15, 2013 8:55 pm

Okie, well she looks good.

I actually really like her :3 Aaand accepted and sorted into Graduates!
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