HAYES, Keiran
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HAYES, Keiran

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HAYES, Keiran Empty HAYES, Keiran

Post by Lucien Holt Fri Aug 02, 2013 6:16 pm

HAYES, Keiran D9a02468-0534-449d-887e-93cbfcf2861d_zps371276f2\\//HAYES, Keiran C95cc70e-6a37-4a6f-ad8e-319b3ec44fbf_zps81193f76



    FULL NAME:  Keiran Conall Finley Hayes
    Name Meanings/Uses:
    Keiran = The name of many saints in Irish History
    Conall = Strong Wolf
    Finley  = Warrior
    Hayes = Fire

    NICKNAMES:  He's rarely called by a nickname. It's either his first name, or his first and last. Someone may choose to call him something like Keir or Eran, though. Or make up their own.

    AGE: 26 (Birthday – May 14)

    ALLEGIANCE: Leans towards the Light (Given a reason, he would probably be more obvious about this)
    Irish National Quidditch Team
    Slytherin House
    Close Mates

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin

    “Your ambition will get you farther than the darkness in others could. Slytherin House will help you reach your goals, and your sense of responsibility will keep you in check, when others fall down paths not meant for them.” – Sorting Hat


    OWL Grades:
    -Transfiguration: O (Thanks to his wand in part)
    -Charms: O (His second favorite subject)
    -Potions: O (He's rather particular so following instructions comes easy)
    -History of Magic: EE (While it was interesting, he put more effort into other things)
    -Astronomy: A
    -Herbology: A (He doesn't have a green thumb apparently)
    -Care of Magical Creatures: EE
    -Divination: A (Yeah... Keiran hates Divination. With a passion. But he tried his darndest)
    -Defense Against The Dark Arts: EE

    Arithmancy – EE (He actually rather liked this class)
    Ancient Studies – EE (Again, interesting, but he preferred learning spells)
    Astronomy – EE (He worked harder in his finals years to be better at Astronomy)
    Care of Magical Creatures – EE
    Charms – O
    Defence Against the Dark Arts – O
    Divination – A (Still hated it.)
    Herbology – A
    History of Magic – EE
    Potions – O
    Transfiguration – O (Undoubtedly his best subject)

    WAND: Ash Wood, Unicorn Hair, 9 and ½ inches, Pliable (Excellent for Transfiguration)

    -Ash is the correct wood in Celtic Lore for Keiran's birthday. (As is for February 18-May 17)

    -Unicorn Hair, as opposed to Kelpie Hair (which is considered an inferior substance for a wand core) is said to produce the most consistent magic.

    -Average wands are 9 to 14 inches. Keiran's is slightly short compared to others, though this doesn't appear to matter other than the fact that it's not shorter than usual (which would imply lack of ability)

    -Pliable implies the ability to be moulded or shaped, which makes it fitting for transfiguration. Also implies his ability to switch sides back and forth and change easily.

    Occupation: Transfiguration Professor at Hogwarts (Wants to be Headmaster or Head of Slytherin, if the job is open. Could still teach if necessary)

    PLAY BY: Colin O'Donoghue


    HAIR COLOUR: Dark Brown

    EYE COLOUR: Blue (Well, sort of Hazel, really. Sometimes they look darker.)

    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: 6 foot 1 (Tall)

    BODY BUILD: built/muscular


    Hair – He has short, dark brown hair which he usually at the very least combs, if not fixes in some way so it looks good. He also has facial hair – at least stubble. He despises when it's patchy, though, so sometimes he just gets rid of it for a while. In the end, he ends up growing it back in because he feels it fits him. He does have a bit of chest hair but not extensive.

    Eyes- Keiran has perfected the eyebrow-raise smolder that apparently is considered charming. He has blue eyes that sometimes appear darker. It sort of depends on what he's wearing and the mood he's in.

    Face – He has rather thick eyebrows, strong cheek bones, and an angled face. His chin is nearly squared, and the tip of his nose points downward slightly. He has at least a trace of a beard and mustache at any given time (except for the times mentioned above). His forehead could be considered a bit large, but it suits him well. He has a crooked smile which leans towards the left side of his face.

    Body – He's considered “fit” in both the real definition and the UK slang usage. He's tall, even for an adult. After being in sports for so long, he's still muscular – he'd gladly take up a Quidditch match with his co-workers or over summer and holidays. He's got a scar on his right knee from an accident back home over the summer before sixth year.

    Apparel – Keiran prefers to wear darker colors, because lighter colors make him look very pale. He likes sweater jackets (like the picture above), but doesn't like wearing shorts now that he's older. Wizard robes suit him well, and he secretly enjoys the way they look as one walks. (He's odd. Let him be.) He ends up wearing dress shoes more than tennis shoes or the like, if only because he wants to look professional. When he's at home, though, he'd likely return to trainers and jeans with a t-shirt.



    1.  Responsible
    2.  Ambitious
    3.  Persistent
    4.  Comedian
    5.  Particular
    6.  Tidy and Well-Dressed
    7.  Articulate
    8.  Athletic
    9.  Charming
    10.  Wise
    11.  Witty
    12.  Resourceful
    13.  Focused
    14.  Able to Adapt
    15.  Confident
    16.  Practical
    17.  Tactful
    18.  Fast Learner
    19.  Quick on the Draw (Thinks and replies quickly)
    20.  Optimistic
    21.  Unprejudiced
    22.  Mature

    [+/-] Independent
    [+/-] Protective
    [+/-] Can Lie (though he sometimes feels guilty for doing so)
    [+/-] Competitive (Thank you, Quidditch days)
    [+/-] Curious

    1.  Herbology
    2.  Divination
    3.  Accepting parts of himself
    4.  Dealing with women he actually finds himself interested in
    5.  Cannot choose a side (dark vs. light) because he wants to stay out of the cross fire
    6.  Has a tendency to get annoyed easily
    7.  Proud (mostly of his accomplishments)
    8.  Snarky
    9.  Handling people who either lack ambition, or are incredibly pessimistic
    10.  Allergic to Routine (whether it's eating something new, or just doing things out of order, he can't handle doing the same thing every day.
    11.  Idealist
    12.  Worries about his parents when he doesn't hear from them every now and then
    13.  He sometimes can't tell who he can trust
    14.  Stubborn (especially when he knows he's right and is being challenged)
    15.  Lacks artistic talent (he probably could be okay at singing if he tried. But definitely not drawing)
    16.  Skeptical (Has to question everything. Hence his doing well in school)
    17.  Writing skills
    18.  Concerned what would happen should someone find out his secret (Half-Blood thing)
    19.  Restless
    20.  Will often accept challenges he isn't sure he can complete – partially because he wants to give it a go, but also because he doesn't want to seem incompetent or weak


    1.  Quidditch
    2.  Big Cities
    3.  Oceans
    4.  Music – prefers upbeat
    5.  Traveling (mostly on holiday)
    6.  Hogwarts (When he showed up, he knew he'd never want to leave it. At least not forever)
    7.  Children
    8.  Riding Horses/ taking care of them
    9.  Being outside
    10.  Watching House matches
    11.  Challenging his students
    12.  Rules. And people who follow them. Keeps things from going mental.
    13.  Fireworks
    14.  Teaching
    15.  Fireplaces
    16.  Winter
    17.  People who participate actively (in class, in conversations, or in relationships)
    18.  Getting a drink now and then
    19.  The stars (Don't judge him. They're flipping cool to look at.)
    20.  Pushing students and peers to succeed (he has faith that anyone can do something provided they set their mind on it)
    21.  A good laugh
    22.  Muggle television and movies (all Muggle technology, really)
    23.  Watching comedians/Stand-up Comedy

    1.  Working under pressure (Granted, it probably makes him get things done more quickly)
    2.  Saying it again – He has a serious problem with Divination. If there were a Divination teacher, he'd probably hate them, too. He looks down on the very idea of it.
    3.  Dancing. It's not that he's rubbish at it – he just finds it awkward. Music good. Dancing bad.
    4.  Dealing with others fighting.
    5.  Hot weather
    6.  Traitors (though there likely are quite a few in his Hogwarts house. This is part of the reason why he has yet to pick a side)
    7.  Eating anything with a face (like when they leave the heads of shrimp and such. It's disgusting.)
    8.  Talking about emotions. It's exceedingly awkward.
    9.  Talking about useless things like the weather.
    10.  Feeling guilty about anything
    11.  When someone tells him how to run his class
    12.  Death Eaters
    13.  Being sick (it doesn't happen often, but he feel downright horrible when he is)
    14.  Bad weather that keeps everyone stuck inside
    15.  The idea of anyone hurting his family (or people he cares about in general)
    16.  Slackers
    17.  Someone trying to “figure him out”. If they want to know him, they should just ask, rather than trying to 'solve him like one of your French puzzles' (his words)
    18.  People who act immature for their age
    19.  Those would would insult cultures or lifestyles because they're not their own
    20.  People who refuse to care about their futures
    21.  Cliches

    1. Graduate from Uni and get a job at Hogwarts
    2. Become Headmaster of Hogwarts
    3. Find someone to settle down with
    4. Have a positive influence on at least one student (Whether he has to hear about it, or they tell him one day)
    5. Walks rather quickly, regardless of if he's late, or where he's going

    1. Hides the fact that he's actually a half-blood; claims he's a Pureblood for the sake of appearing to fit into Slytherin House.
    2. Sometimes talks to inanimate objects without thinking about it
    3. Thinks it would be odd not to have his facial hair now that he's got it
    4. Usually, though he appears solemn, Keiran seems either bored or put out. He does enjoy laughing with his mates, though
    5. He has favorite words and phrases that he uses. Sees no problem with making up words, either. Except in his students' essays.
    1. Captain You-Planet (sarcasm; directed towards narcissists or those with large egos)
    2. Dearie
    3. Love (neither of these are serious terms of endearment. They're often taken as such, but he merely says them to say them. If he were going to actually use a term of endearment, it would be something he felt awkward saying – like 'sweetheart' or something. He thinks if he's willing to be embarrassed over it that it's something serious)
    4. Mate

    BOGGART: Failure, be it in his goals or that he failed someone, it would haunt him forever to know that it had happened.

    PATRONUS: Finishing University with an internship waiting for him, and a job at Hogwarts on the horizon. He realized he was very close to achieving one of his life goals.

    DEMENTOR: In his first year, when he found out about the Blood rule in Slytherin. His father was a Ravenclaw, and hadn't ever mentioned it (no one really expected him to end up in Slytherin. But the ambition thing seemed to outweigh other things)

    VERITASERUM: Keiran's secretly a romantic at heart. If he found a woman who made him put in the effort, kept him curious, and could return the effort, he could consider being tied down. Working at Hogwarts makes it difficult, so for now he's just sort of a flirt.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: He would love to find a way to have a family, as well as either staying at Hogwarts for the school years, or at least have some kind of Ministry job related to Transfiguration – or even Potions. He likes that pretty well, too.


    Keiran IS:
    --Probably the crush of a few Hogwarts girls
    --Extremely good at Transfiguration
    --Aware that he's good looking (He doesn't preen or anything, though. He's no Gilderoy Lockheart. Keiran enjoys making fun of people like him.)
    --Rather sarcastic

    Keiran IS NOT:
    --Pureblood, though he pretends to be
    --Frightened easily
    --Ashamed of his family – more of himself that he has to hide it. And of his house for expecting him to be pureblood.

    Keiran HAS:
    --Two parents, but no siblings (So it was easy to pretend he was Pureblood if he never had anyone over)
    --Always been accepting of most any kind of humor
    --A fairly obvious accent (It's not overly heavy, and is still understandable.)

    Keiran HAS NOT:
    --Been married or engaged or anything particularly serious
    --Ever been a light sleeper
    --Been in love
    --Wanted to pursue a different career
    --Felt like living on another continent.

    Keiran WAS:
    --Unsure what house he would be placed in
    --The star player/Captain of his Slytherin Quidditch team
    --The only one of his mates who could drive when they toured the UK (got annoying, really)

    Keiran CAN:
    --Handle students fairly easily
    --Drive Muggle vehicles
    --Pick up other languages fairly well (French, for example)
    --Come off as harsh to people who fail to try, or don't bother wanting to impress him as their professor

    Keiran CANNOT:
    --Handle failure well
    --Figure out how to handle plants properly
    --Accept laziness from students, or people he knows could accomplish just about anything if they tried.

    Keiran DOES:
    --Want to tell people he's Half-blood. His best and most trusted mates might know.
    --Tend to find students who need direction and try to assist them
    --Realize he should be humble, but he's darn proud of how far he's come
    --Understand how frustrating homework can be, but he wants his students to work for what they want (be that grades or otherwise)

    Keiran DOES NOT:
    --Let others keep him from what he wants
    --Wait around for opportunities to come around
    --Play favorites (with friends or students)
    --Really have a specific set of morals. He does what he thinks is right at the time.

    Keiran WILL:
    --Try not to act like a prat
    --Go after his goals with a passion
    --Go out for a drink every so often, but never to get drunk

    Keiran WILL NOT:
    --Flirt with a student
    --Put up with upstarts
    --Pay attention to prejudices. He knows what it's like to be different

    Keiran PREFERS:
    --Transfiguration, Potions, and Charms to any other subjects
    --To assume he has a good reputation (He doesn't actually know, but he doesn't see a reason for them to think badly of him)

    Keiran AVOIDS:
    --Interactions with Death Eaters
    --Giving the Slytherins a bad example from their Professor
    --Asking for advice


    FATHER: Aiden Brennan Hayes (Wizard; Worked with potions, remained in Ireland for the most part)

    MOTHER: Bridget Mairen Hayes (nee Whelan) (Muggle Author)

    SIBLING/S: None. He's an only child (They had him after marrying late)

    OTHER: He only has one grandparent, on his dad's side who is alive. His Grandfather, Rory Hayes, lives in Galway, Ireland (on the coast) where Keiran is from.

    BLOOD STATUS:  Half-blood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    PET/S: Eurasian Eagle Owl named named Ezekial

    -Broom – not used too frequently, but he keeps it on hand
    -Journals and books and whatnot which he keeps in his office


    Early Years:

    Keiran was born the only child of Aiden and Bridget Hayes, two Irish folks. Aiden worked with Potions in the basement of their home while Bridget wrote books for Muggle children. Together, they earned quite a lot of money.

    Because Keiran's parents didn't need to live near the Ministry for their jobs, they remained in Galway near his Grandparents on his dad's side. His Grandparents on his mum's side lived down by Dublin.

    Kerian gained his mum's love of horses because they had a large plot of land and kept a few horses on the property at any given time. He would ride with her, and sometimes could convince his dad to join them. This, along with being part of community sports teams (Muggle sports) influenced him to be more athletic even before learning about Quidditch from his dad when he was nine.

    Because their property was so large, Aiden saw no problem with teaching Keiran Quidditch. No one could see them anyways. Over the next to years, Keiran practiced nearly incessantly around his parents homeschooling him in Muggle subjects and his helping with the horses.

    Two of his grandparents – on his mum's side – died in a car accident in Dublin when Keiran was seven. The funeral was small and quiet, which Keiran was grateful for. There were rarely times when he got emotional, but this was one of them. He would have been embarrassed to have his mates there. (He's no different today.) The third grandparent he lost wasn't until his Hogwarts years.

    He didn't have very many good mates before Hogwarts, because he was at home so much. There were a few Muggles who lived in the area which he got together with every now and then. But he was rather content to just spend time at home.

    Although his mum is a writer, she wrote for children. So while Keiran understood the basics of grammar, it wasn't until he had to write essays at Hogwarts that he fully began to understand syntax and diction. Writing objectively still isn't his strongest point.

    Hogwarts Years:

    First Year – Keiran was sorted before he found out about the Blood Status issues regarding the Slytherin House. Deciding that it wouldn't do to show everyone that he could be taken advantage of or torn down because of his being a Half-Blood, he claimed he was Pureblood. None of his mates were the kind to visit over the summers, so he never had to say otherwise. Once he had told his mates as much, no one really asked anymore.

    Second Year – Though Keiran still felt guilty about lying to his mates, he was afraid to tell them the truth. While Slytherins weren't exactly the most honest house in general, traitors or any kind weren't taken lightly. He'd learned this over his first year. He started playing Quidditch more seriously, playing two-on-twos and the like with his mates or his roommates.

    Third Year – Discovered his skill at and love of Transfiguration in class. They were learning to transfigure larger objects, and it still came fairly easy for Keiran. He realized that he would rather spend his time learning spells than studying for things like Herbology, which he simply did not get down.

    Fourth Year – Finally allowed to go to Hogsmeade, Keiran and his mates found the joke shop and while they enjoyed it, he found it immature and dull. Surprises simply annoy him. This was the year he realized he was rather good with girls, and often had a few of them interested in him. He never took anything seriously, though. Not being so young anyways.

    Fifth Year – Keiran's Grandmum on his dad's side passed away right before the school year started. Spending less time with his mates, and more in his classes and the library, he found himself becoming far better prepared for the OWLs than he had anticipated. He did quite well. Realizing that he was nearing the top twenty or so students in his year, Keiran decided that if he wanted to do well, he probably should keep up the hard work.

    Sixth Year – The summer before Sixth Year, Keiran was helping his mum clean and feed the horses when one was spooked by garden snake and knocked him into the gate of its stall. He scraped up his knee and still has a scar. After his OWLs, Keiran took school work more seriously. Those tests weren't exactly easy. With renewed desire to succeed, he tried to convince his mates to study harder with him, and a few of them did. The others sort of drifted away. Those he remained close to are still his good mates.

    Seventh Year – NEWT studying took up a lot of his time, but this year he had become Quidditch Captain of his house team. This, of course, garnered him a few more fans in the form of girls who found him attractive. He flirted with many of them, but nothing serious ever happened.

    Summers – He returned home for the summers, and if he wanted to see his mates he would go to their residences or floo to England to meet up in Diagon Alley or some place similar. His family often took trips for a few weeks during the summer to America or other countries on the mainland. His favorite place to visit is Austria – he loves the mountains and the culture.

    Holidays – For Christmas his family never goes places – they stay with his grandfather in Ireland. That, or if he had some sort of tests coming up (like fifth and seventh year) he would remain at Hogwarts to study.

    Adulthood: After Hogwarts, Keiran attended the AETAS Wizarding University to pursue his knowledge of Transfiguration, coming to the conclusion that he wanted to return to Hogwarts to teach. He moved to London to attend Uni, and ended up staying there in a flat. He visits his family in Galway often – Holidays and a few weeks in the summer.

    Through University, he studied hard and graduated at the top of his class. In his free time, he still played Quidditch with his new mates from Uni. His time away from University involved jobs in Diagon Alley, visiting home, and traveling around the UK and into Europe with his mates.

    His first trip without his parents happened his sophomore year in University, as they were both busy during the weeks he had off. He and his Quidditch pals went on a road-trip around the UK, Keiran driving. They went to the Quidditch World Cup as well as local restaurants, bars, and tourist traps. Just the usual things.

    He spent four years at University, while some people he knew stayed five. He spent a year and a half interning with a Ministry worker whose job had an emphasis in Transfiguration. Then he applied for the job at Hogwarts, and was surprised to be chosen when the job became available. Since then, he's been working at Hogwarts during the school years, travels and sees family and friends in the summers.


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Addie

    RP EXPERIENCE: (see below)

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Yeah... I can't stop myself.

    MAIN CHARACTER: Audriana Swan (Addie, Carth, Tris)

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To finally have a Slytherin xD Try as I might, he's still the redeemable sort. And an older graduate.

    RP SAMPLE: *teehee*

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HAYES, Keiran Empty Re: HAYES, Keiran

Post by Elijah Krum Fri Aug 02, 2013 8:32 pm

Woohoo! Another fantastic application!

Accepted and sorted into Graduates! <3

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