Winterborne, Rowan
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Winterborne, Rowan Li9olo10

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Winterborne, Rowan

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Winterborne, Rowan Empty Winterborne, Rowan

Post by Rowan Winterborne Tue Jul 23, 2013 1:00 am

Winterborne, Rowan Jake-gyllenhaal_zpsa7eeee72



    FULL NAME: Rowan Palintol Winterborne

    NICKNAMES:  "Doc"

    AGE: 28

    ALLEGIANCE: Order of the Phoenix

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff


    WAND: Birch, core of phoenix tail feather, 10 inches, sturdy wih a slight springiness

    PLAY BY: Jake Gyllenhaal


    HAIR COLOUR: Dark brown, with lighter blondish highlights

    EYE COLOUR: Green

    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Short for the average man; Rowan is about 5'6".

    BODY BUILD: Stocky and broad-shouldered; Rowan has a very "solid" body build with the classic masculine "V", strong arms and legs, and a muscular frame built more from lifestyle (and genetics) than from actual intent.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Rowan is a moderately attractive man who doesn't realize that he is what could be considered "good looking". He usually has a rather roguish appearance, due in large part to his well-groomed beard, ready smile, and mischevious green eyes. Rowan is a wizard in perpetual good humor and it shows - his walk is steady, his posture always alert, and his appearance always fastidious. He takes care in his appearance, which is reflected in his clothes and in the way he keeps his beard (in fact, Rowan takes an inordinant amount of pride in his beard; it is always closely shaven, combed, and washed. And yes, he'll gladly tell anyone how to keep a proper beard - in many ways, he takes more care of his facial hair than he does the hair on top of his head, since Rowan's idea of combing his hair is running his fingers through it in the morning while it's still wet.)

    Rowan can usually be found in his healer's robes, which are usually some soothing shade of blue, white, or green. Occassionally, when he feels the need to rock his Hufflepuff pride (and cheer up a patient or two), he'll wear his bright yellow-and-black healer's robes...which were rather infamous during his days at St. Mungo's. Underneath his robes, he usually wears blue jeans (or, khaki slacks, if he must), an untucked white t-shirt, and a pair of Muggle Converses. As a whole, Rowan's general appearance is casual - a look that often belies his true professionalism and his dedication to the healing arts.



    • Healing - both magical and mundane
    • Loyal (which can be a fault, at times)
    • Defensive magic and Potions
    • Treats everyone as a friend, until proven otherwise


    • Frequent inability to take anything seriously (barring a moral or ethical dilema)
    • A firm sense of right and wrong, that often refuses to bend - even in the face of evidence that would suggest that he consider an outside point of vew (translation: Rowan is stubborn. He'll will do, be, and think his way and is frequently impervious to the opinions of outside influences)
    • Surprisingtly introverted, so easily exhausted by the amount of energy it takes to be outgoing and to be there for others 24/7. Suffers from almost chronic headaches.
    • Family - not necessarily a negative weakness, but Rowan will do almost anything to protect his Muggle family, most especially his sister


    • Comics, games, jokes, and pranks- Muggle or Wizarding (Rowan is still 8 at heart)
    • Quidditch - Rowan is quite the afficionado, having played during his tenure at Hogwarts
    • Music, especially folk music (of any origin, but he's particularly fond of the folk music indigenous to the British Isles)
    • Psychology - Rowan has supplemented a large part of his healing practice with a study of human psychology. Over the years, he's collected knowledge from both Muggle and Wizarding academic thought, both Muggle and Wizarding practictioners, and Muggle and Wizarding therapies


    • Slytherins, of any variety, age, or gender.
    • Being out of control; Rowan became a healer so he could control some of the most uncontrollable forces in nature. Being helpless is not high on his list of favorite things.
    • Improperly cooked meat; Rowan will skip a whole meal, if the it isn't cooked properly. In this respect, he is quite the germaphobe.
    • Bullies; Rowan always roots for the underdog and doesn't appreciate those who think that power is a means to have their own way at the expense of others.

    GOALS: Rowan's greatest goal has always been that of Hogwarts' Matron of the Hospital Wing. Completely undeterred by the fact that the position has traditionally been held by a woman (the last - and only - man to hold the position of "Master" was back in the late 1600s), Rowan has made it his personal ambition to add his own flair to Hogwarts' illustrious history of healing. Should that fail, his next goal is to become the Head of St. Mungo's Spell Damage Department (located along the entirety of the hospital's fourth floor).


    • Will always, inevitably ask if meat is "cooked all the way" and will investigate each bite until he's satisfied that it's been cooked all the way through.
    • Insists on kissing women on their hand, in place of a handshake
    • Cannot start his day without a cup of tea; in fact, he drinks about 3-4 cups of a tea in a day and is a bit of a tea snob
    • Always carries around a Muggle-style legal pad and a charmed quill in one of his robe pockets, in order to jot down notes
    • Always adheres to a strict personal regime - Rowan has to get up on a specific side of the bed, at a specific time each night, brush his teeth before combing his hair, etc.
    • Runs his fingers through his hair when he's frustrated/thinking about something

    BOGGART: Losing his sister, especially to a Death Eater or another magical being (since she's a Muggle and would be practically defenseless against the magical world)

    PATRONUS: Entering Hogwarts for the first time and being Sorted.

    DEMENTOR: Losing his grandfather to cancer.

    VERITASERUM: (Greatest Secret; Optional)

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Having a family of his own.

    PERSONALITY: Rowan is pretty happy-go-lucky, if stubborn and a little excitable from time to time. Rowan loves being the person that others come to for help - bit for a broken bone or for a broken heart. While there are a chosen few who he considers his closest, truest friends, for the most part, Rowan considers everyone to be a friend (unless they're from Slytherin, or have given him a reason to think suspiciously of them). When he's in the public eye, Rowan is loud, extroverted, talkative, and inquisitive. He loves making jokes, and loves making people smile and laugh. He has a witty sense of humor that borders a bit on the sarcastic; he rarely means anyone any harm, though, and will take it rather hard if he hurts someone (unintentionally, that is. If he hurts someone intentionally, then he thought it through and decided that was for the best course of action, in which he doesn't regret his actions. the secrecy of his own mind and space, he may still feel guilty for inflicting any sort of suffering).

    Rowan is a strong fighter, magically, but only defensively - to that effect, he often triest to diffuse difficult situations through laughter, believing in the maxim that "laughter is the best medicine." He will fight, though, and fiercely at that, for what he believes is right; in many ways, Rowan is extremely stubborn and is not easily swayed from he believes is the correct course of action.

    Privately, Rowan is actually very quiet and can even be rather reserved. He enjoyes long, leisurely hours of peace and quiet, during which he "recharges" from spending so much of his energy on other people. For as much as he enjoys the company of others, Rowan prefers his own company at the end of the day and will often find any excuse to spend the evenings quietly in his quarters with a bit of parchment or a book. He's surprisingly studious and always does his best to keep up with the modern twists and turns of medicine - be they Magical or Muggle in nature. Rowan believes the best approach to medicine (and to life, even) is to leave no stone unturned, so he doesn't rely solely on Magical research. After all, in his own words, "Even Wizards get chickenpox!" and he believes that besides a good spell, the best thing for the sniffles is some good-fashioned chicken soup. He believes that Muggle ingenuity and Magical miracles can work together for the greater good and firmly believes that, for the betterment of all, a Wizard should make a study of both worlds in order to be truly well-rounded.


    FATHER: Brian Winterborne

    MOTHER: Sarah Palintol-Winterborne

    SIBLING/S: Melody Winterborne

    OTHER: Grandfather: Captain J.J. Winterborne, Royal Air Force (retired, deceased)

    BLOOD STATUS:  Muggleborn

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Upper middle class

    PET/S: Minerva (or, "Mini"), a female barn owl



    Early Years: Rowan's history before Hogwarts is spectacularly uneventful - or, at least, in comparison to becoming of age and discovering he was a Wizard. As a young child, Rowan was full of energy, expressive, and quite determined to ask as many questions as he could of the world around him. "Precocious" was a word used often in his early years (and, even after); because of his curiosity, he was often in trouble and his family knew him as "something of a handful". He grew up near Swansea, Wales, by the sea and often dreamed of becoming a sailor one day - a dream that was encouraged by his hero, Grandfather Winterborne, who was a retired captain of the Royal Air Force and by his father, who was an active duty member of the Royal Air Force at the time.

    At eleven, his parents had a great surprise - the birth of his younger sister, Melody. In August of that same year, Rowan recieved his letter to Hogwarts and his life was never the same again.

    Hogwarts Years: Rowan loved Hogwarts from the very beginning and things went well for his first two years. During the summer of his second year, though, Rowan went home to find that his parents were going through a divorce and that his little sister had been diagnosed with diabetes. During that time, Rowan was sent to live with his grandparents and that was the last time he saw his mother.

    When he went back to Hogwarts after that unforgettable summer, Rowan threw himself into his studies. Hogwarts was a place to escape for him; it was the one place he excelled. His grandparents accepted his magical abilities, but his parents (his father, especially) saw him as a bit of a freak, a disappoint, even, so Rowan did his best to prove that there was something he was good at. He joined the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, as Keeper and helped his House win the Quidditch Cup that year. In the course of playing, however, he ended up spending a lot of time in the Hospital Wing and he became quite fascinated with the art of magical healing.

    As he grew older, Rowan developed a close relationship with his sister. It was his fondest wish that she, too, would be called to Hogwarts. But, alas, Mel was fated to stay a Muggle. For a time, this presented quite the moral dilema for Rowan. More than anything, he wanted to cure her of her illness, even though Muggle medicine had her condition more than under control. Unfortunately, Rowan's studies at Hogwarts instilled him the understanding that the Magical and Muggle worlds had to stay seperate from one another - a miraculous healing of his sister's diabetes was simply out of the question. Rowan faced another medical ethical dilema when his grandfather was diagnosed with cancer in his fifth year at Hogwarts. For that whole year, much of his attention was outside of school, with his sister and his grandparents. His grades suffered because of it and in the summer before his sixth year, he almost decided not to go back to school. His grandfather, however, had caught a glimpse into the magical world through his grandson and had the foresight to realize what Rowan could become. He insisted that Rowan return to Hogwarts and conclude his studies. That September, the start of Rowan's sixth year, Grandfather Winterborne died.

    Rowan was devastated, but he had made many friends at Hogwarts, in all of the Houses (except Slytherin) and he was encouraged by students and staff alike to keep to his studies and to persevere. He found particular inspiration in his Potions professor and in the Hospital Wing Matron, who had begun to see the potential Rowan had to become a doctor. His grades and social life suffered in the beginning of his sixth year, but by the end of that same year, Rowan had rallied back and pulled up his grades for an excellent range of O.W.L.S.

    He spent the summer between his sixth and seventh year with his sister and his grandmother (who was also in poor health). Rowan's seventh year was also a little bit rocky, but he excelled at his N.E.W.T.S., helped Hufflepuff win the Quidditch Cup one last time, and applied to an internship at St. Mungo's in London.

    Adulthood: Rowan's grandmother died shortly after he graduated Hogwarts and Mel went to live with their father. Rowan was accepted to St. Mungo's internship program and he started working on the first floor, with creature-induced injuries. Over the next eleven years, Rowan steadly grew in his profession and raised in the ranks at St. Mungo's. By 28, he was an accomplished young healer, who had steadily built a reputation for expertise in spell damage. Much of Rowan's expertise came from an interest in the political climate of the Wizarding World and the knowledge that old allegiances had been resurrected. Instinctively, Rowan knew that a storm was brewing on the horizon and that there would be need of his skills one day.

    However, the fast life at St. Mungo's was wearing and Rowan never lost sight of his true goal - that of Hogwarts' head healer. When he heard that his old mentor had retired, he sent in an owl with his qualifications and request to take her place. In some ways, Rowan was yet again following his instincts, knowing at some level that his skills were needed more urgently elsewhere, outside of the comfortable familiarity of St. Mungo's.


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Rabbit

    RP EXPERIENCE: 9 years, mostly Harry Potter and Star Wars related post-by-role-play

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Google: Harry Potter RP Forums


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To be the Hogwarts Matron (Master?) of the Hospital Wing and an active member of the Order of the Phoenix.


Rowan Winterborne
Rowan Winterborne
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Hufflepuff Graduate

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Winterborne, Rowan Empty Re: Winterborne, Rowan

Post by Khaat Lupin Tue Jul 23, 2013 3:24 am

Hey, Rabbit!

Welcome! I like Rowan. He's well developed and I like the creativity you put into the app. You were very thorough.

I can see why you elected to make him a former Hufflepuff, but I can also see that he would have make a good former Gryffindor too.

Be that as it may, I think your app is fine.

So, sorted and accepted to Grads!


Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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