Waters, Alaska Jane
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Waters, Alaska Jane

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Waters, Alaska Jane Empty Waters, Alaska Jane

Post by Alaska Waters Wed Jul 10, 2013 12:40 am

ALASKA JANE WATERS ________________________________________________________ ______________________________

------------------------------------------------------------INTRODUCTION ------------------------------------------------------------

FULL NAME: Alaska Jane Waters


AGE: 16


HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor or Ravenclaw


WAND: Rose wood, unicorn hair, thirteen, a bit flexible

PLAY BY: Emilie Nereng

------------------------------------------------------------APPEARANCE ------------------------------------------------------------




BODY BUILD: Slim, muscular

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Her hair, naturally tightly wavy, is straightened every day. Her eyes darken when she's angry. She has her mother's small facial features (ears, nose, lips). However, her hands and feet are on the large side. She is curvy in all the right places. She has long legs, like her father

------------------------------------------------------------PERSONALITY ------------------------------------------------------------

STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES: Strengths: learning, quidditch, solving complex situations
Weaknesses: sharing, frustration, trust

LIKES & DISLIKES: Likes: playing quidditch, shopping, hanging with friends
Dislikes: sharing, losing, failing

GOALS: To play for a professional quidditch team; to get top marks for her grades

HABITS & QUIRKS: Habits: getting three hours or less of sleep
Quirks: none

BOGGART: the Womping Willow

PATRONUS: her whole family being together for the first time during Christmas two years ago

DEMENTOR: Her best friend dying right before her eyes

VERITASERUM: Envying her older sister

MIRROR OF ERISED: Becoming a professional quidditch player

PERSONALITY: A bit B**** towards people her age and older, but kind and compassionate to children. She is selfish and egotistical, but an all around good person.

------------------------------------------------------------FAMILY & POSSESSIONS ------------------------------------------------------------

FATHER: Kind, caring, good-hearted, Albert Waters smiles a lot and is funny and wise. He, like Alaska, has blonde messy hair and twinkling green eyes. He is tall and slim, like Alaska. He is a well-paid medic. He is muggle born

MOTHER: Aldora Waters cares deeply for her family, but has a weird way of showing it. Constantly criticizing her kids and sounding disapproving, when she actually loves them and had their best interests in mind. Her hair is long, black, and wavy. She too is slim, although she's short. Despite her height, or lack thereof, she's feisty. Her eyes are brown like Alaska's. She is an author, and a good one at that.

SIBLING/S: Older sister: Alyson Waters is the definition of perfect. Long, blonde, silky hair, big, sparkly blue eyes, perfectly white teeth, red, full lips, well-built, slim, tall, long legs, naturally tan skin, excellent grades and physical ability, enrolled in a top university, kind, caring, sweet, easy-going, helpful, compassionate, happy, charming, this girl's got perfection down to a tee. She is one year older than Alaska.
Older brother: Alan Waters is exactly like his father, except for his profession. Instead of being a medic, Alan is a dragon trainer. He hardly ever finds time to visit home.

Ron, Ginny, Percy, Charlie, Bill, Fred, and George Weasley: cousins
Molly Weasley: aunt
Arthur Weasley: uncle

BLOOD STATUS: half-blood

RACE: human


PET/S: optional. Snowy owl


------------------------------------------------------------CHARACTER HISTORY ------------------------------------------------------------

Early Years:
Al had an odd childhood. Her parents spoiled her, but other kids weren't so kind. She was often teased about her height, as she towered over everyone her age and even some older. This experience traumatized her, and she developed trust issues. Thus, she had scarcely any friends.

Hogwarts Years:
Alaska was friendless years 1-4. Because of this, she remained in the sleeping chamber, studying and reading. This was very lonesome, and she became antisocial. Until year 5, when she met Max. Max was persistent in becoming her friend, and he finally succeeded. He was her only friend, however. They did everything together; they were inseparable. Until he got killed by the Womping Willow.

Adulthood: Unknown

------------------------------------------------------------BEHIND THE CHARACTER ------------------------------------------------------------



HOW YOU FOUND US: Google search: rp websites


PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: to create a character never known before, with good qualities and bad

"Come on, Al, lighten up. It'll be fun!"
"If you're sure," I say hesitantly. My best friend Max, who was trying to convince me to sneak off to the Womping Willow with him, succeeded.
"Yes!" he cried, pumping his fist. I rolled my eyes and giggled. We set off, sticking to the shadows so as not to be seen by a prefect or professor. When we arrived, there were other people gathered around the tree, at a safe distance to as not to be whacked. My eyes widen at all the people.
"Max," I hiss, "you know I'm antisocial!" Before he could answer, someone says:

"Max! I dare you to touch the trunk!" Everyone gasps as Max walks towards the tree, before I can stop him. He makes it halfway before we hear a 'CRACK!' I'm frozen in shock as I see my best friend. Skull cracked by a crazy tree. All I feel is numb. People are shouting, but I don't hear them. The next thing I know, I wake up in the hospital. I had blacked out.
Alaska Waters
Alaska Waters

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