IGNAZIA, Ray David
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IGNAZIA, Ray David

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IGNAZIA, Ray David Empty IGNAZIA, Ray David

Post by Ray Ignazia Thu Jun 20, 2013 9:43 pm

IGNAZIA, Ray David Tumblr10

Ray David Ignazia


    FULL NAME: Ray David Ignazia

    NICKNAMES:  Genius, Ray-Ray(Only by close people)

    AGE: 14

    ALLEGIANCE:  Potters Army

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw

    CLASSES: Defence Against The Dark Arts, Charms, Potions.

    WAND: Elder, 11 inch, Dragon Heartstring. Rigid. 

    PLAY BY: Tanner Patrick.



    HAIR COLOUR: Auburn/Shady Brown.

    EYE COLOUR: Blue.

    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Tall for his age, Ray Ignazia stands at around 5'7". 

    BODY BUILD: Lightly muscular. 

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Complimented on his looks by a lot of people, but uncaring about most, Ray doesn't strive much to keep his looks sharp. Having a mid-length mess of unkempt, a-shade-lighter-than-most-brown hair doesn't help much, as it almost always ends up being styled by his pillow, who, admittedly, is a good stylist by pillow standards. His skin is very fair, to the point where some people have called him a vampire due to his late night habits and cold demeanor. His eyes are piercingly blue, and are supposedly electrifying, much like the stormy thoughts inside his cerebellum. Ray's smile is apparently cute, and he uses it to his advantage, gaining favors from girls for various reasons. However, his true smile can only be incited when his close friends are around, . Well known for his uncaring glare, Ray's emotions aren't really known by anybody. He has a lightly muscular, and quite lean body type, only developed due to his times spent in the room inventing something, and the muscle building due to the amount of strength it took fastening things without the help of magic. He tends to wear casual clothes almost all the time, showing off his uncaring side for looking good at any time of the day. His body type allows him to be more athletic, and strong.




    -Highly Intelligent

    -Good Duellist

    -Understands magic types easily.

    -Quite Athletic



    -Terribly afraid of Spiders. 

    -Is insecure about friendship.



    -Inventing things


    -Good Friends

     -Shallow People

          -Ignorant people
          -People who believe brawns are more valuable than brains
          -Performance Arts.


    -To become one of the most prominent minds, to be regarded for his intelligence throughout the world. 

    -To invent something that will allow him to control his knowledge of magic like never before. 

    HABITS & QUIRKS: Has a habit of playing with his hair a lot, and has various spasms to let out nervous energy.

    BOGGART: Talking Spiders. Or, any kind of those creepy arachnids. 

    PATRONUS: Relates back to the time when he was given a book containing the history of the wizarding world, and assured that one day he would be in that book. 

    DEMENTOR: Failing on his brightest muggle project, that too due to a screw he swears a spider took. 

    VERITASERUM: Purposefully injected himself with a disease just so he could infect a person he didn't like, and knew that said person had a really weak immunity. 

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Being regarded as one of the most prominent minds in the wizarding world, 

    PERSONALITY: Some say he's cold, some say he's uncaring, some say he's cunning. A mix of all three, Ray's true personality is left unknown to everyone but his close friends, as he is very picky whilst choosing his friends.  However, there are a few sure shot things about him. Ray, while not exactly an introvert, does not believe in socializing unless it's for an intended plan. He is very perceptive, and is able to focus on things overlooked by normal people. He tends to be very cold to strangers, and almost as cold to people who do end up knowing him. He doesn't care much about anything except what's on his mind, and comes off as quite arrogant, even though that is rarely the case. He doesn't speak much, choosing to remain silent in order to observe and plan accordingly. He also never acts without a set plan, a habit set into him by his father. Although his exterior may be as tough as nails, he does have a soft interior, a fact known only to his closest friends. However, if infuriated, Ray reveals his more sadistic side, a complete incarnation of said 'evil', as he turns into a very sadistic individual who only concentrates on torturing his opponent. While known for these other things, Ray is best known for his intellect, something that stands out in his manner of conduct.



    FATHER: David Ignazia, Auror

    MOTHER: Mary Ignazia, Chartered Accountant

    SIBLING/S: None.

    OTHER: Unknown. 

    BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood.

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    PET/S: None.




    Early Years:  Born to a devoted Auror and a high earning Chartered Accountant, Ray was taught by an early age about magic, when his father detected magical tracings in the child.  Even as a child, he showed great interest in the knowledge base behind magic, and showed an exponential amount of mental growth in his early years. By the age of 6, Ray had managed to get his small hands on a set of tools, and was beginning to create small objects, like wheels and other tiny things. He spent a lot of time inside his room, only making small things, disassembling other things, and only came out to have meals, or meet his dad whenever he came back from work. It was shown from an early age that he would only socialize whenever actually needed, and not at any other given time. He also didn't seem to care for his wealth, but always wanted to show off his complete projects once they were done, an inkling to his personality. At around 11, he was told to get ready for Hogwarts, and so he did. 

    Hogwarts Years: His years at Hogwarts were mostly all highlighted with getting into trouble almost every year, till his current year. In his first year, he made the second floor bathrooms burst out water at whoever who decided to pass by. The second and third year punishments were for sneaking out and creating large obstructions that people had to solve in order to get through. He hadn't really made any friends, as most of the people decided to ignore him whenever he came by, or they would stop and look at him crazily, whispering words which held the potential of highly concentrated HCl. These people would shape his personality into something more cold, and more devoid of emotion. As the years would pass by, the females would now be paying more attention to him, since he had become better in looks, and he had started to look really good, apparently. However, Ray believed more in creating history than recounting it, and so be it. 

    Adulthood: At least 1 paragraph of your character's history after Hogwarts



    ALSO KNOWN AS: Most prefer to call me the Genius, for a reason. But you guys can call me Ray. 

    RP EXPERIENCE: Three years now, been on different sites, started a few. 

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Kyria Lyris, she told me about you. 

    MAIN CHARACTER: This one. 

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To expand my rp experience, and to socialize with more people. Really, it's fun. 



    "Both of you come at me."

    Ray immediately decided not to, because he knew that Fire wasn't the type of person to rush into such a risky battle form without any precaution. "I'm not dumb enough to, Ardere. Maybe you could first show your technique so I can see what to do about it.", said he, half smirking towards Ardere Kasai. At that point, he looked and realized that the newcomer had removed his blade completely, and then had slashed through the air, releasing a lot of magic, which cleared Ray's rain as it took away the cumolonimbus clouds surrounding the area. Ray smiled as he saw a twister come towards him. 

    "Thank you for clearing the skies, mister. After you doing that, you have made it easier for me, as you reducing cross winds and managed to imply only circular vents, thus limiting yourself to only one style of attack. This makes it easier for me to figure out your ventus spirits, and see through any propagated medium. ", said Ray, smiling as he waited for the twister to come close enough, finally extending his hand and spurting flame at the nil wind territory, causing the hot wind to rise and create a heat cycle in the twister territory, from the sides. He then jumped upwards, and spewed a jet of purple flames at the ground, propelling himself over the twister and being saved by the heat cycle causing a powerful updraft, allowing him to shoot another jet of flames inside the twister, creating an anti-cyclical wind area, which would slow the twister down and slowly dissipate it as he waited on the other side, smiling at the newcomer. Ray then sighed and turned to see at Ardere, and casting a worried look. "I'm leaving the MC soon, I'm going back to help Shin Katari become the PLGM, so I can then control the darkness from there."

Ray Ignazia
Ray Ignazia
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Fifth Year Ravenclaw

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IGNAZIA, Ray David Empty Re: IGNAZIA, Ray David

Post by Elijah Krum Sat Jun 22, 2013 1:22 pm

He's a complicated fish! I like him, though! He's totally more Ravenclaw than Gryffindor so off he goes into the Ravenclaw Tower! Don't forget your claims and other housekeeping bits and bobs! 

Accepted and sorted into Ravenclaw!
Elijah Krum
Elijah Krum
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