Lyris, Kyria [Finished!]
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Lyris, Kyria [Finished!] Li9olo10

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Lyris, Kyria [Finished!]

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Lyris, Kyria [Finished!] Empty Lyris, Kyria [Finished!]

Post by Kyria Lyris Sun May 26, 2013 1:12 am

Lyris, Kyria [Finished!] Megan+Nicole+m3

Kyria Saoirse Lyris


    FULL NAME: Kyria Saoirse Lyris

    NICKNAMES: Ria, Lyric

    AGE: 13 (March 24)

    ALLEGIANCE: Potter's Army

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor/Ravenclaw

    CLASSES: Charms, CoMC, DADA, Transfiguration, and Potions.

    WAND: Willow, Phoenix feather, 10" supple

    PLAY BY: Megan Nicole


    HAIR COLOUR: Dark brown

    EYE COLOUR: honeyish brown

    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: A little above average (5'7")

    BODY BUILD: Slender with a tiny waist and a small build (115 lbs)

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Kyria's hair is generally wavy and a little disheveled but her tips are usually curled up. Only at certain times will she have her hair neat. Kyria doesn't tie her hair up that often either. She has good complexion so she tries to preserve that with rarely wearing any makeup.

    During the summer, Kyria is often the girl to wear tank tops of any type but prefers racerback. She has a thing for layering her shirts but during summer she limits it to only two tanktops at a time at most. This kind of gives her a rebellious look to herself and at the same time still shows some of her musical artistic side. Over summer she is also often seen wearing shorts and a pair of boots, converse, or sandals whenever she prefers. Kyria enjoys wearing plaids and prints and button-down shirts as well. As for every day accessories she wears a bunch of bangling bracelets on bother wrists and likes wearing long necklaces and maybe one or two rings.

    Aside from her uniform at Hogwarts, you will most never see Kyria in a skirt. You will mostly see her in flare or boot cut jeans, preferring the looseness to the tightness of skinny jeans. She doesn't wear shorts unless she is in the common room and will wear tanktops and t-shirts anywhere. During the winter she often buries herself with layers of clothes and long sleeves. Kyria will wear thick coats lined with cotton, knitted hats, gloves, scarves, and knee-high boots.


    S: COMC, DADA, Transfiguration, singing, dealing with animals and other creatures, studying, sense of direction and navigation, getting out of tough situations, climbing, adaptability, improvisation, small size

    W: impatience, risky behavior, impulsiveness, tendency to wander off, carelessness, gardening, lightning

    L: animals of all kinds, adventure, magic, music, arts, exploring, quidditch, the outdoors, thrills, night, all seasons but winter, freedom, and open air (which applies to speed and flying)
    D: lightning, bullies, winter, crowds, pain, being unhelpful or unprotective, closed spaces, needles

    GOALS: To live a successful life in the wizarding world and to prove to her muggle father she would be better off living as a witch than a muggle.

    HABITS & QUIRKS: Staring off into space when she's tired or bored, waving or flicking feather quill around, biting her lip when she's deep in thought or something is bothering her

    BOGGART: Being trapped in a dark, secluded and small room with nowhere to go and no freedom

    PATRONUS: Kyria's first encounter with a magical creature. It was during her first summer with her Aunt and cousin coming close to her first day as a first year student at Hogwarts. She and her cousin were playing in the forest just behind her Aunt's house. Kyria had fallen off a tree she was climbing when they were playing tag, and she got distracted by catching a glimpse of something red and fast moving. It was a phoenix that approached her and healed her scab with its tears. Kyria managed to pet him, thankful for his help before the phoenix suddenly burst into flames and turned to ash. She was shocked at first, but was even so surprised, even relieved, to see the phoenix rising from the ashes as a baby. It was one of the most magical things Kyria had seen and she holds the memory in her heart, growing her love for magical creatures.



    MIRROR OF ERISED: To explore the world and find adventures involving encounters with a plethora of magical creatures.

    PERSONALITY: Kyria can be a spirited young girl. She shows this through her restlessness in everyday life, preferring to spend her time outdoors than stuck indoors. Kyria has an adventurous spirit, always willing to try new things and never afraid to confront, though she is smart enough to tell when someone greatly overpowers herself. However, her love for adventure lends to a strong sense of courage. Kyria is often one who gets into trouble, but often is outgoing and witty enough to get herself out of it in some way. She often shows her tough side and confidence, willing to stand up for herself and others. Kyria is protective of her friends and family as well, getting thoroughly irritated when someone bullies or hurts them. She is extremely loyal and won't back away when her friends or family need help.

    On her more calmer side (somehow), Kyria can be very sweet and hospitable, always willing to lend a helping hand. She is very talented and does enjoy entertaining people with her music. Most wizards and witches let magic play their music but with kyria, those who have watched her are intrigued by her ability to do such a complex thing. This adds to kyria's confidence in her own abilities. She is often a fair person when settling matters between her friends and family or even enemies, though she does find it hard to hate someone or even stay mad at someone for very long. Kyria can be sociable, friendly, and outgoing, proving to have a rather good sense of humor.

    However, Kyria can be somewhat conceited when she is praised too often for her talents. When mad, she can have a very biting tongue and be full of rude sarcasm. Kyria can be a little reckless and arrogant, choosing to listen what she wants to do and often being disobedient, putting herself and others at risk. A lot of her risky behavior spawns mostly from a very strong curiosity of everything around her, spawning from the discovery of magic.


    FATHER: Cleon Lyris

    MOTHER: Ryane Lyris


    OTHER: Enya Driscoll-Lyris (stepmom)
    Riona Donnel (Aunt - mother's side)
    Caine Donnel (Cousin - Aunt Riona's son)
    BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle class

    Tabby cat named Kota

    An aquamarine amulet which used to be her mother's before she died.


    Early Years: Kyria was born on the outskirts of Dublin, Ireland. Her mother was an auror while her father was botanist from Greece. When Kyria was born, there was much likeness to her father's Grecian appearance, but her eyes and face shape closely resembled her mother's. Neither Kyria nor her father knew however that her mother was a witch. They both thought that Ryane was a detective for Dublin. It was close enough to auror.

    Kyria had a close relationship to her parents and grew up with no siblings. Her mother often went into town to work while her father stayed home, studying for plants found to be only unique to Ireland and discover their properties for application. Kyria would spend her time watching her father analyze these plant sample until she almost died from boredom, unless her father cared to share some knowledge with her or she decided to spend her time singing. When her parents weren't working, they would always take Kyria out somewhere and if not, play together in the backyard, sometimes even in the small forest behind them. Kyria would enjoy exploring through that forest whenever she got bored. This however made her subject to trouble and worry back at home and is one of the first signs of her risky behavior.

    One day, Kyria came back home from the forest the time her mother usually comes home. however her mother never came home. instead, she received a mysterious letter from this place called the "Ministry of Magic", informing her of her mother's death. This led up to the discovery that her mother was a witch and never told them to keep them safe from any dark wizards. Her mother believed if she didn't tell, they didn't know and are therefore less subject to harm. It was hard for Kyria's father to believe at first, especially the fact that Kyria had inherited magic.

    Kyria later revealed her magic when she was around 10. Her father still chose to ignore the fact that her mother was a witch and kyria's inheritance. that is until strange things began to happen in the house. After her mother's death, Kyria's father went into a moment of isolation, leaving Kyria alone. This saddened Kyria greatly and she almost flooded the bathroom. her sadness triggered the faucets to run water even when the knobs were turned. When her father came back out to comfort her however it calmed. In fits of irritation or annoyance, Kyria also accidentally would cause lights bulbs to darken, brighten, and spark, often blowing them out. The last straw was when things started to levitate around them. Her father couldn't stand the magic at first that he kept her out of the house for a fwe hours to keep anything else from breaking. Thankfully, Kyria's Aunt Riona was visiting with her cousin Caine and gave her her first Hogwarts letter, worried that her father wouldn't let her go into Hogwarts. Well after a heated discussion between Aunt Riona and her father, he reluctantly decided to let her go under the condition that after she finished all her years she will study at home to go into a university.

    Hogwarts Years: Kyria was truly amazed at everything she saw at Hogwarts. It was amazing to her that magic really did exist, even when there was science and people like her father who seemed completely against such a fact. Her first year at Hogwarts was a very enlightening one. Kyria learned about things no muggle would ever know and that made her feel special. Her first year wasn't quite that special since until her mother's letter Kyria didn't know about magic and that she even inherited it. She spent most of her first year learning as much as she could about magic and the wizarding world.

    Kyria's first summer was kind of a shocking one for her. She was going to spend that summer at her aunt's and her son's for the first time first of all. Second her father had found a new girlfriend while she was at school. This thoroughly irritated Kyria especially since her father got with her while she was away, suggesting an inconsideration on Kyria's feelings on the subject. Kyria was more than willing to stay with her Aunt Riona and Caine, more than uncomfortable being around his girlfriend Enya. Later in her second year of Hogwarts, over the winter they would marry.

    Kyria actually had a fun summer with her Aunt Riona. She witnessed magic in the making and played with Caine her cousin. Kyria got to learn about her mother's side of the family as well. Aunt Riona apparently was a healer. That interested kyria as well other than the magical creatures aspect of magic. Sadly however, her summer with her Aunt was short lived, but found herself loving her second year at Hogwarts a little more.

    It was in Kyria's second year that she grew to be more adventurous and rebellious. She still focused on her classes but found herself become evermore restless. Kyria often started to sneak out a few times past curfew and nearly gotten caught more than that. She had grown a spirit of adventure, figuring out which were passageways and sneaking out for thrilling adventures in the halls. Kyria had gotten a detention every once in a while but that didn't stop her from further exploring the grounds. She had even considered going into the Forbidden Forest before. It was because of magic that she had so far grown into loving a life full of adventure, not caring for the boredoms of everyday life. It was her way of escape.

    Adulthood: N/A


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Celty or Rei-Rei or just Rei
    RP EXPERIENCE: About 5-6 years and was on about about 5 other RP sites

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Forumotion, typed in 'Harry potter' in the search engine


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To be able to experience an adventurous Hogwarts life through RP. I really want to experience what it might be like living with this adventure and learning how to be a wizard. I'm a really big fan of Harry Potter it'd be nice to experience it in someway.


Kyria Lyris
Kyria Lyris
Fourth Year Gryffindor
Fourth Year Gryffindor

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Lyris, Kyria [Finished!] Empty Re: Lyris, Kyria [Finished!]

Post by Khaat Lupin Sun May 26, 2013 11:27 pm

Welcome to PA!

I've read your app, and I like her. She's a good solid Gryffindor,and it will be nice to see another younger character who loves magical creatures. I think she's going to be a good asset to the bunch of characters in that age group.

Let me know if there is anything you need as you make yourself familiar with our boards!

Accepted and sorted into Gryffiindor!

Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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