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Mavis Oakes

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Mavis Oakes Empty Mavis Oakes

Post by Guest Fri May 17, 2013 6:14 pm

Mavis Oakes Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQoqG0SIY6wNUfgAkGR7btC9WnCLY1-nzzIPTUUaxXGDzouXJo_9A

Mavis Polly Oakes


    FULL NAME: Mavis Polly Oakes

    NICKNAMES: Mavis, Oddball Oakes, Overweight Oakes

    AGE: 16

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor


    WAND: Oak, Forest Troll Hair, 9 inches, Flexible  

    PLAY BY: Nikki Blonsky


    HAIR COLOUR: Brown

    EYE COLOUR: Hazel


    BODY BUILD: Stocky

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Mavis is short and wide. She has a thick double chin and chubby ankles and wrists. She has shoulder length brown hair that is sometimes styled into a beehive. She wears colourful clothes that don't always match and her tie is never perfect. Her robes never seem to fit right (mainly because she always loses hers somehow and has to borrow some from the laundry room). It isn't uncommon to see a food or ink stain on her robes. 


    Strengths & Weaknesses:
    + Mavis is very confident about herself and marches to the sound of her own drum. Albeit she is rather odd and often looked at with disgust and disbelief she still remains confident and optimistic. However this confidence could be because nobody has shown her true friendship so she doesn't know any different than people to act like they don't want to be around her - that and she has no sense of awareness.
    + Mavis is both loyal and trustworthy. She would make a great friend for those that let her in because not only is she there for her friends but she will keep their secrets (most likely forget the secret too) and remain faithful as friendship is something Mavis values above all else. 
    + Another strength Mavis has is that she is rather comical. She never fails to make most people laugh, even if they are laughing at her rather than with her. Perhaps one day Mavis could utilise this strength she has a bit more and really grow as a person through her comedic value. 
    + Despite not excelling in most arrears of magic she does have a knack for food charms. Possibly because of the times she spends in the kitchens with the house elves, or maybe due to the fact she has large affinity to food. 
    + She is extremely kind natured and will accept everyone for who they are, even the bullies. Mavis is polite and good natured and doesn't have a nasty bone in her body. 

    - One of Mavis' most prominent weaknesses is that she has no understanding of social cues. She will belch, trump, pick her nose and say rather odd things in public without a second thought. As a result a fair number of people tend to stay away from her. 
    - Mavis is an awful flier, most likely due to her size. Being a rather round person means that she isn't aerodynamic and her tiny brain means she has not the faintest idea how to ride a broomstick, yet, she tries - something that often results in a trip to the hospital wing. 
    - Unmistakably her worst subject is potions. Not only does she not have a clue what the ingredients do, but she is that clumsy all of her potions end in disaster. In her five years of being at Hogwarts not a single potion, solution, concoction or draught has been brewed correctly. 
    - One of the reasons for her foul potion making is because of a very strong weakness that Mavis has: clumsiness. She is clumsy and has no spatial awareness, meaning most practical things end in disaster, even going to the toilet can mean chaos for Mavis. 
    - Another weakness is that she doesn't care for her health. She leads an unhealthy lifestyle because of lack of exercise and poor diet. Furthermore caring for her appearance is the least on her list. You will often find Mavis with stains on her robes and bit of nature in her hair. 
    - She has no ambition and so doesn't strive to achieve anything. Mavis merely goes by life one day at a time. This lack of ambition could be because both her parents own a vegetable stall and haven't aimed for high flying careers. 
    - Mavis doesn't have a sense of what is dangerous and what isn't. This can come across as brave and courageous but really it's just plain stupid. There have been many occasions where Mavis has ended up in the hospital wing for the most extraordinary of things. Once she even jumped out of the second floor window with a broom between her legs hoping she'd fly. Unfortunately it hadn't been a broomstick that she'd picked up, rather a mundane mop used by the care taker. 
    - Finally, a weakness noticed by most of the teachers is her lack of common sense and intellect. She doesn't have any common sense and her homework is just illegible scribble that even if it could be read would be completely wrong. The teachers do often pull their hair out at the fact nothing seems to penetrate her thick skull. Mavis fails almost all of her classes and has only passed her CoMC OWL and Charms OWL, meaning as Mavis enters the sixth year she is studying two NEWT subjects and resitting her OWL Defence against the dark arts.

    Likes & Dislikes:
    + Mavis is fond of magical beings, especially house elves. This is because they are much more accepting of her as they see a kind, bubbly person as opposed to an obese, clumsy girl. 
    + She loves to be around others and thrives off social gatherings. In fact she tends to get more energy being around other people than resting in bed. This means that Mavis loves to talk about anything and everything and is the main reason, besides her poor work ethic, as to why she is told off in lessons.
    + The kitchens is mavis' favourite place to be in Hogwarts. The reason behind this is simple; it's the home of her best friends: the house elves. Besides the fact she gets to socialise with the house elves there is also an endless supply of food down here for Mavis to consume. In fact, she originally came down to the kitchens to subconsciously comfort eat over the fact she had no friends. 
    + Mavis has an unusual liking to pumpkins. Whether it be looking at the vegetable itself or pumpkin pasties, pumpkin juice or growing pumpkins. Because of this Halloween is her favourite time of year and gets into the full spirit of scaring people. 
    + Without a doubt her favourite subject is care of magical creatures. She loves meeting different creatures and is keen to get involved even with the most deadliest of beasts. It is a shame that she hasn't got the ambition or intellect to consider pursing a career in the department or magical beasts or as a dragon tamer as she would throughly enjoy it. Maybe as she matures, if she ever does, someone will point this out to her. 

    - Blood and Mavis do not go together, which is ratehr unfortunate because of all the accidents Mavis gets herself into. Despite having been injured many of times the site of blood still makes Mavis faint.
    - Mavis hates potions. Everything about the subject. She works up a sweat when she is brewing because everything is going wrong and the teacher usually chokes her off for causing a mess. Even though Mavis failed her potions OWL and is resitting the year this is one subject she won't be choosing to resit. A Troll in OWL potions isn't much of a start to improve it to a pass. 
    - People who are racist, prejudice towards others or are cruel to house elves Mavis dislikes. She doesn't understand their views and thinks that they need a reality check, which is odd seeing as she has no clue as to what reality is seeing as she has little common sense and no sense of her surroundings. 
    - She dislikes being alone and all the time that she is alone she looks for someone to befriend, then if all else fails Mavis will head down to the kitchens or see a random activity to indulge in. 
    - Mavis dislikes studying and thinking in general. If she revises for exams she gets and head ache, meaning revision doesn't get done, one of the main reasons for her academic failure. 

    Her ultimate goal is to have a huge family and grow old surrounding by them and her friends and to grow pumpkins for Halloween, make chocolate eggs for Easter and decorate the Christmas tree with her children. 
    She also wants to decrease house elf prejudice, which is a rather intellectual motive for a change! 

    Her ultimate fear is being alone, which is something that the boggart can not shapeshift into. As a result it transforms into a mummy, which symbolises being trapped and bound by bandages, separating it from the outside world.  Plus mummies also scare her, it's the walking dead, can't see who is behind the bandages thing that freaks Mavis out.

    Mavis favourite memory is her first care of magical creatures class, along with memories in the common room being with friends or spending time with the house elves. Of course Mavis will never be able to conjure a patronus, shield form or corporeal. 

    The worst memory that Mavis holds is when she got stuck down the tunnel slide as an infant. Nobody could get her out and it took three hours for the fire brigade to cut her out, much to the humour of the other children. 

    Sometimes, behind the confidence Mavis can get rather sad when she is alone and friendless. 

    Mirror Of Erised:
    Looking into the mirror Mavis sees herself as an old lady surrounding by children, grand children, happy house elves and pets. 

    In short Mavis is rather odd and has gotten the nickname of Oddball Oakes, not that she is aware that is what people call her and even if she did find out Mavis would most likely forget a day later or so because of her short attention span.
    Mavis has a short attention span and will say random things during a conversation, come up with lunatic ideas for things to do and often wherever Mavis goes chaos follows her - purely because of her clumsiness. 
    All the girl wants is a friend and though she may not gain many in her time at Hogwarts, one day she will be happy. 


    FATHER: Tommy Button (Muggle who sells vegetables on a stall in a Market)

    MOTHER: Sandra Button (Witch who sells vegetables on a stall in Diagon Alley)

    SIBLING/S: Mary (10) & Mandy (9) 

    BLOOD STATUS:  Half Blood

    RACE: Human


    - Owl named Dusty
    - Puffskein named Paddy 


    Early Years: Being the daughter of a witch and muggle greengrocers she never was encouraged to aim high, because of this she isn't too bothered about her studies. Mavis is close to her younger sisters and they often went to the park together. Being the chubbiest of the three Mavis could only push her sisters down the slide because she would often get stuck - she once got stuck in a tunnel slide and was there for three hours! Mavis was always interested in magical things, especially creatures, even if she's never shown much magical ability.

    Hogwarts Years: Upon arriving at Hogwarts Mavis aimed to make lots of friends. Due to her appearance this is something she always struggled with and being a bit of an oddball. In the second year she received detention and had to go into the forbidden forest where she tripped over a dead unicorn - her worst memory seeing something so beautiful dead! 
    Since then her feelings towards magical creatures has only increased and she sees them as friends. Mavis often spends time wandering the castle looking for someone to be with or residing in the kitchen socialising with the house elves - which has sparked her interest in house elf rights. She now knows all the elves by name.



    RP EXPERIENCE: Bertie, Hallie & Charlotte

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Already a member.

    MAIN CHARACTER: Bertie Nogard

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To create a character that I can have fun with and a good laughing role playing with. Also to replace Charlotte as my third character because I will soon be killing her off because I don't like role playing with her.

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Mavis Oakes Empty Re: Mavis Oakes

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat May 18, 2013 11:42 am

I love her. I love to see quirky characters on the board. I have a couple myself and they're always useful for keeping PA fresh for me and to let me have a little fun with.

She's great.

I honestly think she's a Gryffindor, though. Thoughts?
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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Mavis Oakes Empty Re: Mavis Oakes

Post by Guest Sat May 18, 2013 12:36 pm

Yeah I was torn on whether she would be a Gryffindor or a Hufflepuff so I thought I'd leave it up to you. Gryffindor is fine with me! :-)

And thank you, I'm really excited about role playing with her.

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Mavis Oakes Empty Re: Mavis Oakes

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat May 18, 2013 1:03 pm

Yeah, I saw Hufflepuff too. But--when I read her, it seems to me that, underneath it all, deep inside, she has more of that Gryffindor mentality than Hufflepuff.

So, accepted and sorted into Gryffindor.
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate

Number of posts : 19058
Special Abilities : Energy Worker, Medium, Heightened Sensitivity
Occupation : Director of St. Mungos, Owner of Sparks Bistro

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Mavis Oakes Empty Re: Mavis Oakes

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