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MILLER, Annaliese

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MILLER, Annaliese Empty MILLER, Annaliese

Post by Annaliese Miller Sun May 12, 2013 5:22 am

MILLER, Annaliese MV5BMTkwMTAwMDczMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDkzOTMzNw@@._V1._SX400_SY600_

Annaliese Calaharey Miller


    FULL NAME: Annaliese Calaharey Miller.

    NICKNAMES: Anna, Anne, Liese; rarely, Callie.

    AGE: Fourteen.

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral - She tells herself she'll make up her mind someday.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw or Slytherin

    CLASSES: Charms, DADA, and Potions.

    WAND: Sycamore with phoenix feather core, 13in and extremely brittle.

    PLAY BY: Jolie Vanier.


    HAIR COLOUR: Dark brown.

    EYE COLOUR: Hazel (predominantly brown with a touch of green; the green is usually only visible in bright sunlight when her pupils have contracted).

    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Just slightly over average.

    BODY BUILD: A bit too skinny overall but with a bit of extra weight hanging around the upper thighs. She appears to be on the 'delicate' side, as what little muscle she does have is hardly visible at all.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: At first glance, Liese's not one to be noticed in the midst of a crowd. With dull hair and eyes that hardly catch the light, she blends easily and evades any sort of notice. Her figure is one she neither flaunts nor needs to hide, and, with a slender, almost delicate form, it's obvious she isn't terribly strong. Her collarbone sticks out a bit more than it should on her bony frame, and her waist is a bit smaller than average, but her upper thighs are a bit thick— a pet peeve of hers. Breast-wise, she's nothing special, either, landing a solid B-cup that may perhaps change as she grows.

    Though she does care about her looks and her makeup, she does her best to keep it neat, 'professional,' and natural. Having thin lashes, mascara is a staple, while foundation and lipsticks appear too heavy on her skin. Too much of anything and her skin breaks out, turning a color of red comparable only to her all-too-frequent sunburns. With a pale complexion derived partially from her aversion to outdoor activities and partially from her north-European ancestry, she might occasionally be seen with a smudge of leftover sunscreen on her browbone and is never without a hat in the ever-present messenger bag she slings over her shoulder.

    On a seasoned glance, however, the average girl can take on a mild-mannered beauty of her own. Her face is well-structured, and she has a seamstress' tapered fingers. Her lips are shapely, and her shoulders have a relatively attractive slant to them. Looking hard enough in the sunlight when her pupils are sufficiently dilated, one might even notice the streaks of green in her eyes— she has a nearly unnoticeable band of pondwater green radiating from the pupil to the outer edge of her eye, an odd little quirk of genetics, though her slightly-thicker-than-average rings around her irises might serve to distract what little her attention her eyes would attract.

    Liese is prone to wearing loose-fitting clothing out-of-uniform. In-uniform, she wears everything properly in observance of the dress code and appears extremely formal. She wears her pin-straight hair tied back in a neat bun to keep stray hairs from her face. Her face is smattered with the lightest dusting of freckles. She doesn't have any dimples, and she has a third tendon in her left arm but not in her right. Her ankles are a little thick, and her wrists are tiny. Her body has its quirks, its faults, and its beauties, all tempering each other out to create an average, if extremely clean-cut and somewhat pale, picture.


    [S] Doubtlessly brilliant, in terms of intellect.
    [S] Well-read.
    [S] Excellent grades.
    [S] Handles abstract concepts well.
    [S] A well-practiced violinist (what she has in technique, however, she lacks in musicality).
    [S] Knows musical theory in and out.
    [S] Can lie as though she was born to do it.
    [S] Surprisingly, she can socialize quite well, if not superficially.
    [W] Has a terrible memory for names, dates, and facts.
    [W] Spaces out. A lot.
    [W] Over-analyses things (can double as a strength... rarely, though, in her case).
    [W] Sunburns easily.
    [W] Can only stand other people for so long.
    [W] Can't stand failure.
    [W] Controlling (can double as a strength, as she's an alright leader).
    [W] Arrogant.
    [W] Physically weak. Very.
    [W] Doesn't know when to give up.
    [W] Often rude and disrespectful.
    [W] Dives headfirst into trouble just to see what would happen— she has a scientist's mind.
    [W] Pushes away her weaknesses as though they don't exist.
    [W] Haughty.
    [W] Can't accept help from others.

    [L] Classical music, a croissant, and a good book.
    [L] Winning and being right.
    [L] Engineering, psychology (really, a pseudoscience to her), biology, chemistry, and other systematic sciences.
    [L] Maths.
    [L] Boys with cute accents.
    [L] Arguing.
    [L] Teasing others.
    [L] All things musical— provided it's classical.
    [D] Modern music.
    [D] Anyone 'less intelligent' than herself (read: everyone).
    [D] Being proven wrong.
    [D] Superstition.
    [D] Having to 'just believe' or 'have faith' in anything.
    [D] Not having enough information.
    [D] Being inferior to anyone. Ever.
    [D] Cosmology. Oh God.
    [D] Exercise.

    To integrate robotics and magic, discover the purpose of life, and fall hopelessly in love (though she'd never really admit that last one). Also, she'd love to lose the not-really-but-still-there upper thigh chub. Surprisingly enough, she doesn't have too many goals, as she's interested in everything and, in all honesty, could likely become anything from a neuroscientist to a concert violinist. She's somewhat aimless and has no real purpose in life.

    [H] Braiding her hair before she goes to sleep.
    [H] Assuming things are 'obvious' when they might not be to others.
    [H] Speaking extremely loudly when she needs to make a point.
    [H] Mocking those she genuinely likes— she's reluctant to admit she likes anyone.
    [H] She's an incessant late-night wanderer.
    [Q] Hates being touched, especially by boys.
    [Q] Comes across as an extremely dominant girl.
    [Q] She twitches the fingers on her left hand when she can't figure something out.
    [Q] Steeples her fingers when she's frustrated.
    [Q] Writes with her right hand but wields her wand with her left.

    BOGGART: Meeting her match— especially if he's a boy.

    PATRONUS: Sparring 'intellectually' with her muggle friends in grade school.

    DEMENTOR: Getting the wind knocked out of her after school on the playground by a group of older boys after she couldn't explain how it was she'd made those flowers grow up from the ground.

    VERITASERUM: Though she tells herself she hates them, she absolutely loves being around people she's intellectually intimidated by.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To discover the secrets of the physical world.

    PERSONALITY: Outwardly, Liese is fierce of mind, with a loud voice and a tone that's almost always laced with sarcasm or provocation. While she's hardly one built for a physical fight, it's obvious she's provoked one too many with words alone. She has a hard time making bonds and, as such, is overly critical with others and finds it near-impossible to understand the other side's viewpoint. At times, she can be nihilistic, though she's really more of an existentialist, overall. She can be cruel, petty, and insensitive, but at the same time, she's a brilliant prankstress and doesn't mind sharing her extensive smarts with those around her— provided they can keep up. While she may not much care for social conventions and is chronically lazy, she's eloquent and does her best to live up to her own standards. Liese has a tendency to simply dismiss those she dislikes.

    In terms of interpersonal relationships, Liese is sharp-tongued and will spar with those she likes as though they were mortal enemies. Those she regards as stupid she'll treat with a superficial charm, and she won't hesitate to lash out at classmates who annoy her and tell them to just 'shut the hell up.' She's always respectful to teachers, however, even though she firmly believes that respect is earned rather than given as an inherent merit to any position.

    Oddly enough for such a seemingly study-oriented girl, Liese is chronically lazy. She isn't one for studying, but her natural intellect is enough to mask that. The main source of her outward academic traits is nothing more than her incessantly wandering mind, constantly nagging her to learn more and more. She loves to learn but hates to sit and memorize facts and data. Had she ever been a more physically active girl and ventured outside from time to time, perhaps, as due course would lead her in terms of her laziness, she would pull less-than-stellar grades, but she picks up enough in class to skim under the radar. What she does learn, however, promptly falls out the other ear after tests— it's back to the sciences for her. She's a rather weak magician but doesn't seem to mind too much, having lived her childhood out in the world of muggles.


    FATHER: Aaron Mills - Oncologist

    MOTHER: Eliza Mills - Non-practicing Pharmacist

    SIBLING/S: None.

    OTHER: None.

    BLOOD STATUS: Muggle-born.

    RACE: Human.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Upper-middle class.

    PET/S: An old, black-and-white harlequin cat named Pepper ("Pips"). Pips is surprisingly violent and foul-tempered for her apparent beauty. She's a pedigree and has weak bones and a taste for cooked meat.

    Nothing, really, other than a pear necklace-and-earring set from her grandmother. She hates it. Ironically, she's never without a black pearl in a ring box kept safely inside her messenger bag.


    Early Years: Born to muggle parents in Denver, Colorado, Liese lived a rather uninteresting childhood, always quicker than her peers but shy and lazy enough to evade the notice of her teachers. At the end of her fourth grade year, she was placed a year ahead in mathematics and in languages, but other than that, she was a relatively average student. Her parents fought but loved each other more than enough, and her mother was always one to push her daughter to think more, prompting her with questions based in philosophy the girl had never known and thus forcing her to think her way around them.

    Liese never had many friends, but she fell in with two equally unnoticeable girls and enjoyed years of informally composing small songs (nothing too complicated— what one might expect from a bright ten-year-old) on her violin for them to sing to. She had a habit of always being the one around when odd things happened, regardless of her actually being the one to cause them. She occasionally provoked a few stares, but nothing terribly traumatizing happened until she caught the interest of the playground ringleader-of-sorts.

    He was a pasty boy with piercing green eyes and a bucketload of freckles with at least three inches on the average student. He was gangly and thin yet no less formidable, and, to this day, Liese is unsure whether it was genuine hatred that provoked his glares or perhaps the beginnings of a grade-school crush. Either way, her grades began to slip with the constant pestering, provoking disdain from both parents and leaving them unsure what to do with her.

    Hogwarts Years: Liese's parents could never quite come to terms with what their daughter was; communication all but stopped during the school year, and they had a habit of pretending their daughter wasn't attending a foreign boarding school when she traveled home for the holidays. Like the average eleven-year-old, she was sometimes mocked for her accent, but as her peers matured and grew accustomed to the oddities of the world, her life faded into a single stream of endless nothingness. She fell in with Ravenclaws and Slytherins, generally considering Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs too dimwitted for the likes of her. She developed a habit for sneaking around the school when she was too frustrated with social life and needed an escape, and, as such, knows the school as well as a fourteen-year-old could in an ever-shifting castle.

    Adulthood: n/a


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Cassie or Cassidy.

    RP EXPERIENCE: Currently? One forum-based, 750+ word-count RP and one with close, non-roleplayer friends. I've been going at it since I was ten, but I've been writing since I could squeeze letters from a pen. I've played in countless RPs over the years and would consider myself well-experienced for a student.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Forummotion listings. I was looking for RPs and stumbled across this one at, well, the top of the list.

    MAIN CHARACTER: for current members, your main character in the multiple characters list

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Mostly character development, having her sort out her flaws and meet her match, and perhaps causing a bit of mayhem and finding an interesting boy in the process.


Annaliese Miller
Annaliese Miller

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MILLER, Annaliese Empty Re: MILLER, Annaliese

Post by Elijah Krum Sun May 12, 2013 4:21 pm

Hello Cassie! Welcome to Potter's Army!
Anna is a lovely character and is going to
truly be a very interesting addition to the
flock! Welcome, again!
Accepted and sorted into Ravenclaw!
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MILLER, Annaliese Empty Re: MILLER, Annaliese

Post by Annaliese Miller Mon Aug 12, 2013 5:01 pm

Just posting to keep Liese alive! Smile
Annaliese Miller
Annaliese Miller

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