Sanguini, Melody Lexine
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Sanguini, Melody Lexine

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Sanguini, Melody Lexine Empty Sanguini, Melody Lexine

Post by Melody Lexine Sanguini Fri Mar 01, 2013 5:41 pm

Sanguini, Melody Lexine Tumblr_mizt19rV4i1rk7sgjo1_500

Melody Lexine Saguini


    FULL NAME: Melody Lexine Saguini

    NICKNAMES: Mel/Melle and Lex

    AGE: Eleven

    ALLEGIANCE: Unsure

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff

    CLASSES: Charms and Transfiguration

    WAND: Sycamore, Unicorn, 10 inches and Surprisingly Swishy

    PLAY BY: Masuwaka Tsubasa


    HAIR COLOUR: Blonde

    EYE COLOUR: Celeste blue

    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: A little short for her age

    BODY BUILD: Petite body


    Melody's chest isn't that big, almost flat actually. Her waist isn't too wide either but, enough to give a little bit of curve. She is also quite thin, her arms and legs are pretty skinny so she always tries to cover them up with either leggings, stockings, gloves and etc. Her skin colour is pale white; she has a long blonde hair that curls on the lower part. Her blonde hair can be seen at times, having highlights of other colours, such as red, blue, or pink; and at other times, her hair is dyed to a colour black.

    She inherited her mother's squinty Asian like eyes. She can always be seen wearing dresses or lacey, ruffled up tops with cute little mini skirts; it's quite rare for her to be wearing pants. Melle always ties her hair, it's either that or she wears cute ribbons, little hats, clips, and such. And she always carries either a small or a big bag that has either a cute animal or food designs on them.



    Melody is very stubborn and will do anything just to get what she wants though, if it will involve anything of being a liar and ruining other people, she will decline for she had always felt if she did something wrong, something inside her would be destroyed. She's quite good at playing the victim (When she knows she did nothing wrong at all), and will do so in acting and crying just for people to pity and side with her.

    One of her weaknesses is that, she trusts way too easily and when hurt, it's as though, the pain doubles up for her; so she's a pretty, or a very sensitive person in general. And when trying out something new, she isn't fond of doing it first, she likes getting instructions and demonstrations first, for she absolutely hates failing and being criticized for being clumsy and such.


    Melle is undoubtedly fond of cute objects which are related to food and animals; she also has a thing for stockings, leggings and gloves. She likes dresses and ribbons. She's also attracted to glittery and sparkly objects. And she likes friendly people though, she mostly and deeply loves those who are loners and the shy and quite type of people.

    She dislikes or more likely "hates" anything related to vegetables, the very word makes her cringe with disgust actually. And she gets annoyed with naggy and boastful people who have nothing to do but, gossip in their everyday lives.


    Her goal is to live a happy and "normal" life but, to also be able to meet her family, including the father her mother had always hidden away from her.


    She has a habit of unconsciously sashaying her hair out of the blue; and to fidget with her hands and fingers while, her body wobbles a bit when she's shy or nervous.

    One of her quirks is that, she closes her eyes and leans her heap up, sniffing the air as soon as she smells food. And when she's over joyed or excited, she bounces and jumps and moves her body side ways and back and forth quite a lot. She rolls her eyes and replies sarcastically to people she doesn't like. And she also has this thing, that she must touch and smell almost everything.


    Her greatest fear is being alone with no family or friends, and growing up like that either; she was also never fond of dark places and she's also, terribly afraid of spiders and cockroaches.

    PATRONUS: None at the moment.


    When she was about eight years old and her family went out on a one week trip to the forest. Her Mother had specifically told her to not go outside without any escort. But, because her stubbornness and want to play outside the forest along with the butterflies and other animals, she went outside moved farther and father away from their reserved vacation house until, she got lost in the forest; at that time she was so alone that she grew scared of never being able to go back home. And because of her frightful thoughts, she panicked and screamed and ran throughout the forest.

    She ran and ran until, she slipped and fell onto a puddle of mud; there she sat cold and alone in the dark forest, she cried and tried to walk out of there; and there she got caught in a small spider web but, the large, dark, and hairy spider had frighten her out of her body and she ran until she came to a few insects. Melody cried and tried to run away until, she heard a distant voice of her Uncle Eric. She tried to find her Uncle as she observed the forest with her little eyes; screaming for the older to find her.

    And in a moment later, she had spotted a light from the forest and ran towards it, until she was finally in the arms of her uncle.

    VERITASERUM: None at the moment.


    To be loved by someone special then, be adored by millions as a great role model.


    Melody is quite a childish person and very spoiled to be exact. But, she is a happy and cheery person, who happens to be very energetic. If there was a time she's not bouncing with energy there's bound to be something wrong with her.

    She can be very noisy when with her close friends but, when it comes down to something she's interested in or a subject or topic she likes, she will stay silent and pay attention attentively; shushing and scolding other people who are either noisy and distracting her.


    FATHER: Unknown to her

    MOTHER: Alicia Jules Sanguini (nee Silvotaire)

    SIBLING/S: Unknown at the moment


    Mother - Alicia Jules Sanguini
    Uncle - Eric Silvotaire
    Auntie - Antoinette Silvotaire
    Auntie - Freya Bliss Treiton
    Cousin - Serene Claire Silvotaire
    Cousin - Daniel Selvestre Silvotaire

    BLOOD STATUS: Tainted

    RACE: Part vampire, half-veela

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class (From living with her mother only)

    PET/S: A furry and fluffy white cat.


    A silver bracelet with sparkly, glittering dangling stars on it with a slight highlight of pink on them; it was given to her by her mother, like a good luck charm.


    Early Years:

    Melody had lived a normal life in the muggle world with her family in the Asian continent, they weren't exactly that rich nor poor but, since she was the only child of her mother, everything she wanted and requested was done and granted. She's a pretty spoiled and hard-headed kid and she always gets what she wants; though, because of her mother's teaching and also, from the past muggle schools she attended, even with her hard-headed and spoiled personality, she always had a thing for being honest, and even the smallest of lies she could never go with.

    Though, since she was still a little girl; Melody had always asked and sometimes, even forced her own Mother to reveal who her Father is and why she has never met him. But, her Mother would always shrug it off then, tell her that her life is better off not knowing who he was. That was the only thing her Mother kept from her, that's why ever since, she was always determined to find her long lost Father.

    Also, Melody was quite a sickly child back then but, whenever she would feel weak and ill; her mother would always give her a special candy and drink, that was always blood red. Melody had enjoyed the treats her Mother had given to her, and up until she grew up, she could never have enough of that sweet treat her Mother have been giving to her. That's one of the reasons why she enjoys sweet things, no matter what they are, as long as it is a sweet desert, she has to have it.

    At the ages of eight, her family had decided to migrate from the country of Japan to the European country, France. There, she lived a normal but, quite hard life; considering the fact that she had to learn a new language, which was French and that the new life style was very different from the one she had from her former country. But, there in Paris, France. Melody lived a happy and normal life, and attended muggle school (Though, only night classes; for her mother had told her she had a terrible allergy to the suns light.) and to be involved in other muggle stuff; never having a clue or whatsoever about the magical world.

    Hogwarts Years:

    At first, Melody was in awe when she had first entered Hogwarts; never in her whole life, had she ever imagined witches and wizards actually existing and being an actual witch was even more surprising to her. She tried to fit in as much as she can in the new world though, it was hard at first; not being able to understand almost every single magical thing the school had, for her mother had kept everything from her; she made her best of efforts and giving it her all for the school.

    Classes were hard for her, as of course there was never any magic nor Charm or Transfiguration classes in her old schools but, slowly and as the years go by, she finally understood and made quite a good mark of her subjects. Though, it was also because of her friends who were always by her side and gave her encouragement to keep up in studying and never give up; she never would have made it without them.

    Also, if she she had never attended Hogwarts, she never would have met her long lost siblings. Everything at school had become amazing for her; and the best years of her life was mostly spent in Hogwarts.

    Adulthood: None at the moment.



    RP EXPERIENCE: About 3 years already.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I typed in google "RP sites" and one link appeared saying "the best 50 RP sites or group" I think it was something like that.


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Haven't thought about that much yet.. I just wanted to join a Harry Potter RP at the same time, I've never been able to RP a girl before, so its basically for fun and experience.



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Melody Lexine Sanguini
Melody Lexine Sanguini

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Sanguini, Melody Lexine Empty Re: Sanguini, Melody Lexine

Post by Khaat Lupin Fri Mar 01, 2013 10:30 pm

Melody, I am presuming this is not finished because the bottom section, the "Behind the Character" section is not completed. Am I correct, or did you just miss it? Either way,
if you would please add those little details, please?

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Sanguini, Melody Lexine Empty Re: Sanguini, Melody Lexine

Post by Melody Lexine Sanguini Sat Mar 02, 2013 4:23 am

Ah, I'm sorry! I do think missed that part. I don't remember seeing it last night when I was answering, I'm sorry. But, it's taken care of and now answered properly.
Melody Lexine Sanguini
Melody Lexine Sanguini

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Sanguini, Melody Lexine Empty Re: Sanguini, Melody Lexine

Post by Melody Lexine Sanguini Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:17 am

Thank you for the additional information about the family though, even if the Sanguini family is a polyamorous one, Melody is still the youngest who have never met her Father's side of the family and have lived with her Mother side of the family only.
I've read Gian's bio and also, the vampire/tainted description and, I've claimed my character now.

Please tell me if there are more errors in my application for me to edit.
Melody Lexine Sanguini
Melody Lexine Sanguini

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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

Sanguini, Melody Lexine Empty Re: Sanguini, Melody Lexine

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