IMBERT, Audra Ugne
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IMBERT, Audra Ugne

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IMBERT, Audra Ugne Empty IMBERT, Audra Ugne

Post by Audra Imbert Wed Jan 30, 2013 4:07 am

IMBERT, Audra Ugne Audra_zps8e57d664



    Audra Ugne Imbert



    Potters army

    Hufflepuff, Gryffindor.

    Care of Magical Creatures, Potions

    Rosewood, dragons heart string, 7'3 in, firm.

    PLAY BY:
    Siri Tollerød


    Platinium blonde.

    Muddish gray.


    Bit on the chubby side

    You couldn't say that Audra was pretty. Not that she would be particularly ugly. She simply was one of those girls, that get few compliments out of politeness, suddenly shines for one night and continues living, just like that.
    In the corridors of Hogwarts you could notice Audra because of her blonde hair. I mean, not that there aren't any other blonde girls in Hogwarts, just that Audras hair is much lighter than the usual shade. And then again, I don't think that knowing the exact shade of her hair will help you find her in the corridors of Hogwarts. You see, Audra is terribly short. She is easily shorter than most of the fourth years, and it doesn't seem that she will be growing any more.
    If you look in her face, you can plainly see her North European roots - the blonde hair, blu-ish, gray-ish, green-ish eyes and the features. Her heart shaped face and narrow lips can make her look a bit alienisque from time to time, but mostly? Mostly she is that Lithuanian girl, doing something crazy.
    Speaking of crazy - she likes to wear outfits that are a bit daring. Not revealing, mind you. Daring. Meaning, conversational, odd, unusual combinations. Of course, she wouldn't risk anything too much, while she is at Hogwarts, but sometimes you can see her sporting some.. quite odd choices.


    [+] Social
    [+] Open minded
    [+] Optimistic
    [+] Potions
    [+] Herbology
    [+] Care of Magical Creatures
    [+] Hard working

    [-] Impulsive
    [-] Ignorant
    [-] Fumbles with words a lot
    [-] Extremely weak magic
    [-] Forgets things
    [-] Harsh
    [-] Sports

    [+] Animals
    [+] Nature
    [+] Fashion
    [+] Sea
    [+] Typefaces
    [+] Theater

    [-] Sports
    [-] Preforming magic
    [-] Ignorant people
    [-] Strawberries
    [-] Purebloods
    [-] Sexism
    [-] Cows

    Audra hopes to become a famous fashion designer one day. Audra hopes to run a farm in a secluded country side. Audra hopes to run a coffee shop in New York. Audra hopes to become small, but well paid artist. Maybe making fonts. Audra hopes to become an actress. Audra hopes to have a small, but happy family and stay home with the kids.
    Do you get the drift? She has a lot of beautiful dreams, big and small ones, but most of them are not compatible with each other and don't last long anyways.
    The only long standing goals of her life have nothing to do with the "when I grow up" mumbo jumbo. She is working hard to practice and better her magic. She is reading 70 books a year. She is keeping herself fit. She is trying to keep her grades top notch. See the pattern? Audra is not big on long term plans, but she works hard on the every day goals.

    Audra always wears three rings - one on each hand, and one in a ribbon around her neck. She often "chews" the one on her neck.
    When thinking, she often releases her hair from the tight bun/ponytail that she is usually wearing, shakes her head, letting her hair out, and gathers them back together. The deeper in toughs, the more often she does that. Some of her classmates have reported seeing her do that 3 times in 5 minutes.
    Audra often scribbles. And by often, I mean all the time, on everything that she gets her hands on to. She is no good at drawing, still she does that. Usually she draws eyes or butterflies.
    Audra is fascinated by the elements. For hours she can stand in the rain or look at the storm behind the windows, she is happy when wind blows, she can get lost while watching the flicker of fire, she is happy when her hands are dirty after a good, long class of herbology and she loves swimming.
    Audra always goes to bed late and wakes up last. She is always somewhat grumpy in the mornings.
    Whenever she gets her hands on a book, or packaging, or basically anything that involves fonts, she inspects it closely and quite often - criticizes the fonts, the spacing, the arrangements. While this seems quirky at first, it gets tiring after a while.
    Even tough Audra smiles, and smiles a lot, she never smiles in photographs.
    There are a lot of photographs hung in her room, that prove the whole "she never smiles in photographs". There are piles and piles of pictures of herself dressed in different clothes, some of them not even completely functional. Sometimes the models are others, but mostly it's herself.

    Herself, consumed with rage, angry, killing everyone with fire. Basically, her boggart is herself, dressed in flames, smoke instead of her hair and her eyes, completely black, not seeing the world.
    She is scared to death about herself slipping and doing something really bad, something that would hurt somebody. Audra knows she can be harsh and impulsive, she knows she can lose her temper and that terrifies her.

    She hasn't been able to conjure a patronus, but is quite sure it would be a cat.
    Whenever she is trying to conjure her patronus, she is thinking of days spent in Lithuania, perfectly happy days with her family and nature. The day when she found a hive of wild bees, the day when she and her father went fishing, the day she did a short puppet theater for her parents. Somehow, sometimes, she feels like thinking about a particular good bye kiss to a particular blonde boy produces the best results. But, to be fair - Audra is a happy kid. Overall happy kid. She really cant seem to find one memory that is the happiest.

    Her worst memory, on the contrary is quite easy to spot. After all, she can see the results of it every time when she looks at herself while changing. There is a lot of scars on her body - she was an active kid, always managed to cut herself, skin her knees or fall from a tree. But there is one particular set of scars that terrifies her.
    It was a bright and sunny day and she was running trough the meadow. She still hasn't understood why (maybe it was the colorful dress. Maybe it was just a coincidence), but suddenly she felt the ground thumping and after looking to the right, she saw that one of the bulls is running straight at her, with look of pure rage in his face. She panicked and did the stupidest thing you can do in this situation - she ran away from the animals, not towards the fence. In the middle of the meadow, there was a tree, surrounded by an old and rusty fence made out of barb wire. Figuring that cows cant climb trees, she got trough the fence, while injuring herself quite a bit and climbed the tree. The bull simply rushed past her. After few minutes Audra tried to get down from the tree, but she simply couldn't. There were other cows around and she was terrified of the idea that the whole ordeal could happen again. She was found late that night, still in the tree, her dress soaked with blood from the many cuts, terrified and freezing.
    While it might sound funny to hear someone say "I'm terrified of cows, because one day a bull chased me up a tree", for Audra it's a true fear. She is afraid to see the rage in animals eyes once again. This is one of the reasons why it is sometimes hard for her to work with the animals in general.

    Audra is straightforward and doesn't keep much to herself. Some of her deeper wishes might not be so easy to see, but Audra really fancies herself as a person with no secrets.

    Speaking about her deepest wishes, in a mirror of Erised she'd probably see herself. A bit prettier, a bit taller, a bit more skinny, her breasts a bit larger and her eyes green. Excellent at magic, looked upon by her peers, successful. But still humble. Still doing everything on her own. You know. Simply put - a happy person by Audras standards.

    Audra is a fierce kid, if you know what I mean. She is quirky, she is happy, she is sociable and she is humble. She has little or no restraint for many things that others wouldn't do because of self consciousness and a great compassion for those who are locked up in themselves. That is, I'm not trying to say that she is not self conscious. Oh, yes she is. It's just that she is self conscious so often, about so many things, that she learned not to care about that, and simply go on with having fun. And, if there is something she is conscious about, she will work on it, and work on it hard until it ether goes away or she has been working on it so hard that she ought to feel god about her hard working self.
    The girl has never had problems with understanding that she is a good person, loving, caring, hard working and what not. But she never really lets that to get to her head. She stays simple and straight forward.
    On the other hand, there are enough people who would call her mean. Audra tends to be harsh about things that she doesn't understand or accept, and because she really is straight forward and to the point, it really can come out sounding plain mean. And don't even get me started on the way she gets when she is angry. Born and bred fury, that's what she is. If she loses her temper, that is.


    Tom Imbert, a squib, computer designer in a large corporation

    Egle Imbert (nee Lygumate), a squib, secretary in another large corporation.


    A wide array of people in Lithuania, most noticeably her uncle Arturas and his wife Katre. Audra spent most of her childhood at their house.

    Half blood.


    Middle class

    A siamese cat named Riga.



    Early Years:
    Audra comes from a quite odd family. Both of her parents mowed to United Kingdom few years before their eleventh birthday. You see, both of them were born in Lithuania, and both of their parents decided that life would be better over there, on the islands. Now, keep in mind, the parents didn't know each other, these happenings were in no way connected. Tom's single mom and Egles happily married parents simply figured, that they could get more out of their life. Besides, they had kids, that would be showing their first magic soon, and everyone knows that the education in Britain is better. The trick is, both of Audras parents turned out to be squibs. Both born in families that didn't have any muggles in last few generations, their parents (Audras grandparents) - quite good at magic. And suddenly - a squib.
    This, and the Lithuanian roots finally connected the two - Tom and Egle. They fell in love, found a flat, married, made a baby.. you know the story.
    Now, by the time Audra was born, Egle was growing more and more tired of this life, she was glorifying her home country and talking about going "home" more and more often. Audra possibly being a witch and the fact that money came much more easy in Great Brittan were the only reasons for them to stay. And the possibility of Audra being a witch didn't seem too high.
    So, they decided to slowly move back to Lithuania. Visit more often, stay there for months, leave Audra there and slowly rise funds to secure their life. It happened much slower than it was planned, but it was coming along - Audra was happy in the countryside and didn't show any signs of magic. And finally, when Audra was nine, it happened. What, you ask? Well, two things at once. Her parents told her that they are going to move back to Lithuania for good and the book that Audra threw in the air out of happiness stayed there. Well, this presented a problem.
    Few months later it turned out that the flat that they were going to buy wasn't for sale anyways and Tom got a really great job offer. Life sorted out itself. The Imbert family stayed in Great Britain, Audra spent a lot of her time in Lithuania and her parents were wondering about her magic.

    Hogwarts Years:
    Hogwarts came as a shock. Both of her parents were squibs and her uncle didn't use magic that much. Her house could be made muggle safe (as in - safe for muggles to come in) in few minutes. To be fair, most of her life could be muglified without changing much. And there she was, in one of the most magic places in the world. It wasn't like she didn't know about magic. Noooo, she knew a lot. But it was the stuff that she read books about or saw people on the street doing. Being a part of something so great made her head spin. Literary.
    Yes, Audra is a magic child. But, to be fair, she is not that far from being a squib. Her magic always comes out sloppy and "wingardium leviosa" is the only spell that she managed to learn before the fifty attempts.
    This depressed Audra greatly, but didn't get in the way of making friends, finding adventures and generally, doing what kids do - growing in to a teenager.

    Adulthood: -



    While I have been playing role plays for last 6 years, this is my first role play in English.

    A lot of clicking around adds threads in different places.

    This one.

    Trying out role playing in English.


Audra Imbert
Audra Imbert

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IMBERT, Audra Ugne Empty Re: IMBERT, Audra Ugne

Post by Khaat Lupin Wed Jan 30, 2013 4:36 am

Welcome, Audra! Great app. I truly enjoyed reading it, and I look forward to seeing your posts on the boards. Accepted and sorted into Hufflepuff!

If you need anything just give a shout!

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