WILSON, Sean Alexander
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WILSON, Sean Alexander

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WILSON, Sean Alexander Empty WILSON, Sean Alexander

Post by Sean Wilson Fri Nov 23, 2012 5:06 pm




    FULL NAME: Sean Alexander Wilson


    AGE: 11

    ALLEGIANCE: Potter’s Army

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw or Gryffindor

    CLASSES: Charms, DADA, Transfiguration

    WAND: Yew, unicorn hair, 11 inches, supple

    PLAY BY: Chandler Canterbury


    HAIR COLOR:Dark brown

    EYE COLOR: Bright blue

    HEIGHT: 4’8

    BODY TYPE: Skinny

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Sean is a rather small, skinny boy. Most of the time he is fairly nimble on his feet, and when he walks he has a spring in his step. He usually wears a polo shirt and small cargo pants, along with a jacket. At school, he naturally wears the house robes.


    High IQ

    Doesn’t trust easily
    Talks too much at times

    Video games

    Extreme temperature

    To be strong with and without magic
    To make up for the fire he started (see below)

    He is a very picky eater

    BOGGART: Fire

    PATRONUS: The first time he saw Hogwarts. He adores castles, and the giant majestic one blew his mind. It was everything he’d always dreamed of

    DEMENTOR: Being brutally tortured by bullies in grade school.

    VERITASERUM: That he was the one who set his first house on fire

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To be accepted by those around him

    PERSONALITY: Sean is a bright-eyed boy who is early to rise late to bed. He likes to get work done, and then is a little mischievous when he does everything expected of him. So, in short, he is a good kid, who cares about people, but likes to cause trouble for those who irritate him.

    When he’s not causing trouble or doing work, his personality traits include being hyper and friendly to most people around him. He’s very amiable and doesn’t like to hurt people, and most of his offenses are victimless.


    FATHER: Barrow Wilson

    MOTHER: Alice Wilson

    SIBLING(S): None

    OTHER: None

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood (Mom is a witch)

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class


    None (yet)

    A necklace with a small aquamarine set into a circular amulet.


    Early Years: As a young child going to muggle school (“in case he didn’t take after you” his father would say when Alice would object) Sean was bullied and picked on for being small and weak, and not being interested in things he considered silly. For instance, some boys liked to punch each other to see who could stand it the longest. Because he didn’t like this, Sean was hit more often and dunked in the toilet. But he did fencing, and enjoyed it. He still wishes to do things with it today, but hogwarts makes it difficult.

    But then he showed magical properties, and his entire life changed. After being slightly traumatized by the bullies, his mother practically yanked him out of muggle school and began to explain more about magic. However, things weren’t always good after that. Because one day, while his mother was out and his father was asleep, Sean knocked over a candle and set the house on fire. This caused him to have a fear of fire, which carried over into his Hogwarts life.

    Hogwarts Years: Not much yet, he only just got there!

    Adulthood: (At least 1 paragraph of your characters history after Hogwarts)


    YOUR NAME: Call me Varod or Cody, guys. That’s what most of you know me as anyway.

    RP EXPERIENCE: Four years of hardcore RPing, been here a few times. You all know me.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I honestly don’t remember

    OTHER CHARACTERS:I had Varod Gilther, Garulia Slither, and Larko Abercrombie. I am scrapping those, though.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I want a new start, and I also want to start a plot at Hogwarts!

    RP SAMPLE: Already have had characters.

Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson
First Year Hufflepuff
First Year Hufflepuff

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WILSON, Sean Alexander Empty Re: WILSON, Sean Alexander

Post by Keith Nicholas Sat Nov 24, 2012 4:27 am

Glad to see some more first years. Accepted.

The hat was too big - it slipped over Sean's eyes and left him unable to see anything. He could still feel their eyes on him though. Hundreds of pairs, watching, waiting for baited breath. Waiting for..."Me to speak, of course," came a voiceless echo from within the back corner of his mind. It was an incredibly odd sensation, almost like remembering something that had never been said. Sean flinched instinctively. "Oh, you're a clever one, aren't you Sean?" The voice asked, seemingly unsurprised by his reaction. "But you don't let that define you no...hm...what does define you? I hope you don't mind if I dig a little deeper."

Whether he minded or not, Sean wasn't able to respond before the Sorting Hat did just that, diving deeper into his thoughts and memories, dragging images of bullies and toilets and fire to the surface of his brain. "Interesting..." the Sorting Hat said. "Fear defines you." It chuckled. "I think I know the cure for that."

Keith Nicholas

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