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COLLINS-MORIUCHI, Jake Michael Li9olo10

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Since every few months or so a few of our old members get the inspiration to revisit their old stomping grounds we have decided to keep PA open as a place to revisit old threads and start new ones devoid of any serious overarching plot or setting. Take this time to start any of those really weird threads you never got to make with old friends and make them now! Just remember to come say hello in the chatbox below or in the discord. Links have been provided in the "Comings and Goings" forum as well as the welcome widget above.


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Post by Evander Yaxley Mon Nov 12, 2012 4:47 pm

COLLINS-MORIUCHI, Jake Michael Tumblr_m7uahbTI471rcqhmwo1_500



    FULL NAME: Jake Michael Collins-Moriuchi

    NICKNAMES: Jakey - Used by his younger sister only. Mori - Used, at first, to tease him about being Japanese, now only close friends

    AGE: Twenty

    ALLEGIANCE: Order of the Phoenix

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ex-Gyffindor

    CLASSES: --

    WAND: 12 vinewood, unicorn hair, rigid

    PLAY BY: Takahiro "Taka" Morita


    HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown

    EYE COLOR: Dark Brown

    HEIGHT: 6 feet even

    BODY TYPE: Slender

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Jake has a sort of strange mixture between a Scottish father and a Japanese mother. You'd think that his father's traits would dominate more than his mother's but that isn't the case for him. His mother has long, straight and dark hair, along with dark brown, beautiful eyes. His father on the other hand, has red, short and curly hair, with strong, green eyes. While Jake had the strong eyes and short curly hair of his father, he had the dark colored hair and eyes of his mother. He even looks a lot more like his mother than his father. Some people would believe that Jake wasn't his son. But his sense of style is somewhat like that of his father. Jake would never be caught wearing skinny jeans, but he does love to wear pants and long sleeved shirts, even in the summer. He is also proud of his Japanese heritage, and whenever he gets the chance he will wear the traditional kimono most Japanese people wear.


    001. Stubborn
    002. Bold
    003. Brave
    004. Thoughful
    005. Loyal
    006. Outgoing
    007. Protective
    008. Hard Working
    009. Worrisome
    010. Intelligent
    011. Hot-Headed
    012. Respectful
    013. Tempermental
    014. Athletic
    015. Adventurous

    001. Adventure
    002. Music
    003. Singing
    004. Playing in a band
    005. Pumpkin Juice
    006. Camping
    007. Writing
    008. Video Games
    009. Coffee
    010. Spring
    011. Oreos
    012. The Ministry
    013. The Order
    014. Rain
    015. Duels

    001. Bright Lights
    002. When it's too quiet
    003. Heat
    004. Crying
    005. His parents
    006. Death Eaters
    007. Most Slytherins
    008. Being Helpless
    009. Boy w/ his younger sister
    010. Purebloods
    011. Being treated unfairly
    012. Losing
    013. Cheaters
    014. Liars
    015. Snobs

    001. Graduate Hogwarts
    002. Join the Order
    003. Make a band
    004. Get a good job
    005. Keep his family safe

    001. Bite lips
    002. Taps fingers and feet
    003. Sings when bored
    004. Licks lips
    005. Nods head to anything with rhythm
    006. Always carries around some kind of instrument

    BOGGART: LoLosing everyone he loves

    PATRONUS: When he met his best friends in his first year/made his band with them in their fifth year

    DEMENTOR: Seeing his sister sprawled out at the bottom of a flight of stairs she had fallen from

    VERITASERUM: Though he tells others that his parents kicked him out unjustly, he knows he deserved it.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: [See his goals?]

    PERSONALITY: Jake is a true Gryffindor at heart. That's the best way he can be seen, no matter how people view him. Some think he's brave, bold, smart and always willing to protect those he loves. Others think, he's stupid, stubborn, rash and rushes into things without thinking. All those traits, whether most admit it or not, are Gryffindor traits. All in all that's what he is, but that doesn't mean that he can't be loving or kind towards others. Jake will do anything he can to keep those close to him safe, even if it could potentially cost him his life. Nothing matters more to him than his friends and family, even if he does have problems with his parents.

    Jake can often be reckless and though he doesn't like to admit it, he's also very intelligent. He tends to keep this a "secret" from most peoiple though. He feels that if he shows just how smart he really is, people will expect more of him, whether it's good or bad, he doesn't know or care. But he can't exactly keep it a secret anymore, if he doesn't do his work right, he knows he'll be fired and he can't let that happen, so he's stepped up his game with it. Yet, he's still managed to keep people from raising their expectations of him.


    FATHER: Luis Emmanuel Collins - Pureblood | Fourty-two | Order Member | Auror |

    MOTHER: Masamori "Mary" Moriuchi [Nee Collins] - Halfblood | Fourty | Neutral | Auror |

    SIBLING(S): Mayleen Tsubaki Collins-Moriuchi - Halfblood | Fifteen | Potter's Army |

    OTHER: Angel Miguel Collins - Pureblood | Fourty-four | Order Member | Spirit Specialist | Uncle
    Angelique Artemis Jacobson [Nee Collins] - Halfblood | Fourty-one | Neutral | Stay-at-home wife | Political Aunt

    Leslie Jazmine Collins - Halfblood | Fifteen | Potter's Army | Cousin
    James Kyle Collins - Halfblood | Sixteen | Dark Followers | Cousin
    Alexander Mitchell Collins - Halfblood |Eighteen | Death Eater | Cousin

    Anali Jay Marti-Collins - Halfblood | Three | Daughter

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class

    Cat named Duke
    Dog named Atem


    Gold ring - belonged to his father
    Silver necklace - Belongs to Mayleen but she refuses to wear it


    Early Years: Jake was born in the Spring of 2005 to Luis and Masamori Collins. He is the oldest of two children, his younger sibling being his sister, Mayleen who is fifteen. Since he was born, Jake was a very strong, loving boy who always helped his parents whenever they needed him. Since he was a young boy, his father always took him camping. It was for his fifth birthday when his father took him camping for the first time. He loved being in the forest, surrounded by the plants and the animals. Since that day, Jake always begged his father to take him camping. Jake also always showed a strong interest in dueling. Even since before he could go to Hogwarts, he always asked his parents to tell him about spells he could use in duels, though he was never allowed to use them, being underage. He studied them as best he could without using them though.

    A few months after his fifth birthday, his sister Mayleen was born. Jake felt a strange mixture of emotions to the birth of his younger sister. On one hand he was overjoyed with having a younger sister. But on the other hand, he was a bit worried about it. He knew that now, because he was the youngest, he would be blamed most of the time for any mistakes Mayleen made. Anything bad that she did, he thought he was always going to get in trouble for it. To his relief though, Mayleen almost always took responsibility for her actions.

    Hogwarts Years: When he turned eleven and recieved his letter to Hogwarts, Jake and the rest of his family was extrememly overjoyed with knowing that he was going to study magic at the school. Well, most of the family. Mayleen, who had grown extremely attatched to Jake, threw a tantrum that nearly caused her death. She had gotten so angry that he would be leaving her behind for five years until she was old enough to go to Hogwarts as well, that after screaming at everyone that she didn't want him to leave and storming off, she slipped down a long flight of stairs. She was sent tumbling down the stairs with a piercing scream that could've nearly broken all the glass in the house. Jake was the first one to arrive at the top of the stairs and he screamed when he saw Mayleen sprawled out awkwardly at the bottom. What was even worse was that she was bleeding.

    He screamed for his parents to get there quickly while he ran dow the stairs to get to Mayleen quickly. They were able to get her to the hospital quickly and though the Healers healed every scratch and bruise she had gotten from the accident, they said that Mayleen could've suffered some kind of trauma and that she needed to be observed. She was kept in St. Mungo's for a few months in observations, and though Jake wanted to stay with his sister during that time, he was sent off to Hogwarts with the image of his sister in the hospital bed will stuck in his head.

    He still managed to have a fun first year though, after meeting the two people who quickly became his best friends, Callin and Mary. He was sorted into Gryffindor along with the two of them and they began to spend most of their time together, rarely separating unless it was absolutely necessary.Due to some odd circumstances though, the three of them were forced to repeat their seventh year, but for different reasons.

    Adulthood: After repeating his seventh year, Jake graduated and went on to get a job in the Ministry of Magic. He became a beast specialist in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, and he also joined the Order of the Phoenix just like his father and uncle had after they graduated.

    Six months before the summer of 2026, Jake received a big surprise. Unknown to him, a past girlfriend from when he had been in his seventh year for the first time, had gotten pregnant but she refused to tell him about it. It had been near the end of the year and she had graduated. He hadn't heard anything from her since and he wondered why she refused to talk to him anymore.

    Now he knew.

    Anali had been dropped off with him by Amara's parents, telling him that she had been in an accident and hadn't survived it. While he had not been there for the first three years of his daughter's life, as a request from Amara before she passed, they were giving her to her father. Jake hadn't known how to react and after talking with Amara's parents about what had happened, he accepted that she was his daughter and he took her in.


    YOUR NAME: Kimmy

    RP EXPERIENCE: Two years in December!


    OTHER CHARACTERS: Derp. I forget.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Just a revamp


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Post by Keith Nicholas Thu Nov 15, 2012 3:34 am

Accepted, and sorted into GRADUATES.
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