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Damon Ambrojze

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Post by Damon Ambrojze Sun Nov 11, 2012 3:48 am



    FULL NAME: Damon Kevin Azrael Melanthios Ambrojze


    AGE: Unknown.

    ALLEGIANCE: Himself

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Did not attend.

    WAND TYPE: oak + dragon heartstring (stolen)

    PLAY BY: Dylan Moran


    HAIR COLOR: brown

    EYE COLOR: blue-grey

    HEIGHT: 6ft 3in

    BODY TYPE: slender, see also below.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: At first glance, Damon's tall and slightly gawky appearance belies his true physique. His strength is not only derived only from the heightened abilities of being a vampire but also from his own predilection towards exercise. Of course, a diet of almost pure protein has its own advantages.


    lack of compunction


    weakness in others,
    order & hierarchy

    other vampires

    GOALS: Survival of the fittest. He wants to get rid of the competition.

    QUIRKS: Damon actually has a pretty good sense of humour at times.

    BOGGART: There are so many blood-borne diseases these days. That's pretty scary.

    PATRONUS: Every kill is its own best memory

    DEMENTOR: The stupid things he did back when he had a conscience.

    AMORENTIA: liquorice, musk, sweat

    MIRROR OF ERISED: to get a bad-ass nickname that strikes terror into the heart of all who hear it. Oh, and to kill off all the other vampires.

    PERSONALITY: Damon's personality is complex, as it retains remnants of his humanity filtered through the distorted lens of vampirism. As a human, he was a genuine and empathetic person and when he first was changed, there were still traces of these traits left within him. Damon now thinks of such personality traits as a bad habit that he is better off without. However, the fact is still that he is able to deceive by drawing on the experience of having those characteristics. He can project the appearance of being as he once was.

    Damon is not only a vampire, he is a vampire who has embraced his life (unlife?) as a creature who lives off the death of others. Unlike the newly transformed, he has no emotional ties in the form of family or friends. He does not pity humans while he's sucking them dry any more than humans pity cows while they're eating a steak.

    He is not a monster, he is merely doing what he needs to, to survive. He doesn't believe he's lost his soul, if he ever had one to begin with. So far as he can see, the only reason wizards are prejudiced against vampires is because they're further down the food chain.


    FATHER: Ezekiel Ambrose (dead)

    MOTHER: Godiva Ambrose (dead)

    SIBLING(S): Frederick, Markos, Rouben, Valent, Benedikta (all dead)

    OTHER: N/A


    RACE: Vampire

    SOCIAL STATUS: Somewhat wealthy. Mostly in assets stolen from food.


    Pre Change: Prior to becoming a vampire, Damon was a considerate and kind young man, though not in such a way as to get himself looked down on by his peers. He was respectful to the women in the town and applied himself well to his job in the manner of the younger of five brothers and one who could not necessarily count on a great inheritance.

    At the time that he lived, Hogwarts was like many schools, a luxury afforded for children of well off parents did not need their help at home or their income from a real job. Although he was magically inclined, Damon never attended the school.

    Damon was turned into a vampire as he walked the miles home slightly the worse for wear from drink. He was in his late twenties and had spent the night attempting to woo the innkeeper's daughter. Damon doesn't actually remember being attacked and so assumes the vampire who attacked him left him for dead. This is one of the reasons he himself always takes precautions to avoid accidentally changing someone.

    Post Change: It took quite a long time for Damon to come to terms with being a vampire. Quite apart from figuring out what had happened to him, he had to deal with suddenly being unable to communicate with anyone he knew lest he endanger them. His transformation into the person he is today did not come easily or naturally.

    Damon's solution was to get as far from the reminder of his former life as he could. He changed the spelling of his surname so that it could not be traced to his relatives. He travelled across Europe and occasionally encountered other vampires who were able to educate him about ways of going undetected amongst humans and about their ideas of why and how vampires existed. Many of the vampires he met were self-loathing, and these he despised.

    As he moved, Damon could contrast the different ways vampires lived. In cities, they banded together and fed at strictly enforced intervals so as to remain undetected by humans. In rural areas, they had more freedom and were more savage. Of course, both "types" of vampires had elitist attitudes towards the others, just as all humanoid creatures seemed to. It was during this time he realised what needed to change. Vampires never died. Every vampire who was created was competition for all, and there was only a limited food source. There needed to be less vampires.


    YOUR NAME: Hayley


    HOW YOU FOUND US: same as always

    OTHER CHARACTERS: all of them??

    RP SAMPLE: ner ner ni nah nah

Damon Ambrojze
Damon Ambrojze

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Damon Ambrojze Empty Re: Damon Ambrojze

Post by Elijah Krum Sun Nov 11, 2012 10:38 am

Somewhat wealthy. Mostly in assets stolen from food.

That, I love. :3

Anyway. Very nice. Wink I like. Don't forget to claim his playby and all the other house-keeping necessary. It's nice to see Damon back. Smile

Accepted and sorted into Other. Very Happy

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