DAWLISH, Zandell Tyler
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DAWLISH, Zandell Tyler

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DAWLISH, Zandell Tyler Empty DAWLISH, Zandell Tyler

Post by Victoria Aramani Mon Oct 15, 2012 1:51 am

DAWLISH, Zandell Tyler Nolan-Gerard-Funk-s02



    FULL NAME: Zandell Tyler Dawlish


    AGE: Fifteen

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff

    CLASSES: Transfigurarion, DADA & Charms

    WAND: 12 inch black wood, dragon scale core, slightly flexible

    PLAY BY: Nolan Gerard Funk


    HAIR COLOR: Brown - red
    "My hair is a mixture of my mum and and my dad's hair. Mum has long, red, flowing beautiful hair. And Dad had short curly brown hair. Both their hair colors show in me and most people tell me that I am the picture of both of them in so many things. Mostly my hair."

    EYE COLOR: Blue - green
    "My eyes are basically the same as my hair - a mixture of mum and dad. I'm sure you can guess which color belongs to who. Right, Mum has the beautiful bright green eyes, and Dad has the passionate ocean blue eyes."

    HEIGHT: 6 feet even
    "I have the height of Dad. He is the taller one of my parents, and he is quite proud of his height. I am too. Being six feet has it's advantages but also it's disadvantages, like making it hard for me to hide among certain people. Not that I mind really."

    BODY TYPE: Slender - Athletic
    "Alright, I know I don't usually seem it, but yes. I do have an athletic build. I usually look slim because of the clothes I wear. Don't judge me before you know these things alright?"

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Zandell is a mixture between his mother and father. There's no other way to describe it, he looks exactly like they do. Both of them, however unlikely that can be, it's true. His brow - red hair is definitely a mix between his mother's long red hair and his father's short curly brown hair. Zandell has natural curly hair though, and he straightens it so he can seem more like his mother - he prefers how she looks to how his father does. His eyes are pretty much the same as his hair, a mixture between his mother's and his father's. Zandell has his mother's green colored eyes but they're mixed with his father's ocean blue colored eyes as well. The boy likes to wear baggy clothes which make him seem slim and skinny rather than slender and athletic as his build really is.


    001. Playful
    002. Loyal
    003. Comforting
    004. Honest
    005. Helpful
    006. Thoughtful
    007. Quick
    008. Energetic
    009. Alert
    010. Imaginative
    011. Good listener
    012. Secretive
    013. Unfocused
    014. Pessimistic
    015. Fearful
    016. Indifferent
    017. Naive
    018. Argumentative
    019. Indifferent
    020. Superstitious

    001. Quidditch
    002. Music
    003. Art
    004. Photography
    005. Animals
    006. Nature

    001. Hospitals
    002. Rainy Days
    003. Cold weather
    004. Goblins
    005. Heights
    006. Drawing

    001. Graduate
    002. Fall in love
    003. Keep his family together
    004. Get a good job after graduation

    001. Bites nails
    002. Licks lips
    003. Paces when nervous
    004. Chews inside of lip
    005. Looks around a lot
    006. Touches his hair a lot

    BOGGART: Vampires

    PATRONUS: Learning to ride a broom

    DEMENTOR: Almost falling off a broom when he was learning to fly

    VERITASERUM: Sometimes wishes he wasn't a Hufflepuff

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Protect his family from any danger

    PERSONALITY: Zandell has the calm nature of his mother but the bold nature of his father at the same time. He can usually talk his way out of an argument so it doesn't get physical but when it does, as it sometimes does, he is quick to act. Zandell doesn't like to give up easily and will usually keep going until he had either no energy or is out-matched by his opponent. At first glance he doesn't seem it, but Zandell is a very caring and loving person. He doesn't like to see anyone in danger or pain, which to some guys make him seem gay. That is something he isn't, it was just the way he was raised. He'll help anyone in need, no matter who it is.


    FATHER: John Dawlish

    MOTHER: Nessie Williams [nee Dawlish]

    SIBLING(S):Name used for NPC Purposes
    Jonathan Kendall Dawlish | Thirteen | Slytherin

    OTHER: --

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class

    Owl named Scarlett




    Early Years: Zandell was loved from the moment he was born. There was no doubt about it that he was one of the most loved children in the world, as his parents so often put it. Even when his brother was born when Zandell was two years old, the affection he was given was never lost. In fact it seemed to grow more, but that didn't mean that Jonathan got any less. Whenever he felt like he was being ignored, Zandell immediately got his parents to turn their attention to his brother. And, in fact, sometimes he was glad that the attention was off him. The two boys were loved equally, and they could tell - as anyone could. Their parent's friends could immediately tell, as both of them talked so much about their children and the two boys were always so happy.

    Hogwarts Years: The bond between Zandell and Jonathan was bigger than anyone could tell. They did almost everything together and never wanted to be separated. Of course since there was a two year gap between the two of them, Zandell was sent off to Hogwarts before Jonathan and that made both boys upset, Jonathan more so than Zandell though. None the less, he promised his younger brother that he would write as often as he could and that he would always be there for anything Jonathan needed. When he got to Hogwarts, Zandell was amazed by how large the castle was. With his personality the way it was, the Sorting Hat was quick to place him in Hufflepuff, where Zandell didn't mind being sorted. He was happy wherever he was, which explained why he fit in the best there.

    When it was Jonathan's turn to go to Hogwarts, they were both so excited to be able to go to school together again. But it was short lived when the Hat decided to place Jonathan in Slytherin, no matter how much he pleaded to go into Hufflepuff. But that didn't separate the boys any further, like a different house placement usually did. In fact it made them grow closer together, and they eventually coped with being in different classes because they always saw each other anyways.

    Adulthood: He's only fifteen, silly.


    YOUR NAME: Kim


    HOW YOU FOUND US: Been a member for a while now

    OTHER CHARACTERS: You should know by now

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Hopefully to get some good plotting done.


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DAWLISH, Zandell Tyler Empty Re: DAWLISH, Zandell Tyler

Post by Sophia Granger Mon Oct 15, 2012 2:00 am

Ooh... I like him, accepted and sorted into Hugglepuff I mean Hufflepuff!
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