LOPEZ, Santana Grey
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LOPEZ, Santana Grey

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LOPEZ, Santana Grey Empty LOPEZ, Santana Grey

Post by Santana Lopez Mon Sep 24, 2012 9:30 am

LOPEZ, Santana Grey Couchq



    FULL NAME: Santana Grey Lopez

    NICKNAMES: Lo, Santa, Grey Grey

    AGE: 22

    ALLEGIANCE: Order Member

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ex-Gryffindor

    Potions - E
    Charms - O
    DADA - O
    Transfiguration - O
    HOM - A
    Study of Ancient Runes - E
    Muggle Studies - A

    WAND: Holly, Unicorn Tail Hair, Fairly Heavy, 13'', Different shades of brown from handle to tip, Best for offensive spells

    PLAY BY: Sarah Hyland


    HAIR COLOR: Black

    EYE COLOR: Brown

    HEIGHT: 5'8''

    BODY TYPE: Thin w/ curves

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Santana is tall, and has jet black hair. She had dark eyes, which go with her hair, and always has a smile. She is a Half-Metamorphmagus, so she can change her appearance, except her hair and eyes.


    Social Intelligent


    Chocolate Milk
    Scaring people
    Thriller books

    Being scared
    The dark
    The thought of commitment

    To become an amazing Auror
    To rid the world of all bad

    Plays with her hair
    Her hair + eye colour won't change
    Taps her lap
    Trips over everything

    Losing her abilities of Half-Metamorphmagus

    Discovering being Half-Metamorphmagus

    Being teased by pupils due to not be a pure Metamorphmagus

    Threatened a teacher, pretending to be a principal

    To become Head of the Department of Aurors, and live a long joyful life

    Santana is very bright and bubbly, she spends more or less of her time reading, and practising spells. She is a very good liar, this skill usually works to her advantage, sometimes it doesn't. Santana is very nice, until you cross her, then it's personal. She is a very big gossip, and is very sarcastic.


    FATHER: Julio Lopez (Vampire, Deceased)

    MOTHER: Bernadette Grey (Deceased)

    SIBLING(S): Jack Lopez

    OTHER: Barbera Blake (Inventor of Densaugeo)

    BLOOD STATUS: Half-Blood

    RACE: Half-Metamorphmagus

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle-Class

    PET(S): Black Cat (Grant)


    Early Years: As a child, Santana had it all. A mansion in London and a villa in Hawaii. She was spoilt, and basically a brat. Santana was able to start duelling at a young age, due to having a duelling platform in her house.

    Hogwarts Years: She was sorted into Gryffindor, in her first year, and was cheered very much, form her fellow pupils, she considered herself a Ravenclaw but the Sorting Hat, didn't think so. In her 2nd year, she went through some personal issues, and had to leave Hogwarts, due to her mo=um getting cancer, she died just before Santana got home, that Easter. She skipped back to her third year, and didn't do 2nd year again. In her fourth year, she went to the Yule Ball with Charles Grenditch. Her fifth year, she received all E's in her OWL's except for DADA which she received an O.
    Her sixth year was when she discovered she wanted to become an Auror. In her seventh year, she received amazing grades in her NEWTS.

    Adulthood: When she turned 18, she became independent. She received an internship in the Auror department, and got her certificate when she turned 20. She has been removing evil around the world for half a year, and is an Order Member


    YOUR NAME: Dan

    RP EXPERIENCE: Various Sites

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Google

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Bella Evans, Mystique McKay, Chad Taylor and Victoria McLaggen

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To become an Auror

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Santana Lopez
Santana Lopez

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LOPEZ, Santana Grey Empty Re: LOPEZ, Santana Grey

Post by Khaat Lupin Mon Sep 24, 2012 5:06 pm

she looks fine to me.

accepted and sorted into grads
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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