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POTTER, James Sirius

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POTTER, James Sirius Empty POTTER, James Sirius

Post by James S. Potter Thu Sep 13, 2012 11:32 pm

POTTER, James Sirius James_by_godsmackgrl13-d5eucn3

James Sirius Potter


    *Just like to make a note that I realize this application isn’t following the character of Ginny Weasley from this website very well when I discuss James’ mother, but I am focusing on the Ginny I knew in the books. The character made here did not echo the Ginny I envisioned from the books at all.

    FULL NAME: James Sirius Potter


    AGE: 22

    ALLEGIANCE: Order of the Phoenix

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor


    WAND: Cypress, Phoenix Feather, 11 inches, Rigid

    PLAY BY: Jamie Dornan


    HAIR COLOR: dark brown

    EYE COLOR: brown

    HEIGHT: 5’9”

    BODY TYPE: thin and muscular

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: While James inherited his father’s untidy hair, he did not inherit his vivid green eyes, nor his mother's brown. His eyes are hazel; brown with flecks of green in the iris. His eyes are framed by lush eyelashes, positioned under a slightly prominent brow. Having a square jaw and strong chin, inherited from his mother, coupled with his deep set eyes, thick eyebrows, and full lips; James has always been told he is more handsome than his father.
    Looking at his face, you can see an optimistic and caring person who has been changed by the circumstances around him. His lips are tight and tense, however there is evidence of laugh lines in the corners of his lips and eyes, obviously formed there from a person who has laughed and smiled much in their life. His eyes still hold a reflection of James’ warmth and mischievous nature, though now they are hard and steely with cynicism rather than bright and sparkling with innocent humor.
    James has a thin, yet athletic build; perfect for a Chaser in the sport of Quidditch. James gravitates towards the color black and leather. He took a page out of Bill Weasley’s book, and wears a fanged earring.


    Strong in his beliefs

    Can be ruthless
    A bit arrogant at times

    Women (not in a permanent manner)

    Death Eaters
    Dark Arts
    Clingy women
    People who scrape their fork against their teeth

    Discover the fate of his father.
    Completely destroy the Death Eater movement.
    Create a safe and tolerant atmosphere in the wizarding world.
    Live up to his father’s name.
    Win the Quidditch World Cup.

    James is a bit superstitious, though in reverse. He adores black cats, and his favorite number is 13. He carries his father’s old DA coin with him for good luck.

    BOGGART: Losing those closest to him.

    PATRONUS: It is the best prank James has ever pulled. It had just turned midnight; the first morning of summer break. James had snuck out of the house to a muggle payphone just around the corner at a convenience store. He took full advantage of the fact that his mother kept a muggle phone in their home, and called it from the payphone. A sleepy mother answered, and the 16 year old James confessed to his mother that he had just been arrested by the muggle police, and they had confiscated his wand. James was standing on the sidewalk in plain view of his mother as she hurried out of their home to go and rescue her son from the police station, laughing fit to burst. Safe to say that his mom did not find the joke nearly as funny.

    DEMENTOR: The rare tears his mother cried as she informed the rest of the family of the claims that Lord Voldemort had killed their father.

    VERITASERUM: James often feels pressured to live up to an expectation that he believes others have for him to live up to his father’s name. He often wishes that his father had never become famous, so he could be a normal child.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To see his family whole again.

    PERSONALITY: James was an optimistic and good humored young man before his world crashed down around him. The James everyone knew and loved is no more. James has been driven to a more pessimistic view on life, becoming cynical and suspicious. Having suffered heartbreak and loss, James fears letting himself get too close to anyone, lest they be wrested from him. This attitude has led to his love of the immaterial and the womanizing attitude he has now inherited. He can get the comfort of a woman’s touch while never becoming closer than a mere acquaintance in this way.

    James’ outer appearance suggests a ruthless and cold man, who cares for nothing and no one. Only those closest to him ever get a glimpse of the warm prankster who hides behind the steely glint of James’ eyes.


    FATHER: Harry Potter

    MOTHER: Ginevra Potter (Weasley)

    SIBLING(S): Albus Severus Potter
    Lily Luna Potter

    OTHER: Ted “Teddy” Remus Lupin – is like family to the Potters
    Arthur Weasley – Grandfather
    Molly Weasley – Grandmother
    Ronald “Ron” Bilius Weasley – Uncle and godfather
    -Hermione Jean Weasley (Granger) – Aunt and godmother
    ---Rose Weasley – Cousin
    ---Hugo Weasley - Cousin
    George Weasley – Uncle
    -Angelina Weasley (Johnson) – Aunt
    ---Fred Weasley – Cousin
    ---Roxanne Weasley - Cousin
    Percy Ignatius Weasley – Uncle
    -Audrey Weasley – Aunt
    ---Molly Weasley – Cousin
    ---Lucy Weasley - Cousin
    Charles “Charlie” Weasley – Uncle
    William “Bill” Weasley – Uncle
    -Fleur Delacour – Aunt
    ---Victiore Weasley – Cousin
    ---Dominique Weasley – Cousin
    ---Louise Weasley - Cousin
    Kreacher – Potter family’s house-elf

    BLOOD STATUS: half-blood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    PET(S): A pure black cat named Doom
    A Blakiston's Fish Owl named Tobias

    BROOMSTICK(): Firebolt

    Harry Potter’s DA Coin
    Sirius’s flying motorcycle (will claim)


    Early Years: James Sirius Potter was born on the 27th of January in 2003, to Ginevra Molly and Harry James Potter. In his earliest years, he proved a most rambunctious child. He was always getting a hold of his parents’ wands, his daddy’s broom, and various other magical items around the house. Young James seemed to be drawn to magic, like a bee to honey.

    James discovered very early on how to effectively push someone right up to, but not past their breaking point. The young boy was full of pranks, and did things to see others laughing, though he did much of the laughing himself.

    It was at the age of 5 that James discovered he had the rare ability to speak to snakes; Parseltongue. Harry had lost the ability when Voldemort murdered the piece of his own soul residing inside Harry, however since he and Ginny were distantly connected through the Peverell line, Harry assumed that this ability had been recessed within their genes for many generations, finally becoming apparent in their son James. Far from enjoying this ability, James developed a near hatred of snakes, not liking their cold-blooded ways. One could surmise that this is the result of Harry’s reaction upon discovering that his son was a Parselmouth. After all, it did drag up some rather awful memories for James’ father.

    When James was 6, the most awful thing that could have happened did…Harry Potter was declared murdered by Lord Voldemort. Though he was fairly young, James still clearly remembers that it was the first and only time he had ever seen his mother cry, though today he is sure she cried more often when not in the presence of her children. Through his mother’s example, James learned to hide his emotions when upset, and often acted out in an overly cheerful manner to hide any inner turmoil he may have.

    At the age of 11, Voldemort still at large, James left home for the first time to begin his education at Hogwarts. He remembers his first ride on the Hogwarts Express clearly. He was blatantly stared at, and there were many whispers behind his back. Many wondered whether James would be their next hope for defeating Voldemort, whether he’d be a rallying point for the resistance against Voldemort. Just as many voices were wondering why Voldemort allowed the Potter family’s continued existence, even allowing them to attend Hogwarts. Surely he would worry that one of them would rise up one day to destroy him. Fearful of what could happen to them for socializing with the Potter boy, James suffered his first ride to Hogwarts alone in the very back cabin.

    Hogwarts Years: Despite that disastrous first ride on the Hogwarts Express, James’ cheery charm and mischievous personality quickly earned him friends within Hogwarts. Despite their six year age difference, Teddy was of course the first and closest friend James had. Being best friends with the head boy only helped James along in his popularity.

    Due to James’ study habits, he was never completely brilliant in his studies, however it was clear that he understood everything that he was taught. He excelled at his exams, especially in Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts. James was also pretty strong in Charms and Potions, and not bad in Herbology. His one weakness was History of Magic, still taught by Professor Binns. Had there been a more interesting teacher, James probably would have done a bit better, but History was by far his most hated subject, especially when his father or Lord Voldemort cropped up.

    During his third year, James took on Care of Magical Creatures and Ancient Runes. He probably would have preferred Muggle Studies, because it would have been an easy ride, but with Lord Voldemort still in charge of the wizarding world, Muggle Studies was all about hating Muggles and why they were inferior, and James just couldn’t stomach it. It was also in his third year that James was taken onto the Gryffindor Quidditch team as the Seeker, just like his father. His broom of choice was the firebolt, which his mother had purchased for him after he had made the team. Despite the fact that he was slightly less skilled than his father, James was still scouted to be the Seeker for the Great Britain team. Though James was extremely happy about this, he couldn’t help but wonder whether their choice was based more on fame than talent.

    In his fifth year, James sat for the OWLS, just like any other fifth year. During his meeting with his head of house regarding careers, James expressed interest in being an Auror. His OWL grades were:
    Astronomy: E
    Charms: E
    Defense Against the Dark Arts: O
    Herbology: E
    History of Magic: D
    Potions: O
    Transfiguration: O
    Care of Magical Creatures: A
    Ancient Runes: E

    It was after he received his OWL grades that summer, and as he was getting ready for his 6th year, that it became apparent why Lord Voldemort had not ordered the Potter family murdered. It was during his 6th year that Lord Voldemort began to attempt to recruit James to join the Death Eaters. This understandably infuriated James, who could not understand why the Dark Lord would even try to recruit the son of someone he had murdered. James had no idea that Voldemort could not understand the magic of love and the bonds it holds between people.

    It was also in his 6th year that James fell in love with a girl named Jamie Prophet. They had met at a school dance, and began to have feelings for her that he did not feel for any other girl. They started dating towards the middle of their 6th year, and it was towards the end of the 7th year that James had been planning on asking for her hand in marriage, so sure was he that their love was lasting. Then there was the bombshell turned James' world upside down; Jamie had cheated on James with a man named Elijah Krum. Heartbroken and angry, James left her, never looking back.

    It was in his 7th year that it was announced that Vampires and Werewolves would be accepted into the school, and things really began to heat up. James had little problem with the new students, as his best friend’s father had been a werewolf, but it bothered numerous others and tensions began to rise within the school. Voldemort’s followers approached James more often now, trying to convince him to join them. They told him many lies, saying his father was alive and he could see him was the most tempting, but James’ hatred for the Death Eaters kept him far from succumbing.

    Despite the distractions, James still managed to attain top grades in his NEWTS; even managing to become a registered Animagus through the course of his transfiguration class. He could become a black wolf at will.

    Adulthood: After graduating, James immediately joined the Order in the fight against Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Making it clear that he would never join the Death Eaters, he was now a target to the most dangerous of the dark wizards. Despite his assertion that he would never love any woman again, James met the second love of his life while working for the Order. Her name was Kanade Tachibana, and she had come all the way from Japan to stand against Voldemort and his followers. After only six months of dating, once again, James was considering marriage. Yet again it was not to be; Kanade was kidnapped by Lord Voldemort and his followers.

    Mounting a daring rescue, with Teddy and other members of the Order, James managed to break the defenses around the area where Kanade was being kept and came face to face with Voldemort. He would also come face to face with the truth.

    Upon entering the room where Kanade was being held, James came face to face with a surprise. Voldemort was standing in the middle of the room, Kanade standing calmly at his side. With Voldemort watching in delight, Kanade spurned James, revealing that she had been working under Voldemort’s orders the whole time. Her duty had been to get close to the Potter boy and gauge the extent of his power, and after giving the Dark Lord all the information on him and the Order she could; she was to kill him.

    James was devastated. In his fury, he began to duel the Dark Lord, who seemed to hardly able to stave off the young man’s attack. In the chaos, Voldemort’s hold over Kanade was broken, and she ran towards James, tears streaming down her face. Before James could react, Voldemort turned his wand upon Kanade, hitting her squarely with the killing curse then fled with the rest of the Order on his tail. James caught Kanade in his arms, but she was already dead. It later came to light that Kanade had indeed been a member of the Death Eaters, but she had fallen in love with James, and had attempted to abandon Lord Voldemort. She had been apprehended and Imperiused to goad and distract James with anger when he arrived to rescue her. The plan had been to kill James, but Voldemort’s plan had failed.

    That next year, under the command of Ne'os Emof, the Order once again engaged in a battle against Lord Voldemort. James fought his hardest to be the one to commit the final act of taking out the Dark Lord, however he had been held up by Voldemort’s disciples, and Ne’os ended up with the grandest honor of dispatching the Lord Voldemort. James felt that he had failed in his quest to live up to his father’s name. He felt it should have been him to kill the Dark Lord. An even more heart-breaking event happened that day, however. It was during the second great battle against Voldemort that James’ mother was killed, many believe by Voldemort himself. Not only did James have to bury the love of his life, he was now burying his mother as well, whom he had loved very dearly.

    Being the eldest, the responsibility of his two siblings lay on James’ shoulders. His godfather had offered the task of raising the remaining two children, however James wanted the responsibility himself, feeling he owed it to them for letting their mother die. Albus only had one year left at Hogwarts anyways. James kept mostly out of the affair with Grindelwald, concentrating on his siblings, and still in a deep grief. James renounced any woman who tried to get close to him, and took up driving aimlessly on his flying motorcycle for hours. It was only when the second battle for Hogwarts began that James roused himself from his grief to once again help the Order. His sister was in Hogwarts, and he needed to be there to protect her. James is now once again active for the Order, volunteering for any mission which he feels will bring him more prestige, still trying to live up to the expectation he believes others expect of him.


    YOUR NAME: Desirae

    RP EXPERIENCE: 10 years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: google: Harry Potter roleplay

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Saoirse O’Connell

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I feel James should be a very key figure in Harry Potter lore, as he is his oldest son.


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POTTER, James Sirius Empty Re: POTTER, James Sirius

Post by Matthew Lestrange Fri Sep 14, 2012 3:49 am

I know I'm not an admin but I feel the need to inform you that Gaspard Ulliel has already been claimed by our resident Head Admin Darren. xD
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Post by James S. Potter Fri Sep 14, 2012 3:59 am

Has he?! Musta missed it on the face claim. I'll find someone else.

**Edit: Let's try Jamie Dornan. I didn't see him on the face claims.
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Post by Clementine Lovegood Sat Sep 15, 2012 5:23 pm

Hello fine Sir.
Boy do I have things to tell you about Jamie and James.

I'll PM you.
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Post by James S. Potter Sat Sep 15, 2012 9:39 pm

Heya, admin! Please don't accept the application yet. In light of Jamie and James' history, I'm gonna be editing the history a bit. I'll post when I'm ready to have it looked at again.
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Post by James S. Potter Sun Sep 16, 2012 12:36 am

Okay, admin! Guess that didn't take long, lol. We're pretty eager to get started apparently...

Application is done! No more changes need to be made. Thank you!
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Post by Elijah Krum Sun Sep 16, 2012 2:04 pm

Lovely app! Accepted and sorted into graduates! I should think Eli and James should have a thread, aye? Wink

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