DELACOUR, Hélène Robinette
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DELACOUR, Hélène Robinette

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DELACOUR, Hélène Robinette Empty DELACOUR, Hélène Robinette

Post by Alice Rousseau Sun Aug 05, 2012 6:58 pm

DELACOUR, Hélène Robinette Tumblr_lw08b82JAd1qzlhnqo1_500_large



    FULL NAME: Hélène Robinette Delacour.

    NICKNAMES: Lena.

    AGE: Twenty-Two.

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral.

    PROFESSION: Healer at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Beauxbatons.


    ArtExceeds Expectations.
    Ancient StudiesOutstanding.
    AstronomyExceeds Expectations.
    Care of Magical CreaturesAcceptable.
    Defence Against the Dark ArtsOutstanding.
    Earth MagicExceeds Expectations.
    History of Magic Outstanding.
    Music Acceptable.
    PotionsExceeds Expectations.

    WAND: Juniper Wood with a Unicorn Hair and Imp Egg core, 13¾ inches, sturdy.

    PLAY BY: Amber Heard.


    HAIR COLOR: Blonde.

    EYE COLOR: Bright Blue.

    SKIN COLOR: Pale.

    HEIGHT: 5’10.

    BODY TYPE: Slender.

    Good breeding mixed in with Veela blood, it is no wonder the Delacour children are as attractive as they are but one must bear in mind that with such diluted Veela blood, they are not attractive to every young gentleman or lady like their grandmother would have been. Of the three, Hélène is the eldest and the fairest with bright blonde hair that grows lighter if she is in the sun and porcelain skin that does not tan but instead burns. Her shoulders and stomach are particularly sensitive to being burnt by the sun and so as a result she is rather reluctant to wear bikinis or any of the like while on holiday – providing she holidays at all, that is. She is quite a tall young lady and reaches of a height of around 5’10, far taller than most women her age. She is for that reason someone who stands out quite well in a crowd though it is rather embarrassing for her at times when she does so. Gone are the days when she revelled in the open stares of curious people. Now she would just rather be left to her own devices without an audience.

    Now, I shall make this brief, for, you can see what she looks like from the picture above. However, now I shall talk to you about her clothing choices. If you scroll down you fill find out that Hélène is far from frugal and takes great pride in her appearance. It is for those reasons that her wardrobe his filled with incredibly expensive items, some of which she could have done without but bought anyway simply because. She has a great many clothes, some of which her sister borrows and wears also. But what is most notable about her appearance is how well presented she actually is. You’d be hard pressed to find her not made up beautifully or with a hair out of place. She doesn’t sacrifice her appearance for anything or anyone and ensures that she always, always, always looks her absolute best.


    001. Active.
    002. Clumsy.
    003. Fidgety.
    004. Bossy.
    005. Affectionate.
    006. Brave.
    007. Animated.
    008. Cheerful.
    009. Thoughtful.
    010. Meticulous.
    011. Impulsive.
    012. Loyal.
    013. Charming.
    014. Nurturing.
    015. Noisy.
    016. Haughty.
    017. Bilingual.
    018. Hard Working.
    019. Vain.
    020. Spendthrift.
    021. Ambitious.
    022. Impatient.
    023. Not punctual.
    024. Bad liar.
    025. Irritable.
    026. Withdrawn.
    027. Stubborn.
    028. Intelligent.
    029. Vibrant.
    030. Fast learner.

    001. Athletic.
    002. Curse Breaking.
    003. Psychology.
    004. Public Relations.
    005. Healing.
    006. Problem Solving.
    007. Charms.
    008. Sudoku.
    009. General Knowledge.
    010. Cartography.

    001. Dirt and other messy substances.
    002. Pretty faces.
    003. Transfiguration.
    004. Flying.
    005. Her family.
    006. China Shops – ever heard the phrase: “a bull in a china shop?” Yeah, that’s Hélène.
    007. Vices she’d rather not think about.
    008. Coconut – Allergic reaction.
    009. Henna – Allergic reaction.
    010. Grapefruit – Allergic reaction.

    STRONG AREA OF MAGIC: Healing, Hexes and Jinxes.

    WEAK AREA OF MAGIC: Transfiguration and Divination.

    001. Sweets.
    002. Tea.
    003. Early mornings.
    004. sexercising.
    005. Quidditch.
    006. Witch Weekly.
    007. Music.
    008. Lyon in the Spring.
    009. The countryside.
    010. Working.
    011. Gyms.
    012. Pipes.
    013. Literature.
    014. Spa days.
    015. Reading.
    017. Quiet evenings.
    018. Walks.
    019. Children.
    020. Bunnies.

    001. Snails.
    002. Small talk.
    003. Cocktails.
    004. Coffee.
    005. Jam.
    006. Bad shoes.
    007. Parties.
    008. Prejudice.
    009. Hierarchy.
    010. Flying.
    011. Muggle technology.
    012. Being cooped up.
    013. Heights.
    014. Winter.
    015. Long nights.
    016. Pastry.
    017. Late rising.
    018. White meat.
    019. Rodents.
    020. Public transport.

    001. LONG TERM: To purchase a home.
    002. SHORT TERM: To be promoted.
    003. LONG TERM: Settle down somewhere scenic.
    004. SHORT TERM: To have a holiday.
    005. LONG TERM: To gain a Muggle Degree.

    001. Ties her shoelaces in double knots.
    002. Rarely writes in ink, prefers pencil.
    003. Checks her reflection often to frequently.
    004. Her paired clothing has to match – i.e. each sock must be worn with its identical twin.
    005. Signs her letters off with her name and “xo”.

    BOGGART: Loss – it’s not a specific thing each time but she is petrified of losing something or someone that is important in her life and many of her dreams (or rather, nightmares) are devoted to this fear.

    PATRONUS: A swan – Her Patronus memory is that of September 1st 2014 when she first entered Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.

    DEMENTOR: Learning of her father’s death.

    VERITASERUM: She knows the identity of the Death Eater responsible for the murder of her father.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Success, in all manifestations.

    Hélène Delacour is a very accomplished young woman, indeed. At twenty-two she has seen much more of the world than many of those that share her age or are within the early twenties bracket. It is because of this that she has a rather even view of the world and as developed a personality that is quite balanced for someone of her age. Granted though, she is still capable of immense selfishness that is attributed to those of her age. Yet at the same time she can be very loving and very selfless but really, it depends on whether you catch her on a good day or a bad one. Like her younger sister, Hélène is very nice to everyone but depending on her true opinions, that could either be a well established façade or genuine feelings. During her time at Beauxbatons she very much enjoyed being the centre of attention and the object of many of her school mates’ desires. She has grown up quite rapidly in the years since Beauxbatons and so in that respect she has mellowed out, realising that she is part of a bigger picture, a bigger world, and she has come to accept that with surprising grace.

    The young woman is always looking to have a good time as she has become acutely aware of how precious and fleeting life is so she is always hoping to get the best out of every day. She’s impulsive because of that, perhaps even considered to be reckless with a disregard for her health and that of those around her. She’s always looking for something else to do and though she has a high level of concentration, she quickly gets rather bored and becomes fidgety and restless in her seat. It is for that reason that Hélène is a highly active individual as she simply cannot be sat doing nothing for long stretches of time. She can always be found wandering about the hallways of St. Mungo’s with her hands wrapped around a cup of tea, mulling over a case she had or trying to stomach a hard-crusted baguette she’d bought from the canteen and regretted doing so as soon as she’d handed her money over.

    When it comes to money, Hélène is very silly. She is what many refer to as a ‘spendthrift’ and though the money she spends is mostly all hers now; she has not really found a sensible way to manage that money. This is the result of living a rather privileged lifestyle while at home with her parents and so she is learning the hard way how to manage her money and though there has been a drastic improvement from when she first began living on her own, she is still easily bought by sparkling ads and shiny items that are just begging her to purchase them. She’s learning to dampen her expensive taste but it is a very, very slow process and when one is afflicted with vanity, it does not help matters. For you see, Hélène is incredibly proud of her appearance and takes great pride in maintaining her “good looks”. She recognises the fact that her Veela-enhanced looks are not to everyone’s taste but is deluded by the idea that if those she desires do not return her affections, something must be wrong with them – something which was relayed to her more often than not during her childhood by her doting grandmother.

    Now, make no mistake. Though she may seem flighty and irresponsible, there is intelligence behind those bright, mischievous eyes and it is certainly not lacking, either. She is informed by much of what she has experienced and read. She was not one of those that wasted their time at Beauxbatons, fraternising with boys and spending more time worrying about her appearance than she did her studies. She did indulge herself in all three but she tended to focus more on the last than the former two. She is knowledgeable in many areas but, especially in her profession, has no real specialisation. Her interest in all things is boundless and so for any visitor to her apartment, to look at what is placed on her bookshelves or on her bedside table, the contents is very telling as to her mind and what she desires to know.

    The knowledge has allowed her to also consider things that others might not – most notably, her own terrifying mortality which seems to shock her into a fearful silence every time she contemplates it. As blasé as she attempts to be, she can never quite carry it off as. She also muses on politics, history but most often the minds of others which she finds extremely interesting, especially the motivations that fuel many of the actions of those that now find themselves in a cell in Azkaban. She is both childish and rather grown up in this respect. She is also an incredibly fast learner which is due to the many hours she devotes to the act of learning and of reading up on subjects she wishes to study. It is this devotion that makes her rather withdrawn from socialisation and it is this that makes her somewhat irritable when she does have to encounter people that are real and not scratched with little black squiggles onto the surface of a material that once stood tall and mighty amongst its brothers, its head a mop of bright viridian.

    When it comes to her work, there is no holding back. Hélène is meticulous and methodical in her workings, refusing to speed up in her ministrations regardless of the cost. She believes that if you want something great, it must take time and you must be sensible about it. Often you will find her in her little treatment room cum office working on something or another, bent over a text, a cup of coffee in her hand, a small canister of pills in the opposing palm. Above her work station you will find two shelves with bottles of pills designed to do goodness only knows what but appears to be filled with sweets – or are they? This is one of Hélène’s many vices, one she especially wouldn’t want to let slip to anyone. It helps her concentrate, the ‘sweets’ and quite often you will hear the tumble of the treats against the plastic – or sometimes glass – canisters.

    Hélène’s strengths are quite useful if one is to consider her profession. Her shortfalls are her fears and the rather pesky issue she has with ensuring things stay in their right place. Hélène is not clumsy in the traditional sense. She is not constantly tripping over her own feet. No, instead her issue is her large hand gestures and her tendency of hitting objects off of their surfaces or dropping things or smashing glass. She’s rather more useful when she’s not moving her arms much or given something precious to hold. She most definitely epitomises the phrase: “a bull in a china shop.”

    When encountering Hélène you will find a very proud, almost haughty young woman who knows where she comes from and knows where she wants to go. She’s a brave, hard working individual who is never one to take no for an answer and often appears impatient because of this. However, overall she is a very charming young woman and one anybody would be pleased to make the acquaintance of. There is, however, a darker side to this young woman, one that is blighted with cynicism and a tendency to lean towards darker forms of magic. She is jaded, yes, but also perhaps misunderstood in that respect. She is a young woman that you would both do best to avoid and to encounter though it is not entirely certain which one is the better of the two.


    FATHER: Jan Manier. Pureblood. Former Auror. Murdered.

    MOTHER: Gabrielle Delacour. Quarter-Veela. A French citizen, she moved to London to work at the Ministry of Magic as an Auror but quit and returned to France.

    SIBLING(S): Gisele and Julien Delacour.

    OTHER: Potters, Weasleys.

    BLOOD STATUS: Tainted Pureblood.

    RACE: ¼ Veela.

    SOCIAL STATUS: ‘Comfortable’ in terms of her own personal wealth but she is from an Upper Class, moderately wealthy Pureblood family.

    Monsieur Louis Delacour.


    Early Years:
    Born in Lyon, France, in the early 2000’s, Hélène is the eldest of Gabrielle and Jan’s children. She was born out of wed-lock, her parents not marrying until she was the age of seven just after her mother fell pregnant with her younger twinned siblings. Hélène was very much the only child before the birth of her siblings and certainly acted as such well after they were born. She was somewhat spoilt by her young, doting parents and once her grandparents learned of her birth, they too exacerbated the young girl’s already terrible spoiling. She learnt very early on the importance of being the very centre of attention and strived to be that no matter the situation. She was often considered a rather precocious, almost insufferable child because of this but no one could deny that she wasn’t charming and very intelligent, just as Gabrielle and Jan had hoped for their daughter.

    It was clear, much to their relief, quite early on that Hélène was a witch and her parents were reassured, if not slightly irritated, by the bursts of magic which would scare the animals and ruin the chinaware. The pair decided just before Hélène’s fifth birthday that she was better off learning about magic prior to her formal education and so they enrolled her in a feeder school for Beauxbatons in Paris where she proceeded to be coached in magical society, something that they would have done albeit reluctantly had the school not been there as a resource. Hélène flourished under the care of her tutors at the school and got to know very well some of the students that would be joining her when she would finally enter Beauxbatons. She was very much the centre of attention there too and though her parents did try and ease her from this, she was adamant that she dictate the goings on at the school and after a while they gave up, leaving her to manage the other students.

    Once her younger siblings were born, Hélène became very reserved and withdrawn from the family but increasingly active in school as she felt that with the addition of her attention-craving siblings, the only way she was going to get the attention she felt she deserved was to perform and so she began to work incredibly hard, hoping against hope that with her amateur spell work and excellent test results, she’d somehow impress her parents. It did work quite well at first but tragedy struck the family, one that was going to put Hélène at the back of Gabrielle’s mind for the rest of her life, something which left the girl feeling both distraught and betrayed.

    Just before her ninth birthday, her father was murdered. As an Auror, his job was precarious but never had it been so in that autumn. Jan was found dead having been tortured for what appeared to be hours. It was something Gabrielle did not recover from, understandably, and so she became complacent when it came to the care of her children, allowing her mother to take over and dictate the day to day goings on in their household, something which infuriated Hélène and made her even more desperate than she already was to go to Beauxbatons. And finally, in the spring after her tenth birthday, the letter came. Her acceptance was solidified and in the September, she’d be with the rest of the students, ready and willing to learn.

    Beauxbatons Years:
    Really, nothing of merit happened in her early years at Beauxbatons. She merely eased into the experience of being at school. Hélène is the only one to have gone to Beauxbatons. Her younger siblings instead attended Hogwarts but Hélène believes and maintains to this day that there is no finer school than Beauxbatons. Initially, she did very well in her studies and succeeded in every subject bar of course Transfiguration which she always, always found a challenge. She overcame much of it and passed with flying colours the majority of her O.W.L’s. It was after her fifth year that things for Hélène started to go a bit pear shaped in terms of success and her own personality.

    Many people say that it was in her fifth year that she realised quite what had happened on that autumn day, to her father. Others maintain that it was the introduction of Philippe Garcia into her life. Now he was a young man who, along with his friends, seemed to skew Hélène’s desires somewhat. He was a half-Veela and everything she’d ever imagined the ‘perfect man’ of being. He seemed to dazzle the young girl and left her feeling rather besotted with him though most definitely not for the right reasons. Quarter Veela or not, she was not immune to the power of someone with much more Veela blood than she. And so she entered a stage of puppy love that left her dizzy with excitement and anticipant of his promises. It was rumoured that Philippe held affection for her that he did not hold for anyone else but it was unlikely to have been the case if one is to take into account his actions.

    Philippe is largely to blame for many of Hélène’s vices. Previously a clean-cut, wholesome young woman, he entered temptation and sin into her life and she embraced it wholly. He provided an escape from her dismal mother and her insufferable siblings and so the summer post her O.W.L year was spent trawling through Europe, tasting everything it had to offer her. But as quickly as he entered her life, Philippe disappeared again. It was not until the end of her sixth year when she found herself struggling to maintain the addictions he’d left her with that the authorities found his body. It was unexplained how exactly he died but all agreed that Hélène was better off without him, even if the circumstances in which he deserted her were less than favourable. Not much is known of that summer with Philippe and Hélène is incredibly reluctant to speak of it. Only perhaps one person knows of what happened and that is her sister, Gisele.

    Her final year was when she got back on track and grew at ease once more, graduating with grades that were expected of her when one considers her strengths. From there she went on to travel Europe again, this time seeing it with fresh, sober eyes, and studied in a Muggle university in Venice where she gained knowledge in a number of fields before travelling to Britain where in London she studied to become a Healer.

    Much of Hélène’s early adulthood has been taken up by travelling but now she seeks to make a home for herself in London, near St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries where she works six days a week. Not long ago she moved into a two bedroom apartment near Diagon Alley which is, uncomfortably so, a little bit out of her price range. Currently she is seeking a roommate and is tempted to put an advertisement in the Daily Prophet, well aware of the fact that really, the apartment is going to be devoid of her presence as most of her time is spent at the hospital.


    YOUR NAME: Amy

    RP EXPERIENCE: Nearly three years.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Beamed here. Y'knoo.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: I don't even know anymore.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Because Healers are few and far between and because Amber Heard is lovely. <3


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Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Aug 05, 2012 7:19 pm

alrighty! gotta say, I miss Gabrielle. *feels nostalgic for past characters* You remember Khaat and Gabriella were friends, right? Do they know each other?

oh yeah. accepted and sorted in grads

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Post by Alice Rousseau Sun Aug 05, 2012 7:20 pm

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Post by Matthew Lestrange Sun Aug 05, 2012 9:11 pm

I hope you realize that she is one of the few eligible female graduates on the site.

Which means Matt's gonna want a piece....

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