MEDIC, Lena J.
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MEDIC, Lena J.

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MEDIC, Lena J. Empty MEDIC, Lena J.

Post by Lena Medic Mon May 21, 2012 7:01 am

MEDIC, Lena J. Tumblr10



    FULL NAME: Lena Joanne Medic
    LAY-nah, the 11th longest river in the world.
    Jo-ANN, an inherited family name.
    Medic, a practitioner of medicine (most often in emergency or first-response medicine) / a doctor

    BIRTHDATE: 6.26.1992
    Having been born in June, Lena's Zodiac is Leo. This particular star sign is often represented by fire, or a lion. Charismatic, they attract not only an abundance of friends and opportunities, but manage to survive poor circumstances with flare and good humor. Leos can cut ties, and leave others heartbroken with ease. But love is something they crave, despite any reluctance they may feel towards the concept of settling down. All Leos are leaders and adventurers. Their weakness is their pride.

    AGE: Thirty two

    ALLEGIANCE: The Order of the Phoenix

    OCCUPATION: Hired killer (see history for details)

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ex-Gryffindor

    WAND: Cherry, gnome hat, 10”, reasonably flexible

    Cherry: Associated with invocations and blessings of sacred fires, spells of finding, hunting, conflict, war, competition, sex, passion, and the amplification of magical will.

    Gnome Hat: Stolen from the Gnomes. This particular core works curiously well for the extremely mischievous.

    PLAY BY: Alex Kingston, per Matty's request.


    HAIR COLOR: For her unconquerable curls Lena's mother was to blame, as it was from she whom Lena had inherited her unruly, golden-hued locks. The color, indistinguishable due to the abundance of tones of yellow and brown, is particularly striking in the sunlight.

    EYE COLOR: Much like her hair, Lena's irises were not bound to any one shade. From green, to blue, to gold they shifted, reflecting the surrounding lights and colors - the shade often depending heavily on her clothing choices. A soft honey tone, however, was the most prominent color of those that frequented her eyes, and was the color that suited her most.

    HEIGHT: 5' 7" (1.70 m)

    BODY TYPE: Lena is tall and sturdy. She possesses notable strength as a result of the requirements of her career choice, and thus is fit and capable of holding her own.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: About her, Lena has the air of an eccentric soldier. A strange mixture, indeed; one which often results in unusual first impressions. This appearance is a product of Lena's choice of attire (Her every accessory serves a purpose, such as the belt that often frequents her waist, which is constructed of many pouches, zippers, and places in which one might conceal a weapon.) the way she carries herself (Lena's posture, too is that of someone who has grown used to the formalities of a military structure, has confidence in herself, and knows precisely how she intends to move next.) and her unusual hair. Evidence of Lena's time spent stargazing have been scattered about her appearance as well, such as the miniature enchanted telescope that hangs from a braided around her wrist, quick notes regarding the present positioning of the stars in a particular galaxy inked across the flesh of her palms, the twinkling residue of space-relevant charms left behind on her fingertips like paint caking beneath the nails of an artist, and the almost celestial colors which she often incorporates in her wardrobe.


    001. Intellectually quick
    002. Mysterious
    003. Confident
    004. Adventurous
    005. Humorous
    006. Inventive
    007. Persuasive
    008. Observant
    009. Tactical
    0010. Playful

    001. Argumentative + competitive
    002. Impatient
    003. Inconsiderate
    004. Mischievous
    005. Sentimental
    006. Stubborn
    007. Hot headed
    008. Restless
    009. Impulsive
    010. Rebellious

    001. A good shot
    002. Agility
    003. Brewing poisons
    004. Flying a broomstick
    005. Operating muggle weaponry
    006. Loyalty
    007. Geography (of the wizard world)
    008. Astronomy
    009. Provoking thought
    010. Hexes

    001. Forgiveness + Vengeful
    002. Insomnia
    003. Obedience
    004. Keeping routine
    005. Lacking significantly in empathy
    006. The 'lone gunslinger act' (Never asks for help; always tries to do everything herself, especially when injured.)
    007. Jennifer
    008. Healing spells
    009. An old bullet wound in her right thigh (which still pains her on cold, damp days)
    010. Smiling (catches the contagion easily)

    001. Danger / perilous circumstances
    002. A challenge
    003. Discovery
    004. Literature
    005. The stars
    006. Flying
    007. Jammy dodgers
    008. Travel
    009. Museums
    010. Surprises

    001. The 'Ordinary'
    002. Rules
    003. Bow ties + Fezzes
    004. Time (it's limitations)
    005. Losing
    006. The Silence
    007. Spoilers
    008. Boredom
    009. Confinement
    010. Dependency

    001. Obtain a timeturner
    002. Discover + name a galaxy
    003. Find a good man
    004. Travel the world (45% complete)
    005. Finish her journal

    001. Compulsively interrupts people telling stories to interject facts about the story that he or she only knows because they have been told the story before, not because they were involved with it.
    002. Has a tendency to 'show off' when the opportunity arises.
    003. An oral fixation, which becomes more apparent when she is expected to remain still or is made nervous.

    BOGGART: Azakban is Lena's biggest fear. This fear takes on the form of her metaphorical state after several years of imprisonment under the watch of the Dementors; with her ankles and wrist bound by shackles, and her eyes void of a soul.

    PATRONUS: Lena's best memory is that of a trip she took with Jennifer on their brooms, flying across the evening sky amongst the Northern Lights. Her patronus takes the form of an Iberian Lynx.

    DEMENTOR: Her worst memory is that of being rejected by her family as a result of the discovery of her blood status. From their home, Lena and Jennifer (the only other witch in the family) were pushed by the fearful words of their mother, father, and brothers - until alas the dam had broken, and their father had insisted, shouting, that they leave with their things at once, thereby forcing Lena to fend for both herself and her younger sister.

    VERITASERUM: Lena is a hopeless romantic at heart.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Though she has not yet accepted this desire, she longs for the calming of the storm within her; the chaotic energy; the need to move forevermore, leaving everyone and everything in her past. And a family of her own, she suspects, would act as said cure.

    PERSONALITY: Externally, Lena is mysterious, exciting, determined, and adventurous. Her deepest emotions appear to consist of impatience and amusement, due to the way in which she behaves while amongst others. Whereas internally, Lena is loyal to a fault, protective of those she loves, and ever prepared to face danger. In this way, Lena is a guarded person. To strangers, she will forever be seen as a woman with intent, who does as she says she will and gets what she sets her mind to. Only before those who she trusts does she allow her sincerest emotions to bleed through to the surface.

    On the note of sincere emotions: Lena struggles with an inadequate supply of compassion. While she is capable of empathy, it does not come easily to her, and is often a result of years of familiarity with the person to whom she is expressing said consideration. This character flaw is often forgotten by Lena until after a mistake has been made on her part as a result, and has a tendency to keep her questioning her true nature.


    FATHER: Matthew Medic, Muggle, Astronomy Professor, 62
    MOTHER: Lucy Masters, Muggle, British Government, 53

    Jennifer "Jenny" Medic, Sister, 25, Witch, Auror
    Cyman (SAI-mun) Medic, Brother, 30, Muggle, Computer Mechanic
    Angel (AHN-hell) Bawl, Brother in Law (Cyman's partner), 27, Muggle, Freelance Sculptor
    Darek Medic, Brother, Muggle, 34, Exterminator
    Addison "Addi" Medic (nee Pose), Sister in Law (Darek's wife), 40, Muggle, Diet Pill Marketing

    BLOOD STATUS: Muggleborn

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle class

    PET(S): A Barred Owl named Andromeda (after the Andromeda Galaxy)

    BROOMSTICK(): An old Nimbus 2000.

      001. A miniaturized, enchanted telescope which hangs from braided thread around her right wrist.
      002. A belt of sorts that is constructed of various pouches and compartments, each bigger on the inside.
      002.1. Her wand (right side, 1st compartment)
      002.2. A Colt Single Action Army Revolver 32-30 Winchester (right side, 2nd compartment)
      002.3. Three small vials of poison
      002.4. One small vial of concentrated love potion. WARNING: May cause hallucinations.
      002.5. A large vial of Sleeping Drought - 50% empty.
      002.6. A small sum of spare wizard money
      002.7. A globe of Earth that has been enchanted to shrink and stretch in the nature of a hologram
      002.8. An enchanted mobile phone capable of withstanding any weather conditions / distance traveled
      002.9. Her passport + ID
      002.10. A pair of circular, black-rimmed reading glasses.
      002.11. An elegant bowie blade (left side, 1st compartment)
      002.12. Two identical throwing knives (left and right side, 3rd compartment)
      002.13. A rolled map of the wizard world (similar in nature to the Marauders Map)
      002.14. An enchanted (endless) journal in which Lena writes daily. (left side, 2nd compartment)
      002.15. A screwdriver (you never know when a counter charm may not work)
      002.15 A recent letter from Jennifer

      001. A vast collection of cloaks, wizard's robes, and muggle attire. (closet adjacent bedroom, 2nd floor)
      002. A personal library of both wizard and muggle literature alike. (main room, 1st floor)
      003. Several enchanted world maps.
      004. An astronomy ceiling, charmed to magnify the galaxies in their present form (her bedroom, 2nd floor)
      005. An abundance of telescopes in various sizes
      006. Travel souvenirs
      007. An umbrella bin in which a beautiful, Japanese sword is kept (adjacent the door, 1st floor)
      008. Throwing stars from which several of Lena's coat's hang (main room, 1st floor)
      009. An abundance of notebooks filled with astronomy research
      010. Photographs of Lena and Jennifer.


    Early Years: Lucy Medic may have played a far more prominent role in her daughter’s life than she had ever believed to be true; as Lena had been more fond of time spent with her father, and Lucy had been absent from a majority of the child’s life as a result of her government career, it had seemed as though Lena’s personality and lifestyle choices should have been heavily influenced by those of her father. However, this was not entirely the case; while Lena had been enthused by her father’s work as an astronomy professor, and the studies that he’d shared with Lena had acted as catalysts in forming the stargazer that Lena later became, it was from her mother that she had inherited her confidence, competitive nature, and short supply of empathy.

    The fearful reaction that Lena and her sister Jennifer received from their parents and their brothers, too, influenced Lena’s difficulty gauging her sense of remorse – a tragedy which occurred little later than a month after Lena had received her invitation to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and a mere week after young Jennifer had unintentionally (as is the nature of a young witch or wizard) set alight the kitchen table by means of magic. From then on, Lena dragged Jennifer along behind her, and to their uncle’s (a wizard who never stayed in one place long) they went. There they lived each summer, and Lena cared for Jennifer while their uncle was away.

    Hogwarts Years: With a thirst for danger as unquenchable as Lena’s, the opportunity to wander astray had presented itself as far too easy a task, for during her fifth year the whispers of the Death Eaters arising once more had begun to echo throughout the hallways, and Lena could not have denied her fascination towards the subject. Due to the nature of her bloodlines, Lena had been raised in the shelter of a muggle home during Voldermort’s reign, and had been far too young at the time to have formed any political opinion of him and his followers. As a result, the foreign idea of a dark matter brewing in the wizarding world was one that could not be shaken from her mind. And by her sixth year at Hogwarts, the recruiting had made its full circle and had extended to young, adventurous, dangerous Lena.

    She’d had but a taste of the realm of dark magic, when she’d run into a wall. A wall by the name of Alphonso Song. A young Ravenclaw lad with whom Lena grew quite fond. He’d showed nearly as much interest in astronomy as Lena, and held her attention for just long enough to permit her to take a step backward from the poor decisions she’d previously intended to make and see her choice with a pair of far more rationalistic eyes. The only promise that life as a Death Eater offered was imprisonment, she recognized, and began in her search for a more adequate career choice; one which would provide her with the danger and adventure she craved, but would simultaneously allow her to remain discrete and out of the line of fire of the aurors.

    It is needless to say that Alphonso remained a permanent aspect of Lena’s life – though they’d grown distant during Lena’s final year. But Lena hadn’t failed to send the lad a weekly letter during his continued stay at Hogwarts, almost always including wondrous tales of near-death experiences and running. Ah yes, there was lots of running.

    Adulthood: For a year’s time, Lena did stay at her Uncle’s residence with her sister. As Jennifer had not yet graduated, Lena often had the household to herself, and utilized it to the best of her ability (furniture and other necessities were fairly scares in the home, due to the little time their uncle had spent there. But after little over twelve months had passed, Lena found herself growing increasingly frustrated with her surroundings and abruptly moved away. She wrote to Jennifer, informing the girl that she would pay her frequent visits during the summer to ensure that all was well, but that she was in need of a place to truly feel at home.

    And Lena found ‘home’ in St Mary's, Isles of Scilly. There she owned a small, two story house that soon became her haven. She tailored the home to suit her needs as an astronomer; enchanting ceilings to double as telescopes, pointed at her favorite galaxies; placing protection wards around the house; lining the four walls of the main sitting room on the first floor with book shelves, upon which her vast collection of books and notes would be kept. It was a pricy living space, but her career paid well.

    After having come to the conclusion that the decision to involve herself in the realm of the Dark Arts was one she was not willing to make, Lena sought out the dangerous lifestyle that she craved through the Order of the Phoenix. When she had begun, she had regarded the organization with vague curiosity, but said interest had spread like wildfire during her years spent a member of the group. As Death Eaters become increasingly aggressive with the passing time, wizards and witches alike who had suffered at the hands of said dark arts practitioners began stepping forth with their wands drawn, prepared to reap their vengeance – Scenarios which the Order were often left to tend to. The demand for the extermination of the Death Eaters was becoming one which was nearly deafening, and Lena had seized the opportunity.

    Though she herself possessed little genuine passion for the cause, it was this detachment from her killings that likely preserved her sanity. There was a fee and a single rule. That was the way that it worked. And the rule? No innocent would be murdered by her hand. Death Eaters were the name of the game, and said game would cost you a hefty sum.


    YOUR NAME: The Redmeister

    RP EXPERIENCE: Five - six years of experience on various HP, DW, PotC, and misc forums.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Vito Dee Symons, Calvin Secundus Ransom, Nemo "Mortimer" Omara

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To pillage and plunder with Matt.

    Psh. No.

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Post by Matthew Lestrange Mon May 21, 2012 7:24 am

Red, I seriously love you so much right now xD

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Post by Debbie Blakesley Tue May 22, 2012 7:41 am

Um, an oral fixation manifests in a specific way, usually associated with weaning. I know because I have one in real life. It's when you have a tendency to put things in your mouth, like chewing your nails or biting the ends or pens or toothpicks or whatever.

Is that what you mean, or were you thinking of something different?
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Post by Lena Medic Tue May 22, 2012 5:34 pm

I am aware. I have one as well, though mine is never limited to any specific item, as I usually end up gnawing on whatever I'm holding (as you mentioned, pens and toothpicks are a few). Mine is more of a nervous tick than anything; it is triggered by my being forced to sit still, or nerves. This was what I had in mind for Lena.
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Post by Alphonso Song Wed May 23, 2012 3:31 am

I think I shall go back and add Lena into Al's app now...
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Post by Lena Medic Wed May 23, 2012 3:55 am

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Post by Khaat Lupin Thu May 24, 2012 2:42 am

it should be interesting to see what happens with these two.

accepted and sorted into grads
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