SVAN, Silvyr Asvald
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SVAN, Silvyr Asvald Li9olo10

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SVAN, Silvyr Asvald

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SVAN, Silvyr Asvald Empty SVAN, Silvyr Asvald

Post by Silvyr Svan Mon Nov 07, 2011 7:42 pm

SVAN, Silvyr Asvald Ryangosling

Silvyr Asvald Svan


    FULL NAME: Silvyr Asvald Svan


    AGE: 21

    ALLEGIANCE: Order of the Phoenix

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor

    CLASSES: N/a

    WAND: Redwood, Dragon Heartstring, 13 in

    PLAY BY: Ryan Gosling


    HAIR COLOR: Brownish Blonde

    EYE COLOR: Blue

    HEIGHT: 6'1

    BODY TYPE: Thin

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: ]Silvyr is thin and a built, lean guy, with shaggy brownish blond hair. He wears whatever he happens to have on that day and doesn't dress up for anyone, unless his own wants and or needs require him to be. His jeans, sneakers, and t shirts suite his style fine. He comes off as reserved which people notice instantly when looking into his eyes and seeing that he is hundreds of miles away from where one may think he is. The closer one gets to him, the further away he seems to be.


    Strong minded, Great Memory, Highly Intelligent, Great with Animals, Great since of smell.

    Stubborn, Smart Alack, Conceded

    Animals, Spell Casting, Being alone in the Wilderness

    People, Arrogance towards the World, Anyone who believes to be Entitled

    Gain more than one Animagus, Find his soul mate, Fight for the beings in the world who don't get the chance

    Enjoys walking through the woods at night naked, Speaks with animals without needing them to speak back, Will go out of his way to be alone

    BOGGART: Abandonment

    PATRONUS: Wolf Leah, a childhood friend.

    DEMENTOR: Watching a bear attack and nearly kill Leah

    VERITASERUM: Enjoys the Idea of a world without human

    MIRROR OF ERISED: A female Animagus who takes the form of a wolf

    PERSONALITY: Silvyr is a shy extrovert who is constantly looking at the world from different perspectives. He prefers keeping to himself and am a man of few words. He gets along with animals more any human. He spends most of his time in his Animagus form by choice. He has a very high respect for all living creatures, even humans. He only loses that respect for certain people when they repeatedly show they aren't worthy of respect, for they respect nothing at all except power.


    FATHER: Asvald Silvyr Svan

    MOTHER: Emelie Marchetti Mariella

    SIBLING(S): N/a

    OTHER: (Any other important family)

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblod

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class

    Wolf named Leah

    (Completely Optional. Make sure the broomstick which you own makes sense. For example, Ron could never have owned a firebolt. For the full list of Brooms, check the ED)

    OTHER POSSESSIONS: Albus Dumbledore's Journal in his early life.


    Early Years:

    Silvyr Asvald Svyn, born on May twenty fourth two thousand and four to Emilie and Asvald Svyn, grew up a happy child surrounded by his mother and father’s love and nurture. His parents had received a substantial amount of money from Emilie’s mother on the grounds that she and Asvald would spend their time only raising young Silvyr and cherishing the years they would spend as a family. Happy to honor her mother’s wishes, Emelie and Asvald did just this. The family lived in the southern part of Sweden in a small quant house surrounded by forest where young Silvyr was free to roam, play, and grow. The woods and animals became the only friends Silvyr had, besides his parents, and allowed his imagination to grow in depth rapidly. Though the worlds he imagined never brought him the same joy he felt while being with his parents, it was the only connection to an outside world he knew. Silvyr watched for hours on end as his parents performed what seemed to be great feats of magic to a young child around the house and in the forest. Neither his mother nor father were known for their strength in the world of wizardry, though the connection they shared in their love allowed them to seemingly combine their minds and work as one allowing the magic to flow around and through their home. Silvyr learned that the connection he could feel flowing through him was not only the love of his parents but something more.

    Silvyr would beg them to teach him magic yet they just smiled and told him it would all come in time. When Silvyr turned 6 his parents decided to change his studies to a much broader spectrum. His mother would spend time teaching him languages and about past cultures, while his father taught him geography some of the basic wizarding laws and how to take care of tasks around the house without using magic. The studies intrigued Silvyr to no end, yet the chores annoyed him beyond belief. He couldn’t understand why he needed to clean the house, chop fire wood, or cook if he would someday be able to do these tasks with magic. One day, while out in the yard chopping fire wood with his father, Silvyr decided to ask him why any of this was necessary. “Why are we doing this again? You have to hate this as much as I do.” said Silvyr. “What do you mean?” asked his Father. Silvyr chopped his last piece and sat on the chopping stump. “You can do magic, isn’t this all just a waist of your time?” he asked his father again. His father stopped chopping, walked up to his son, and sat down next to him. He took a few seconds to gather his thoughts, and then spoke gently, “Magic is a gift that you must never take for granted. As soon as you do, you lose sight of the things in life that hold value. I know you’re young and mad that your mother and I are protective.” Silvyr interrupted quickly “I’m not mad. This is just stupid.” His father smiled and continued. “But, someday you will meet many of new people. You will experience the world and see that a lot of people in this world do not have the ability to do what your mother and I can do.” Again Silvyr interrupted, “The muggles?” His eyes lit up at the thought of muggle cities lighting the night sky. His father continued again. ”Yes, they are people just like you and me. They have families just as you have your mother and I. They show compassion to those around them that are weaker or are in need and they will do onto you, as you do onto them. Treat them with the same respect you treat yourself. No one in this world is better than anyone else.” With a smile Silvyr looked up at his dad and said, ”If they’re nice to me I’ll be nice to them.” His dad laughed at him, “Deal.”

    The older Silvyr got the more unexplainable events began happening around him in the forest. Never taking much interest in sports Silvyr continued to spend his time in the woods he had grown up in. At the age of nine he began to notice that animals were never bothered by his presence and would show interest in him and his games. One day, while exploring a section of the forest Silvyr had been in what felt like hundreds of times before, a wolf approached Silvyr and allowed him to pet her. The wolf stayed with Silvyr throughout the remainder of the day watching and following him through the woods even following him back to his home. Silvyr sat next to her at the foot of the woods until the final rays of sunlight were about to vanish. He was cherishing every moment he could get with the closest thing to a friend he had ever had. Before heading inside he decided to name his new friend. Silvyr looked his wolf friend in the eyes and said, “Seeing as I have a name, and you won’t tell me yours, I’m going to name you Leah.” He hugged his new friend and headed inside sad that she wouldn’t come in to sleep. The next morning he raced to the edge of the woods where he had last seen Leah. Silvyr was ecstatic to see his new friend was there waiting for him again and they headed back into the forest for another day of adventure. After a few weeks of this routine Silvyr’s parents allowed Leah to begin coming into the house to stay as a fulltime guest, happy that their son had a friend for the first time in his life. On a normal early fall day Leah and Silvyr went out into the forest just like any other day and spent the whole day chasing one another. Silvyr sat in a clearing in the forest to catch his breath and Leah came trotting back to see what was taking him so long. Suddenly Leah’s ears shot up and she whipped her body around to face what she had just smelled and snarled at the full grown bear standing in front of Silvyr and herself. The bear stood showing its full stature and dropped again preparing to come after Silvyr. Leah lept onto the bear before it had the chance to build up speed. Her teeth sank into the arm of the bear stopping it in its tracks though the size difference was too great. The bear swatted Leah crushing her ribs though not fully connecting and reared back to strike again when Silvyr took action. He grabbed the nearest rock he could find and threw it at the bear. The attempt was almost meaningless, though it stopped the bear from delivering a shot that would kill her. The bear attempted to swipe at Leah once more hitting her on the same side forcing her to let go of the bears arm. The bear immediately swatted at her with its newly regained limb and pinned her against a tree. The anger welled up inside of Silvyr as he stood their looking at his friend unable to help her while this beast was seconds away from ending her life. All at once the rage inside of Silvyr exited his body through a loud painful yell followed by a loud snapping sound from up above. A limb descended from the tree falling on top of the bear crushing it instantly. Silvyr stood shocked at what had just happened. Then hearing Leah’s panting he instantly came back to reality and raced over to her. He found that she was safe surprisingly though injured badly from the fight. He picked her up and sprinted the whole way home. The urgency of his friend’s condition allowed everything that had just transpired to flee his mind and only focus on the problem at hand. Upon arriving home he set Leah down on his bed and had his parents take a look at her. After they were finished helping Leah his parents had him go over everything that had just happened. He told them of the bear and how Leah fought and how he yelled and the limb cracking and falling. His parents hugged him and left the room eager to discuss what had happened between the two of them. For the first time it hit Silvyr and he asked Leah who was resting, “Had I done magic?” The thought was preposterous. After all the years of seeing his parents do magic, had he finally done what he had dreamt of all his life? He kept reliving the memory of the fight from earlier that day while sitting with Leah happy she was safe.

    After “the day of magic” in the woods as Silvyr began calling it to his parents, he began studying his parents every move and begged them to teach him. They continued to tell him the same as they always had with a smile on their face, “All in due time.” Though that answer hadn’t been what Silvyr wanted to hear since he was old enough to watch his parents do simple spells throughout the house. Finally the morning came. An Owl came to the kitchen window and Silvyr took the letters from its foot and shut the window after it had left. He skimmed through them but found nothing with his name on it or worthwhile so he went back to eating his breakfast. Right before he sat down he heard a tapping on the window he had just shut. He looked down at Leah sitting next to him on the floor and said,”Poor guy must be hungry.” He went back to the window and immediately noticed the Owl waiting on the other side of the glass was much grander in stature and stood with elegance and pride. Silvyr opened the window and allowed it to step onto the inside of the window frame. He stroked its neck with his middle and index figures as he was rather taken aback by this Owls beauty. It was pure white with beautiful yellow and black eyes. It reminded him of the white owls he had studied when reading about the Siberian tundra. “Your beautiful.” The words fluttered out of Silvyr’s mouth as he continued to pet the magnificent creature standing before him. He then took the letter from its foot disappointed that the owl would soon depart again. To his surprise the letter was addressed to him. He opened it breaking the wax seal and reading through the letter quickly to himself. Silvyr stood in his kitchen for a few minutes reading the letter over and over again to himself, unaware of his parents entry into the kitchen. When he finally looked up from the letter he turned to see his parents standing together behind him. They were both smiling and while his mom’s eyes began to tear up she said, “All in due time.” Silvyr walked over to his parents and hugged each of them ecstatic that he had finally gotten his letter to Hogwarts.

    The night before the Svan family left for diagon alley Silvyr stayed up all night tossing and turning. For the first time in his life he was going to be a part of and learn about the world of wizardy. Also he was trying to keep out of his mind that when he returned home tomorrow night he would be returning home with his very own wand. That morning his parents had the fireplace going and breakfast on the table yet Silvyr wasn’t hungry so his parents explained that they would be using Floo Powder to get back and forth from Diagon Alley. Silvyr was scared to death when he tossed the powder into the flames and stepped in shouting Diagon Alley. The green flames whirled around him for a flash then he was next to his father with a massive grin on his face. His mother soon appeared and they were off to shop. The hussle and bustle of kids and adults alike brought an amazing life to the shops and streets. His parents asked him where he wanted to go first and before he could think he blurted out instantly what had been on his mind for weeks. “Olivanders!” said Silvyr rapidly. They made their way down the street and Silvyr entered into the shop at a good time it seemed. The shop was somewhat empty besides two girls looking around and admiring the beautiful work of Mister Olivander. “And who have we here?” came an old worn voice coming from the back. “Emilie and Asvald, my god it’s so good to see you. How have you been?” The famous wand maker remembered all there was to know about young Silver’s parents although he didn’t dwell long on the past. He turned to Silvyr, “And you must be Mr. Silvyr Svan, what a pleasure to meet you. I’ve known your parents for quite some time.” Silvyr was shocked that the famous wand maker had ever heard about him. “It’s an honor sir!” he said still nervous just to be in Olivander’s presence. “Well I’m sure you’re eager to start trying wands so I won’t keep you waiting any longer.” Mr. Olivander disappeared in the back for a few moments but returned with three boxes, each containing a different make of a wand. After testing a few out Silvyr reached for the next wand and knew instantly. He asked Mr. Olivander “What kind of wand am I holding?” Olivander turned back around towards Silvyr, “That is a 13 inch redwood with a dragon heartstring core. Give it a try.” Silvyr didn’t need to search anymore. The wand had made its choice and Silvyr knew that he couldn’t have chosen better himself. Olivander asked, “Are you sure that’s the one?” Silvyr looked up at him, “Positive.” Next they went and got the required text books for Silvyr’s first year at Hogwarts from Flourish and Bolts. While he was there he picked up the two books they had in stock to become an Animagus amazed at the idea of becoming one like his best friend Leah. Then Silvyr went to Madam Malkin’s and got new robes. They finished the day off at Magical Menagerie by getting all of his odds and ends. Silvyr was about to leave the store when he noticed a magnificent Snow Owl perched and seemingly waiting for him. He couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have such an amazing companion by his side at Hogwarts. His mom walked up behind him at the counter,"What are you going to name her?" Silvyr stared straight into his owls eyes,"Chouette." His mom hugged him from behind, "I think that's perfect." After the day of shopping was over he and his parents headed back to their secluded home and Silvyr couldn’t think of any place he’d rather be going.


    The morning Silvyr left for Hogwarts, he made a commitment to himself to be the hardest working student in the school. His eagerness was outweighed though by his sorrow which came from leaving home for the first time in his life. Silvyr’s parents were with him on the platform and hugged and kissed him before he boarded the Hogwarts Express. He found a compartment, put his luggage in his seat, and opened the window to be with them one last time. His mother’s tone was reassuring. “You’re going to be amazing. Remember to write and I promise your father and I won’t forget to send as many goodies as possible. Just have fun and enjoy every minute, because these are the years you will cherish.” She grabbed his hand and looked up at him. “We are so proud of you son.” Silvyr spoke softly, “Love you mom.” Is all he could get out before the clock struck eleven and chimed out sounding the departure for Hogwarts.

    Silvyr dove into his books during the ride to Hogwarts as he had become obsessed with the idea of learning to become an Animagi, not paying attention to the boy sitting across from him. Before he knew it night had come and the train had arrived at Hogwarts. Silvyr’s breath was taken away by the sight of the grand school showing bright in the beautiful night sky. He made his way off the train and to the boats for the first year students. He was nervous the whole trip knowing what was in store before he ate his next meal. The rest of his life would be molded by the house he was sorted into. He wondered what it might be. “Do I have the loyalty worthy of Gryffindor, am I hard working enough for Hufflepuff, am I creative enough and as intelligent as the Ravenclaws, or will the hat see leadership and cunning inside of me? What would my parents say if I ended up in Slytherin? What would Leah think?” The boats landed and they all made their way towards the great hall. As Silvyr walked down the middle row of students he began looking at all of the students already there at Hogwarts. They had already learned magic was way more advanced than him. He couldn’t wait to get started.

    The head master started the night off with an opening speach welcoming all of the students back. Afterwards the hat had his own words for the students of Hogwarts. Then it started. The students were called up one by one until finally Silvyr heard his name. He made his way towards the hat and sat gently on the seat. The sorting hat spoke after a few moments on top of his head. “Not easy are you to sort Mr. Svan. You would make a fine Ravenclaw, yes that is clear that is…… but an excellent, GRYFFINDOR!” He shouted suddenly. The Gryffindor table erupted in applause as Silvyr removed the hat and took his seat in a less crowded part on the bench of the Gryffindor table. “What had he seen?” He wondered to himself. After all the first years were sorted the feast began. Silvyr nibbled on what he saw in front of him that seemed good but didn’t have much of an appetite. The students were then led to their corridors where they found they’re luggage and pets waiting for them. Chouette was waiting for him next to his bed. “I’ll take you to the owl barn tomorrow, I promise.” He said to his new owl friend. Silvyr decided to try to get to sleep early that night but found it impossible and began reading his text book on Defense against the Dark Arts, by far his most anticipated class. Silvyr noticed out of the corner of his eye that his suitcase would shake and move slighty every couple of minutes. He got up and opened it only to find that the clothes he had packed were no longer in his suite case. Only Leah with a note attached to a thin piece of string around her neck. He was completely shocked and grabbed Leah in a massive hug. She had vanished before he left for the train station and Silvyr had thought she was angry about his departure. The note read

    Dear Son,
    I couldn’t watch you have to leave behind your only friend here at home so I decided to help you out and send you your first present early. It will be your responsibility to make sure she is taken care of and safe while you are there at Hogwarts as it was while you were here at home. Though I have no doubt that the two of you will come up with something. I can’t wait to hear about how things are going and do not worry, I went ahead and stashed your luggage on the train before it left. If it is not in your room check the main corridor of your assorted house.

    P.S. Your mother doesn’t know I helped on this one so don’t tell her right away.
    Silvyr couldn’t believe his best friend was laying on his bed in Hogwarts. A feat he thought impossible just the night before. Silvyr climbed into bed next to Leah and fell asleep almost instantly finally able to find peace in his new home away from home.

    He awoke early the next morning to get ready for classes and to find a hiding spot for Leah. He found that underneath the bed was hollowed out and could house a large dwarf if need be. Leah had plenty of room and if Silvyr brought food back for her after every meal she would be fine. Silvyr then went off to class. The months to follow were filled with days and nights spent in his room studying and spending time with Leah. Silvyr never was one to try to out shine others publicly in class though the professors of his classes saw the determination that drove him to push himself in all of his classes. He received O’s in every class except potions, in which he struggled in class with the actual making of advanced potions, yet Silvyrs extensive reports made up for these blunders allowing him to keep an E. To his parents surprise Silvyr decided to remain at Hogwarts during the winter months of his first year. This was the first time in his life he had ever been away from his mom and dad throughout the holidays though he felt it necessary to study in the library every morning and night. During the day he and Leah spent their time scouting out the forests surrounding the school figuring out places that were better hidden and more secluded than others so that they could escape the castle and roam free. While studying in in the library Silvyr came across an old book in the forbidden section going over the construction of Hogwarts in the nineteenth century. Silvyr and Leah found many of new corridors and passages throughout the school and learned them quickly enough to use them with ease and without being bothered many of times throughout the following years.

    As the next few years went by Silvyr stuck to a vigorous and strict studying schedule. He began only taking breaks to be with Leah. During his second year Silvyr begged his professors to allow him to take the classes teaching the technique of the Animagi only allowed to third year students. After a month of asking his professors everyday about their decision, they decided to test him of his knowledge of being an Animagi and would decide from his scores if he was ready. His almost perfect O’s in his classes allowed the professors to take such a risk. He studied all the books he had collected over the past year and prepared for the exam. Pleased to inform him that he had passed with a perfect score it was decided that the matter would be resolved with the Headmaster. Silvyr couldn’t remember the last time he had wanted something so badly yet he kept aware that what he was asking was a lot. He was to meet the Headmaster in his office at ten o’clock on the next morning and he arrived five minutes early to be safe.

    The headmaster was seated at his desk waiting for Silvyr to arrive. “Ah, good to see you Silvyr.” He said greating Silvyr as he entered the large study in in his office. “Might I first say congrats on your results of the Animagi exam put forth by your professors.” Silvyr was pleased that the headmaster noticed but that was not why he was here. “Thank you sir.” He said. The Headmaster continued again, “It seems you have seen firsthand the power your mind holds when it is focused completely on your goals.” He paused before acknowledging the next thoughts on his mind. “Though you have learned what it will take and involve both physically and mentally to achieve the ability of one who is an Animagi, your body has not developed in the ways it is needed to perform the task of morphing into a different form.” The words hit Silvyr in the chest like a ton of bricks. The headmaster continued. ”We are all eager to see where you will be and how well you will take to your training as well as your classes next year. Please understand that none of your professors or I believe your mind to be lacking the knowledge and strength need to learn this advanced form of magic.” Silvyr’s head dropped. It hit him that he would not be learning to become an Animagi for another year. “The professors and I would not wish to bear the thought of you suffering injury or worse from trying such advanced magic at this age. I do hope you understand that it is for your best interest that we are stoping you for now.” Silvyr spoke softly, “Yes sir.” The headsmaster walked around his desk and sat in the chair next to Silvyr facing where he was sitting. He spoke to Silvyr while stairing at the towering wall of books behind his desk. “You know I once felt like you do right now. I had wanted to show my parents that I could handle great responsibility and that I could do anything.” He halfheartedly laughed while still stairing straight ahead. “I felt I had so much to prove to everyone. You are a remarkable young wizard Silvyr don’t jeopardize that due to impatience. Sometimes you just have to use the time your given strolling through the woods with, friends.” Silvyr’s heart began to pound rapidly at the mention of Leah from the headmaster. Though he just smiled and winked at Silvyr. “Trust me; you’ll have plenty of time to become a great Animagi. All we’re asking is that you give it just a little bit more.” Silvyr stared at the headmaster understanding that he truly did care about him. “I guess one more year won’t kill me.” The headmaster laughed at this. “I dare say it won’t.” Silvyr walked to the door and exited returning to his room to spend the rest of his day with Leah.

    Silvyr spent much of the end of his second year the same as the beginning, countless hours of studying and wandering with Leah through the forest. He continued to study but allowed the Headmasters words sink in and began interacting with Leah the way he had back in the forest they shared at their home. Silvyr and Leah returned home for summer and spent most of their time together living in the forest, many of times not returning for days at a time. Silvyr practiced what came as first nature to Leah and began learning to live in the wild as more than just a visitor. He learned to track animals and live off the land. Silvyr began mapping out, in his mind, the woods that had held such mystery to him as a child.

    Silvyr returned to Hogwarts his third year rested, eager, and ready to study and learn everything there was to learn. Again Silvyr was ready for his studies of Ancient Rome, Arithmancy, Care of Magical Creatures, Divination, Muggle Studies, and the long awaited studies of the Animagi. Silvyr’s studies of his Animagus began two weeks into the start of his third year. On his first day of Animagi studies he was told to meet his Professor in the hospital wing of the school during his lunch break. When he arrived he saw I vile of Animagus potion sitting next to one of the sick beds and was instructed to take the potion and lie down. After a few minutes of no results Silvyr began to worry though he had not known what creature to expect he would transform into from the potion. Suddenly he noticed the professor was staring at him as he layed on the bed. She said softly. “Your Animagus is a snow white wolf, Mr. Svan.” Silvyr was so excited to hear the news of his Animagus he let out a loud howl over and over again. The heeler on duty in the wing came rushing in to see what was wrong, though she understood instantly when she rounded the corner and saw Silvyr, who was back to his human self, screaming “wooooo!” over and over again.

    He was instructed to work on morphing his right hand into a paw and move onto his left once he had got the hang of the first. They would meet again the following week to see how he was doing. Silvyr spent hours upon hours during the next week concentrating on morphing his hand. To his dismay he had no luck in transforming even a finger. He met with his professor twice more without any morphing. After two weeks of studying and concentrating, something finally happened. Silvyr had been practicing for as long as his concentration would allow him into the night. It had gotten late and before he noticed he was the only one up in the boys bed chambers. Leah was lying beside him on his bed and he was concentrating on morphing his right hand into a paw. Without realizing anything had happened Silvyr tried to get under his covers when he noticed what use to be hands were now paws. He relaxed and concentrated on his hands in human form once more as his professor had instructed him to do if he succeeded. His hands began to morph back to their original shape until they were back to normal. Again he tried to morph his hands to his Animagus form but was unable to do so, so he accepted what he had accomplished as a great feat called it a night.

    He arrived in his professor’s office early the next morning proud of what he had accomplished. He spent an hour concentrating on his hands under supervision of his professor who was pleased to tell him that he had transformed his hands twice though neither attempts were fully stable but that would all come in time. Silvyr was given the task of concentrating on morphing his hands and controlling it. If he could do this then he was to move onto his feet. And so it went for months at a time. As Silvyr was able to control his hands he moved to his feet and would work to control the morphing of those until he could do it at will. His professor warned him not to over exert himself at this early stage due to his lack of ability to control his morphing. As he gained control of his morphing he was able to move onto controlling the morphing of his arms and legs. These took longer to control due to the amount of concentration it took to morph both arms and both legs at the same time. As Silvyr continued to work on morphing he realized it wasn’t the concentration of his hand but rather his total concentration of the paw his hand turned into. Upon figuring this out he was able to morph his legs and arms simultaneously. He met with his professor who watched as he transformed his arms and legs at will. She was pleased with how far he had come and instructed him to continue his concentration exercises and to be ready for the upcoming week. Silvyr did just that, every night he would morph his arms and legs back and forth slowly while having total control feeling each process.
    When he arrived in the professors office there was a sick bed, like what he had first morphed on, in the middle of her room. Again she instructed Silvyr to lay down on the bed though this time she instructed him to concentrate on his full Animagus without any potions and to control his body through the morphing. Silvyr focused all of his concentration on the white wolf he had morphed into before. Silvyr began to feel his hands and feet morph fallowed by his arms and legs then spreading to his chest stomach and shoulders followed lastly by his head. He instantly lept of the bed and began to pace around the room using his new heightened since of smell to explore a new world of scents in his nose. He was able to control the morph by keeping a mental image in the back of his mind of his Animagus. He was able to stay in his Animagus form for over two hours until the professor instructed him to morph back for the time being. Silvyr concentrated again on his human self, as he did he felt his body return to its normal deminsions and shape. The professor explained to Silvyr, “As you grow confortable and become accustomed to your Animagus form you will no longer need to picture yourself as the animal you become. It will come to you through the feeling of morphing. You also will not need to keep the image of your Animagus in the back of your mind. We will continue to meet so that I can keep close tabs on your growth as an Animagi and help you as you experience the world through different eyes. Congratulations Silvyr, you’ve worked hard and you exceeded expectations. What normally takes over a year for most young wizrds, you were able to accomplish it in eight months.” Silvyr smiled and walked to the door. “Thanks, and now if you’ll excuse me I have somewhere I’d rather be.”
    As Silvyr exited the room he concentrated on his Animagus and morphed. He took off up the stairs and came to the portrait leading into the Gryffindor corridor being opened by two girls returning from lunch. Silvyr sprinted past them up into the boys bed chambers. He walked up to the bed and got Leah’s attention. She recognized him easily after watching him morph his legs and arms and prance around like a pup throughout the room on many of occations. Silvyr could tell she was proud of him after the months of work and training. It had all finally paid off.

    Silvyr continued to work with his professor throughout the rest of the year until he had become accustomed to his Anigami lifestyle. By the end of the year Silvyr had sent in his documents with help from the headmaster to the ministry of magic registering himself as an Animagi. During the summer before his Fourth year Silvyr travelled to the ministry of magic to demonstrate his Animagus and to finish the paperwork needed to become a registered Animagi. He was informed of the rules and laws that the Animagi had to live by. Just as anyone else in the magical community, he was expected to keep himself out of the sight of the muggle world and under no circumstances was he to tell any muggle of his ability. To do so would be against the laws of the wizarding world and could get him sent to Azkaban. This didn’t scare Silvyr though, he knew the responsibility that came with being an Animagi and he was happy to accept his knew lifestyle.

    During Silvyr’s fourth year he spent all of his time preparing for his O.W.L.s and running around the grounds in Animagus form with Leah by his side. Throughout the school it was common for students to talk about the two wolves playing and chasing each other around the yards and forest. Sometimes Silvyr and Leah would allow others to join in their games. Silvyr though only included other students in his life while he was in his Animagus form. It freed him and allowed him to escape the eyes of his pears and allowed him to just enjoy being around them. He wasn’t an outcast to the other students while in his wolf form, he was just one of the two beautiful wolfs on campus. His fourth year came and went before he knew it was over. Silvyr spent every waking minute during the summer preparing for his O.W.L.s going into his Fifth Year although his parents were confident he’d do fine. Still, Silvyr wanted to show the wizarding community what he had accomplished for himself.

    Silvyr was questioned during one of his classes about what he had planned on doing after graduating from Hogwarts and although he had thought about it somewhat he had never truly answered the question. Silvyr enjoyed being with Leah and being a wolf. Beyond that Silvyr didn’t see what else in the world brought him satisfaction. He began looking into carriers and questioned himself regularly searching for answers hoping to unlock some deep locked up love he had never known he would stumble upon. Still this common occurrence of questioning himself about his interests never brought any real answers. One day while Silvyr was sitting alone at the lunch table he listened into a group of kids conversation about what they had planned on doing if they got the scores necessary. Two of the boys seemed to be set on being Aurors though one didn’t feel confident in his grades while another was speaking about Ollivander and how the art of wand making had always intrigued him. Silvyr decided he would have to write out a list of the studies he enjoyed the most and what lifestyle would suit him best. Still, Silvyr decided he wasn’t in too much of a hurry still having two years left in school.

    Silvyr spent that night writing out his favorite classes and activities. The list ended up being quiet short to his surprise. It consisted of Defense against the Dark arts, being in the woods, Learning strong spells, and being in his wolf form. Knowing he wouldn’t come to a decision any faster by sitting around Silvyr continued on doing what he had been, enjoying all his life. There was no need or rush to change the normal day to day life he had been living. Soon the school year was almost over and June was only a month away. Silvyr was not worried about the examination aspect of his O.W.L.s, only that he had two more years left at Hogwarts before it was time for him to choose a field to work in for the rest of his life. O.W.L.s came and went and as he Silvyr knew, he had done fine.

    It wasn’t until the beginning of his next year that some clarity finally shined into Silvyr’s life again. The headmaster approached Silvyr one day in front of Gryffindor’s corridor entrance asking if he could have a word with him in his office the next day at noon. Silvyr had no clue why the headmaster needed to speak with him though he arrived on time to his office the next day. The headmaster commended Silvyr on his dedication to his studies and magical growth during his time at Hogwarts and extended him a seemingly once in a lifetime opportunity. The headmaster wished for Silvyr to study and learn the ability Occlumency during his sixth year at Hogwarts. The headmaster warned the dedication it would take to learn and master in the coming years and also explained it wasn’t something for the weak of heart. Silvyr accepted and thanked the Headmaster for his consideration truly excited for the first time in a long time to learn a new ability in magic that had seemed out of his grasp.

    Silvyr began his studies of Occlumency during his sixth year and continued it into his seventh years at Hogwarts. He worked endlessly trying to make his mind impenetrable to outsiders no matter how strong the wizard or witch. Though not always able to keep out the attackers, Silvyr continued his training and exercises to grow in his abilities. Having opted to take the aparition lesons during his sixth year Silvyr found himself completely busy during his days and nights. Having still not chosen a career Silvyr was not bothered by the amount of time he spent working only towards his studies of Occlumency throughout his final years at Hogwarts. All of his other classes were a waist of time, or so they only felt like to Silvyr. He had become skilled in Aparition after his sixth year and Occlumency by the end of his seventh year. Also Silvyr had begun thinking of a suitable life style in which he felt was the only option for Leah and himself. During his final two year at Hogwarts Silvyr had grown tired and impatient towards the immaturity he felt surround by in the school of youngsters. He found himself outside almost every spare moment he had and awaited the N.E.W.T.s with little more than wanting to be finished with the nonsense of testing and classes. During his final two years at Hogwarts Silvyr became even more reserved and began putting his time in the woods to better use. He decided to familiarize himself with the spells he knew would be needed in the world he was stepping out into. Silvyr would go through his spells while casting many in sequence or coming out of his Animagus form strait into a multitude of stunning spells, hexes, charms, and curses. Also Silvyr began trying to become knowledgeable of a lot of the charms that would keep his companion and himself safe during a lifestyle in the wilderness.

    The N.E.W.T.s came and went while many of his professors scolded him for not selecting a career that would challenge him more. Though Silvyr didn’t care what so ever, he was free of the schooling lifestyle he had sadly grown out of. Once completely satisfied with the mystery and beauty that the school was made up of, now Silvyr was packing his bags wondering when would be the next time he'd ever see the Castle of Hogwarts again. After the final day and ceremonies for the graduating Witches and Wizards, Silvyr found his Headmaster and hugged him thanking him for all he had done before heading for hogsmead to leave the school one last time.


    Silvyr chose to go out into the world and make whatever difference he felt should be made. He had been traveling as a wolf all over the European continent during the three years since he graduated from Hogwarts. Now having seen the world, he realized how important the views were that his father taught him when he was just a young boy. More mature and somewhat less head strong, Silvyr roams with his only friend trying to live a life that makes him happy and can make somewhat of a difference.


    YOUR NAME: Connor

    RP EXPERIENCE: 1 year



    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To live in virtual reality where I can actually come from a whole home. And to enjoy role playing with active and creative writers

    At least one paragraph. You can skip if you have another character
    Silvyr awoke again for the third time that day on the ground looking up to the sky. The sky seemed to be split, unable to decide if it would embrace the coming night or cling to the beauty of the day’s magnificent sun set. He noticed that the temperature had dropped substantially and laughed at the idea that the sun seemed to only be there for beauty at this point in time. The wind swept through the forest briskly shuffling the leaves, around Silvyr, lifting them up to his face while blowing past him softly. As usual Leah, his most faithful ally and only friend, was lying next to him in the shade waiting for him to wake up. No matter the circumstances, she had been by his side every day since she found him in the woods near his home. He looked at his companion and thought to himself, “I’m so lucky you found me.” He had never once thought of their meeting in any other way. Leah it seemed was just as lost as he was until the day she approached him in the woods, yet that changed for both of them that day. Silvyr looked up again to the dark night sky that had seemed to wash out the redish and yellowish hues barely visible from the passing day.

    Silvyr petted Leah, smiling as he began to awaken for the first time that day. He stood and passed her yawning loudly while extending all of his limbs into a massive stretch. “Aaaaaagh!” taken aback that the sound had just come out of him Silvyr turns back again to Leah. “Where did that come from?” He asked jokingly. Turning on his heal Silvyr shouts out to his friend, “Come on, we have so much to do with little time today.” Silvyr dropped instantly into his Animagus form, morphing into a beautiful strong white arctic wolf. Silvyr hadn’t known what he was going to morph into the first time he tried, after years of studying, though he knew deep down that there was only one animal on the face of the earth that resembled him. In spirit, body, and mind Silvyr was as pure and fierce as the white arctic wolf that stood staring into the forest. He breathed in the scents that laid on the wind, sweeping in from every direction. Had anyone seen him in such a surrounding they would have been mystified that a creature such as this could be in this area. He had always felt more himself in this skin ever since the first time he successfully morphed and he showed it quickly. Taking off without a seconds notice, Silvyr truly stretched his limbs this time striding through the forest as fast as he could.

    Silvyr was not moving with such determination for his own purposes though. He had been tracking a killer of a pack of wolves that he had come across three days ago. The killer had skinned the small family of wolves, even pups, and left their bodies lying in a mound in the forest. The thoughts pushed Silvyr to run even faster, forcing Leah to put in everything she had to keep up. Silvyr thought to himself. ”We can’t slow down today. We’re getting close.” The sent was stronger than it had been for the past two days and Silvyr knew that he could catch them by four A.M. or sooner if the killers had stopped for rest. The two ran for hours, Silvyr forcing the pace to stay the same, in an all-out sprint. Finally the scent became so pungent that Silvyr knew instantly that he had found their camp. He looked at Leah and motioned for her to circle the camp as he did the same from the opposite direction. He gathered instantly that the poachers were muggle hunters of profit. There were two grown muggle men sleeping next to a campfire covered in many of different skins from various animals. The skins from their kill that day were hanging up near the campfire to dry out. Leah came up next to Silvyr, motioned, and wined in a high pitch noise. She led him to the other side of camp where a half skinned wolf laid dead next to their guns. Silvyr couldn’t take anymore; he morphed back into his human form and instantly took out his wand. The old familiar feeling of his wand was only second to his love for his wolf form. Before the men knew what hit them the fire was instantly gone and they were now at the mercy of, or unfortunately for them, the lack there of mercy Silvyr had left.

    Silvyr's many forms

    SVAN, Silvyr Asvald Snow-White-Arctic-wolf-4

    SVAN, Silvyr Asvald Arctic_Wolf___Same_Song_by_WhiteSpiritWolf

    SVAN, Silvyr Asvald WolfPic


    SVAN, Silvyr Asvald Arctic-wolf6

    SVAN, Silvyr Asvald Flash2

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Your character will be a grad if he is 20 years old. I have no issue w/ him being an animagus and having occlumency. Your app looks really, really good. I just need you do to the rp sample. I presume, from your writing that I've seen already, you'll pass that with flying colors.

He looks awesome. I can't wait to see him on the boards!! I really like him.

Oh, and welcome! Glad to have you!

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Khaat Lupin
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Silvyr Svan
Silvyr Svan
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate

Number of posts : 333
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Excellent. Nice job. Accepted and sorted into grads. You might want to introduce yourself in Roleplay Requests and see if you can get an rp partner and start threadding.

Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate

Number of posts : 19058
Special Abilities : Energy Worker, Medium, Heightened Sensitivity
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