LUXOR, Arden Zada
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LUXOR, Arden Zada

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LUXOR, Arden Zada Empty LUXOR, Arden Zada

Post by Arden Luxor Wed Oct 19, 2011 9:46 am

LUXOR, Arden Zada TLRPSmallerCollage



    FULL NAME: Arden Zada Luxor

    NICKNAMES: Arden, Zada or Lux

    AGE: 11

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin, Ravenclaw

    CLASSES: Charms, Transfiguration, Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts

    WAND: 11 3/4 Cypress with Dragon Heartstring and Unicorn Hair, Slightly Springy

    PLAY BY: Thylane Lena Rose Blondeau


    HAIR COLOR: Brown

    EYE COLOR: Blue/Green

    HEIGHT: 5'0

    BODY TYPE: Slender

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Arden has an average build, though is on the slim side. She has long hair which she normally keeps as is, naturally curly. For special occasions she will straighten it and make it nice. She is about 5’0”, her almond shaped eyes sit well on her fairly high cheek bones over her pouty lips. She keeps herself well groomed, and dresses depending on her mood. Her clothing usually consists of jeans and a shirt with a lot of creativity or just plain with a coordinated piece over it all. She doesn't wear make up and she has clear skin.


    Arden is determined and strong willed, if you get in her way once, it won't happen again. She prides herself on her honesty and trustworthiness (to friends at least). She keeps her promises and, if she likes you, will be the best friend you could ever have. Arden has an aptitude for sarcasm and manipulation. She will do what it takes for her to get her way and come out on top. She has respect for herself, she knows what she wants and knows that she has time to mature, so she knows to sacrifice only a certain amount, before she has grown up and knows the full picture of what she is going for. She can open up a bit once she really considers you a friend, but she never makes herself vulnerable. She has heard the saying "Good things come to those who wait," but she knows that "Good things come to those who work." She gets things done however she sees fit, she can get people to do things for her and keep the blame for things off herself. She likes to keep things in order, clean and well done. Arden is good at classes like Charms, Potions and DADA because she is good with following directions and spell casting.

    Arden can be very paranoid, distrusting and very rude. She has a set of values and if you do not abide by those, she will not tolerate you. If you betray one of her morals to her or someone she considers a friend, the gloves come off. She can get jealous pretty easily, as she knows what she wants and she won't settle for less. She doesn't know how to act with certain people, as she knows when someone is valuable to keep around, especially in networking, but she doesn't like them. She may act awkwardly stiff, but she knows she has to stick it out. She worries about everything and she's afraid of way too many things. She dislikes people for minuscule reasons which is why she keeps most people as acquaintances rather than friends. She's very defensive of herself at all times and, because of some of these attributes, she can sometimes be misunderstood. Those who get past her hard surface still have a job figuring her out. Arden is not so good at CoMC, Herbology and History of Magic because she rarely finds a benefit for herself in those classes.

    Arden really likes travelling, getting her way, being happy and being successful. She likes meeting others who think like she does, laughing, exploring, getting away with things, etc.

    Arden does not like people who she feels does not deserve to attend a magical learning school, people who are inconsiderate, those who lie to save face and people who think highly of themselves with or without reason. She doesn't like loud music, people who study a lot, ignorance... She has many things on this list but they are all minuscule things that would make your eyes roll.

    She wants to master every class she can, be highly regarded in everyone's books, and have a good network of people she can call on for anything. She wants to be well respected by everyone for her abilities, and make it into the history books, she didn't really care what for.

    She is very awkward in situations where she doesn't know how to act. Sometimes it comes off in a comical way, which is fine. She likes to sing to herself and jinx people when she knows they can't prove it was her. Sometimes she says things that are out of left field but she says many thoughtful things as well. She brings up good questions that often need time to answer.

    BOGGART: Being unhappy or vulnerable (scared).

    PATRONUS: Her acceptance letter to Hogwarts.

    DEMENTOR: A hex her mother cast that somehow ricocheted on to her uncle instead of a former rival outside, casting a big scar on the left side of his body, leaving him writhing with pain.

    VERITASERUM: Her parents are big supporters of the Death Eaters but have never been caught for their actions, as they were masters of manipulation. Her father has great influence because of his job and his skilled Legilimens.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To be happy and successful, above everyone else.

    PERSONALITY: Arden has many parts to her personality. It just depends on how you have been towards her, and how she feels towards you. These don't have to be related in any way. If she finds you ignorant or inconsiderate in any way, you will find several hexes shot your way in a flash. If you have treated her with respect, she will, on occasion, go out of her way to save your arse from whatever trouble you landed yourself into. However it is recommended that you do not ask how (she probably persuaded the teacher that is was another student that she happens to hate). One of her favorite things to do is show people she doesn't like, just how much she doesn't like them. A fierce look comes about her eyes and she hexes them. She does what she needs and has tons of drive, therefore she has large expectations of herself. This can cause her to seem cold shouldered, but its just her focus and stress. She has an aptitude for sarcasm, dry humor and standard humor. She might seem like a stiff but she loves friends and making people laugh. She has a way of ranting from time to time, whether it be a story told for the sake of complaining, or it be her wandering mind. She loves hearing stories as well. She likes to keep record of stories she's told, because she knows just how different everyone is and how different everyone's lives have been. This allows her to have a broader network as well because she 'forgives' (but never forgets) certain behavior if she feels it was justified circumstances. Arden sees herself as a girl of her own making. She is open, honest, determined, trustworthy, reliable and mature,, but she is also paranoid, she does not trust others-at least not easily- and is a bit selfish. She is very curious, falling hand in hand with being nosy. She has high expectations of herself but falls short with her laziness sometimes (she's a bit of a procrastinator), She's very stubborn, but usually recognizes when she is wrong. She has too much pride to admit her faults about 90% of the time. She loves to laugh, she loves joking around and, although she is determined to be successful, she is also determined to scope things out, learn things not many know and having a great time. She's a great friend, just don't be an obstacle.


    FATHER: James Luxor

    MOTHER: Sarah Luxor (nee Gregor)

    SIBLING(S): James Luxor, Jr.

    OTHER: Uncle Tiberius Gregor, Aunt Zoe Gregor, Cousin Cody Gregor

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood (Her father is a Pureblood and her mother is Mixed, so Arden is really close to being Pureblood but there were a few strays to halfbloods along the way that ruined her mother's family name.)

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    A kitten named Kitty.

    Firebolt, because her parents did their research and don't just buy the most expensive things.

    A medallion, a family emblem with a serpent on it. The name Luxor engraved on the back. It haas belonged to her uncle, her father's eldest brother, a devout Death Eater killed in the war.


    Early Years: Arden hails from Liverpool, England and is the daughter of a Pureblood father and a Halfblood mother. When Arden was five, her family moved to London because of job opportunities. Her father had attended Hogwarts as a Slytherin and her mother was a Ravenclaw. Her mother now works at the Ministry of Magic in Magical Law Enforcement, and her father works in Diagon Alley at Gambol and Japes. Growing up, her parents were out a lot and often left Arden alone. When her younger brother was born, they didn't go out as much for a good while, until Arden was nine and she was responsible enough to watch him. Her parents were alright, they didn't tell Arden she had to believe this or that, because she was to be an individual, not easily persuaded by anyone but herself. They always taught her that no one else's opinion matters really. Its good to act respectful to their face but otherwise, who cares?

    Hogwarts Years: Has yet to arrive.

    Adulthood: N/A


    YOUR NAME: Haley

    RP EXPERIENCE: Intermediate

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Harry Potter RP Sites


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To provide a student that can help progress the story.


    When Arden woke up, she was slightly dizzy and groggy. She had had a weird dream about the second war, where she was taking place in it. The rest of the details were foggy. Arden rolled on her side and stretched, and sat up giving a great yawn. She got up and went to the kitchen, thinking about what to eat for breakfast. She was delighted to see that her parents had woken up early and made breakfast! She grabbed a plate and sat down at the table. She was eating her warm pancakes, crunchy bacon and delicious sausage when she heard a small click on the window. She looked up to see a barn owl with a letter in its mouth. Arden looked curiously at the owl, when she saw it. The traditional green writing glinted in the early sun hour, and Arden stood up quickly and opened the window. She gave the owl a small stroke in appreciation before it fluttered away. “It’s here! My Hogwarts letter is here!” Arden called to whoever was listening.
    Arden hesitated, she wanted to keep this in perfect condition for a souvenir. She dug her finger through carefully, taking a deep breath. She knew what it was going to say, so why was she so nervous? What did she think, it was going to say, ‘Eh sorry, you didn’t make it’? She couldn’t get the silly little grin off her face as she put the envelope on the table and unfolded the letter. “Dear Arden Luxor…” she read out loud. As she continued, her excitement grew. She had been waiting for this ever since she could understand it.
    Arden went to her room and put her envelope and letter on the desk. She pulled out a notebook and pen and wrote a To Do List.
    1. Pack (Ongoing)
    2. Get Supplies – Diagon Alley
    3. Hogwarts
    Smiling brightly, she looked at her list. It was vague, but it meant a lot.

Arden Luxor
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First Year Hufflepuff

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Post by Elijah Krum Thu Oct 20, 2011 8:28 pm

Fantastic! Accepted and sorted into Slytherin!
Welcome to Potter's Army! If you need a hand, don't hesitate to shoot me a pm.

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Post by Arden Luxor Fri Oct 21, 2011 1:39 am

YES! Thank you thank you! I'll be sure to do that. Smile
Arden Luxor
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First Year Hufflepuff

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