PICKLESTON; Sarah Marienne
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PICKLESTON; Sarah Marienne

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PICKLESTON; Sarah Marienne Empty PICKLESTON; Sarah Marienne

Post by Sarah Pickleston Thu Oct 13, 2011 10:36 pm

Sarah Marienne Pickleston


    FULL NAME: Sarah Marienne Pickleston

    AGE: 28

    ALLEGIANCE: Order of the Phoenix

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ex-Ravenclaw

    WAND: Willow wand with unicorn tail hair core. 12 inches. Rune-inscribed with the word 'magic'

    PLAY BY: N/A


    HAIR COLOR: Light blonde

    EYE COLOR: Grey-green

    HEIGHT: Tall

    BODY TYPE: Petite and slim

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Sarah has a petite framework and is slim, but shapely. She has very pale, china-white skin. Her eyes are large and a grey-green colour. Her hair is light blonde and always worn in a perfect bun; a sort of old-fashioned, very prim and proper style. Her nose and cheekbones are very elegant and feminine. Her joints are a bit on the gangly side; they jut out slightly, deducting from her feminine figure.


    Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures and Law are her subject strengths. Personal strengths include discipline/self-control, obedience and reliability.

    Her subject area weaknesses are Potions, Divination and Herbology. Her personal weaknesses include low tolerance, impatience and that she is overly strict sometimes.

    Etiquette, magical creatures, law/rules/regulations, libraries, History, books, museums, travelling, flying (broomstick), one to one duelling/magical combat...

    Plants, blood purity pride, animal cruelty, lateness, rule breakers, mud and dirt, rain...

    Sarah would like to become an Animagus. She would also like to bring at least one of her own laws into society. Sarah also secretly dreams of discovering new forms of magical creatures.

    She's very business-like and professional at all times, which a lot of people find odd. She doesn't let the guard down at all. She taps one fingernail on a surface when she's beginning to lose patience. She only lets her hair out of its bun when she's alone, or sufficiently upset not to care.

    Manticore. (Her brother was savaged by one a long time ago).

    Horse. (When she was a little girl, she used to ride her pony and pretend she was riding an Arab thoroughbred with a flowing mane.)

    Hearing the news that her father had been arrested for the murder of a unicorn.

    Sarah was so affected by her brother's death and her father's arrest (both of which were caused by breaking laws), that she became obsessed with abiding by rules and laws. Particularly those regarding magical creatures. This is a key point in Sarah's personality because it brought her to the law-loving, magical creature loving person she is now, and made her what she is with regards to being so businesslike.

    To run with the wild horses, metaphorically. She wants to be carefree and rebellious, and break a few rules sometimes.

    PERSONALITY: Sarah is extremely "on guard" emotionally. She comes across as cold and emotionless; even a bit stuck-up. Sarah is the good girl that never breaks any rules and will tick other people off for doing so and keeps herself closed off from others, but this is only the surface level. Underneath her fears, she has a great love for both people and animals and cannot bear seeing anyone hurt. Although people generally don't realise this because on the outside it seems like she doesn't care; that she doesn't have a heart.


    Gerrad Matthew Pickleston - wizard (mixed blood) - inmate.

    Jennifer Viola Pickleston (nee Griffiths) - witch (muggleborn) - teacher.

    Ryan Gerrard Pickleston - wizard - mixed blood - deceased.


    Mixed blood.


    Poor, but not massively so. Your average working-class.

    A screech owl called Minerva.

    Cleansweep 7.



    Early Years:
    Sarah grew up in a magical home surrounded by muggle homes; so there were certain bookshelves and cupboards kept hidden from visitors; but when the family were alone, magic roamed free. For example, in household charms. Sarah spent most her childhood quite happy, doing well at muggle school, riding her pony and waiting for signs of magic to appear. The first time she remembers doing something magical was at age eight, when a car nearly hit her and she suddenly found herself on the pavement instead of in the middle of the road. She got on well with her older brother who went to Hogwarts five years before she did. She even tried to sneak in via his trunk once (with some help from him), but their mother caught her.

    Hogwarts Years:
    Sarah had a fairly normal start at Hogwarts, but in her third year, her father was arrested and sent to Azkaban. After that, she suffered some bullying and began to change as a person. In her sixth year, her brother was killed by a manticore and Sarah became the person we know today. Sarah's best subject was Transfiguration. Her worst was Potions. She had a ginger tom cat called Merlin whilst at school.

    Sarah went to a wizarding university and took a degree in Magical Creatures and the Law with Transfiguration. She graduated at 22 as the course was four years long and then stayed on to take a post-graduate course for two years in Advanced Transfiguration. During her time at university she worked at various muggle and magical stores part time. When she left university at 24 she took a job as Transfiguration professor in a little-known European magical school. Now, she is returning to England with the hope of securing employment at the Ministry of Magic or Hogwarts.



    A month to six weeks.

    The Potter Topsites website.

    None on here.

    I wanted a character that had several layers which I could break down and develop over the role play; a character with the potential to change and develop.

    Rain drops pattered on the window panes as Sarah stared aimlessly out of her window. She was definitely back in England now. Being abroad had its merits, but there was nothing like your own country for comfort and security. The few years away had done her good, but now it was time to move on in life and try something new. Sarah had enjoyed teaching, but she had always wanted a Ministry job really, although she was looking at Hogwarts' vacancies as well. A part of her didn't want to give up the school lifestyle and routine, but another part of her wanted to move on from that now.

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PICKLESTON; Sarah Marienne Empty Re: PICKLESTON; Sarah Marienne

Post by Khaat Lupin Thu Oct 13, 2011 10:50 pm

Good app! Nice to have you on board. Accepted and sorted to grads!

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