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OMARA, Nemo Alexander

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OMARA, Nemo Alexander Empty OMARA, Nemo Alexander

Post by Nemo Omara Fri Sep 23, 2011 10:20 pm

OMARA, Nemo Alexander 400px-Cass3



    FULL NAME: Nemo Alexander Omara

    NICKNAMES: Mortimer, Mo, Mort, Poe
    Both "Mortimer" and "Mo" are nicknames which derive from the last two letters of his birth name. This title is used by those who are familiar with Nemo, and are therefore aware of the discomfort that his proper name inflicts upon him. Whereas "Mort" was assigned to him by Khaat Lupin as a method of shortening "Mortimer".

    He was labeled "Poe" by Jack Dyllan as a comparison to Edger Allen Poe for his alcoholism.

    AGE: Twenty-Five

    DATE OF BIRTH: April 8th, 2000
    Having come into the world on the eighth of April, Nemo was born with the zodiac sign of Aries, or The Ram. It is stated by those Seers who believe that astrology is of significance in the prediction of the personalities and distant futures of human beings, that he who is born under the sign of The Ram are often creative and insightful. In turn, however, Aries people are often driven and are very ambitious, often making them over-achievers in any given activity. They are commonly quick to anger, as they posses very impulsive personalities. Aries signs have an excellent sense of humor, and are the personification of chaos / parties / festivities. They are impatient, devoted lovers when settled, and often support the underdogs of society.

    In the study of Numerology, the number eight is said to bring misfortune and pain upon those unfortunate enough to have been born on the day of the even number. In many instances, the power of the number eight has been balanced, so to counteract the “curse” and to provide the subject with luck, rather than hardship. However, this would require a vast knowledge of numerology.

    BIRTH PLACE: 28° 57' 53.90" N 81° 14' 16.96" W
    473-499 Seneca
    Lake Helen, FL 32744

    Nemo was born in Cassadaga, Florida, due to the nature of his mother's business. Cassadaga is a small town that is well known for having a large number of psychics and mediums, and has consequently been named the "Psychic Capital of the World". This location provided Nemo with a great convience; no further than a mile away from his home was the Cassadaga Hotel, which later served as Nemo's first place of occupation. The Cassadaga Hotel was a physic center which hired experienced physics and mediums. It was here where his mother worked as well. Nemo's favorite mystic supply shop, 6th Sense, too was no further from his home than a walking distance.

    His childhood home belonged to his mother. (Image One, Image Two)

    SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Bisexual (curious)

    ALLEGIANCE: The Ministry of Magic
    As a dedicated Auror, it is Nemo’s sworn duty to kick up a storm within the Ministry whenever an opportunity to do so should present itself. This responsibility entails the possession of alcohol on the official premises at all times, a minimum of ten regulations broken on a daily basis, and an absolute disregard for the dress code no matter the circumstance. On occasions, this code may too permit having sexual intercourse with a coworker on the Minister of Magic’s desk, so long as the office is left in disarray.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Previously a Gryffindor

    WAND: African Blackwood, Dragon Heartstring & Ashwinder Ash, 11'', Bendy
    Upon the end of Nemo's wand, a divination rune is perched. The rune is a purple color, and was cut to have jagged edges. This stone contrasts dramatically in color with the dark Blackwood that his wand is made of. All aspects of Nemo's wand suit his needs as a practitioner of divination, and as a wizard who actively takes part in dueling.

    PLAY BY: Misha Collins


    EYES: Just as Nemo inherited his mother’s physic abilities, he too had been blessed with a pair of crystal blue eyes. Of such a pure color were his irises that Nemo’s father had insisted that they were a result of the gift that he had inherited. Surely, it was no coincidence that he and his mother shared the same, impossibly blue color.

    HAIR: While Nemo inherited his mother’s eyes, it was his father who was responsible for his dark, multicolored locks. Several shades of brown could be spotted throughout Nemo’s short hair. To such an extent, in fact, that it was often difficult to identify its true color after even the slightest change of lighting within a room.

    HEIGHT: 5'10

    PHYSIQUE: Due to his height, Nemo often hunched his shoulders forward. This stance had a drastic effect on his appearance; though Nemo had the physique of an ectomorph, his poor posture hid his linearity. When Nemo did not put a conscious effort into standing straight - a consciousness that only existed if a remark was made about his laziness - he could easily be mistaken for a mesomorph.

    VOICE: With a voice quite like that of a helium addict, it had always been particularly difficult for Nemo to convince his peers to take his words seriously. In fact, if asked to do so, he could easily recall several instances in which his words had been of grave importance, but had gone unheard by those around him, due to the comical nature of his voice. As a child, Nemo had seen this trait as a curse. But after twenty-some years of sounding like a chipmunk, he had eventually come to terms with his misfortune. If anything, it suited his childish first name – a fact that many others had been very keen to point out in the past. Nemo speaks in a thick American accent.

    PERSONAL STYLE: Though his mother would have preferred that he'd dressed properly (in a cloak/clothing that wizards were accustomed to wearing) Nemo quickly followed in his father's footsteps and began to dress in muggle clothing. At an early age Nemo had grown particularly fond of plaid and dark wash denim, a combination which he very rarely strayed from. It was this choice of clothing that made his American heritage most apparent.

    [W.I.P CLOSET]
    001. Plaid, long-sleeved, button up shirts
    002. A green military jacket
    003. Thin ties
    004. Vests
    005. Tattered vintage jeans
    006. Sarcastic / witty T-shirts
    007. A sock monkey hat
    008. Boots

    001. Electric eyes
    002. Fair skin
    003. A square jaw
    004. A cleft chin
    005. High cheekbones
    006. Impossibly short fingernails
    006.1. Visible marijuana beneath his fingernails
    007. Unconquerable stubble
    008. A wide smile
    008. Pale-pink lips


    001. Storytelling
    002. Roulette
    003. An impeccable aim
    004. Criminology
    005. Agility
    006. Manipulation / acting
    007. Bar tricks
    008. "Wand Juggling"

    AREA OF "SEER EXPERTISE": Predicting small, short term occurrences

    STRENGTHS IN SPELLWORK: Hexes and jinxes

    001. Hard liquor
    002. Bipolar II disorder, due to the inconsistency of his ability
    003. Incapable of maintaining a stable relationship
    004. Has great difficulty holding his tongue / can be viciously honest
    005. Suicidal tendencies
    006. Experiences traumatic nightmares
    007. Frequently refuses help
    008. An addictive personality

    AREA OF "SEER WEAKNESS": Identifying faces

    WEAKNESSES IN SPELLWORK: Potions and healing spells

    001. Intentionally acting foolish (i.e. making faces, dancing poorly, ect.)
    002. Burying himself in his work (both his auror duties & his career as a fortune teller)
    003. Listening to loud music (classic rock)
    004. Barbequed food
    005. Feeling "in his element"
    006. Traveling
    007. Using the greeting: "Wuzzup!?"
    008. Vodka
    009. Marijuana
    010. The drinking game "Ten Fingers" / "Never Have I Ever"
    011. Cinnamon-scented incense
    012. Tarot cards
    013. Eliciting laughter from others

    001. Alcohol
    002. The future
    003. Dueling

    001. Silence
    002. Receiving pity
    003. The inevitability that is the need for sleep
    004. Routine
    005. Solitude
    006. Pumpkin ('twas his mother's favorite)
    007. Hospitals
    008. Mornings
    009. Magical creatures
    010. Waiting for anything

    001. To pull himself out of his current state of poverty
    002. To improve his small fortunetelling business

    001. When a premonition strikes him, he tilts his head to one side & gazes forward absently
    002. Participates in "Wand Juggling" while concentrating
    003. Whistles / hums when faced with silence

    BOGGART: Nemo's greatest fear is that as he grows old, he will begin to lose his precognition as his mother had. When faced with a boggart, this fear takes the form of a figure with no face, who wears a hand-less pocket watch.

    PATRONUS: While Nemo is not particularly skilled in the art of casting a patronus, his best memory is of the day he'd learned of his precognition. When the charm is achieved, Nemo's patronus takes the form of Orthrus, a two-headed hellhound. This form is a result of Nemo's personality disorder.

    DEMENTOR: His childhood has remained his worst memory thus far.

    VERITASERUM: With her, Hayley Degraw carried the secret that was the abuse that she had inflicted upon Nemo during his childhood, for he'd sworn to share this information with no one (though he could not prevent Jack Dyllan's discovery of said truth). The subject proceeds to cause Mo's blood to run cold.

    DEPRESSION: While most of those who are diagnosed with type II Bipolar disorder experience stages of depression more frequently than hypomania, Nemo quickly learned that his cycles depended heavily (solely) on the consistency of his premonitions. Should his ability grow weaker than it had been during the previous month, for example, Nemo quickly fell into a state of unshakable depression. Nemo then remains in this state until he next receives word of the future, upon which he will become hypomanic once more. During his depression, Nemo is often overwhelmed by a feeling of low self worth, emptiness, and despair. He takes part in dangerous (or suicidal) activities, as though he could not care less about the result of his actions. And has great difficulty interacting with others without becoming aggressive, uninterested, or insulting said person. Nemo prefers to spend his time at home with a bottle of hard liquor, Weasel, and music during this stage.

    HYPOMANIA: Inspiration circulates throughout Nemo just as quickly as his adrenaline-affected blood, during his hypomanic episodes. Sleep becomes unnecessary, his stamina and agility reaches an impossible high, and his responsibilities as an auror become the main focus of his attention. It is this stage in his cycle that Nemo prefers, as he is no longer hindered by the depression that would otherwise plague him. And once more, Nemo’s premonitions become frequent (this being the cause of his hypomania). However, when in this state of mind, Nemo is a danger to himself – no more so than when he has given in to depression, but frighteningly so nonetheless. He acts recklessly, and gives in to his every impulse. Without someone there to anchor him down, Nemo would quickly exhaust his existence; whether it be in a duel, or the simple act of crossing a crucial line for the sake of his own amusement.


    FATHER: Elliott Omara | died of a natural cause | previously a muggle journalist

    Though oblivious, Elliott had proved to be a far more compassionate human being than his wife. While he hadn't a clue of the abuse that Nemo had been subject to for eleven years, Elliot had always supported Nemo in every choice that he had made. With ease Elliott had accepted the truth that his son was a wizard, and had been keen to supply Nemo with all that he'd needed in order to survive at Hogwarts, including Weasel, whom Nemo kept from that point on. It was his father's love and empathy that had kept Nemo sane throughout the time that he'd spent in his mother's presence.

    MOTHER: Hayley Degraw | committed suicide | previously a paid fortune teller

    Hayley had been a very irresponsible and inconsistent woman - but her views had remained the same throughout the course of her life; she had been a firm believer in those of magical blood behaving like wizards, rather than muggles. An example of this being her will to raise Nemo to dress in cloaks, and to practice magic at all given opportunities. It was this opinion that lead Nemo to believe her marriage to Elliott had been a last resort after Hayley had learned of her pregnancy with Elliott's child. It only seemed logical to assume that their makeshift family had been a miscalculation.

    It was not until after her suicide that Nemo came to terms with the truth; that he had not been to blame for the loss that Hayley had suffered prior to his birth. She had been driven insane by the absence of her premonitions, and that she had started to lose her ability before he'd even been conceived, due to nothing more than the process of aging.

    BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood | Muggle father, Pure-blood Mother

    RACE: Clown Fish

    SOCIAL STATUS: Relatively Poor, due to his addiction and his upbringing

    PETS: Due to Nemo's discomfort with solitude, his father provided him with a sarcastic pet Jarvey prior to being accepted into Hogwarts. After having noted the fact that the Jarvey looked like a ferret, Nemo learned that such comparisons infuriated the creature. It is for this reason that he now refers to the Jarvey by multiple different nicknames, rather than a single name, such as "weasel", "rat-a-tat" and "ferret".

    001. His father's turntable
    001.2. An extensive collection of CDs, tapes, and vinyl records
    002. A makeshift Fortune Teller's tent in a wood near Hogsmeade
    003. One deck of tattered tarot cards
    004. A set of chipped tea cups
    005. Several books on the study of divination and toxins (hallucinogenics, sleeping droughts, ect.)
    006. A magnificent, rusting silver flask (which was enchanted to remain bottomless)
    007. A severally battered pensieve (in the form of a goblet)
    007.2. A memory vial (containing the worst of Nemo's childhood memories between ages 4 - 11)
    008. A small box in which Nemo hides his methods of self harm
    008.2. A marijuana pipe
    008.3. Two razor blades (one blood-crusted, the other dusted with pill powder)
    008.4. A small, slender knife (also stained with blood)
    008.5. A prescription bottle of Oxycodone (fifteen remaining pills)
    008.6. A prescription bottle of Vicodin (twenty remaining pills)
    008.7. A purple-tinted vial of poison
    008.8. A photograph of himself, his father, and his mother
    008.9. A zippo lighter
    008.10. A trimmed straw


    THE NAME: It was predicted by his mother that he would be an insignificant human being following his birth, and thus he was named “Nemo”, a Latin words for “nobody” or “no one”. Hayley often reminded Nemo of the meaning behind his name, and it is for this reason that he experiences such discomfort when he is referred to by this name.

    CHILDHOOD: Far too early on in life Nemo had learned that men are not the only gender to become dependent on the abuse of their loved ones. During every moment that Elliott had spent away from home, Hayley had seized the opportunity to reprimand her son for what he had done. As though testing the waters, she had begun with simple swats against the back of his head. But Hayley quickly grew confident in her abusive behavior; confident and skilled. She had learned to draw out the beatings, and how to heal the child's wounds when she'd finished, so to make certain that Elliot never learned of what she'd done. A black eye, fractured rib, broken arm - none stood a chance against a practiced healing charm. And so Nemo's punishment continued. For years he endured his mother's violence, and even began to believe that he deserved the pain that was being inflicted upon him, for Hayley had informed him far too many times that he had stolen her precognition from her for him to believe otherwise.

    HOGWARTS: His acceptance into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had been his saving grace. With an overwhelming feeling of excitement and relief,Nemo had boarded the Hogwarts’ Express. Surely, his life at school would trump the life that he’d previously lived, under the watch of his disapproving mother. In Nemo’s eyes, he’d been provided with a fresh start, and he intended to seize the opportunity.

    However, this determination was quickly extinguished prior to his arrival at the school, for it was during his first year of his education that Nemo had learned of the inconsistency of his ability, and of his dependency on the future. With no help other than the supportive letters that he’d received from his father once a month, and the advice that his professors had to offer the lad, Nemo had been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, and was forced to come to terms with the matter. So long as his precognition continued to waver in such a way, Nemo faced the cycles of depression and hypomania – a truth that heavily affected his grades and his social life.

    During his later years at Hogwarts' Nemo learned of his dueling skills. While arguing with his closest friend, Nemo had put to use the hexes that he'd learned of in his Deference Against the Dark Arts classes. Nemo's addiction to dueling and his decision to become an auror for the Ministry of Magic followed this realization. As well as a detention served with the Headmaster himself, and a painful split between himself and the friend that had been the subject of his aggressive behavior.


    Arithmancy | O
    Divination | O
    Astronomy | E
    Defense against the Dark Arts | O
    Potions | P
    Herbology | P
    Transfiguration | P
    Charms | A
    History of Magic | D
    Muggle Studies | O


    Divination | O
    Defense against the Dark Arts | O
    Potions | A
    Herbology | A
    Transfiguration | A
    Charms | E
    History of Magic | D
    Muggle Studies | O

    ADULTHOOD: : Having lost both his mother and father, Nemo was left with nothing more than an insignificant inheritance, and the money that he'd made predicting the futures of his peers during his time spent at Hogwarts. Nemo had no more to spend on survival than the cost of (the makings of) an improvised Fortune Teller's tent, which he positioned along the outskirts of Hogsmeade, and a brief stay at a muggle motel in London. For two months, Nemo had resided in that motel room as though it were his home, until he had exhausted his funds and was forced to relocate.

    Prior to being accepted as an auror for the Ministry of Magic, Nemo was provided with the opportunity to pull himself up and out of his state of poverty. For a year, he had lived and slept in that tent, depending entirely on the money of those who would occasionally stop by and request a reading. Despite the fact that his job at the Ministry did not pay much, it certainly brought in more money that the former, and it was then that Nemo was able to pay of several months' rent for a dank room in The Leaky Cauldron.

    THE PRESENT: As a result of an evening spent with Jack Dyllan playing "Ten Fingers" and later challenging all those present in the Leaky Cauldron to a duel based on the premise that the pair were Death Eaters, Nemo was evicted from his apartment on the second floor of the pub and was banned from setting foot there again. And after three months of withstanding the hardships of living out of The Source, Nemo sought out a new place of residence by bringing his troubles to Jack, who agreed to house him for as long as he needed (or until she'd grown tired of him).

    OTHER FACTS: As a result of the number of times that Nemo has been healed / entirely reconstructed by magic means (due to both his suicidal tendencies and the abuse he suffered as a child), Nemo has been made particularly immune to methods of intoxication, i.e. alcohol, drugs, and droughts all take notably higher doses to properly affect Nemo. He has been numbed to the influence of such substances, as it were.


    YOUR NAME: The Badass.

    RP EXPERIENCE: Five years, I believe.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: "Accio: HP RP forum"

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Vito Dee Symons, Calvin S. Ransom, Lena Medic


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accepted and sorted into grads

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