Lawrence, Kiara
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Lawrence, Kiara Li9olo10

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Lawrence, Kiara

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Lawrence, Kiara Empty Lawrence, Kiara

Post by Austin Lockwood Thu Sep 01, 2011 11:12 pm

Lawrence, Kiara 88237756

Kiara Evelyn Lawrence


    FULL NAME: Kiara Evelyn Lawrence
    NICKNAMES: Kia,Ki-Ki
    AGE: 16
    ALLEGIANCE: Potter's Army
    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw
    CLASSES: Charms, CoMC, DADA, Transfiguration, and Potions, Herbology
    WAND: unicorn hair, 12 inches, willow, very supple, good with charms
    PLAY BY: Shailene Woodley


    HAIR COLOR: Kiara has long brown that goes pass her shoulder and cascasdes to the maiddle of her back. She usually has it down for it's her favorite way to war it but sometimes she has it in a ponytail due to classes or hot days. Kiara hair has a mood of it's own for sometimes it's straight (when she's straighten it) or it's very wavy to almost curly.

    EYE COLOR: Kiara has hazel eyes that changes from blue, green to brown according to what she's wearing.

    HEIGHT: 5'7

    BODY TYPE: slender but althetic type body
    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Kiara stands about 5'7 in height with a slender but athletic body due to alot of muggle gymnastic she does during the summer. Kiara has long brown hair that cascades down her back that's either straight or wavy/curly for her hair has a mind of it on his at times. Kiara has a egg shaped face with hazel eyes that changes due to her mood with a small lips and nose that matches her face. Kiara's clothes while she's in classes is her simple Hogwarts school robe that everyone else wears at Hogwarts. During the weekend or holidays Kiara wears muggle clothes due to the fact one she's muggleborn and two she feels comfortable in them. Kiara's style is very unique but very stylish and she can wear anything from nice dresses to sweats and still look good, she doesn't matter what colors she wears for she nither girly nor tom boy she believes she has a bit of both in her.


    Charms(VERY talented in charms), DADA, telling if people are lying, Gymnastics
    Potions, flying(she's scared of heights), Potions, boys, her emotions.
    rainy days, reading, drawing, chocolate, boys, Charms(her best subject), DADA, Gymnastics
    Potions, evil Slytherins, people who judge others, liars, backstabbers, people who call her a mudblood
    to graduate from Hogwarts and get a job at the Ministry of Magic.
    Kiara twirls the end of her hair alor with her index finger due to boredness or nervousness she does it. She also bites her lip at times when she nervous or scared, sometimes it bits them so hard to where they bleed.
    BOGGART: Kiara has alot of worse fears, but her one worse fear is her loved ones turning against her and telling her they don't love her because she's a disgrace for not making them proud.
    PATRONUS: Kiara best memory is when she gotten accepted into Hogwarts and gotten her letter.
    DEMENTOR: Kiara worse memory is in her first year during flying class when she tried to fly but she ended up crashing in a tree and breaking her arm. From that day Kiara is scared of flying and doesn't like it.
    VERITASERUM: Kiara is a white fox animagus, she's registered by the ministry but no onr knows she is for she just became one due to Micheal helping her.
    MIRROR OF ERISED: to be one of the greatest ministry workers ever known. (I know BIG desire)
    PERSONALITY: Kiara is the type of girl who very out-going and very out spoken which leades her to trouble at times. Kiara is very sassy and has attitude problem she isn't afraid to use when she has to or needs to. Kiara is very brave at heart and isn't afraid to turn down a challange no matter how stupid or dangerous it is. Kiara is very loyal and protective of her friends and family and will do anything to protect them. Like all girls Kiara can be very emotional especially when it comes to her friends and her loved ones. Kiara is a very bright girl but underneath she is a girl who really doesn't understands the world and needs some help at times.


    FATHER: Joesph Lawrence (goes by Joey)

    MOTHER: Evelyn Lawrence(goes by Eve)

    SIBLING(S): Matthew Lawence(goes by Matt), Andrew Lawrence(goes by Andy), Topanga Lawrence

    OTHER: N/A
    BLOOD STATUS: half-blood
    RACE: Human
    SOCIAL STATUS: middle class
    a black barn owl named midnight
    none she's scared of flying
    her wand. Gryffindor robes, and school books


    Early Years: Kiara was born on July 4th by Jospeph and Evelyn Lawrence on a hot summer day known as the fourth of July in America. Kiara is the youngest out the of the four Lawrence siblings making her siblings at bit jealous cause she gets more. Kiara was born in London England and was the only one out of her siblings who was born in London. Until the age of elven Kiara went to muggle school until she was at age to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly. Kiara had quite a bit of friends there but she never felt she fit in there due to her ability to make things happen without meaning to.

    Hogwarts Years: At the age of eleven Kiara gotten her Hogwarts letter making her life make more sense to her then it ever did. Kiara was sorted into(Gryffindor?) for the hat saw bravery in her then anything else. In Kiara's first year during flying class Kiara lost control of her broom and rashed it into a tree, to this day she's afraid of flying. As years passed Kiara passed every year with flying colors but as her fifith year came she was feeling worried for she might no pass Divinations or Potions like she wants to. As her finals came for her O.W.Ls Kiara made 9 Outsandings, 2 acceptables and one troll in Divinations making her have 11 O.W.Ls.
    Adulthood: Kiara is justt a sixth year at Hogwarts.


    YOUR NAME: Sophia
    about 4 years
    HOW YOU FOUND US: I have other charries on here
    OTHER CHARACTERS: Sophia Granger, Arabella Granger, Leslie Darling, Lucy Garner, Elana Rivers

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Well... I wanted to make another student charrie and I felt that we needed some more students for we have ALOT more gradutes then students.
    me have other charries!Razz

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Austin Lockwood
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Lawrence, Kiara Empty Re: Lawrence, Kiara

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat Sep 17, 2011 8:25 am

accepted and sorted into gryffindor

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Khaat Lupin
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