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Maxximus Malfoy

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Maxximus Malfoy Empty Maxximus Malfoy

Post by Maxximus Malfoy Fri Aug 26, 2011 8:50 am

Maxximus Malfoy Max-ho10

Maxximus Malfoy


    FULL NAME: Maxximus Malfoy


    AGE: 11 (wanna start new at hogwarts)

    ALLEGIANCE: Nuetral.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Griffindor

    CLASSES: Charms and transfiguration

    WAND: Ash and dragon heartstring, 12"

    PLAY BY: Max Thieriot


    HAIR COLOR: Blonde

    EYE COLOR: blue

    HEIGHT: 5Ft 9

    BODY TYPE: Slender but muscular

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Maxx has short spikey blonde hair, sea blue eyes. Pale white skin. Very trendy when it come to clothing all the latest brands and gadgets to show off, along with his famous black robe. For a malfoy he is the shy one of the pack always staying away from trouble with his down. The skint in his eyes makes him look deceiving to many.


    Best beater since sliced bread
    Very musical
    Very intelligent

    Easily Intimidated by older boys
    Wants to be right 9/10
    Gets distracted easily

    Having fun with friend

    The malfoy trend
    Being let down

    To prove to himself and the malfoy family that he is destined to be more than just a malfoy

    Charming smile
    Sings when alone

    BOGGART: His father (Draco)

    PATRONUS: The sorting

    DEMENTOR: The look on his brother face at sorting

    VERITASERUM: He does not want to follow in the malfoy trend of evil

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To meet a wonderful woman and have a family with no evil about it what so ever

    PERSONALITY: When you first look at maxx you can tell he is a malfoy with the blonde hair blue eyes and the stern looks. Not many people realize that he is a warm hearted young man and is willing to help anyone he can. People are put off by his looks not because he is unattractive purely as he is a malfoy. Girls looks down their nose at him and boys thing he is a joke. But he shall come out of his shell and show everyone that he is not just a malfoy because of who is father is.


    FATHER: Draco Malfoy

    MOTHER: Selena Malfoy

    SIBLING(S): One older brother in his last year called Jonah

    OTHER: --

    BLOOD STATUS: pureblood

    RACE: human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Very wealthy

    PET(S): Micro dragon

    BROOMSTICK(): Nimbus 2000 (as im old school)



    Early Years: Maxx has lived the high life since he was born given every material possession possible. Being the son of draco malfoy life was never easy and he always had to come the top of any class/activity he was in. Being the youngest born he was always bullied into doing evil things by his brother like stealing the neighbours cats and hanging then from tree's by their tails, along with many other gruesome events. His mother always gave him the love he always so desired and treated him different to the rest of the family but in a good way. Maxx was delighted when his hogwarts letter arrived to leave his terrible father behind.

    Hogwarts Years: only starting this year

    Adulthood: Not there


    YOUR NAME: Max

    RP EXPERIENCE: None, so bare with me this is my first

    HOW YOU FOUND US: forumotion sites


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To try something new


    This is my first try guys so bare with me, ive enjoyed coming up with all this

Maxximus Malfoy
Maxximus Malfoy

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Maxximus Malfoy Empty Re: Maxximus Malfoy

Post by Khaat Lupin Fri Sep 02, 2011 6:43 pm

Our canon list does not have anymore openings for Malfoys right now. However, you have the foundation here for a decent character. If you'd like, we can help you adapt it for another canon family so you can still keep him.

Let me know your thoughts!

Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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