KAISER, Jonas "JJ"
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KAISER, Jonas "JJ" Li9olo10

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KAISER, Jonas "JJ"

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KAISER, Jonas "JJ" Empty KAISER, Jonas "JJ"

Post by Jonas Kaiser Wed Jul 27, 2011 8:27 pm

KAISER, Jonas "JJ" Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQr1zxi7hrBU8NCTydRRxuJevJJCHb_Iuvm4dSbec4Ku9p51UhG

Jonas "JJ" Kaiser


    FULL NAME: Jonas "JJ" Kaiser

    NICKNAMES: JJ, by friends.

    AGE: 11

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral (for now)

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw

    CLASSES: Charms, Dark Arts, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Transfiguration.

    WAND TYPE: 11¼" Cherry Wood, Unicorn Tail

    PLAY BY: James Corden


    HAIR COLOR: Brown

    EYE COLOR: A light browish-hazel.

    HEIGHT: He is about 5'4, above average for his age.

    BODY TYPE: Rather stocky compared to most.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: While Jonas isn't in top physical state, he isn't a bad looking boy. Some people find him cute, but others may just notice his larger stature. He has dark hair, and brown-hazel eyes that have been natural to find in his family for generations. He is also a bit taller than others his age, and can seem like a giant to others.


    Broomstick capabilities
    Quick tongue

    Quick to judge
    Can be over protective aswell.

    Loves Quidditch
    Games and tricks
    Wizards and muggles alike
    Family dinners & food in general

    Lying and deceit
    Nasty wizards

    Graduate from Hufflepuff
    Become an auror

    Always fiddling around with whatever in hand
    Shuffles feet when annoyed or simply bored
    Laughs when nervous

    BOGGART: Large black spider

    PATRONUS: His family

    DEMENTOR: The masked man who killed his mother

    VERITASERUM: From time to time, Jonas still cries about his mother

    MIRROR OF ERISED: He sees a large, magnificent phoenix, but is unsure why.

    PERSONALITY: Jonas is generally a happy-go-lucky guy. He loves interacting with people and loves to have some fun. He also enjoys playing wizard games, especially Quidditch, but likes muggles games such as chess as well. Jonas is always friendly to anyone he comes across, unless they seem nasty to him or others.


    FATHER: Frederick Kaiser, pureblood. An auror.

    MOTHER: Judith Kaiser, muggle. Deceased.

    SIBLING(S): A couple younger siblings too young to attend Hogwarts.

    OTHER: N/A

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle class

    PET(S):A brown rat, named Smithers

    BROOMSTICK(): A Nimbus 1000. It was once his grandfather's, and has been restored for himself when the time comes.

    OTHER POSSESSIONS: Jonas hasn't many valuable possessions, besides a Remembrall, a Spell-Checking Quill and a few gadgets from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes.


    Early Years: Jonas was born in 2013, to Fred and Judith Kaiser. Fred was a rather strong wizard who had graduated from Hufflepuff house many years ago. Judith, however, was a muggle who lived a muggle life for many years. The two had a huge childhood together in Falmouth, England, until Frederick was eleven and had to leave for school. Judith was extremely hurt by this, as she lost her best friend and Fred couldn't tell her exactly why. She missed him for many years, until Fred became of age and explained to her what had happened. The two dated for a few years, and married almost two years before the birth of their first son, Jonas.

    When Jonas was a young child, he loved to play with his mother. His father was away often at work, and had no other siblings at the time. He developed such a close relationship with his mother that he would rather be with her than any of his friends. She also loved him with all of her heart, and she would do whatever to protect him.

    At about 3 years of age, Judith had her second child. It was a girl, and that's just what she wanted. She really wanted to have a daughter so that she could name her after her grandmother.

    Judith had two more children the very next year, who happened to be twins. After this, she and Fred had decided to stop having children, because Judith was a stay at home mom, and Fred was almost always working.

    On Jonas' 8th birthday, Fred decided to take his four children to a circus for the first time. Judith couldn't attend, because she had too much work to do at home. At the circus, Jonas was sitting down on a bench waiting for his younger siblings to get off of the merry-go-round. He thought he was too old for this, and found it rather boring. He was staring at a feather on the ground in front of his feet, and he noticed it started to move. He stared a bit harder and tried to focus on it, it shook and started to float about a foot up in the air. He looked at his father who was sitting beside him, and he told him that he'd explain when no one was around.

    When returning to their home on sixteen Wishmouth Way, Jonas' younger brother noticed that their were lots of lights illuminating the sky. The shone of blue and red, like those of a police car. When they neared, they found there to be three fire trucks at their home. His Dad told them to keep their eyes closed, and he dashed from the car to one of the firemen. The fireman explained that about an hour earlier their house had caught fire accidentally from the inside, and that the woman inside of it (Judith), didn't make it because she was asleep.

    For years, Jonas missed his mother and that was all that he could think about. For a while he was afraid to talk to his Dad or brothers and sisters, because he didn't want to love them and lose them. He developed a bad eating habit, and was depressed for quite a while.

    When Jonas turned 10 years old, Fred finally explained to him about the day at the circus. Jonas didn't believe him when he said that witches and wizards exist, because he was told that they were only fairy tales. When he learned that he too was a wizard, he was the happiest boy alive.

    From this day forward, Jonas was the most content lad you could meet. He no longer cried about his mother, but embraced the fact that she loved him.

    Hogwarts Years: N/A

    Adulthood: N/A


    YOUR NAME: Allan

    RP EXPERIENCE:Veteran HP RPer from years ago, decided to come back for some fun

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Google searched: Harry Potter role play


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To ensure deliberate creation of character


Jonas Kaiser
Jonas Kaiser

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KAISER, Jonas "JJ" Empty Re: KAISER, Jonas "JJ"

Post by Darren Thu Jul 28, 2011 8:18 pm

I really like your character, great application!

Accepted and sorted into hufflepuff!


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