BOYD, Hannah Jane
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BOYD, Hannah Jane

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BOYD, Hannah Jane Empty BOYD, Hannah Jane

Post by Hannah Boyd Fri Jul 22, 2011 9:41 am

BOYD, Hannah Jane Cosgrove_1-2_s

Hannah Jane Boyd



    FULL NAME: Hannah Jane Boyd

    NICKNAMES: none

    AGE: 12

    ALLEGIANCE: Independent. She likes to be by herself, once in a while.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor

    CLASSES: Charms and Transfigureation

    WAND TYPE: Mahoghany, 5 inches, dragon heartstring

    PLAY BY: Miranda Cosgrove


    HAIR COLOR: brown

    EYE COLOR: light brown

    HEIGHT: 5`6

    BODY TYPE: thin.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Hannah has beautiful brown hair that hangs off her shoulders and she rarely wears it up. However, she does own barretts and hairbands, that will be worn, all the time. . Although, she was originally born with straight hair, her hair has slight wavyness to it. She is slightly thin, but not very skinny. She has a beautiful smile, to match the rosey cheeks, she inherits, from her mother. To go along with her brown hair, she has light brown eyes to match. Hannah does not like to accessorize, very often, but she likes to wear the occasional jacket. Hannah wears alot of eye make-up. Her favorite eye shadow is blue.



    handing in homework on time
    Talking to possible crushes
    Standing up for herself

    relaxation time

    People who correct her grammar
    Being judged by her magic
    crying in front of others

    Hannah hopes to become a writer

    when she is nervous, Hannah will shake and cower in fear.
    When sad, she will chew on her fingernails
    crinkles her nose, when she's thinking.

    BOGGART: Hannah will completely go blank when a boggart approaches her. All of a sudden, she's surrounded by white fog and on top of that, her skin will turn white, as well. After about 2 seconds, in a patch of fog, she sees blood dripping from the walls.

    PATRONUS: Sweden. Her favorite country, which she would hope to visit.

    DEMENTOR: The way her father died.

    VERITASERUM: her father's ghost will appear

    MIRROR OF ERISED: to have contact with her father's spirit or at least her father, himself.

    Hannah is like any other teenager. She is kind, gentle, good-hearted, and most of all, a loving person. She is a smart person. She will accept any type of challenge, as long as it is not to frustrating. For example, Potions. Her potion brewing is quite brilliant. Hannah doesn't not like to be judged, on the way she preforms magic. She does not like it when people tell her what to do, so she just completely ignores them and blanks them out completely. Hannah is also a very consoling person; she sees a student in tears, she comforts them and befriends them.


    FATHER: George Boyd-deceased. Tortured with the cruciatis curse, then brutally murdered.

    MOTHER: Ingrid Boyd-41. A muggle, but knows and studies dark magic, very well.

    SIBLING(S): none

    OTHER: Aurora-grandmother

    BLOOD STATUS: muggleborn

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle class


    A cat named Elsa and a ferret named Poncho

    BROOMSTICK(): none

    A locket with her father's picture in it.


    Early Years: Hannah was born to Ingrid and George Boyd, on a hot summer day in August. In Hannah's infant years, her mother, Ingrid worked as a school teacher, who taught arithmatics. Hannah's father was a social worker. About ten years later, Hannah's father George is brutally murdered, for no reason. Hannah was only 7 at the time. As for Hannah's mother, she is a muggle, but she tends to show some knowledge about dark magic and will find as much information as she can, about it.

    Hogwarts Years: Hannah will do anything she can to seek revenge on whoever it was that killed her father. The death of her father devestated her, very much and she is never able to comprehend as to why it happened. Until, she does that, she manages to focus on life at Hogwarts. She will have some pretty harsh events along the way. But, if it means finding her father's killer, she is up for the challenge.

    Adulthood: At the tender age of 31, Hannah marries the love of her life and the two end up having two children, together. Hannah often goes back to her lovely years at Hogwarts and remembers all the good times, that she had. Hannah eventually persues her dream as a writer, by writing poetry and children's books. Finally, Hannah also gets to visit Sweden, where she was longing to visit, her whole life..


    YOUR NAME: Abby

    RP EXPERIENCE: This is my first time (:

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Found you on Bing

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Hannah is my only character

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I feel I can relate to her. of her.

    RP SAMPLE: Silence. Hannah just laid there on the couch, just motionless. The windows were open, all the way, so is to feel the cool September breeze blowing through the window. Everything was completely peaceful and calm. That's just the way, Hannah liked it.

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BOYD, Hannah Jane Empty Re: BOYD, Hannah Jane

Post by Elijah Krum Fri Jul 22, 2011 9:08 pm

Lovely! Welcome to PA Abby. I have to say though, Hannah struck me more as a Hufflepuff so that is where she's been sorted! Good luck and have fun! Very Happy

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