WHEELBARROW, Georgia Penelope
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WHEELBARROW, Georgia Penelope

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WHEELBARROW, Georgia Penelope Empty WHEELBARROW, Georgia Penelope

Post by Maximus Morrison Thu Jul 07, 2011 4:25 pm

WHEELBARROW, Georgia Penelope 11azbb4



    FULL NAME: Georgia Penelope Wheelbarrow

    NICKNAMES: Gi-Gi(friends), G(friends), Georgie(most people), Peony(mother)

    AGE: 15

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Let the sorting hat choose! (no preference)

    CLASSES: Charms and Transfiguration

    WAND TYPE: Oak, 9 inches, Dragon Heartstring

    PLAY BY: Gemma Ward


    HAIR COLOR: blonde

    EYE COLOR: light blue

    HEIGHT: 5 ft 9.5 in

    BODY TYPE: skinny

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Georgia has a model’s build, being extremely skinny in un-natural ways. She’s relatively tall for a girl but her figure makes her appear shorter than she is. She has strait blonde hair that falls just below her shoulders. It’s thin enough that when she pulls it tight on her head it looks almost entirely flat. It’s slightly wavy but doesn’t have much volume. Georgia’s face is really the centerpiece of her beauty. Often compared to a child’s, it is round with pleasing curves, pale like porcelain, and soft to the touch. Georgia’s eyes are a soft blue that many people find mesmerizing.


    001. easygoing
    002. great swimmer
    003. joyous
    004. sees the bright side
    005. sly
    006. naturally lucky
    007. fierce
    008. stubborn
    009. friendly
    010. innocent

    001. carefree
    002. fearless
    003. young..
    004. doesn’t know the ways of the world
    005. no real-life survival skills
    006. spoiled
    007. isn’t loyal
    008. allies with the strongest side
    009. impatient
    010. ignorant
    011. scared of death

    001. the ocean
    002. swimming
    003. adventure
    004. magic!
    005. hogwarts
    006. her house
    007. owl post
    008. fast cars
    009. muggle clothing
    010. rainstorms

    001. being bored
    002. lazy people
    003. wintertime
    004. cracking knuckles
    005. ickle firsties
    006. sleeping late
    007. weddings
    008. anything cliché
    009. being confused
    010. modern art
    011. dying

    001. to never die

    001. snorts when she laughs
    002. functions better on less sleep
    003. can think most clearly in water

    BOGGART: herself - dead

    PATRONUS: the first time she went swimming

    DEMENTOR: the battle of hogwarts

    VERITASERUM: she killed someone in the battle by mistake

    MIRROR OF ERISED: herself – laughing and happy

    PERSONALITY: Georgia fancies herself as a touch girl. She enjoys adventure and is in constant search of happiness. She is never content with ordinary. Georgie is a carefree soul who can’t be contained, but is hopeless in the real world. Inside the safe walls of Hogwarts she is everything a leader should be but once the pressures of life occur she falls apart. One of Georgia’s main weaknesses (or strengths in some situations) is that she isn’t loyal to one alliance. Whatever side is winning, stronger, or more able to protect her is where she lies.


    FATHER: Fredrick Oliver Wheelbarrow, ministry worker

    MOTHER: Holly Alastair Wheelbarrow, accountant

    Arnold Henry Wheelbarrow, 12, Slythirin
    Maize June Wheelbarrow, 11, brand new Hufflepuff

    OTHER: n/a

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class

    PET(S): an own named Oz

    BROOMSTICK(): n/a



    Early Years: Georgia was born well before her other siblings for the simple reason of “whoops” but her parents loved her all the same. Georgie wasn’t in the house much. She preferred exploring the muggle village they lived in and playing with the other children. Early on it became apparent that she was different. Georgia could just.. make impossible things happen. Her father (a wizard) knew what was happening but didn’t say anything to his 100% muggle wife who didn’t know his true identity. Fred Wheelbarrow assumed that if he kept his wife away from the wizarding world she would be out of danger of dark wizards.

    So it was Fredrick who explained the world she was part of to Georgia. It was Fredrick who brought her to Diagon Alley when she received her letter. And it was Fredrick who covered Georgie’s new school with a boarding school cover. And thus Georgia went off to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

    Hogwarts Years: Georgia viewed her arrival of Hogwarts as an adventure. Here she was – in a foreign area, about to learn magic, what wasn’t to be exited about? She was sorted into _____ and was pleased. It was the right choice and her house immediately became her family. For Georgia, Hogwarts wasn’t about school or learning, it was about adventure and excitement. She did okay in her classes (passing but not with honors) but didn’t put much effort in so the teachers always told her she wasn’t reaching her potential.

    Nothing really dramatic or exiting happened to Georgia. She coasted through school, trying to make everyday life an adventure. Georgia had many friends, but she would often get bored of them after a certain time and find new ones. There are only a few consistent friends in her life.

    Now that important exam years are coming up Georgia knows she will have to spend less time swimming in the great lake with the giant squid and more time studying. But just because she knows it doesn’t mean she will do it.

    Adulthood: n/a


    YOUR NAME: Emily

    RP EXPERIENCE: unsure

    HOW YOU FOUND US: :/ hmm..

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Mira and Jamie

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To make another student after Jamie graduated, and to diversify my range of female personalities.

    RP SAMPLE: [spoiler]Razz[/ spoiler]

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WHEELBARROW, Georgia Penelope Empty Re: WHEELBARROW, Georgia Penelope

Post by Elijah Krum Thu Jul 07, 2011 7:30 pm

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