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FISCHER, delta artimis

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FISCHER, delta artimis  Empty FISCHER, delta artimis

Post by Maximus Morrison Sun May 22, 2011 11:28 pm

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    FULL NAME: Delta Artimis Fischer


    AGE: 16

    ALLEGIANCE: Undisided

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff


    WAND TYPE: Pine, Phoenix Core, 8 in.

    PLAY BY: Emma Stone


    HAIR COLOR: Red!


    HEIGHT: 5'6

    BODY TYPE: Skinny, but not insanely so

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Give a general description of your characters appearance. At least 1 Paragraph


    x COMC (great with beasts)
    x Astronomy
    x Flying
    x Dancing (she's awesome)
    x Charming people
    x Drawing
    x Tough
    x Physically Strong

    x Doesn't Trust Others
    x A Nasty Temper
    x Sometimes lives in the past
    x Doesn't Try Hard in School

    x Her House
    x Crazy Dreams
    x Winter
    x Snow
    x Her Motorcycle
    x Being Social
    x Flying
    x Quidditch

    x People cracking their fingers
    x People finishing other peoples sentences
    x Weepy girls
    x Emotional people
    x When boys think they have all the power
    x Musicals (all the 'spontaneous' dancing routines)
    x All boy quidditch teams/all girl quidditch teams

    x To Make the Quidditch Team

    x Claps her hands above her head when really exited

    x Death Eater - no one specific, more of the idea of evil

    x Her first time flying in first year

    x Being shunned by her family for being a witch.

    x I hate my twin more than anything

    x Holding of the quidditch cup

    PERSONALITY: Delta is a quite difficult person. Not complicated in theory but in personality to deal with. She is extremely strong willed and doesn't take kindly to loosing. The same goes to any kind of teasing. Delta has been known to snap completely if taunted. There has been several occasions where actual fights had appeared. Delta generally won them too. Though she does her best not to appear so she is actually quite smart. She doesn't do well with studying and books but excels in more hands-on, practical, magic.


    Jordan Fischer - muggle play writer - 35 - squib

    Jessica (Marvel) Fischer - muggle actress - 34 - muggle

    Catilina Payne - student - 16 - squib/muggle - twin to Ingrid
    Vienna Payne - student - 13 - squib/muggle
    Kelly Payne - student - 8 - unknown race

    AUNT1: Susan (Marvel) Perrimore - housewife - 37 - muggle - married to John
    UNCLE1: John Perrimore - lawyer - 39 - muggle - married to Susan
    COUSIN1: Aqua Perrimore - student - 15 - muggle - daughter to Susan
    COUSIN2: Fido Perrimore - student - 14 - muggle - son to Susan
    COUSIN3: Quinn Perrimore - student - 11 - muggle - daughter to Susan
    UNCLE2: Scott Marvel - tax assistant - muggle - married to Jane
    AUNT2: Jane (Fiddler) Marvel - teacher - muggle - married to Scott
    COUSIN4: Scott Marvel Jr. - student - muggle - son to Scott
    AUNT3: Mandy Marvel - muggle singer - 31 - muggle
    GRANDMA: Joyce (Young) Marvel - retired singer - 56 - muggle
    GRANDPA: Franklin Marvel - retired paino player - 60 - muggle

    UNCLE3: Jackson Fischer - muggle sales man - 36 - wizard - married to Crissa
    AUNT4: Crissa (Jennings) Fischer - ministry worker - 36 - married to Jackson
    COUSIN5: Betsy Fischer - student - 12 - daughter to Jackson
    UNCLE4: Carson Fischer - professional quidditch player - 30 - wizard
    GRANDMA: Danese (Larson) Fischer - retired shop owner - 62 - wizard
    GRANDPA: David Fischer - retired quidditch player - 65 - wizard

    BLOOD STATUS: Muggleborn or Halfblood.. Not sure what you consider her

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Upper-Middle Class

    x A toad named Froggy

    x Her grandfathers old firebolt from when he played professionally.

    x I'm sure she has em'!


    Early Years: Delta was born on November 14th along with her twin sister Catilina to Jessica and Jordan Fischer. They were a young and freshly married couple (shotgun wedding) but they were deeply in love. The birth of their children only deepened that love and the two of them were happier than they had been in a long time. The two girls were pampered within an inch of their life and the parents could afford it. Both were quite well paid dispite their muggle jobs. Her mother was a semi-famous muggle actress and her father wrote plays for big companies. Therefore they had a huge house in a wonderful neiborhood. When they were three years old their mother had another baby named Vienna. By now the family favored Catilina over Delta. She was more talkitive and charming (and honesty cuter). Delta didn't have a problem with this - she didn't like the spotlight. Now that they were three years old their parents were hoping to spot (or more preferably not spot) signs of magic amoung their two daughters. They were intencly happy that neither of their daughters seemed to have it. It was unlikely with a muggle mum and squib dad. As the years past Catilina and Vienna kept the first impression of purely muggle but Delta was different. They began to suspect more and more that she was a witch. This terrified them. Her father hated wizards because he had been surropunded by magic while still being normal. Her mum feared wizards after hearing the horror stories her husband told. And the children had the influance of their parents so they wern't exactly wizard friendly either. By the time Kelly was born the deal was sealed. Like a muggleborn, Ingrid was the freak in the family. When she received her Hogwarts letter she was sent to live with her uncle Jack, aunt Crissa, and cousin Betsy. They became her true family.

    Hogwarts Years: When Delta entered Hogwarts she was placed into _____ house. She fell in love with the people immeditly and knew it really was 'her' house. At once people singled her out as different and interesting. She quickly gathered a group of friends that were quite simular to her. However she didn't get along with everyone enemies were created. In her first year she found she had a knack for flying and it became her goal/dream to make the house team. So far she has not made it but is still trying. When she turned 15 she recived a muggle motorcycle (no flying abilites) and she fell in love with it. She quickly passed the muggle driving test and now she takes it everywhere. Delta has enjyed Hogwarts for five years, passing under the radar as average in grades (even though she is quite smart), only showing up when in trouble for assisting in a prank.

    Adulthood: Still a student xD


    YOUR NAME: Emily/Jamie

    RP EXPERIENCE: A few years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I forget

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Jamie Prophet, Mira Anderson

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I wanted to take Emma Stone as a PB?

    Gah, you know me. Look Jamie or Mira

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Post by Elijah Krum Mon May 23, 2011 2:56 pm

Are you actually going to finish this, babe? Nice family history though. O:

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Post by Mira Anderson Wed May 25, 2011 8:11 pm

I was planning on it xD
And I copied it from my old Ingrid app. It was very helpful.
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Post by Khaat Lupin Wed Jun 22, 2011 9:47 pm

Sorry, but we only allow two weeks for an application to be completed. If you still want this character, please contact an admin, and we will move the app back for you.

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