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POTTER, James Sirius

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POTTER, James Sirius Empty POTTER, James Sirius

Post by James Sirius Potter Tue May 03, 2011 1:37 am

POTTER, James Sirius 0042

James Sirius Potter


    FULL NAME: James Sirius Potter


    AGE: Seventeen

    ALLEGIANCE: Potters Army

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor

    CLASSES: Charms (Newt), Dark Arts (NEWT), Defence against the Dark arts (NEWT)

    WAND TYPE: 31 cm long made out of Willow tree. Simple design with small tribal carvings running up and down the wand.

    PLAY BY: Zach Gilford


    HAIR COLOR: Brown

    EYE COLOR: Blue

    HEIGHT: 5'11

    BODY TYPE: Athletic


    James is a rather tall and athletic teenager. He likes to keep fit and often plays a wide variety of sports. He often wears long coats when not hanging out in his room or dorm. When not in company he tends to wear slacks or jeans with a single t shirt and has a tenancy to wear rings and necklaces.


    Dark Arts
    Quick thinking under pressure
    Can play guitar
    Play Piano
    Skilled Quidditch plater
    Natural Leader

    Fear of water
    Hates his Father
    Immature at times
    Can be goaded into a fight

    His wand

    Death eaters
    Misuse of magic

    To become powerful.
    To be different.
    To have a family.
    Not be defined by his father.

    Dark at times
    Dry sense of humor
    Runs his hand through his hair

    BOGGART: Losing his magic

    PATRONUS: The day he got stuck on a roof during a rain storm.

    DEMENTOR: Almost getting his by a car.

    VERITASERUM: He hates his father.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To be different from every other wizard.


    On the surface James seems like your typical teenager. He likes to sleep, play video games, he likes sport, likes food and think of himself as quite a good comedian. People tend to ignore him and just pass him off to his satisfaction. He has often been singled out by people for being Harry Potters first born son and it has left him resentful towards his father and family. He hates his father for leaving and has tried all his life to distance himself from him and his family.

    At heart it cares for them but wants to be defined by what he does not what others do. He is a good person once you get to know him, if a little strange. He likes to crack jokes whenever he can which is a defensive mechanism as it annoys people so in turn they do not try to befriend him. The truth is that he is rather lonely but he never shows it. He is also quite Stoic which is his biggest flaw, he doesn't tend to rely on the people around him and tries to do everything himself.


    FATHER: Harry Potter

    MOTHER: Ginny Weasly

    SIBLING(S): Lily Luna Potter and Albus Severus Potter

    OTHER: Cousins.

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class

    A grey and black European shorthair Cat named Eve.

    Cleansweep Eleven



    Early Years:

    James doesn't remember his father. He was born in 2007, two years before the death of Harry Potter. His early life wasn't the most enjoyable child hood. James never understood why his father wasn't around. In time he began to resent his father for not being there and began to distance himself from his family. Once old enough he left the house as much as he could, only coming home for foot and sleeping and the day he was old enough to leave for Hogwarts he did.

    Hogwarts Years:

    James thought being at Hogwarts would change his life and it did. But it didn't make it better, he was singled out many times due to the fact he was Harry Potters child. People would see if they were better than him, teachers would test him to see if he lived up to his name. This only fuelled Jame's resentment. He wanted to be someone, he wanted to make his own life.

    Not be judged by the deeds of his father. Some people treated him kindly because of his father, others they persecuted him. Never leaving him alone about it. By his third year things began to settle down. People began to forget about him as he wandered the halls, trying to keep a low profile and by his fifth year he was just another student.

    People still called him out at times but it was not like when he first started. James has kept to himself over his years at Hogwarts, practising his Magic alone. He has very few friends and does not socialise with his siblings or family members very often.



    RP EXPERIENCE: 6+ years



    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Ummm, thought it'd be interesting to play Harry Potters son.


    OOC: Quite busy today so I added a short post from another site I'm on. My posts are usually longer.

    "There are many forms of lighsaber combat," Elaine Varin said to a group of twenty younglings, four padawans and two knights who had gathered to watch her.

    It had only been three days since she had been announced as the new Battlemaster of the Jedi order. It was something she had never in her wildest dreams thought she'd get.

    Of course she was a Jedi master at the tender age of 26 but she had been told in no uncertain terms that she would never sit on the council until she amended her ways. Varin was somewhat of a new age Jedi.

    She believed that love and emotion was the essential key to becoming a great Jedi and that she had come out with this and made her feelings known was a big thing amongst the Jedi. They were an old and proud order and did not change their ways often.

    Another reason she guessed that the council....had a certain hesitation with her....was because she was well known for her temper. She had often gotten mad as a padawan and a lot of people thought she was dangerous, to dangerous in fact to be left to her own devices as they believed she would turn to the dark side.


    Varin had called them. But apparently the previous battle master, an older man who had surprisingly said he had been following Varins skills due to a tip off from her old Master had decided that she was worthy of holding one of the most honoured positions among the jedi...and that there wasn't very many at such a young age who had her skill with a saber and knew all the lightsabre fighting styles.

    She certainly hadn't mastered them all by any means but she had made it her mission to to learn them. And with Battlemaster came responsibility, she had never taught younglings or padawans but they had requested her to show them some the more...left field saber forms and she couldn't resist their pleading.

    "For example," Varin said nodding to a knight who activated a battle droid. She stood in the center of a twenty by twenty circle which was surrounded by viewers, some were even on the upper floors looking down.

    She guessed the previous battlemaster didn't make public shows for the younger Jedi.

    "Tràkata," she said turning her purple lightsaber on...then off, "This form plays on the lightsabers ability to quickly deactivate then activate. Watch".

    With another nod to the knight he activated the droid and it started to move in a circle, expecting Varin to attack...which she did.

    She activated her pruple saber then slashed down diagonally. The droid brought up its vibro blade for an easy block but before her saber met the blade she deactivated it then reactivated it in blinding succession, completely circumventing the vibro blade she kept the momentum of her attack and cut the droid in two.

    "It's not as easy as it looks," she stated as the droid was cleaned up, "It takes a considerable amount of attention to turn your blade on and off during combat, turn it off at the wrong time then you will die.

    "Now I'm afraid that is all I have time for today," she said, this was the seventh droid she had dismissed.

    "Thank you Master Varin," the younglings and Padawan's chimed as they bowed. Some of the knights that had come to view bowed but didn't speak and she saw others who watched her suspiciously.

    "It was my pleasure," Varin said bowing in turn then turning on her heals and striding away noticing the looks she got because of her attire, she looked more like a bounty hunter than a Jedi.

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James Sirius Potter

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Post by James Sirius Potter Tue May 03, 2011 1:38 am

Just a note sorry the history is so short. I couldn't find anything on Albus potter so I tried to keep the history vague
James Sirius Potter
James Sirius Potter

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Post by Jess Potter Tue May 03, 2011 7:05 am

No no, that's all good. You're accepted!
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Post by Elijah Krum Tue May 03, 2011 2:56 pm

Muffin, you beat me to it! O:

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