LONGBOTTOM, Frank Percival
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LONGBOTTOM, Frank Percival

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LONGBOTTOM, Frank Percival Empty LONGBOTTOM, Frank Percival

Post by Molly Minerva Weasley Mon Apr 18, 2011 7:21 pm

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Frank P Longbottom


    FULL NAME: Frank Percival Longbottom

    NICKNAMES: Junior- his dad called him that, since he was named after Neville's father. The Potters, Weasleys, family friends tend to call him that

    AGE: 18


    HOGWARTS HOUSE: ex-Gryffindor

    WAND TYPE: Double core of unicorn and kelpie hair, Hornbeam, fifteen inches, rigid

    PLAY BY: Johnny Flynn


    HAIR COLOR: Blonde

    EYE COLOR: Brown

    HEIGHT: 6 foot tall

    BODY TYPE: Slim

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Frank has untidy,dirty-blondish hair. He was born with dark hair and it lightened over the years to resemble his mother a little more. He was a chubby baby but he slimmed quickly, resembling his mother a little more in that he was sort of wiry in his early teenage years. He took after his father in his later years, gaining some weight until he was stockier.

    After Hogwarts, he worked out a little more and toned his body, losing excess weight and making him rather slender. He had a boxy face like his father, but a pointed chin and rosy cheeks like his mother. He is rather pale. He wears what he can find and likes to have his guitar strapped to his back.


    +Incredibly honest

    +Too trusting
    +Self conscious

    +His family and family friends
    +Outdoors, exploration
    +The truth

    +Dark Arts
    +Death Eaters
    +Blood purists
    +Failure of justice
    + Blood

    +To become a success as an Auror
    +Protect his family
    +Build a life
    +Explore his art

    +Carries his guitar everywhere
    +Randomly decides to go camping
    +Smoothing down his hair

    BOGGART: Something happening to his family or friends and the suspect getting away without punishment

    PATRONUS: Graduating Hogwarts and feeling the optimism of the future.

    DEMENTOR: Neville got tired of politics in factions and decided to step down from positions. Around the time Neville decided to step down as Herbology professor, he and Hannah fought often and for awhile, they were separated. In the end, all was good, but it was a rocky time.

    VERITASERUM: That, if he could, he'd quit the Ministry and focus solely on art and music.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: For justice to be a natural part of the world and for his art and music to be a source of tranquility and inspiration.

    PERSONALITY: Frank is sort of a half-assed rebel. He has that need for independence, but he is also too poor to actually be independent. He wears thrift store clothes, though he could afford brand name. He tells his parents he does not want to mooch off them, but only lasts few days out on his own before crashing in their basement.

    Frankie is an Auror because he does believe in what the Order and the Aurors stand for: justice. He just has sort of a cynical view of justice. He does not think justice is something attainable in their society. But he hopes. And he does what he can. He is very loyal to his family and to his family's friends- the Potters, the Lupins, the Weasleys, the Scamanders.

    Frank is also an artist and musician. He dabbles in art for the fun of it- painting and sculpting as well as writing. But he plays guitar and sings at the Leaky Cauldron- which his mother is the landlady of. (It's in HP Wiki.) Frank tries to be humble and is typically very honest- it's almost painful for him to lie.


    FATHER: Neville Longbottom, 44

    MOTHER: Hannah Longbottom nee Abbott, 44

    SIBLING(S): Alice Longbottom, 14

    OTHER: Augusta Longbottom, 80, great grandmother

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Upper middle class- acts poor



    +Acoustic guitar
    +Sketch pad
    +Moleskin journal
    +Art supplies


    Early Years: Before they had kids, Neville and Hannah enjoyed life together. They got married not a year after they graduated, and were quick to establish themselves. For a very long time, Neville worked as the Herbology professor and Hannah became the landlady at the Leaky Cauldron. The couple lived above the Cauldron for roughly eight years until Hannah became pregnant. They bought a nice two-story home in Godric's Hollow and then came Frank Percival Longbottom. He was named after the two heroes in Neville's life- Frank, for his father, Percival for Albus Dumbledore,who he considered the greatest wizard of all time. (He tried to name Frank, Drank Harry but his wife liked the classiness of the name Percival more.) When he was four, his sister, Alice Minerva Longbottom (named after his grandmother and his father's strictest but most influential professor) was born. He and Alice were incredibly close for their entire lives and lived relatively normal lives.

    Hogwarts Years: Frank was sort of a favorite coming into Hogwarts, but his quiet nature made many professors lose interest in him, though they all did like him, he was never a favorite. He was known throughout the halls and people always seemed to have their breath held, waiting for him to reveal his potential, his greatness. That moment never really came. Expectations were lowered and he was regarded as a bright pupil. He, like his father, seemed more suited for Hufflepuff, but he had a sort of bravery in that he was not afraid to tell the truth and ensure justice was served. In about his third year his father quit as Herbology professor because he was tired of politics coming in the way of knowledge. He also chose to withdraw from the Order after several domestic problems due to it. However, he was quick to encourage Frank (in private) to become an Auror, join the Auror, and help the forces of good. Frank would never forget how upset his father was that he could not do his part. He decided he would do what he could for him and his father. In his fourth year or so, Frank picked ua guitar. In his fifth, he picked up a pen and classic books. In his sixth he picked up a paintbrush. From then on, he spent his years honing his artistic skills.

    Adulthood: He got a job from his parents over the summers playing part time at the Leaky Cauldron. He kept this job after Hogwarts as well as beginning Auror training. He also spent a lot of time getting to know London's art and music community, hoping to succeed somewhere.


    YOUR NAME: Jackles

    RP EXPERIENCE: 2 years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Jack told me

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Jack, Elliot and Skeeter (not for long), Simon, Peter, Marki, Emmett, Naomi, Reid, Marla, Dexter, Renny, Piper, Kendall


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LONGBOTTOM, Frank Percival Empty Re: LONGBOTTOM, Frank Percival

Post by Elijah Krum Mon Apr 18, 2011 8:23 pm

Accepted! ;D
I loves him! We must plot! Now, go forth and post with him!
Eli -- away! xD

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