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GRINDELWALD, Gellert Li9olo10

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Post by Gellert Grindelwald Thu Apr 14, 2011 3:01 am

GRINDELWALD, Gellert Kilcoe-jeremy



    FULL NAME: Gellert Grindelwald

    NICKNAMES: Gelly - by his aunt Bathilda.

    AGE: Technically... Around 140-143
    But physically about 60

    ALLEGIANCE: Himself

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Attended Durmstrang - Expelled.

    WAND TYPE: Elder Wand
    Cypress, Chimera scale fragment, 15 inches, inflexible

    PLAY BY: Jeremy Irons


    HAIR COLOR: Sandy blonde-brown, grey streaks

    EYE COLOR: Brown

    HEIGHT: Six foot one

    BODY TYPE: Tall, thin, muscular

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Gellert was not always the man he appears to be now. He was once a young, good looking young man. Now he had felt the effects of age, his once blond hair having slowly turned brown, and now showing a great many silver strands beginning to capture the edges of his hairline. His eyes, perhaps are the most intriguing part about him, while many people claim to have black eyes, when examined most are just a very dark brown, or a very dark green, few can claim to actually have black eyes. Gellert however, does. His Iris is the same colour of his pupil, and the effect it has on people he speaks with can be quite unnerving. Eyes are the windows to one's soul is certainly a fitting saying for Gellert.

    His body being restored to the point where he was at his highest power, Gellert is physically quite lean, standing at a reasonable height of 6'1", and being rather thin, he doesn't have a particularly out of the ordinary physique, however if you took a moment to truly look at him, you'd see the body of a fighter, with muscular arms, back and legs, Gellert does have strong look about him.

    There are several identifying features on him however, ones that most people will never know about. Similar to the Death Eaters' "Dark Mark" Gellert has a tattoo on his left arm, this one simply with the symbol of the Deathly Hallows, at the height of his reign thousands of witches and wizards bore this mark. He also has a gash across his left cheek, given to him by Aberforth Dumbledore, a scar easily removed, however Gellert chose to leave it there as a reminder of his early days.


    [x]Very intelligent
    [x]Dark Arts
    [x]Doesn't fear death
    [x]Outstanding dueller

    [x]Quick temper
    [x]Sometimes struggles with feelings of remorse
    [x]Believes in blood purity

    [x]Albus Dumbledore
    [x]Talking about himself
    [x]Manipulating weaklings
    [x]Dark Arts

    [x]Riddles he can't solve
    [x]A "spoil" sport
    [x]Feeling remorseful
    [x]People killing the people he wants to duel
    [x]Being talked down
    [x]Being considered second to Voldemort

    -Absorb the Death Eaters
    -Discredit the Order
    -Take over the Ministry
    -Control Hogwarts
    -TAKE OVER! Mwhahahaha

    -Likes to read
    -Wears round glasses occasionally
    -Cracks jokes at inappropriate times
    -Before he duels someone, he may ask them a riddle

    BOGGART: Being played as a fool rather than as the best Dark Lord.

    PATRONUS: When he won the Elder Wand.

    DEMENTOR: When he duelled Albus Dumbledore.

    AMORENTIA: Leather, mercury, alfredo.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To have the world forget Voldemort and regard him as the ultimate Dark Lord.

    A dark and foreboding exterior only lends a fraction to what can be found beneath the façade of an old man.

    Gellert Grindelwald is a name those should fear more readily than Voldemort for his aims and traits are far more coarse by comparison. Despite being brilliant, charming and highly intelligent, his narcissism and manipulative streak makes him a man you would not dare to cross.

    Traits from his younger years have followed him into the state he is now. His magical capabilities have exceeded by tenfold but he is still as intelligent as ever and still keeps his vicious temper under his belt. Nothing like that is ever stamped out of a person.

    Even as a youngster, Gellert had a fascination with the Dark Arts. Coupled with his temper, he became a man whose wand you would not want to be on the receiving end of. Gellert's capabilities extend much further than the Unforgiveables. He finds them lacking in something but they are a means to an end if nothing else can be used.

    However even at that young age Gellert had little interest in the establishments that dictated his life, deciding not to use his skills in magic to win awards and prizes, instead pouring his efforts into the Dark Arts, conducting experiments which, over the course of time, escalated to the point where they endangered the lives of his fellow students, resulting in his expulsion. This of course stemmed from an emotionless, detachedness disparity with the normal human empathetic psyche, a deep vein of narcissism running through his personality.

    In his later year Grindelwald continued to show these negative personality traits, as was shown at the very height of his reign, when he fought Albus Dumbledore, the duel ending in defeat for Grindelwald.

    However, it is rumored that during his time in Nurmengard Gellert softened slightly, and came to terms with what he did, this idea was further strengthened when Gellert lied to the face of Lord Voldemort in a vain attempt to prevent the Dark Lord from desecrating his old friend's remains, hinting that perhaps he found consolation during his time in prison.

    Hell bent on rising to power Gellert still possesses his ambitious traits, and he still will stop at nothing to achieve his ends, but he is now far more open to change, and is more accepting of other's views, showing that a part of him must have certainly changed, this time for the better.


    FATHER: Garther Grindelwald- deceased

    MOTHER: Belinda Ross- deceased

    SIBLING(S): n/a

    OTHER:Bathilda Bagshot, great aunt

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy





Early Years: Grindelwald's father abandoned he and his mother early on, leaving Belinda to struggle as a single mother for awhile. She received some help from her own mother until her mother took sick when Grindelwald was young and died, leaving Belinda even worse off than before. Grindelwald was known for leading the neighbor kids on adventures and such, though his friends came more to resemble a gang. There was no discrimination at first. But as his mother told him more and more about the wizarding world, he shunned kids who were not pure and got in trouble many times for picking on muggle children and harming animals. Otherwise, there was nothing to suggest he was different. He was a charming, spirited child with a knack for humor.

Durmstrang Years: In Durmstrang, Grindelwald flowered. Though he had a large array of allies, he did not have any true friends, his mother having struggled and himself being sort of an odd character, though not at all an unlikable one. He pulled pranks and told jokes and was known as a playful troublemaker with a knack for knowing where the line was and always taking it a bit too far. It did not pose a problem until fourth year when his pranks and jokes started pushing farther and farther.

He began to delve into the Dark Arts around fourth year and withdrew from others as he found they were not as interested in the Deathly Hallows as he was. In fifth year he began pulling more and more "stunts" as his teachers called them, though they were more like experiments to him. These experiments came to a close in sixth year when, after almost killing several of his peers, he was expelled.

He was sent to his aunt Bathilda's house where he met Albus Dumbledore, finally someone with a mind that could understand his own. They discussed the proper place of muggles and fantasized over the Hallows until they were confronted by Aberforth Dumbledore. Grindelwald pulled his wand and in a three-way duel, the youngest Dumbledore, Arianna, was killed. He left that summer and never contacted Albus again, until their fateful duel.

Adulthood: He returned home for a very short amount of time. His mother's health had been declining for some time and he dispassionately waited for her death to sell the estate and all of her belongings and set off into the world. He went along the country, in search of the Hallows and picking up rumors and street smarts from his travels and exploits. He managed to uncover the truth that Gregorvitch, a famous wandmaker, had the Elder wand and was attempting to replicate it. He snuck in and barely managed to steal it.

From there, he traveled around, earning prestige as he managed to gain powerful allies and destroy potential threats. He built up a wealth and reputation that enabled him to raise an army. The years went on and he began a reign of terror, adding the construction of Nurmengard for his opposition to spread more and more fear. It was at the peak of his power that Dumbledore sought him out.

Still regarded as the greatest duel of all time, Grindelwald and Dumbledore were closely matched but in the end, Dumbledore bested his old friend. Ironically, Grindelwald was sent to the topmost cell in Nurmengard where he spent his years waiting for death. What no one had suspected was that he had created a Horcrux before the duel. When Voldemort found him and demanded the wand and was displeased to find he did not have it, Voldemort murdered him. But he did not die. Instead he was freed from his prison and his soul was free. For decades he stewed, his soul waiting patiently within its pendant, for one Sandra Archer and another Alan Wake to revive him...
Gellert Grindelwald
Gellert Grindelwald

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