KRAUS, Rosalee Alyson
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KRAUS, Rosalee Alyson

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KRAUS, Rosalee Alyson Empty KRAUS, Rosalee Alyson

Post by Rosalee Kraus on Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:29 pm

KRAUS, Rosalee Alyson Normal_105



    FULL NAME: Rosalee Alyson Kraus

    NICKNAMES: Rosee (Rosie), Rose

    AGE: Seventeen, Seventh Year

    ALLEGIANCE: Potter's Army

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff

    WAND TYPE: Rosewood, 10¾ inches, Veela Hair

    PLAY BY: Aly Michalka


    HAIR COLOR: Golden Blonde

    EYE COLOR: Green

    HEIGHT: 5'6

    BODY TYPE: Slender

    Rosalee stands at five feet six inches tall; a rather common height for girls her age and weight. In her younger years, she always towered over the girls and boys around her, but she stopped getting taller when she was about twelve, only gaining a few inches in the past five years. Though Rosalee has a quite average metabolism speed, her weight seems to be a bit lower than average. She is a sturdy 120 pounds, which is about ten pounds below the minimum average weight for girls her age and height. Her body is very healthy; she developed great abdomen, leg, and arm muscle when she would cheer back in America. Her breasts are a bit over average size for most seventeen year olds, but they are not too "over the top", and Rosee certainly does not flaunt them off much. Most girls have incredible bodies in Germany, which would often make Rose feel uncomfortable with herself and with the way she looked. She loves to eat, which adds to the peer pressure and takes from her self-esteem, though she has rather well confidence. She used to be involved in various types of American sports while she lived in Nevada with her grandmother, including: football, volleyball, softball, track, lacrosse, and her personal favorite, cheerleading.

    Rosalee's skin color is rather fair, though in the summer, she tends to get a golden tan. Her skin is flawless, it glows effortlessely. This is one of the few traits that she absolutely loves about herself. Her skin is tight around her neck and jaw, which makes her face look very defined. Her teeth are very white and straight, this makes her smile very big and beautiful. Her dimples seem to get bigger whenever she grins. Her hair is a very beautiful golden blonde, her nearly perfect ringlets reaching just past her shoulders. Her hair shines greatly in the sunlight, and is extremely soft to the touch. Rosee takes great pride in her appearance, though she puts in little effort for her beauty. Her makeup, if she wears any, is usually very natural, apart from her piercing black eyeliner and mascara that she uses to enhance her emerald eyes.

    Rosee dresses comfortably, but never forgets about her fashion. She is usually always wearing the latest fashions and trends. It is easy to say that she fits in to this very cliche world. Her clothes are very form-fitting to flatter her curves and slender stomach. On the days where she truly doesn't care what she is wearing (very rare days), she usually will wear jeans, preferably skinnies, and a nice shirt. As for accessories, she loves jewlery, and she knows exactly how to accessorize without going overboard. With every outfit she wears, she is wearing some sort of necklace, bracelet, ring, hat, bag, or any other accessory. Her wardrobe is extremely varied, as she has quite a few different styles including: preppy, skater, girly, so cal, among others.

    Rosalee has a few distinguishing features throughout her body. On the right side of her lips, she has a small mole, which is also her birthmark. She has never considered getting her mole removed, as she loves how it is very unique to her. She about eight piercings on her body so far, including: four earlobe, one cartilage, one ear bar, one belly button, and one nose. She doesn't usually wear all of her piercings at once, but she loves them all. She has one tattoo, that nearly no one knows about, including her mother. It is on her left hip, and is the chinese symbol for beauty. This is a constant reminder to Rosee that she is a beautiful girl, despite what others think.


    i. Responsible
    ii. Smart
    iii. Giving
    iv. Kind
    v. Respectful
    vi. "Tree-Hugger"
    vii. Talented
    viii. Funny
    ix. Compassionate
    x. Understanding

    i. Opinionative
    ii. Cunning
    iii. Sometimes Hypocritical
    iv. Two-Faced (depending on the people she's with)
    v. Prideful
    vi. Independant
    vii. High-Maintenance
    viii. Stubborn
    ix. B****
    x. Up-Front

    i. Boys
    ii. Girls
    iii. Horses
    iv. Makeup
    v. The environment
    vi. Cheerleading
    vii. Snow
    viii. Sunshine
    ix. The beach
    x. Swimming
    xi. Lacrosse
    xii. Her cell phone
    xiii. Texting
    xiv. Music (Preferably Pop, R&B, ect. Anything that's "in")
    xv. Singing
    xvi. Playing the guitar
    xvii. Brunettes
    xviii. Pickles
    xix. Traveling
    xx. Cats

    i. Rude people
    ii. Horror movies
    iii. Biphobics/ Homophobes
    iv. People who are mean for no reason
    v. Bad thunderstorms
    vi. The extreme cold
    vii. Clueless people/ Ditz's
    viii. Whores
    ix. "Too nice" people
    x. Gore, violence, and anything else fitting into those categories
    xi. "Bystanders"
    xii. The Power Rangers
    xiii. Chickens
    xix. Reptiles
    xx. Bugs

    i. To stop being two-faced
    ii. To make some sort of cheerleading squad
    iii. To try to make Suz and Becca better people
    iv. To get a job as a vocalist/ guitarist
    v. To start a band

    i. Eats pickles like candy
    ii. Gets virulent when she gets overly upset
    iii. Cannot sleep without her teddy bear that she had since she was little
    iv. Afraid of the dark
    v. Afraid of chickens

    BOGGART: Death

    PATRONUS: Winning first place at her Regional & National Championships in Cheerleading

    DEMENTOR: Her grandmother's funeral

    AMORENTIA: The beach, and anything related to it. (i.e. the sand, the salt water, the air)

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Her parents; she wished she was much closer to them

    SEXUALITY: Bisexual

    i. Lace
    ii. Brunette hair
    iii. Big smile
    iv. Glowing skin
    v. Singers

    i. Fake People
    ii. Goths
    iii. Greed
    iv. "Gold-Diggers"
    v. Complete Nerds (i.e. the people who can tell you the chemical composition of a glue stick)

    Rosalee is a very caring person when on her good side. She enjoys helping people out, but usually only if she likes the person. If she doesn't like you, she will definitely let you know. She can sometimes be full of herself, but isn't too obvious about it. Her personality is very strange, as if she had two sides to herself. When she's in a good mood, or is surronded by people the likes, she is incredibly kind and loving; she never has a bad word to say. However, when she is with her best friends, Suzannah Malfoy and Rebecca Mulloy, she is very deceiving; her attitude is somewhat fake, and she will make fun of anyone that passes her by. She is generally a well-liked person when she is by herself, but the common dislike for Suzannah causes Rose to lose friends quite frequently.
    Rose takes great pride in her appearance in behaviour (in most cases). You, usually, will never find her in a pair of sweats in the broad daylight. Her hair is never disheveled, and her nails are never chipping. She is a quite clean person; her dormitory cubicle is always spotless, and she will sometime tidy up her roommate's area. She lives on her own in a modern home, which is payed for by her parents. Throughout her life, her parents were usually absent. Her parents never seemed to care much about her, despite the large amounts of money they always spent on her. To the present day, her parents still pay most of her expenses, but are never around for holidays, special occasions, or whenever she needs them emotionally. In spite of this, she has grown to be quite independant.


    FATHER: Leon Kraus - Pureblood - Human - Fourty-Five - Auror

    MOTHER:Anna Engel-Kraus - Pureblood - Veela - Thirty-Six - Auror

    SIBLING(S): None

    OTHER: Leonie Kraus - Rosee's Grandmother - Pureblood - Human - Deceased

    Leonie was Rosalee's grandmother. The two were extremely close, and Rosalee lived with her until she was forced to move back with her parents in England when she was sixteen due to Leonie's death.

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    RACE: Part-Veela

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy-ish

    Cat - Maine Coon - "Cuddles" - Male
    Owl - Short-Eared - "Oliver" - Male

    Cleansweep Eleven



    Early Years:
    Rosalee was born on a stormy night on July 13th, 2005. Her parents were young when they had her, her father being 28 and her mother being 19. Her parents perhaps were not ready for a child, but they were great parents to Rosee nonetheless. Despite her full German nationality, she spent the first sixteen years of her life in America with her grandmother, Leonie. She grew up as a normal American girl; she was always involved in a sport, she got great grades, and went to an academy of Witchcraft in Washington until she was sixteen. Her parents, were not always there for her when she was a child, and eventually moved to England; Rosalee chose to stay with her grandmother. Before they moved, they would often miss her dance recitals, or the cheerleading championships. This took a toll on Rose's life greatly. She didn't know what it felt like to have her parents cheering her on, and so she developed differently than most other children. Though she didn't have many to begin with, Rose began to grow apart from her friends. This made her main focus point her sports and schoolwork by the age of ten. At the beginning of her life, from when she was three to about nine, her life was great. However, when she was ten, her life began to slowly go downhill.

    When she was about fourteen, Rosalee really began to notice her parent's absence in her life. She would often spend the holidays with only her grandmother. She loved Leonie very much, but she began to feel the need for "fresh faces" since her grandmother was arguably one of the only people she saw on a regular basis. Rosee could never recall a time that she saw her parents in the bleachers during a championship, or any recital she's ever done, her grandmother, however, was at every sporting event. It was fairly easy for her parents to fly over to America for Rosalee's championships or recitals, but her parents always came up with excuses. Despite this, she never let herself slip under depression. She always talked to the few close friends that she had about her feelings, and they would always give her good advice.

    Rosalee always remembered the day that she opened her letter from the Washington Academy of Witchcraft, telling her that she would begin her first year in September. She went shopping at a local wizarding plaza with her girlfriends, who were also attending. Her parents, of course, were not present at either of these occasions, but, they did give her a bunch of money to spend at the plaza for her school supplies and broomstick. She stayed at her academy with outstanding grades and the head of her house's cheerleading squad. But, when she was sixteen, she had to move to England with her parents due to the tragic death of Leonie, and she had nowhere else to go. She transferred to Hogwarts in the middle of her sixth year, and it was a very big change for her.

    Hogwarts Years:
    The switch to Hogwarts changed Rosalee's life greatly. She truly blossomed at that school, she learned to come out of her shell, and make new friends. It was extremely unusual and rare for a new student to attend Hogwarts in the middle of a year (or during their sixth year in general), so she sparked much interest in her classmates and other students. She decided to join her house's Quidditch team, and was granted the position of Keeper. England had quite a few new and old sports to offer, but cheerleading, however, was not as popular as it was in the U.S., which made her feel like a chunk of her life was really missing. But, the loss of a few sports made her focus more on her schoolwork. She got great marks on her exams and homework, which made her feel extremely proud of herself, though she was used to getting good grades in the first place.


    YOUR NAME: Kellie


    HOW YOU FOUND US: Don't remember

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Julia, Suz, Ed, Becca

    RP SAMPLE: skipskipskipskip

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Rosalee Kraus
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KRAUS, Rosalee Alyson Empty Re: KRAUS, Rosalee Alyson

Post by Elijah Krum on Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:43 pm

Très bien!
*shudders* ...cheerleading. That is not a sport. Not by a long shot. She's nice though -- if not a little odd. xD
Accepted and sorted into Ravenclaw, Ms. Power Ranger! ;D

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Elijah N. Krum
Elijah Krum
Elijah Krum
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Sixth Year Slytherin

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KRAUS, Rosalee Alyson Empty Re: KRAUS, Rosalee Alyson

Post by Elijah Krum on Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:43 pm

Très bien!
*shudders* ...cheerleading. That is not a sport. Not by a long shot. She's nice though -- if not a little odd. xD Wonderful App!
Accepted and sorted into Ravenclaw, Ms. Power Ranger! ;D

KRAUS, Rosalee Alyson Tumblr_inline_nzgc6iROpd1rifr4k_500
Elijah N. Krum
Elijah Krum
Elijah Krum
Sixth Year Slytherin
Sixth Year Slytherin

Number of posts : 4833
Special Abilities : Occlumens, Parseltongue, Animagus
Occupation : Owner of Eli's Fine Dining, Artist, Deputy Minister of Magic

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KRAUS, Rosalee Alyson Empty Re: KRAUS, Rosalee Alyson

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