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Welcome to Potter's Army

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Fulmine Tempesta

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Fulmine Tempesta  Empty Fulmine Tempesta

Post by Fulmine Tue Mar 15, 2011 8:41 am

Fulmine Tempesta  Orig-13601931

Fulmine Tuono Tempesta


    FULL NAME: Fulmine Tuono Tempesta

    NICKNAMES: Storm

    AGE: 16

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw, Gryffindor

    WAND TYPE: 11 1/2 inch Snakewood with dragon heart string

    PLAY BY: Bill Kaulitz


    HAIR COLOR: Black, silver highlights

    EYE COLOR: Hazel

    HEIGHT: 6' 1"

    BODY TYPE: Slender

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: A rather tall boy for his age, Fulmine believes that it is due to his Italian heritage even thought there is no real evidence to back up his racial height bonus. His hair is wild and stands on end in every direction, when wet or otherwise laying down it can cover his entire face and even the majority of his neck. His body while tall is also very slender, though he would never be small enough to fit into skinny jeans he can fit into sizes that most people dream of, his arms are a little longer than the proportions of his body would normally allow but this was a family trait and he has grown to like it. His skin is rather pale at times but in the right light he can be seen a moderately tan but not enough to look like a different person.



    - Intelligence
    - High Physical Ability
    - Affinity for combat spells


    - Lazy
    - Not the bravest person when entering a dangerous situation
    - Not very good at healing spells


    - Italy
    - Celebrations
    - Cute Girls


    - Quidditch (not the sport itself but how overly competitive players and fans can get)
    - Bad Food (one thing he will not stand for)
    - Drunks (obvious reasons)

    GOALS: To find his mother's killers and bring them to justice

    QUIRKS: An unconscious drive to tap his fingers on any surface he can find (he is completely unaware that he does this)

    BOGGART: Trolls

    PATRONUS: Growing up with his mother in Italia

    DEMENTOR: The day he got the letter saying his mother was dead

    AMORENTIA: Wine and Grapes

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To become the most powerful wizard

    PERSONALITY: Fulmine is a nonchalant person who doesn’t seem to care about anything or anyone other than himself. He shows this in his everyday life by ignoring many of the common curiosities that have become the social norm in today’s culture. Some of these being a lack of respect for people and their property, ignoring desperate pleas for assistance, and failure to acknowledge any amount of respect for the law. So he does things like tread through people yards even as they are working them. If someone were to call out to him for help he would just walk by at the pace he already had been, that is unless the person appeared to be able to give him some sort of profit for his assistance. And finally the law, though jaywalking and other things like that are his normal crimes he has been known to steal things if he truly needs them.


    FATHER: Unknown

    MOTHER: Bella Tempesta

    SIBLING(S): none

    OTHER: none

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    RACE: Human


    PET(S): A raven named Ombra

    BROOMSTICK(): Nimbus 2001

    OTHER POSSESSIONS: none other than standard issue books and school stuff


    Early Years: Fulmine was always an awkward type of child, being born in the fields of an Italian wine farmer he grew up with magic all around him in the day to day duties it took to run the place. He grew older and wanted to start using magic himself and often threw tantrums when he was told he had to wait. When he turned eleven his mother took him to England and moved into a nice new home so that he would qualify to earn a place at one of the finest wizarding schools in the world, Hogwarts. The day came when he went off and that would be the last time he saw his mom, she would be kidnapped by death eaters never to be found again.

    Hogwarts Years: During his stay at Hogwarts Fulmine grew more and more comfortable in speaking english with those fluent in the language, by the end of the first month he had mastered the craft due to his mother's tireless lessons before he left. When he heard the news of his mother's kidnapping he attempted to flee from school and go off to find those responsible, luckily a professor caught the first year and set him straight. He went on as an orphan that focused entirely on his magical studies, with a heightened interest in the more powerful magical arts. He has continued his studies and is now a 5th year at the academy of magical studies, he is looking forward to the coming few years that will be spent at Hogwarts and wants to try and enjoy life some more before he is sent out into the world.

    Adulthood: (At least 1 paragraph of your characters history after Hogwarts)


    YOUR NAME: People have taken a liking to calling me Shino for some reason

    RP EXPERIENCE: 5 years of online RP and 6 years of DnD and other table top games

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Advertisement on Naruto Mirage

    OTHER CHARACTERS: none as of now

    RP SAMPLE: Takeshi was a bit pissed off this hot summer's day, the heat was affecting his judgment and he was ready to do anything to break his massive streak of boredom that had plagued his life in the passing days. Raising a finger for use as a landing pad as small insects came from the sky and started to give off a series of antenna signals and smells that gave the young genin an interesting bit of information. It seemed that one of his fellow Sunagakure genin had become entangled in some kind of combat and his opponents might prove to be a bit much for him to handle on his own but the biggest shock came when he was given his comrade's name. "Chinou? But that idiot is never outmatched by other genin, perhaps this means that there is larger prey to feast on." With his tiny guide taking to the air once more Takeshi was lead through the maze of sand castle like structures that were sporadically used as housing in the land of wind until he came to a road with many people peering out of their windows to be onlookers toward the brawl that was taking place in the streets. The young shinobi took in the field and noticed several things; firstly that there was indeed bigger prey and it appeared to be a Kirigakure swordsman. Not only a swordsman but the holder of the infamous Samehada and he had already taken on the form of a shark. Takeshi was enjoying the way this fight was looking when he noticed the genin laying down and the larger and more interesting foreign nin near him. With a motion of his hand the pours between his fingers opened wider and a medium sized fleet of Kikaichuu scattered out onto the roof in even rows so that Takeshi could give them their first orders for this conflict. A quick series of hand seals were quickly thrown and Takeshi grinned as a mirror of himself was staring back into his eyes. A nod of the head was all that was needed and the two both went into separate alley ways for a closer look at the battle.

    The shinobi noticed his Inuzuka comrade in a bit of a mess but he also knew that even if it was needed, helping a member of the Inuzuka clan directly in a fight would result in a quick swipe of claws across the face. So instead Takeshi allowed Chinou to help himself in his own way while he enjoyed his red thirst.

    With a casual mood in his steps Takeshi walked out into the middle of the road with his hands tucked into his pockets. Turning to the shark fiend he attempted to exchange a few words as politely as he could manage. "Hello there fish man, I was unaware of any foreigners coming to Suna this fine day so might I inquire your purpose in my home? Also if you don't mind could you tell me how you are breathing oxygen with your gills rather than the combination of hydrogen and oxygen atoms that we all just call water?" With a small sense of satisfaction in his words Takeshi waited to see if his string of subtle insults would cause the brute to come at him while he still kept a close eye on the interesting man he had noticed with the passed out boy.


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Fulmine Tempesta  Empty Re: Fulmine Tempesta

Post by Elijah Krum Tue Mar 15, 2011 4:13 pm

Welcome to PA! I can't wait to see him hopping ar0und!
Accepted and Sorted into Slytherin!
One other thing though, could you add his last name to your username please?
- Eli. (:

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