PATTINSON, Marcus Philippe
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PATTINSON, Marcus Philippe

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PATTINSON, Marcus Philippe Empty PATTINSON, Marcus Philippe

Post by Ariel Damian Greyback Sun Mar 13, 2011 9:53 pm

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Marcus Philippe Pattinson


    FULL NAME: Marcus Philippe Pattinson.

    NICKNAMES: Marc.

    AGE: Eighteen.

    ALLEGIANCE: The highest bidder.


    WAND TYPE: Cyprus 11 inches Hippogriff feather.

    PLAY BY: Sean Opry.


    HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown.

    EYE COLOR: Bright blue.

    HEIGHT: 6’2

    BODY TYPE: Well built, slender, toned.

    Marcus towers over most people his age and below at a frightening six foot two. He was always a tall child and found himself getting both teased and respected for it. Some children were cruel and taunted him with comments such as “how is the weather up there” but others used his height to their advantage and had him reach things for them. The height brought the weight. Marcus is the first to admit he is rather self-conscious about both his height and his weight but ever since he was a child he has had a speedy metabolism. That meant he was always looking rather peaky and sickly despite being incredibly healthy. When he hit puberty, he became rather over-proportioned and gangly. He also developed an appetite that was being indulged faster than his body could use the fuel getting put in. He put on weight and the growth spurts did little to combat this. So, Marcus was entered into sport at the will of his father.

    Although pale, Marcus tans quite easily. He has his mother’s skin and also many aspects of her personality. He takes after his father in looks though. His jaw is hardened, chiselled and defined. When he clenches his teeth, the skin pulls taught over his jaw and really brings out the bone there. He was always taught to stand up straight and that took away much of the gawkiness that appeared during his pubescent years. His smile is rather lopsided with the right pulling up first and the left not quite reaching the same level. When he grins, dimples appear in his cheeks and it makes him look rather childishly charming. His hair grows at quite an alarming rate and that means it has to be cut every couple of weeks. He likes it quite long but not to the point where he begins to look overly feminine. He likes it so he wakes up with a mild bed head that he can play with until the look is right.

    Marcus’ state of dress is always rather casual. He doesn’t put much effort into his clothing; he just wears what is comfortable. What he does do is make sure it looks good on him. He won’t buy things that look trashy or fit him too tightly or too loosely. Everything has its place and it all has to work. So in retrospect perhaps he does put a lot of effort into his clothing but it isn’t outwardly obvious. He’s a jeans man primarily but he’ll wear slacks and button down shirts whenever the need calls for it. He’s a fan of plaid and loves dog tags and trinkets to wear on chains and such. A lot of things don’t tend to fit at certain times of the year, though. His wardrobe has different parts for different seasons because his weight will fluctuate. He will become broader shouldered so certain things won’t fit around the shoulders and the tops of his arms etc. He picks clothes that fit to him; that look like they were sewn on, so when the weight changes, he has to change dress sizes accordingly.

    Marcus doesn’t have many skin blemishes. He has a few scars from a bicycle accident when he was younger and an old mark from where he came in contact with one of the Bludgers during a Quidditch match with Gryffindor but apart from that and moles and freckles, he’s free of anything damaging to his body. Well, he used to be able to claim that. Unfortunately though, he cannot do that any longer. Simultaneous events that bring him to the present have ended with a wound on his hip bone that won’t heal yet does not weep or bleed. It looks like a curtain that has been nigh on destroyed by a cat. His skin there is uneven and red-raw yet it is not hurt by anything he wears over it. He only finds it painful if he touches it. It is angry but about what he is unsure. All he knows is that that wound is the window to the animal that has been brought to life inside of him and that terrifies him.


    001. Loving.
    002. Playful.
    003. Witty.
    004. Discreet.
    005. Logical.
    006. Resolute.
    007. Charismatic.
    008. Diligent.
    009. Responsive.
    010. Resourceful.

    001. Impulsive.
    002. Headstrong.
    003. Blunt.
    004. Prideful.
    005. Stubborn.
    006. Persistent.
    007. Outspoken.
    008. Argumentative.
    009. Meticulous.
    010. Impatient.

    001. The ocean.
    002. ‘Old’ music.
    003. Running.
    004. Quidditch.
    005. A good debate.
    006. Dusty libraries.
    007. Cranberries.
    008. Lazy days.
    009. Dreaming.
    010. Adrenaline rushes.
    011. Scotland.
    012. Thunder storms.
    013. Sundays.
    014. Stars.
    015. Being right.
    016. Quills.
    017. Rain.
    018. Flying.
    019. Fire.
    020. Dirt roads.

    001. Gaudy designs.
    002. Broken record players.
    003. Discipline.
    004. Being told he’s wrong.
    005. Stress.
    006. Essays.
    007. The Full Moon.
    008. Witlessness.
    009. Classes.
    010. Dances.
    011. Twilight. – the time of day, not the book.
    012. Sweet desserts/pastries.
    013. Feeling claustrophobic.
    014. Werewolves.
    015. Failure.
    016. Ignorance.
    017. Blindness.
    018. Loneliness.
    019. His restraints.
    020. The cold.

    001. To go to medical school and become a Healer with knowledge of Muggle medicine.
    002. To move to Germany and live in Munich for a year or so.
    003. To travel the world.
    004. To understand his ‘disease’.
    005. To get a job.

    Goals for Marcus have been put on hold at present. His original goals have been put on hold and many have been scrapped. The ones he wants have been written down and they are what you see above. He has always wanted to become a healer of sorts despite entertaining the idea of becoming a politician for a while. He’s adored Germany ever since he went on holiday there with his aunt and uncle. He has always wanted to travel the world and it is something he still hopes to do. Recently though, he’s found himself in a predicament unknown to him really. There is no room for prejudice now. He is fighting to understand himself and to understand why the world hates him so. But what he wants the most is not up there. He just wants things to be normal again. He doesn’t want to be wild. He doesn’t want to lose himself every month. He does though. Marcus has long since realised he can never be the same again.

    001. Sucks on his dog tags.
    002. Climbs and sits in trees to have a think.
    003. Paces when nervous/anxious.
    004. Bites his thumb nail.
    005. Likes playing catch with dangerous objects – i.e. knives.
    006. Pinches the bridge of his nose when frustrated.

    BOGGART: (Characters greatest fear.)

    PATRONUS: (Best Memory.)

    DEMENTOR: Leah.
    It wasn’t long after he’d been caught by the band of werewolves that had attacked him. It was the Full Moon and they’d placed him, without Wolfsbane, on the outskirts of a grossly over-inhabited village in Northern England. Marcus can’t remember much but he often dreams of her. She was a little girl of no more than seven. She’d had a carefree smile on her face and he can remember as her laughter turned to screams of agony as he ripped her apart, bathed in her blood and sank his teeth into her flesh. He can recall her falling slack in his arms as her heart ceased thrumming against her chest. He can remember dropping her to the floor and getting up and going in search of her parents. Her name was Leah Donovan. She was six-years-old and she’d lost her sight in a car crash when she was four. She was like Matthew; blind, helpless and his prey.

    AMORENTIA: Freshly cut grass, treacle tart, new books, the woods.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Normalcy.
    Life was trundling along nicely before Hogsmeade. Things were looking up for Marcus. His grades were good, his friends were close and his brother was being given the opportunity to go to school with everyone at Hogwarts. Of course, then he went to Hogsmeade. All Marcus wants is for things to go back to normal. He wants a companion, he wants his brother, his mother, his father and he wants his friends. He wants everything to be normal again. He wants to wake up from his nightmare but he knows he can’t. It is a futile thing to dream about but he can’t help but wonder whether, if he tried enough, it could happen.

    SEXUALITY: Heterosexual.

    001. Wit.
    002. Kind eyes.
    003. Laughter.
    004. Soft, silken hair.
    005. A degree of innocence.

    001. Easy girls.
    002. Prejudice.
    003. Artificial personalities.
    004. Vanity.
    005. Self-obsession.

    Marcus is his own person – he’s his own man. He doesn’t take orders from anyone. He is incredibly loyal, sturdy in his decisions but often he doesn’t think; he just acts. He doesn’t like being belittled in anyway. Marcus knows himself better than anyone and he knows what he wants so he isn’t going to take anyone’s crap. Marcus has always been a terrific judge of character and has picked his friends wisely. He’s quite picky in terms of friends but he loves the few he does have. He’s never been much of a people person. He was always too argumentative or too brash or just plain insensitive but for some reason he is charismatic to the point of being manipulative. Somehow he can get people to hang off of every word dripping from his lips. He draws people in with his boy-like charm and keeps them close whether he wants them for his own personal gain or just because he enjoys their company.

    Marcus is a caring person. That is obvious by the way he treats his brother. He learned Braille for that boy. He is a lover, primarily. He will worship those people he loves. He has been the head of the household for a long time and knows only how to lead. Despite being expected to grow up fast, Marcus is still a child. He is liable to falling apart at any moment. He doesn’t work well under stress as one might assume he does. He is quite sensitive. He is self-aware and aware of the goings on around him. He has always been very in-tune with the emotions of others and has always acted upon the request of those he cares about the most. As self-reliant as Marcus is, he is dependent (oddly enough) on his brother and on his mother. He needs them just as much as they need him and he adores the both of them.

    After ‘Hogsmeade’ Marcus lost a lot of faith in his self. He’s broken in a lot of ways. He’s skittish, blood-thirsty and he has hardened considerably. He wasn’t all that fluffy before but now he’s not nearly as carefree as he was before. He is out of control of himself. He still knows who he is but he only knows who the human is and he’s losing touch of that now. What is inside of him is something he doesn’t know how to control and he’s terrified because he knows that as soon as the ‘dog’ realises he has no control over it, that lack of control will seep into his human nature and the dog will take hold of him.


    FATHER: Michael Pattinson | Forty-Two | Banker | Wizard | Pureblood |

    MOTHER: Cameron Pattinson | Forty | Unemployed – stay-at-home mother | Witch | Half-Blood.

    BROTHER: Matthew James Pattinson | Twelve | Blind | Home-Schooled Student | Wizard | Half-Blood.

    BLOOD STATUS: Half-Blood.

    RACE: Human Werewolf.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Lower-Middle Class.

    PET: Mia | Grey Tabby Cat | One.

    BROOMSTICK: Nimbus 2000.


    Early Years:
    Marcus was born on a crisp, spring day to attentive, loving parents. His childhood up until he was seven was a simple one that many would have wanted. He was doted upon by his parents and those around him were quick to indulge in the firstborn Pattinson. Marcus was entered into a pre-school shortly after his third birthday. He stood out, a giant among his peers. He was primarily an intellectual but that didn’t mean he didn’t enjoy play just like all of the other children around him. He became fast friends with a group of boys who terrorised a group of girls. Both groups terrorised one another and they all enjoyed the attention. Marcus took an immediate interest in a girl called Melanie whom he bonded with the most. She was a Half-Blood like his self – something he knew because his parents were friends with hers. What he didn’t know was that his parents encouraged her to be friends with him. This was something Marcus didn’t find out until he was much older and he was hurt by it. Nethertheless, Melanie was beautiful company and they were friends from the start.

    Three years later, Marcus was on the verge of his sixth birthday. It was around that time that his mother gave birth to his baby brother, Matthew. The baby was born blind and it was a blow for the young parents. Marcus was still too young to understand what it meant but he became incredibly close to his brother. His parents were initially quite wary of the child but upon seeing the boys bond, they too warmed to the child. Marcus didn’t realise then what was going on there but that was also something he worked out later. As Marcus aged a d his brother with him, the boys’ bond deepened further. Matthew became dependant on his brother and Marcus became dependant on Matthew. As the boys continued to grow closer, it became all the more apparent that it would be tragic the day they’d be ripped apart.

    That day came faster than either one of their parents had envisioned and Marcus found himself sitting at the breakfast table turning his letter over in his hands, stealing nervous glances at his six-year-old brother who was staring inquisitively in his direction. Marcus finally opened the letter and after that, he found himself in Diagon Alley buying his things. Then, before he knew it, he was clinging to his mother on the platform that held the train that would take him to the school that was taking him from the family he adored.

    Hogwarts Years:
    Hogwarts changed Marcus dramatically. It was there that he flourished. He found out a lot about himself and he realised just how much he enjoyed the constant flow of knowledge the school provided. He made fast friends with a lot of people there and although he was picky about which friends he kept the closest, he still had a fair few confidents. In his third year, at his father’s request, Marcus joined the Quidditch team in his second year and was present up until his fifth year when tests began. Of course thankfully then the need for sport lessened as his body began to figure itself out. He studied hard for his tests and it did pay off in the end. The last ditch effort gained him mostly E’s with a couple of O’s thrown in for good measure. It was a good run and his parents were proud of him.

    It was early in his seventh year that he went missing. He was in Hogsmeade shopping with a few friends and he departed to go to the bookshop. He never made it there, though. Hanging around the village for a few days was a rough, broken band of werewolves that had recently been created. He was taken and shown the might of the werewolf community. He served Greyback for a while as they moved from place to place over the country. Then, when the Full Moon arrived, Marcus was changed. He broke away from the pack shortly after and has been roaming since, finding himself in different places with each passing Full Moon. He’s losing touch with himself and as he moves, the longer the line of dead appear behind him.


    YOUR NAME: Amy.


    HOW YOU FOUND US: No idea.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Lost count ages ago.

    RP SAMPLE: At least one paragraph. You can skip if you have another character

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PATTINSON, Marcus Philippe Empty Re: PATTINSON, Marcus Philippe

Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:14 pm

oh dear. he's an "other"? is that what you wanted?

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Post by Ariel Damian Greyback Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:42 pm

Can do. (:
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PATTINSON, Marcus Philippe Empty Re: PATTINSON, Marcus Philippe

Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:52 pm

I'd rather he graduated if we can. somehow. ok. accepted and sorted into... er.,... know, by personality, he really does sound more like a Gryffy!

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Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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