WITTE, Mikaela Katherine
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WITTE, Mikaela Katherine

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WITTE, Mikaela Katherine Empty WITTE, Mikaela Katherine

Post by Josie Mo Jansen Sun Mar 13, 2011 4:26 am

WITTE, Mikaela Katherine K021p3



    FULL NAME: Mikaela Katharine Witte

    NICKNAMES: Mikki, Mika

    AGE: 19

    ALLEGIANCE: Grindewald

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Durmstrang

    WAND TYPE: 15 inches, rigid, chimera scale, cypress

    PLAY BY: Ilze Bajare


    HAIR COLOR: Brown- dirty blonde

    EYE COLOR: Brown, blue

    HEIGHT: Five foot ten

    BODY TYPE: Slender

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Mikki is rather tall and she still looks very, very youthful, though she is growing into her womanhood. She has long legs and very delicate, prime-mantis-like limbs that are the picture of grace. She is a Metamorphmagus, but not mastered at it because it did not fully carry into her genes. She can change the length of her hair and her eye color, but that is about it. She is not vain so the skill is not even all that useful, though she does like to alter her usually brown eyes to blue occasionally. She has dirty blonde, brown hair and she has a rather pointed, sharp face. Her eyebrows are high and her eyes slanted slightly. She is typically pale though occasionally looks tanner. She wears whatever she finds fit for the occasion, preferring tights and tunics.


    >Duelling- exceptional for her age
    >Dark Arts
    >Public speaking

    >Relating to people
    >Creative writing
    >Her uncle
    >Revealing weakness- will do anything to avoid doing so
    >Letting people near her
    >Not trusting

    >The Deathly Hallows
    >Rationality over emotions
    >People watching
    >Dark Arts

    >Having to trust others
    >Soft people
    >The British

    >To succeed
    >Pick a career
    >Find the Hallows

    >Incredibly ambitious- will kill to get ahead
    >Shadows those in power
    >Ridiculously skilled at duelling
    >Speaks properly

    BOGGART: Becoming/remaining nothing

    PATRONUS: Graduating Durmstrang at the top of her class

    DEMENTOR: Her uncle once got drunk and beat her fairly badly. She had bruises for weeks

    AMORENTIA: Razzberries, chocolate, mercury

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To be incredibly successful, a vigilante, rich, and powerful.

    PERSONALITY: Mikki is sharp, calculating, analytical. She watches a situation and figures out the pros and cons before stepping forward. She does not typically like people, but she sees each as one of three things; a potential threat, a possible ally, and useless. She regards them with the same rationality she does with everything. Everything around her is a tool. She is not a psychopath because she feels pain and understands it, but she is socially stunted in that she does not see any pros to dependency on other humans. Her uncle made sure to teach her feelings were extraneous.

    Mikki is incredibly ambitious. Not to impress anyone, but because she understands that she is better than what her circumstances have provided her with and it is up to her to be what she was rightfully supposed to be. Practically brainwashed by her mother and great uncle, she is highly educated in matters concerning the Deathly Hallows and Grindewald. She is incredibly intelligent but so analytical that she seems out of her element. She resembles a scientist observing insects.


    FATHER: Ilsof Vlagnar, missing

    MOTHER: Elsa Witte, deceased

    SIBLING(S): n/a

    OTHER: Isaak Gerofsky

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood


    SOCIAL STATUS: Currently quite wealthy, travels, however, so acts as though she is poor


    BROOMSTICK(): n/a

    OTHER POSSESSIONS: Many books for her research


    Early Years: Mikki's father had abandoned her mother when she was pregnant. Mikki's mother Allana, a dignified aristocratic woman with little family, managed on her own, using the money she had from her inheritance and brought Mikki into the world. Allana struggled but managed to raise Mikki. Allana and her family had an unhealthy draw to Grindewald and Allana was quick to educate Mikki on his ways. From a very early age, the Deathly Hallows were of interest to Mikki and she was already of a Dark and pure mind. She was an adamant reader and she read everything and anything pertaining to Grindewald. When she was ten, her mother suddenly had a stroke and died. Mikki spent a week on her own before her great uncle Isaak Gerofsky showed up on her door. He took her by the hand and took her to his home on the opposite side of the country. He was a tough man that had no patience for tears and feelings. You hurt yourself, it was your fault, you fixed it. You felt sad or angry, you kept it to yourself. When she did things wrong, he would hit her. When she did things right, he taught her dark spells that was way past her level, but ultimately gave her an advantage in school. Isaak continued to progress her growing obsession with Grindewald as well.

    Durmstrang Years: Mikki was very focused in school, surprisingly. She had few friends and instead was known to shadow the professors, walking alongside them, comparing the uses of one curse to another in a practical fight, talking about unheard of combinations, about potions supplements, harvesting of rare creature products, of the origins of the Hallows, etcetera. At lunch she would sit in the staff room, listening to intellectual conversation. On the weekends, she would help set up for classes and bounce ideas off her professors. She was the shining star in the duelling club, having a natural ability, a sadistic great uncle, the favor of professors who gave her tips, and the knowledge to back her up. She had her allies and her followers and her admirers, while most people knew her and stayed out of her way, which was all too perfect for Mikki.

    Adulthood: Mikki graduated top of her class and quickly jumped at the chance to expand her research. She and her uncle moved to Britain, though Isaak used Russia as his home base. She traveled, doing odd jobs to maintain a living and to hear what she could, slowly building a reputation as a dueller. She worked as a part time Death Eater; rather more like an ally, since she had no Dark Mark and she only did so to use their resources. Her life revolves around securing some sort of power and searching for the Hallows.


    YOUR NAME: Jackles

    RP EXPERIENCE: whatever!

    HOW YOU FOUND US: booga booga

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Jack Dyllan, Skeeter Hudson, Elliot Cartwright, Simon McLaggen, Emmett Fisher, Peter Bellard, Marki Gordon, Naomi Quinn-Greyback, Reid Devereoux, Marla Higgins, Renny Handler, Piper Handler


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WITTE, Mikaela Katherine Empty Re: WITTE, Mikaela Katherine

Post by Elijah Krum Sun Mar 13, 2011 11:55 am

Accepted and sorted into Graduates!

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