STEVENS, Clayton Bryan
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STEVENS, Clayton Bryan

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STEVENS, Clayton Bryan Empty STEVENS, Clayton Bryan

Post by Clayton Stevens Sun Mar 06, 2011 2:20 pm

STEVENS, Clayton Bryan Jason-aldean-1110210-1288707302

Clayton Bryan Stevens


    FULL NAME: Clayton Bryan Stevens


    AGE: 36 graduate

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: went to a school in Austraila

    WAND TYPE: 7 inches oak with phinox tail feather

    PLAY BY: Jason Alden


    HAIR COLOR: brown

    EYE COLOR:Blue

    HEIGHT: 6 foot 7

    BODY TYPE: Thicker Muscular. Tan stream line…

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Clayton is a blue eyed brown haired country boy. He’s about six foot seven. He isn’t fat but he isn’t skinny either. He has a lot fo muscle and his skin is naturally tan from spending so much time in the sun. he had a roundish face with a lot of facial hair. He has one ear picred and can not be found with out his hat and his boots covered in animal crap.


    working with animals
    Playing guitar

    using magic.
    good looking women
    Delilah Knight

    working with animals
    Country music

    having to carry a wand around with him.

    To learn wand less magic
    To help people (becoming an Auoar)

    he will rub the side of his nose when he doesn’t know what to say.

    To be like his parents.

    One night four years ago when he spend the night tangled with Delilah Knight on the floor in front of the fire place when he was Twenty-four.

    DEMENTOR: every time his mom and dad fought, and when his mom killed his dad and then her self.

    AMORENTIA: fresh cut grass, fresh air,

    MIRROR OF ERISED: to have a family.

    Clay is a person who can not commitments to a girl or settle down but he wasn’t to have a family. He’s hard working and has a special place in his heart for horses and cattle. As a child he was poor and upset a lot. He was hurt every time he herd his parents fighting. Then he died inside when they died. He’s a caring man but tends to run a lot.


    FATHER: James Stevens (found cheating and was killed by Mary-Ann

    MOTHER: Mary-Ann Stevens (committed suicide, after finding her husband cheating, she also had a brain tumor that James knew about but didn‘t know how to get her help. )


    OTHER: his son Dylan who he dosen't know exsits

    BLOOD STATUS: Half-Blood, his mom had been a witch but she didn’t use her magic

    RACE: Human


    Lighting (his horse and faithful companion)




    Early Years: Clay had a very sad childhood. He had one friend who’s name was Delilah Knight. Her parents had died just a few years before his did when they where teenagers. His parents fought a lot and his father almost always came one late and drunk wasting all his money because he didn’t’ know how to help his wife (claytons mother) who had a tumor. When Clayton was 19 he came home and found a police car there the guy in uniform told him that his father was dead and his mother had shot her self. At first he didn’t believe it but it finally sunk in and he moved out of his childhood home not having any memories there.

    Hogwarts Years: Clayton went to a school for magical people in Australia writing letters to his only friend Delilah who went to Hogwarts. He did well in some of his classes but others he did horrible in. he did even better in Care of Magical Creatures than the others. Over brake he would go life on a ranch and work for them or just stay at the school. Not wanting to go home because he didn’t want to hear his parents fighting. When he did co home he would spend his time laying on a hill watching what he though a real family should be like. He watched Delilah and her parents, until they lost their ranch then he watched the father and son who bought it.

    Adulthood: He worked on a ranch with Delilah and she got in a fight with the owners wife and ran out to his childhood home. He fallowed her and they took a leap of heated passion after he found her standing in front of the fire with no clothes on letting them dry because they got wet when she ran to the little house in the rain that now talked on the tin roof. After Delilah had fallen asleep in his arms he snuck out and took off leavening town and the country.


    YOUR NAME: Cecilia

    RP EXPERIENCE: to many years to remember


    OTHER CHARACTERS: Cecilia Krum, Delilah Knight, River Spalding, Shelby Malfoy, Kellan Vonka, Victorie Laurisi, Sage Tyler, I think that’s all of them..


Clayton Stevens
Clayton Stevens

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STEVENS, Clayton Bryan Empty Re: STEVENS, Clayton Bryan

Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Mar 06, 2011 3:28 pm

ok. accepted and sorted into grads.

Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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