MICHAELS, Lauren Elizabeth
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MICHAELS, Lauren Elizabeth

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MICHAELS, Lauren Elizabeth Empty MICHAELS, Lauren Elizabeth

Post by Lauren Michaels Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:58 am

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Lauren Elizabeth Michaels


    FULL NAME: Lauren Elizabeth Michaels.

    NICKNAMES: Lou, Lau-Lau.

    AGE: Nineteen.

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ex-Hufflepuff.

    WAND TYPE: 12 inches, Unicorn Hair, Ebony.

    PLAY BY: Laura Schuller.


    HAIR COLOR: Red.

    EYE COLOR: Blue.

    HEIGHT: 5’4.

    BODY TYPE: Slender, Willowy.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: [I hate appearances *faceplam*]
    Lauren is oddly short for her age. Her copper hair sits on her shoulders, often in ringlets, and she’s all leg – for the most part. Her lips are a little too wide for her face and her eyes are large and circular. Her body is splattered with freckles all over and she has a birthmark down the left side of her ribcage. She’s incredibly self-conscious about the mark and won’t wear bikinis or anything of the like as a result. She doesn’t like it being seen and hates it with a passion. She’s a very beautiful girl though. She wears pastel colours primarily – sweet, feminine little things – and loves long coats during the winter.


    001. Intellectual.
    002. Headstrong.
    003. Brave (or stupid)
    004. Vivid imagination.
    005. Loyal.
    006. (Nearly) Always in a good mood.
    007. Understanding.
    008. Playful.
    009. Has a good work ethic.
    010. Fast learner.

    001. Impressionable.
    002. Loves far too easily.
    003. Naively sees the best in people.
    004. Can’t express her emotions well.
    005. Doesn’t forgive easily.
    006. Sensitive to criticism.
    007. Impatient.
    008. Argumentative.
    009. Brutally honest.
    010. Trusts in people too easily.

    001. Dark chocolate.
    002. Bulldogs.
    003. Adrenaline Rushes.
    004. Learning.
    005. The smell after rain.
    006. White wine.
    007. Baking.
    008. Ratatouille.
    009. Scented candles.
    010. Stuffed animals.
    011. Pastel colours.
    012. ‘Bad boys’.
    013. Red London double-deckers.
    014. Laughter.
    015. Bartending.
    016. Sleeping in.
    017. Music.
    018. Smiling faces.
    019. Lazy Sunday’s
    020. Libraries.

    001. Meat.
    002. Infidelity.
    003. Her mother’s choices.
    004. Spiders.
    005. Pollen.
    006. Ignorance.
    007. Death Eater ideology.
    008. Drunkards that get too close for comfort.
    009. Blueberries.
    010. Winter.
    011. Make-up.
    012. The Daily Prophet.
    013. Chilly mornings.
    014. Fighting.
    015. Betrayal.
    016. Cold-heartedness.
    017. Her routine.
    018. Her mind unoccupied.
    019. Isolation.
    020. Crying.

    001. Get a new job.
    002. Buy a house some day.
    003. Settle down and have a family.
    004. See the Death Eaters ousted.
    005. Talk to her mother one last time.

    001. Lauren has a collection of stuffed animals courtesy of her ever doting father.
    002. Can’t stand the taste of meat.
    003. She refuses to kill spiders. Instead she lets them outside.
    004. Chews on the fleshy part of her thumb.
    005. Cuts off her crusts but eats them anyway.
    006. Lauren get’s hay fever from spring till autumn.

    BOGGART: Thunderstorms.
    Ever since Lauren was a little girl, she’s been terrified of thunderstorms. Even to this day she hides under her duvet when thunder and lightning are clashing outside.

    PATRONUS: The day her father bought her, her first teddy bear.

    DEMENTOR: Her mother’s photograph on the front page of the Daily Prophet.
    With no forewarning from anyone, Lauren picked up the Daily Prophet and there she was. Her mother was clutching the board in her hands, pulling on her shackles and moving around the picture. It destroyed the view Lauren had of her mother.

    + Vanilla.
    + Cigarette smoke.
    + Sea air.
    + Candles.

    Lauren has no great desire. When something appears, I’ll let you know.

    Lauren was always a bright and bubbly girl. She was in love with life from a very early age but something changed in her when her mother went to Azkaban. She didn’t have a female influence growing up anyway but she liked knowing her mother was there. She became isolated after Karina went to prison, though. She didn’t do it by her own accord, though. She was pushed rather abruptly into isolation and hated the loneliness. As a result she surrounded herself with authors and characters from stories. She stimulated her mind and that bright girl turned into a very intelligent young lady. She’s a picky eater. She cannot stand the taste of meat and has chosen to be a vegetarian for the sake of her digestion. She hates milk and white chocolate, preferring dark, and finds pumpkin juice rather compelling.

    Inside, Lauren is still a child. She’s playful and child-like with that wonderful mix of adult that makes her ever so charming. She’s charismatic and flirty. She draws people in with her smile and doesn’t let them go if she has her way. She’s very protective over the friends she does have and believes that she can be everything they need her be. She’s got spunk. She’s argumentative and witty and doesn’t back down without a fight. She doesn’t take too well to criticism, having had enough over her teen years when she was at her most vulnerable and despite being protective of herself, she trusts far too easily. She sees the best in people and often receives reality checks when they’re not the good people she sees them to be and she is reminded that no one is all good – their either all bad or in between.

    Lauren has attitude. She’s a do-it-yourself kind of girl that doesn’t appreciate help despite clearly needing it. She’s headstrong and independent and often rash. She doesn’t usually think before acting and gets herself into trouble as a result. She is definitely a people person and loves chatting to the old boys that sit in the bar she works at during the day. She’s particular about certain things and adamantly loyal. In reality though, she’s just Lauren.


    FATHER: Hayden Isaac Michaels | Forty-Two | Muggle-Born | Order member | Worker in the Department of Mysteries.

    MOTHER: Karina Genevieve Michaels née Curnow | Forty-Two | Pureblood | Death Eater | Ex-Department of Law and Enforcement worker | Imprisoned in Azkaban for the torture and murder of Samuel Griffiths.

    Vivian Rachel Michaels | Sixteen | Half-Blood | Potter’s Army member | Hufflepuff Student | Half-Sister.

    Lewis Andrew Michaels | Fourteen | Half-Blood | Potter’s Army member | Hufflepuff Student.

    BLOOD STATUS: Half-Blood.

    RACE: Human.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Upper-Middle Class.

    British Bulldog named Milo.
    Barn Owl named Claudia.

    Nimbus 2001.


    Early Years:
    Karina and Hayden met at Hogwarts in their third year. Hayden had suffered a Quidditch injury in the opening five minutes. He’d taken a Bludger to the chest and Karina, being the spiteful Slytherin she was, had gone to check on the injured Hufflepuff. When she arrived though, the boy fell spontaneously in love with her. Shocked and confused, Karina fled, assuming someone had put some sort of spell on him. The next day though, he appeared outside her potions class, thanking her for her concern. Then from there, he was losing a battle he was convinced he was winning. As Karina became more involved with the Dark Arts, she subtly convinced Hayden that it was a good idea to invest more of his time in her. And unwittingly, Hayden did it. Karina played him up until the moment the Aurors came for her. It wasn’t until she became pregnant by Hayden for the first time that she allowed him to marry her, though. They were nineteen; barely out of Hogwarts.

    Lauren was born at St. Mungo’s on the 21st May, four months after the rather prompt wedding between her parents. She’d inherited her mother’s innocent sky-blue eyes and her father’s shock of flame-red hair. That was evident from the beginning and as an infant, that didn’t change once. As a toddler that didn’t change either and Lauren, as she grew, became more beautiful. A month or so after her fifth birthday, Lauren’s mother and father brought home baby Vivian who had inherited neither of the two rather prominent traits that belonged to her parents. Instead, she had smouldering onyx eyes and a dusting a of hair. Lauren, as a child, didn’t think anything of it but she heard the conversations her parents had in the kitchen concerning her little sister. A month or so later, the two departed to St. Mungo’s with the child in tow. Lauren was left with her auntie and when her parents returned, it couldn’t escape Lauren’s notice how cold her father was towards Vivian. Vivian was the perfect sister in Lauren’s eyes. She couldn’t understand what had changed her father’s view of his daughter.

    The newly acknowledged fact that Vivian wasn’t his daughter might have had something to do with it.

    The sudden change in her father’s attitude didn’t faze Lauren as it perhaps should have done. Her mother, who was rarely home anyway, was at home less and less and Hayden became more involved with Lauren’s little life. A year after Vivian, the one-sided frostiness between Vivian and Hayden disappeared and Lauren watched as the man began to warm to her again. By this time, she was already at primary school, making friends and learning how to read and write. It was around the time that Lauren joined a gym club that her mother started appearing on the scene again. She seemed to cling to Hayden and although Lauren didn’t know why, she did notice.

    A year after that, Lewis was born and this time there was no wonder as to the paternity of the child. He had flame red hair like Lauren and had inherited his father’s hazel eyes.

    When Lauren’s Hogwarts letter arrived, Hayden was overjoyed. Karina was missing – as per usual – and Hayden realised, quite bitterly, that she’d let her daughter slip through her fingers. The ten-year-old Lauren had already learned how to channel her magic with the help of her grandmother and although she couldn’t use it as effectively as she wanted to, she could control it. What Hayden did notice about his daughter from an early age was that, like her mother, her magic was very close to her emotions. Karina’s absence bothered Lauren a great deal that day and despite the wonders of Diagon Alley, where they spent the rest of the day, Lauren just couldn’t help but shake off the feeling of someone watching her.

    Little did she know that it was a small off-shoot band of Death Eaters who were keeping an eye on her for her mother who was busy – busy committing the crime that would send her to prison.

    Hogwarts Years:
    With her wand in hand, Lauren kissed her father goodbye, kissed her brother and hugged her sister tight before jumping onto the Hogwarts Express. She met people on the train that she hadn’t expected and created fast bonds with them. One girl in particular, Hannah, quickly became Lauren’s friend. The two went into Hufflepuff together and shared a dorm room. Their beds were next to each other and they found that they had similar traits. They met another girl when they arrived, Jessica, and the duo became a trio in twelve hours. All three became much loved by their housemates within the next few weeks and they were notorious for causing light-hearted trouble in the castle. Nothing was done to hurt someone else as they usually did things along the lines of putting make-up on the squid and charming the grass outside so it was pink. As they progressed through the school, they’d realise that they had a knack for a number of different subjects and used those skills to advance their learning.

    In the spring of Lauren’s fifth year, her O.W.L year, her mother’s arrest became the talk of the country. A worker in the Department of Law and Enforcement was scandalous and subsequent events exposed the woman as a Death Eater and a particularly vicious one at that. In the March of that year, she escaped captivity as she waited for her trial and for a while, wanted posters were everywhere. Then, she was recaptured and sceptics began to wonder whether Laruen was the light-hearted Hufflepuff she appeared to be. Suddenly, Lauren found herself isolated by her supposed friends and she was left to her own devices. Her siblings were of no help, their own personal traumas taking over their lives, and the despairing Hayden could offer no advice to his eldest daughter. In a last ditch attempt to do something with herself, Lauren launched herself into her studies and worked through the Karina episodes. The intense studying period lasted until the end of her fifth year, gaining her the following grades in her O.W.L’s.
    Charms – O
    Transfiguration – O
    Defence Against the Dark Arts – O
    Potions – O
    Study of Ancient Ruines – E
    History of Magic – O
    Arithmancy - E
    Her studying had run her absolutely ragged and pushed her to the point of exhaustion. It was the same for her N.E.W.T’s in that respect. When she returned for her sixth year, she was still isolated by her peers and kept herself surrounded by her books. She got herself a job down in Hogsmeade working in the second-hand bookshop there and really began to engage in the community. Although the students were still wary, the villagers knew that she was about as dangerous as an ant. It was also in her sixth year when her mother petitioned for a retrial. Instead her sentence was doubled and for a while, that was all the Daily Prophet would talk about. When her N.E.W.T’s came around, she received the more or less the same marks in her O.W.L’s. Her frantic studying was a result of the stories in the newspapers about her mother and Lauren graduated the top of her class. She left Hogwarts with her head held high and more or less immediately after, got a job, surprisingly, as a barmaid in London.

    Nothing of note has happened to Lauren, really. She remains isolated and rents a room above the Leaky Cauldron. She holds her job at the bar and is looking to trade up.


    YOUR NAME: Amy

    RP EXPERIENCE: Plenty.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Who knows.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Eli, Ari, Trowa, Rafi, Pippa, Jen, Rob, Cy, Narcissa,

    RP SAMPLE: At least one paragraph. You can skip if you have another character

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MICHAELS, Lauren Elizabeth Empty Re: MICHAELS, Lauren Elizabeth

Post by Elijah Krum Tue Feb 22, 2011 3:40 am

Aaaand self-accepted. xD (Khaat approved)
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