CATT, Malowney Morgan
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CATT, Malowney Morgan

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CATT, Malowney Morgan Empty CATT, Malowney Morgan

Post by Malowney Catt Tue Jan 25, 2011 5:21 pm




    FULL NAME: Malowney Morgan Catt

    NICKNAMES: Mal, Mally, M.M.C, Catty

    AGE: 21

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff

    WAND TYPE: 10 inches, Phoenix Feather, unicorn hair



    HAIR COLOR: Blonde

    EYE COLOR: Blue

    HEIGHT: 5'9

    BODY TYPE: Thin

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Malowney often has her hair let down and all wavy and curvy, and she has a model-like figure and she is very flexible, she likes bending her back backwards so she's quite bendy, and she has slim arms and large, often sparkling blue eyes.


    Charms, Potion-making, Magical gardening (Herbology)

    Defensive spells, having enemies, fighting wars

    Friendly witches/wizards, Charms lessons, Hogwarts in general

    Lazy slobs, stuck-up snobs, Death Eaters

    To become an Auror, to buy the best model of a broomstick yet, to defeat the Death Eaters

    When she laughs she gets hysterical, she bursts out crying in strange moments, she often thinks people in comas or lying still asleep are dead

    BOGGART: Vipers

    PATRONUS: Her mum

    DEMENTOR: Her mum's death

    AMORENTIA: Lasagne

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To be with her mum

    PERSONALITY: Malowney is still in depression of her mum's death, and she often gets things talked through with ladies who have recovered from depression, and she is more calm but still bursts into tears when people go into conversation of her mum, so don't mention it. Mal also loves being called Mal, Mally or Catty, she doesn't like M.M.C and that's what bullies call her, so call her Mal, Mally or her favourite of all Catty.


    FATHER: George Catt

    MOTHER: Lydia Catt

    SIBLING(S): Sapphire Catt

    OTHER: Josephine Catt (her aunt, who raised Malowney since Lydia's death)

    BLOOD STATUS: (Pureblood/ Halfblood/ Muggleborn - Purebloods are rarely accepted unless canon) Halfblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle class

    A cat called Sugarplum




    Early Years: When Mal was 5, her mum died and she was beaten up on the streets and kidnapped by some mean men. She was treated badly until her 6th birthday, when her aunt Josephine rescued her and brought Mal to safety.

    Hogwarts Years: Mal felt bad leaving Josephine with no reward for looking after her, but Mal went to Hogwarts and started studying. She joined Duelling Club and fought well, but her one failure was defensive spells, so Mal sometimes accepted defeat, and the worst time was when she accepted her defeat in front of one smug Slytherin.

    Adulthood: There was a family emergancy when Mal was only 17, so she left Hogwarts to sort things out. When she was 18, she lived on her own and lived a terrific life until now, when she's 21, and applying right this minute.


    YOUR NAME: Jessica

    RP EXPERIENCE: Good, but I'm impatient for answers and I tend to go on with in-useful info.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I was searching for 'Hogwarts RPG's and I found this site.


    RP SAMPLE: Malowney entered the office. Hmm, it wasn't bad, jumping to the fact she'd probably spend another 15 years working here. So she sat down on her desk and started signing some forms that had been left on her desk. A few about her career, some about leaving her home for Hogwarts, and if she came back it would be handed back to her...the forms were endless, but Mal was used to signing her signature on papers. She signed her name on all of them and wrote a note: "I have left the forms on my desk. Come to my office to pick them up." She sent it off to the people who sent the forms, and sat back, waiting.

Malowney Catt
Malowney Catt
Hufflepuff Graduate
Hufflepuff Graduate

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CATT, Malowney Morgan Empty Re: CATT, Malowney Morgan

Post by Darren Tue Jan 25, 2011 5:25 pm

Accepted and sorted into Graduates.

Welcome to the site Jessica Smile

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