MACMILLAN, Trowa Angelo
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MACMILLAN, Trowa Angelo

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MACMILLAN, Trowa Angelo Empty MACMILLAN, Trowa Angelo

Post by Orla Hughes Sun Jan 23, 2011 11:44 pm

MACMILLAN, Trowa Angelo N_007

Trowa Angelo Macmillan


    FULL NAME: Trowa Angelo Macmillan.

    NICKNAMES: None.

    AGE: Seventeen.

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw.

    WAND TYPE: Rowan, 11 inches, Phoenix feather.

    PLAY BY: Luke Grimes.


    HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown.

    EYE COLOR: Brown.

    HEIGHT: 5’10.

    BODY TYPE: Well built yet slender.

    Trowa is neither attractive nor ugly. He hasn’t got a lot going for him looks wise but there is something, something that brings people back, something that garners that second glance. Perhaps it’s the eyes or the pouty lips. It is beyond comprehension of those with simple minds as to why Trowa draws people in. They only know that he does. Even those with more in-depth minds struggle to come up with reasons as to why. Perhaps it’s the sultry smile or the smooth baritone. Perhaps it’s the thick head of hair or the ‘x-marks-the-spot’ on his left forearm? Perhaps it’s the fact that he is so unassuming that people just have to look.


    001. Charismatic.
    002. Learned.
    003. Crafting – e.g. sewing etc.
    004. Works best under pressure.
    005. Charms.
    006. Adequate dueller.
    007. Deliberate thinker.
    008. Problem solving.
    009. History of Magic.
    010. Determined.

    001. Brazen.
    002. Divination.
    003. Forgets important dates -- e.g. birthdays, anniversaries etc.
    004. Herbology.
    005. Impatient.
    006. Can’t fly and/or won’t fly.
    007. Sensitive about certain things.
    008. Obsessive about stupid things.
    009. Sports.
    010. Allergic to peanuts.

    001. Toe-Socks.
    002. Tea.
    003. Sewing.
    004. Honey.
    005. Pocky.
    006. Old movies.
    007. Chocolate.
    008. Craft.
    009. Tradition.
    010. Random week-end jobs.
    011. Musicals.
    012. Sunrise.
    015. Spring.
    016. Getting up early.
    017. Black Coffee.
    018. Reading.
    019. Books!
    020. Taking long walks.

    001. Expectations people have of him.
    002. Socialising needlessly.
    003. Assholes.
    004. Sopping wet books.
    005. Girls that, quote, “Get their panties in a twist.”
    006. When people say things they don’t mean.
    007. Goblins.
    008. Haircuts.
    009. Speedos.
    010. Detentions.
    011. Obnoxious prats.
    012. Gelatine-based sweets.
    013. The September 1st school run.
    014. Muggle television programs.
    015. Having no privacy.
    016. Revealing clothing on girls.
    017. Dog-eared books.
    018. Large crowds of people.
    018. Cupcakes.
    019. Pumpkin.
    020. Drama.

    001. Rubs eyes a lot.
    002. Checks under his bed for spiders every night.
    003. Alphabetises his movies.
    004. Bites his quills.
    005. Tends to fritter away his money – could also be considered a weakness.
    006. Licks his bottom lip a lot.
    007. Clicks his fingers and toes.
    008. Puts his hands in his pockets a lot.
    009. Hums while thinking.
    010. Doesn’t like making eye-contact.

    BOGGART: A spider throwing peanuts at him; can only guess.

    PATRONUS: Swan;
    Trowa’s Patronus memory is that of the day he was first introduced to arts and crafts by some of the staff at the nursery. The feeling of glue on his fingertips and sequins stuck to his arm is unforgettable.

    DEMENTOR: Darkness;
    Sneaking downstairs at night for a midnight snack had been a good plan. What the nine-year-old Trowa hadn’t banked on was there being a power cut and like every other nine-year-old he was terrified of the dark. Immobilized with fear, Trowa stood for the remainder of the night in darkness until his mother came down the next the morning to find him there.

    GOALS: What are you, the careers advisor? He doesn’t know what he wants.

    001. Rosemary.
    002. Woodsy smell.
    003. The smell of smoke after a candle has been blown out.
    004. The familiar, lingering scent of something sweet.

    001. To know what it feels like to really live.

    PERSONALITY: (OOC: WHY do you make me do this you evil admins? xD)
    Trowa isn’t the most social of people. Guess why. Seriously, guess. I want to know too. He definitely prefers being left to his own devices. He’s artsy-fartsy and adores creating. He’s no musician; he can’t compose pieces of writing that cultured authors would feel envious of. Instead, he can sew. He can knit. He can crochet. He can do all of these things that your elderly grandmother’s can do. He can make teddy-bears, pillows, new bed linen. You name it; as long as it is textile based he could probably do it. He’s studious and can multi-task better than most women half the time. He’s impatient with people and often doesn’t give them the benefit of the doubt. He has a one-chance-strike-out policy. If you make a mistake, if you hurt him, that’s it. Game over. You’re not getting near him again. That protective mechanism doesn’t need to be used often though as Trowa spends more time in the library than he does his own dorm room.


    FATHER: Ernie Macmillan.

    MOTHER: Susan Bones-Macmillan.


    _____ Macmillan, sixteen.

    Butterfly Macmillan, fifteen.

    Benjamin MacMillan, thirteen.

    BLOOD STATUS: Half-Blood.

    RACE: Human.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle-Class.

    Yukiko, Snowy Owl.

    Why would he own one of these, seriously?


    Early Years:
    Trowa wasn’t planned but he was welcomed by his parents none the less. He is the eldest of four and holds the burden of carrying on the Macmillan name on his shoulders. He was spared the full weight of that burden when his brother was born four years later. In the years prior to that though, Susan knocked out two more children – both disappointments, both girls. It was around the time of his brother’s birth that Trowa started attending school. Just like all of the other children, Trowa adored his nursery-school. It was there that Trowa was encouraged to try out a number of different activities that would set a precedent for his likes and dislikes in the future. Trowa discovered that with two left feet (or so he suspected) sport just wasn’t his thing. The prospect of getting his clothes dirty wasn’t entirely appealing either so Trowa remained inside with the girls who weren’t brave enough to take on the boys.

    It was in the classroom with the girls who played dress-up and had tea parties that Trowa discovered that he had an uncanny talent for, well, arts and crafts. He found great joy in the days where he could just sit and glue things to something else, play with sequins and sparkles. He adored it. Things would always get worse before they got better, though. He’d turn the place into a sty but by the end he’d have created something beautiful and way beyond the capabilities of a child with clumsy fingers.

    Trowa was well aware that there was a world beyond the one he’d been brought up in. His parents explained to him everything about the magical world and the family would go into Diagon Alley often. They wanted Trowa to stay grounded though. That was what influenced the choice to send him to a Muggle school. However, when August rolled around and his Hogwarts letter arrived, he was more than glad to leave the Muggle School.

    Hogwarts Years:
    Trowa wasn’t as fussed about school as some of his other peers. He didn’t fall to pieces nearly as easily. He was quietly confident in the magical abilities within him that didn’t even exist. He was an untrained wizard that believed in himself. His magic was wild. He had a harness of sorts on it, though. He could trust it. The quiet confidence didn’t stop his nerves as he walked up the steps to be sorted. The hat fell down over his eyes and he pushed it up a few times before resigning himself to the fact that he wasn’t going to be allowed to see all of the faces of the people looking at him. The hat was brief yet to the point:

    “Trowa Macmillan...your father was Ernie wasn’t he?
    And your mother Susan Bones...good genes, very, very
    good genes. You don’t belong in Hufflepuff, though.
    no, you belong in....RAVENCLAW!”
    The next few years shaped Trowa as a person. He studied an awful lot and honed his crafting skills, finally getting to use needles and thread. When his third year opened up Hogsmeade to him he took full advantage of the resources in the craft shop in the small town. His fifth year, his O.W.L year gained him the following qualifications:

    Trowa A. Macmillan

    Defence against the Dark Arts: E
    Charms: O
    Transfiguration: E
    Potions: E
    History of Magic: O
    Herbology: A
    Astronomy: A
    Divination: D

    So, with those qualifications, Trowa moved to N.E.W.T level.

    Adulthood: Scroll up to weaknesses and read 002, won’t you?


    YOUR NAME: Eli.

    RP EXPERIENCE: Enough.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: The sky.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: You know exactly who I have. Razz

    RP SAMPLE: *shrugs*

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MACMILLAN, Trowa Angelo Empty Re: MACMILLAN, Trowa Angelo

Post by Khaat Lupin Mon Jan 24, 2011 12:04 am

He's going to be fun.

Accepted and sorted into Ravenclaw!

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