KNIGHTLY, Kaya Hemingway
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KNIGHTLY, Kaya Hemingway

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KNIGHTLY, Kaya Hemingway Empty KNIGHTLY, Kaya Hemingway

Post by Kaya Knightly Fri Jan 14, 2011 11:44 pm

KNIGHTLY, Kaya Hemingway Jazsig3

Kaya Hemingway Knightly


    FULL NAME: Kaya Hemingway Knightly

    NICKNAMES: None.

    AGE: Sixteen, sixth year.

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral at the moment.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE:Ravenclaw

    WAND TYPE:Vine wood, 12in, core dragon heartstring.

    PLAY BY: Kaya Scodelario


    HAIR COLOR:Brunette

    EYE COLOR:Blue


    BODY TYPE: Slender.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: She's generally gorgeous, just to say, other may disagree. She's very thin, has a sway to her, but nothing really hippo like. She's tall and she has few freckles around her body, nothing really bad their quite flattering. Her facial features are exceptional and the ideal to a beautiful girl.She may be a little under weight, but don't be fooled she's very healthy. Her bust is a good size for her body type, fits perfectly. Her hair is absolute natural and it usually curls, but she doesn't like to mess with some of it so she tries to tame the curls. She's not absolutely perfect, but she is a pretty sight.


    -Care of creatures
    -Defense Spells

    -Qudditch( she's not good with rough housing when flying)

    -Care of creaturs

    -Rude people
    -Slytherin(only those who are mean to her)
    -Hufflepuff(she doesn't like the house name)

    Has no goals at the moment.

    QUIRKS: She hasn't really notice something like this and neither have others.

    BOGGART: To be forced into killing a person or willingly killing someone.

    PATRONUS: This may be corny, but her fist kiss, but yes it's pathetic. Although it wasn't really awkward or anything and it was exactly like she wanted it to be, but sadly she didn't see this person again. She didn't take that to heart because they at least gave her something as they left.

    DEMENTOR: When nearly drowned in the lake at Hogwarts. She didn't know you could so she wasn't cautious to know that you can drown anywhere.

    AMORENTIA: Cinnamon

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To be a respected wizard official, this may not seem like she wants it bad, but she does want to do something that involves power to change the wizard world for the better.

    PERSONALITY: Kaya is a fierce, but kind like person and she's just an adorable, angry, witty person. She's the best at comments, their funny and she loves saying the things she says. Kaya is kind to her friends, but rude to her enemies. To elders she's not such a fan, but she'll respect you at times, although she'll speak her mind no matter the consequence. She may at times regret her sayings, but she accepts what she has done and doesn't look back. She's just complex I guess, or not she's just has different attitudes toward some people.


    FATHER:Carter Anthony Knightly

    MOTHER:Finley Knightly (nee Huntington.)


    OTHER: N/A

    BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Upper Middle Class

    PET(S):Although you may think its unlikely that this girl has obtained a Thestral, but she just came upon one walking around the grounds and she was surprised it wasn't far into the forest. She wasn't afraid of it because she's seen them before, but doesn't remember seeing someone died. It was a baby and motherless, so she took as a pet, but kept in the forest to keep herself out of trouble.




    Early Years: Early life, Kaya was born from a muggle father and witch mother. They met during some unknown year and month, place also unknown. Kaya was regular muggle like child, she went to a muggle school and such, but was informed about her wizarding abilities and was told to keep it secret. She was just normal kid till the year of ten and was taken away from school to bring to Hogwarts the next year.

    Hogwarts Years: Kaya was lucky to be accepted into Ravenclaw, she fretted going into Hufflepuff, she didn't want be a huffle or puff. So she was good student from the start, yet she once during her years outside of Hogwarts she struggled with alcohol and other beverages that weren't for her age. She started to be a trouble maker the year she returned after that and she's been a bit rude around the school of hoggie-hoggie-Hogwarts. She later came back to her smart ways, but became a little sarcastic and witty. She still has craving for drugs, but keeps her distance.She excels well in some fields at Hogwarts, but isn't a super smarty pants. She isn't so well in some things, such as looking into a crystal ball to figure the future.

    So today Kaya is sixteen and a licensed driver and she's a little bit sarcastic.

    Adulthood: Can't confirm


    YOUR NAME: Reed

    RP EXPERIENCE:However long it must be.


    Yvette B.
    Effy A.


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Kaya Knightly
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KNIGHTLY, Kaya Hemingway Empty Re: KNIGHTLY, Kaya Hemingway

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat Jan 15, 2011 12:05 pm

ok. its good so far. but a couple of problems. first, you can't make sections like amorentia n/a anymore. they're not optional anynore. second,m by 16 she would know those things anyway. they're meant as tools to help you flesh out your character a bit more.

next, we really do need to to write at least a paragraph about your character's personality.

The rest looks good to me!

Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Post by Kaya Knightly Sat Jan 15, 2011 5:53 pm

Kaya Knightly
Kaya Knightly

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Post by Elijah Krum Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:04 pm

Looks good! (-: The only problem is that she won't have her licence in the UK, yet. That's not a big bit of her though so that doesn't matter so much. It's just something for you to remember.

Accepted and sorted into Ravenclaw!

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Elijah Krum
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Post by Kaya Knightly Mon Jan 17, 2011 6:27 pm

I understand that, so she'll resign in U.S., I think that may work.
Kaya Knightly
Kaya Knightly

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