HIGGINS, Marla Elise
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HIGGINS, Marla Elise

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HIGGINS, Marla Elise Empty HIGGINS, Marla Elise

Post by Sawyer Weasley Tue Dec 21, 2010 1:16 am

HIGGINS, Marla Elise Sa34



    FULL NAME: Marla Elise Higgins

    NICKNAMES: Marley... use at your own risk

    AGE: 21

    ALLEGIANCE: Death Eater

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: ex-Slytherin

    WAND TYPE: eleven inches, vine, griffin talon

    PLAY BY Samaire Armstrong


    HAIR COLOR: Black

    EYE COLOR: Hazel

    HEIGHT: Medium height

    BODY TYPE: Scrawny

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Marla is thin and usually looks rather pale, which is not helped by her expertly applied dark makeup that she always wears. She has sharp features, including a pointed chin and fierce brown eyes that seem to penetrate your very being when she locks eyes with you. She somewhat resembles a panther or a lioness and can give you the feeling of resembling prey about to meet its demise.

    Marla has razor cut black hair that she usually keeps at either shoulders length or so it does not quite reach her chin. She usually squints her eyes when looking at someone and raises her chin so she can look down on them. She wears mostly black clothes and knows how to use her appearance as a very attractive woman to get what she wants.


    • Duelling
    • Manipulation
    • Acting
    • Flirting
    • Great with a dagger

    • Charms
    • Sincerity
    • Does not trust
    • Doesn't take orders well
    • Prefers solitude

    • Coffee
    • Solitude
    • Men
    • Duelling
    • Playing a fool

    • Being ordered around
    • Idiots
    • People who order her around too much
    • Too many people
    • Having to rely on other

    • Raise through the ranks of Death Eaters- specializing as a spy
    • Find a trusty partner

    • Acting- she likes to pull characters out for any occasion
    • Sort of a fashionista

    PATRONUS: The day she became friends with Luca

    DEMENTOR: When her best friend Luca was killed by Aurors when she was nineteen.

    AMORENTIA: Figs, brass, roses

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To get revenge on all people related to the Ministry.

    PERSONALITY: Marla is vicious and dangerous and that is the vibe most people get from her. She has had a bloodlust since the best friend she ever had was killed by Aurors that could not be satisfied. She had always known how to get what she wants through he manipulation and her natural talent for acting. She can become a completely new person and charm or seduce information out of almost everyone.

    Marla prefers to be on her own and does mostly spy work but she recognizes the fact that it is easier and safer to find a partner. However, she has very large issues trusting others but her issues about taking orders are what tell her that a partner may be the best option for her to work efficiently. She is an amazing dagger wielder and she can pull off being dangerous in style.


    FATHER: Rory Higgins, pureblood

    MOTHER: Leslie Higgins, halfblood



    BLOOD STATUS: halfblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Came from wealthy

    PET(S): n/a


    silver dagger


    Early Years: Marla was wealthy for her childhood and her parents had a nice manor home where she was raised spoiled and understanding that blood purity was better currency than gold. She and her family was one of the halfblood families that posed for pureblood and no one questioned them because wealth and power follows purity closely. Marla's parents were never lovey-dovey and the entire family acted more like business associates. Though never in the Death Eaters her parents made it clear where Marla would do best.

    Hogwarts Years: Marla spent her first few years at Hogwarts on her own, which suited her just fine since she spent most of her years defying the rules; roaming the castle after curfew, sneaking into the Forbidden Forest, basically doing the opposite of what she was told. She met Luca in her fourth year when she was sneaking out to the forest and the two became instant partners in crime. She felt a connection to Luca that she had not with anyone else. The two could communicate with speaking and she always knew she had someone watching her back. The two shared a connection Marla had not shared with any other human being.

    Adulthood: After graduation, Marla and Luca decided to travel the world a bit. Somewhere along the way, they transformed from friends to something more. One day they decided to risk sneaking off to Ministry to cause some trouble and vandalize the red phonebooth. Law Enforcers showed up and started too push them around. Hot-headed Luca ended up getting violent and when Aurors showed up and restrained Marla, Luca injured one of the Aurors and he was killed by another trying to protect his partner. Marla fled and ever since vowed to seek revenge on the Ministry. She joined the Death Eater as a spy and assassin.


    YOUR NAME: Jackles

    RP EXPERIENCE: Over a year

    HOW YOU FOUND US: forumotion

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Numbero Twelve!
    Jack Dyllan, Elliot Cartwright, Skeeter Hudson, Salem Everwood, Simon McLaggen, Marki Gordon, Peter Bellard, Zhanna Charkov, Emmett Fisher, Naomi Quinn-Greyback, Reid Devereoux

    RP SAMPLE: *skippy*

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HIGGINS, Marla Elise Empty Re: HIGGINS, Marla Elise

Post by Matthew Lestrange Tue Dec 21, 2010 1:45 am

Nice Dagger!

Well, you didn't give me choice in where to sort her Sad

Oh well! Sorted into GRAD'S!!

And Accepted, always forgetting that part...

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