LAYTON, Hershel
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LAYTON, Hershel Li9olo10

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LAYTON, Hershel

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LAYTON, Hershel Empty LAYTON, Hershel

Post by Hershel Layton Sat Dec 04, 2010 5:40 am

LAYTON, Hershel ProfessorLayton



    FULL NAME: "Professor" Hershel Layton

    NICKNAMES: None, professor

    AGE: 23

    ALLEGIANCE: Well he's going to be in the Order

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ex-Ravenclaw

    WAND TYPE: Mahogany, 12" Phoenix Feather

    Videogame Character, just pretend he's real..for me?




    Including his hat, 5'9"

    BODY TYPE: Thin, not quite middle aged

    LAYTON, Hershel ProfessorLaytonSmall
    Layton is a well mannered, well dressed man. He normally wears the same thing though. But sometimes he changes the colour of his shirt and the darkness of his coat. However he never takes off the hat, ever. That is the one thing that differs him from other well dressed men. At least in most peoples opinions, it is also one of the weirdest parts about him. It was a gift from his late girlfriend Claudia when he became a professor. She died later that day and he vowed never to take it off. As a momento to her life and a symbol to how much he cared for her.

    His wardrobe changed drastically that day as well. Before the getup you see him in now he wore a bunch of red. It was uncanny the amount he wore. But he somehow managed to pull it off slightly. But the change didn't happen until sometime he after he turned twenty seven.


  • Solving Puzzles
  • Observing his surroundings
  • Solving Mysteries
  • Finding Things
  • Archeology
  • His Pride
  • His Bravery
  • His..Gentleman-ness

  • Water (Bath/Shower is fine)
  • His boldness
  • His pride
  • His bravery

  • Puzzels
  • Mysteries
  • Tea
  • Riddles

  • Drunks
  • Rude people
  • Alcohal
  • Drugs

  • To solve the greatest riddle of his life

  • Hums quite often, when he is happy
  • Stays silent no matter what when he is thinking hard

  • Dementor (Original eh?)

  • The love of his life, Claire

  • Being beaten and left for dead

  • Vanilla
  • Autumn
  • The aftermath of rain

  • To see Claire once again

    LAYTON, Hershel SmallLaytonRose
    Many wonders what goes on under that top hat of his. But only Hershel himself knows the answer to that question. Though Hershel maybe he 37 he remains young at heart and a true gentleman. He has taught Luke well about being a gentleman. He enjoys solving puzzles and riddles all that stuff. In fact just that has put his name in the papers more than once. He is commonly seen as cheerful and that is true, it is rare that he is down on himself.

    He is very proper but also a child at times. Maybe that's why most people enjoy his company. He isn't afraid to stand up for people or himself. His pride is large and sometimes it is his downfall. He is also very brave and bold, again sometimes it is a downfall. However it isn't too often that you see him beat himself up for accomplishing something. In fact, one of his favourite quotes is "If at first you don't succeed, try again"

    He is a very caring, compashionate man. Most women enjoy his company more than most but he doesn't see it. It's not that he's oblivious or anything he just doesn't want to see it. He only ever truly loved Claire his girlfriend at University. He refuses to become infatuated with anyone else as he see's it. But he does have one daughter, an adoptive daughter Flora. And his apprentice, Luke, is like a son to him. He's more of a father to Luke than Lukes father actually is. Althought Luke's Father and Hershel are good friends.


    Matthew Layton *Deceased*

    Claudia Layton née Morgan *Deceased*


    Luke Triton, Apprentice
    Flora Reinhold, Adoptive Daughter



    Wealthy but prefers Middle Class


    He preffers Walking or Apparating

    A hat given to him by Claire when he became a Professor


    Early Years:
    Hershel prefers not to think about his childhood much. Mainly because it wasn't a very fun one. All the time strange things would happen. There would be no explanation! His father wasn't to keen on him either. He was a drunk, but he was also a loving father at the same time. It's just sometimes you'd never know if he would be coming home sober or not. Most of the time he was sober and very cheerful. But sometimes it got really bad. He had always wondered why his mother put up with him. Maybe it was because how he was when he was sober.

    His mother was a great loving mother. She understood his confusion about the magical energy escaping him. However neither had any idea about wizardry or magic at all. So it was all too confusing when he receieved his letter. Both of his parents had already planned his schooling. So they were hesitant to let him go off to Hogwarts. But Hershel promised he would do some small scale muggle schooling during the summers and other breaks. So his parents agreed to allow him to go, so long as he continued University after Hogwarts. He still wanted to follow his dream to become a Professor of Archaeology. Little did he know he would be doing much more in the Wizard world.

    Hogwarts Years:
    LAYTON, Hershel YoungLayton
    Hershel was amazed at what Wizards could accomplish. Making things disappear, turning animals into goblets, and even dueling other Wizards. He nearly soiled his pants when he learned that HE would be learning this with other wizards his age. So his first year went very well, a considerably bright student. He was sorted into Ravenclaw and got along with pretty much everybody. Even a few Slytherins were somewhat fond of him.

    He didn't have any BEST friends but like I stated, he got along with pretty much everyone. So there really wasn't anybody he could room with or something when he finished school. He did enjoy his alone time with a book as well though. It was in second year though that he finally found his love of mysteries, riddles, and puzzels.

    He ended up becoming the schools "unofficial" detective. Even the teachers needed his help sometimes. This carried on until he graduated. His grades were of course mainly O's and E's. In OWL's and NEWT's But this left him wondering after school, what am I going to do? Of course he still intended on keeping his promise to his parents about going to school to become a Professor of Archeology. But something terrible would happen as soon as he graduated.

    LAYTON, Hershel Young_Layton
    He had planned on taking a year off before starting University after he graduated. But that changed, turns out his mother was suffering from brain cancer and was dying. Her final wish was that he go to school as soon as possible. So he ended up not taking a break and diving right into University. He had gotten a favourite professor of his to charm the Dean of the University he planned on going to to allow him to enroll. He had done plenty of schooling between the summers and breaks that he had his grade twelve education in muggle school by the time he was in Sixth year.

    But it turned out that he was not emotionally prepared. He wasn't emotionally stable to start University right after his mother died. He flunked out of University and his father took him in. That was when he was introduced to Clark Triton. He would end up becoming a good friend of his. Also Clark's son would eventually end up Layton's Apprentice. So he took the rest of the year off and waited another year before continuing school.

    After that year went by and he managed to get over the death of his mother he enrolled in the same University. This time he was well prepared for whatever they had for him. They had better be prepared for him as well. At the University he met a wonderful girl named Claire. The love of his life, they dated throughout University. She was another student a great influence on layton. It was now that he decided to become a true gentleman.

    Through all the years of his schooling, up until he was twenty-seven. That was when he officially graduated and would become a Professor at that same school. But that day was also a rather sad one and a painful one for Layton. However it was the day he became the Layton he is today. He was on a long walk with Claire in the morning before classes. She had a gift for him, the Hat he still wears today. That was the day he proposed to her as well. They were ovverjoyed! But Clare still had to got to work, and Hershel had to pack for home. He was starting after the summer at the University. They both promised to meet at the train station later together.

    But, he never saw Claire again that day. Turns out she had been killed in an accident later that day. The only thing he had left of her was a photograph and the hat she gave him. From that day on he refused to take his hat off. He called it a momento of Claire, and right he was. He then took matters into his own hands and decided to research the cause of the accident. This was done easy due to his magical knowledge.

    However later on he was attacked by hitmen and nearly beaten to death. He then entered a comotose state for nearly three months. Everyone was so afraid and yet there was one person who wasn't too concerened. Don Paolo, a rival student from the University. Some would call him a Mad Scientist, Layton called him his rival. He had feelings for Claire as well, and was there to witness Hershel and Claire's first kiss.

    Once making a full recovery he would return to his apartment in London. However when he arrived he was surprised to find it had been ransacked. Most of his things had been stolen, including all the evidence and research pertaining to Claire's death. All he had left was the clothes on his back and his hat. That is why he is commonly seen wearing that outfit most.

    After that day, he became the Layton he is now. And not too long after that he met Clark Triton and his son. That was the day Luke Triton became his new apprentice. They went on many an adventure together before they came across Professor Layton's Adoptive daughter Flora. Then they would go on many a new adventure before Professor Layton decided he ought to join the Order of the Phoenix. Flora and Luke both know that he is a wizard and are doing excellent at keeping it quiet.


    Mr. Lestrange xD

    Two years and some I think

    Must I explain again?

    Matt, Blaire, Flint, Spencer, Adam, & Carl...I think that's it.
    Have I beaten Eli?


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LAYTON, Hershel Empty Re: LAYTON, Hershel

Post by Hershel Layton Mon Dec 06, 2010 3:38 am

All finished now! If one of the admins (besides me) would like to take a look, by all means! And tell me what you think?
Hershel Layton
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LAYTON, Hershel Empty Re: LAYTON, Hershel

Post by Brian Quinn Tue Dec 07, 2010 1:19 am

This is, perhaps, the oddest character you've made, Matty. It will be interesting to see what, exactly, you plan to do with him, besides having him join the order.

Accepted, weird as he is. LOL
Brian Quinn
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LAYTON, Hershel Empty Re: LAYTON, Hershel

Post by Matthew Lestrange Tue Dec 07, 2010 11:07 pm

I still think Matt's my oddest, he's just...very proper. Like Wilson if he was funnier Razz

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Matthew Lestrange
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LAYTON, Hershel Empty Re: LAYTON, Hershel

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