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ANDERSON, Mira Olivia

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ANDERSON, Mira Olivia Empty ANDERSON, Mira Olivia

Post by Mira Anderson Wed Dec 01, 2010 9:45 pm

ANDERSON, Mira Olivia 17wor6



    FULL NAME: Mira Olivia Anderson

    NICKNAMES: My, Ra-Ra

    AGE: 16

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slythirin or Ravenclaw (I would really like Slythirin for plotting purposes)

    WAND TYPE: Maple, Dragon Heartstring, 8 1/2 inches

    PLAY BY Jessica Stam


    HAIR COLOR: Pure blond, shoulder length, strait but flowing

    EYE COLOR: A smoky grey

    HEIGHT: Tall, but not freakishly so

    BODY TYPE: Tall, thin, and elegant

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Mira is a very striking woman. She has extreamly pale skin, so much that she sometimes looks almost like death. This comes out preticularily much so in the dark light or when she stares off into space thinking of Alice. Other people find this amusing or ironic but Mira finds it disturbing and wrong that she should resemble her dead sister in life. Mira has the most beautiful hair. It is platnum blonde and looks dyed but is completely natural. It is naturally slightly curly but sometimes when she feels fancy she will straiten it. Mira is very tall and model-like. She had a beautiful figure but is considered a bit TOO skinny by some doctors. They say she needs to gain weight. Mira isn't completely anerexic but doesn't eat very much.


    x Faithful/Loyal
    x Mature
    x Independent
    x Honest
    x Fierce
    x Well Bread
    x Obedient to Superiors

    x In Mourning - still
    x Fragile
    x Impulsive
    x Grumpy
    x Harsh (Honest)
    x Arrogant

    x Being Pureblood
    x Speaking Her Mind
    x Her Sister
    x Her Parents
    x Her House
    x Making Mother Proud

    x Elijah Krum
    x Being Weak
    x Death
    x Flying
    x Quidditch
    x Muggles

    x To marry a wealthy, hansome, pureblood man.
    x To have a family
    x To graduate Hogwarts and do it with honors
    x To not make trouble for the DE’s in school
    x To join the DE’s when she gets older (unsure)

    x Sometimes just finds herself standing there and shivering

    x Her sister. She looks perfectly alive but is unreachable.

    x A little white rabbit

    DEMENTOR: Mira sees the last image of her sister that she has – her and Elijah Krum leaving the manor to play in the yard. Alice looked lovely and was really happy (she always was when Elijah came over) but in the vision she has a look of sadness on her face. OR she sees the next vision of her sister, her body.

    AMORENTIA: She loves the smell of her lavender perfume. It is the only sent she wears. Other than that she also loves the smell of the ocean. It brings back memories of family vacations on the coast.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Her mother, father, and sister stand together on the lawn of their manor house. They are a family again.

    PERSONALITY: Mira has been bitter and sad for seven years since her younger sister, Alice, was murdered by a group of muggle boys when they saw her doing magic. Before this important event Mira was very obedient and set on doing exactly what her mother wanted from her. The same was true for her father and other authority figures in her life. She was sure they knew best. She was very upbeat and bossy about the high view of herself in her mother’s eyes. With Alice being so un-ruled and wild it made Mira feel superior. After Alice died Mira was overcome with intense grief. Everyone in the family reacted differently – her father became rough and violent, her mother became weepy and couldn’t stop crying long enough to even talk to her family, but Mira went on as if almost nothing had happened. But she was changed inside. Instead of being cocky and bossy Mira became silent and grumpy. She started hating color and life. Everything reminded her of her sister


    x Richard Anderson - 51 - Quidditch Annoncer

    x Vivian Anderson - 49 - housewife

    x Alice Anderson - deceased. Would be age 15 (about 10 months younger than her).

    Thierry --- Krum | Born | Ravenclaw | played by
    Fauve --- Krum | Born | Gryffindor | played by
    Caelum --- Krum | Born | Slythirin | played by
    Cepheus --- Krum | Born | Ravenclaw | played by
    Alice --- Krum | Born | Gryffindor | played by Philippa Bywater
    [url=]Felix --- Krum[/url] | Born | Slythirin | played by
    Micah --- Krum | Born | Hufflepuff | played by Andrew Garfield
    Stelladora --- Krum | Born | Ravenclaw | played by Astrid Berges-Frisbey
    [url=]Max --- Krum[/url] | Born | Hufflepuff | played by

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    A small brown mouse. Pets were forbidden in her household as a child so when she met a little mouse in the middle of her first year they instantly bonded. She named it Billy and it died in her forth year. Before coming to school in her fifth year she secretly bought another mouse - a small brown one called Vole. She still has it.

    She uses her mother’s old firebolt when she needs to but prefers not flying at all. Technically the broom is hers.

    Being wealthy she does have many possessions but I cannot think of anything in p reticular at the moment. I will edit if I do.


    ] Before Birth/Introduction: Before I start I will state that this character's life is so entangled with another character's (purposely done) that I shall just really be telling the long and winding story of not just Mira Anderson and her sister Alice, but also of the young and attractive Elijah Krum. This story will go beyond the current time and into the future where you shall be able to see where our dearest character's are headed. Because that is really why this character is being created in the first place. Anyway, two years before Elijah and Mira were born their families first met. The mothers knew each other because of general society and Richard was a commentator at one of Viktor's games. Both being families of wealth and power they were drawn together likes bees to honey. The two families ended up being close friends and visited each other often. Two years passed with happiness for both couples. Then one day Mrs. Krum discovered she was pregnant. Only about a month later, the same happened to Mrs. Anderson. The women were overjoyed, both wanted children and now they would get to have the experience together.

    Early Years: Elijah was born in December the next year and Mira in February. Mira was an angel baby. She rarely cried, was learning quickly, and never put up a fuss when people tried to hold her. It was decided from the start, perhaps even before the birth, that the two would be intertwined with each other. Elijah was a difficult child, bemusing Mira and embarrassing Marina who seemed to live on one notion and one only: that it would be Mira that would marry into her family. She had Elijah’s life mapped out before him and Mira was being tugged along for the ride. However, Mira wasn’t what Elijah wanted much to the dismay of her parents and his.

    A year later, Mira’s younger sister Alice was born. In most cases it is the younger sister living in the shadow of her elder one but in the case of Mira and Alice it was the other way around. Elijah was besotted with Alice, his love for her clear from the very beginning. Mira was left behind; all the effort she went to even at that age had gone to waste and she had to live trying to gain his attention and his respect, his love even.

    Both sets of parents also tried to force the children together but it did not appear to work in their favour. Christmases, birthdays and public holidays were spent trying to get the two to connect but it only seemed to make things more difficult.

    December 21st 2014 changed everything though.

    Elijah and his family had come over to vist before Christmas and Alice and Elijah went outside to talk. There Alice showed Elijah what she could do with her magic. From there three teenage muggle boys saw her and found her a freak. They proceded to kill her. Elijah Krum's true love was killed before him. This didn't just distroy Elijah but also Mira. She had always envyed her sister's charm and likeability but she adored her sister to death. Literly. The rest of her life was spent in grief. This was the turning point in her life. The one moment tat came down to everything.

    Hogwarts Years: Mira couldn't wait to get out of the ghost filled house that had been her home once. Hogwarts provided the perfect excuse. Not that she didn't want to go for other reasons. Mira, like her sister, had always been talented in the art of magic and was delighted to have a place to showcase her talents and expand her abilities. Mira had always known she wanted to go to Hogwarts. Her and Alice had always used to talk about what house they would be in and such. Alice wanted to be a bold Gryffindor where Mira preferred wise Ravenclaw. (if sorted into Slythirin) However by the Mira finally arrived at school she had become so bitter and cold about her sisters death, combined with her high ambitions for life the Sorting hat placed her in Slythirin. (if sorted into Ravenclaw) this childhood dream became a reality when the Sorting hat placed her in the house she had always favored.

    Mira fit right in in her house. There was little competition for her wisdom and ambition at her young age. The schoolwork was not a problem. The one thing she didn't like about Hogwarts was the eternal presence of Elijah Krum. The two had barely spoke since Alice's murder. There was a certain tension between them. They both knew Elijah had preferred Alice but Mira would still have listened to her parents wishes for them to marry if it had not been for a comment made over dinner one evening with both families. It was a little after they had been betrothed that the subject came up at dinner. Elijah said quite plainly that he "would rather marry his own sister than a lesbian". After that there was no hope of friendship between the two. Mira thought she was above Elijah in intelligence and Elijah thought Mira was too stuck up for her own good.

    This is how they passed their early years. They both lived up to the reputation they made for themselves as infants. The angel and the difficult one. Live went smoothly on. Soon the two got older and they started feeling some attraction to each other that was completely different from what their parents wanted. It was purely physical. And thus in their fifth year started their on again off again relationship. This lasted right through seventh year. Yes, they hated each other the whole time. Mari had other boyfriends but none of them really made an impact. She was more engrossed in her schoolwork. Plus the whole ice heart B**** thing wasn't a big turn on for a lot of boys.

    Mira’s after-school life was brief so brief this shall be.

    It wasn’t long after school, after the on-off relationship between the pair, that Elijah and Mira began to really connect. If you were to ask Marina Krum then she’d tell you that it was her that brought the two eventual lovers together. Actually she had nothing to do with it bar carrying the man that married the Anderson heir. It was in fact their own doing, their attraction and their connection. Elijah had always liked Mira and it was vice versa, even if it was begrudgingly on her part. Elijah had liked Mira even if he hadn’t favoured her in her childhood. She was a bit too adult for his tastes even then but he really began to connect with her. However, it was only on a level that he could identify her with Alice.

    Marina gave the last push, so really she wasn’t all wrong, and they got married. With Fauve and Thierry there was no need for other children that was why it was a surprise when Mira announced she was pregnant. They were thrilled, naturally, but with the birth came tragedy. Mira succumbed to infection but why remains to be seen. The baby thrived; inheriting its mother’s when she passed. The baby, distractedly named Alice Esperanza Krum by her father as he fought past the healers to get out of St. Mungo’s.

    Elijah disappeared for weeks, missing the funeral and losing out on time with his daughter. It wasn’t until he was picked up with Daniel Cethin in Oxford Street by a disgruntled Jenifer Dent and Christophe Bouvier that he returned home. He was then unceremoniously dumped with his child, one that was Mira and her namesake’s repercussion. He cannot deny that he fell in love with his daughter. He loved her mother and he loved her aunt, the two women that meant the most to him in the world. If there was one thing he was going to do right in his life then that was to make sure that Mira’s daughter was a survivor. He’d lost two of the Anderson’s through his own stupidity but her death was not in vain. Mira brought hope even if there was anguish before that.


    YOUR NAME: Emily

    RP EXPERIENCE: Over three years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I forget

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Jamie Prophet


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ANDERSON, Mira Olivia Empty Re: ANDERSON, Mira Olivia

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accepted and sorted into slytherin

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