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Angus Donohue
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DONOHUE, Angus Jacob

on Sun Nov 14, 2010 3:02 pm

Angus Jacob Donohue


    FULL NAME: Angus Jacob Donohue


    AGE: 34

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE:Ex-Gryffindor

    WAND TYPE: 11" tiger maple, with sphinx hair core. handle is carved with tigers.

    PLAY BY Hugh Jackman


    HAIR COLOR: Dark brown

    EYE COLOR: Brown

    HEIGHT: 6' 4"

    BODY TYPE: muscular

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Angus varies between begin well kempt and clean shaven, and then becomoing more scruffy looking, with longer hair, sometimes a mustache and a beard. It depends solely on whim. He dislikes being dressed in business or formal attire, and prefers work clothes. Jeans and almost always leather boots. He has a bright, charismatic smile and a contagious laugh.


    sports--especially watersports such as swimming, sailing, fishing, and diving
    playing cards--its not an art, but he likes it
    funloving--likes and is rather good at goodhearted mischief

    women--just not very finessful at dating.
    wants to learn to smoke his pipe, but the smoke makes him cough
    allergic to wool. it makes him itch and break out

    food made with simple ingredients
    getting up at sunrise
    practical jokes and humor

    fussy cocktails
    staying up late
    any sort of formal occasion
    sedentary activities
    dating--makes him really nervous and boyish

    Angus's goals are all wrapped up in the people that he loves--friends, family, etc. That and inconveniencing the dark arts followers as often as possible.

    carries a pipe that he is determined to learn to smoke, but he can't get past the coughing stage to take up smoking seriously.

    actively avoids any eligible woman because he knows he'll make an arse of himself

    BOGGART: an old flame, wearing a wedding gown, coming back to get him

    PATRONUS: Angus's patronus takes the shape of a dolphin. It's not all that intimidating, but, well, as long as it serves the purpose. Angus was told that it has to do with his best memory--a sailing trip with his father on one of Angus's first trips to Tuscany

    DEMENTOR: a scene from a nightmare he had--where he woke to find everyone he loved was dead and he was all alone in the cemetary amongst their graves

    AMORENTIA: tobacco, leather, fresh coffee

    MIRROR OF ERISED: playing a starring role in a muggle movie--a superspy who is a polished lady's man. He hasn't shared this little bit with anybody! Its embarressing.

    PERSONALITY: Angus doesn't trust everyone. It takes him a bit to warm up and to determine if someone meets his expectations as a friend or a collegue. He tends to put newcomers on a short rope until he knows them. However, if they do make the grade, he is a firm and loyal friend. They become part of his extended family to him if they stay long enough or close enough to him. He doesn't have a lot of people he considers close friends, but those he does have are ones he hangs onto.

    He's a relentlessly hard worker, but he's a better follower than a leader. He can take the lead if he really has to, but he really does not like it. It makes him feel like he is taking the lives of others into his hands, and he doesn't like that thought or feeling. However, he won't generally run from a fight either if the gauntlet is thrown down.


    FATHER: Benjamin Donohue, age 58, halfblood

    MOTHER:Eileeen Donohue, 58, halfblood

    SIBLING(S):Evan Donahue, 33, brother--lives in Tuscany
    Tyler Donahue, 31, brother--lives in Tuscany
    Olivia Donahue-Whitt, 28, sister--lives in Tuscany
    Tracy Donahue-Simmons, 26, sister--lives in Tuscany

    OTHER: Angus has a very large extended family that is scattered across the globe. Edward Donohue--retired auror specializing in hunting out of control werewolves. Edward owns a villa in Tuscany where he has retired to.

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle class

    Owns a snarky owl named Luigi. Was given Luigi at the same estate sale that he bought his broom at because nobody else wanted the cantankerous bird. Luigi is faithful at his duties, but he bites and is generally grouchy perpetually.

    Used Firebolt. Was something he bought for a few sickles at a wizarding estate sale. Its not very pretty anymore, but it is functional.

    Angus owns a luxury yacht in Tuscany, in partnership with his father and brothers, and he earns the bulk of his living generally taking the wealthy wizards on sailing trips on his ship for several days at a time and functioning as their captain and host. He has a flat in a Tuscany fishing village but is rarely there.


    Early Years: Angus and his siblings were raised in a middle class wizarding neighborhood. His father worked for a potionsmaster, gathering odd ingredients for the man's potions while his mother grew the herbs for the potions. They lived a suburban neighborhood, and the herb garden took up most of the yard space. Angus and his sibs would spend their time, when they werent trying to help the family earn extra money, playing in a woods not far from their house and in the local playground. He fell in love with Tuscany when he would visit his maternal grandparents who lived there. It still is where his heart is.

    Hogwarts Years: Angus was not happy when he got his Hogwarts letter. He had no intention of going to that particular school. He had been hoping to go to school in Italy so that he could stay with his grandparents on holidays and breaks, but his parents said it was tradition that he go to Hogwarts. He struggled with every subject--except DADA and Charms. The rest of it was just hard work. He got into trouble with Albus Dumbledore and Filch on numerous occasions because of his need to harass the ghosts and the wizarding portraits in the school. Dumbledore seemed to try to ignore it until it would reach a fevered pitch every so often and then he'd send him out to Hagrid to work off some of the excesss energy. Dumbledore called it Detention, but Angus never seemed to feel like he was being punished when he got to go out and spend time with Hagrid. He remembers Hagrid telling him he was thickheaded. Hagrid would do his best to lay enough chores on him to wear him out, and the more he gave Angus, the better Angus seemed to like it. His circle of friends consisted only of a handful of other Gryffindors, largely because he never seemed to have time for making a lot of friends.

    Adulthood: When Angus graduated Hogwarts, he barely had the diploma in his hands before he whisked off to Tuscany. He talked his family, when his brothers graduated, into going into business with him to buy a boat to earn a living. He spent his life working with and for family and friends and enjoying a relatively quiet life, at least on the surface. He does do a lot of what he calls "freelance" wizarding work for friends, helping them to thwart the followers of the Dark Arts whenever it comes up. He has only agreed to come back to England now, at least temporarily, because of much goading and the promise of good compensation by Brian Quinn. The moment that stops, he has promised himself, at least at this point, that he'll go back home to Tuscany.


    YOUR NAME: Khaat

    RP EXPERIENCE: yep, I have some

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I've been here awhile now

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Oh dear. *checks list* Khaat, Robert, and Katherine Lupin, Brian Quinn, Andrew Diamond, Michael Tremaine, Headmistress Anais Benoit

    RP SAMPLE: No thanks. I've sworn off sampling.

Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate
Khaat Lupin
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Re: DONOHUE, Angus Jacob

on Sun Nov 14, 2010 5:36 pm
Why,Khaat! Another character? I'm sooooo surprised.


I'll accept myself and sort myself.


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